Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
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  • andrew5427
    andrew5427 55 seconds ago

    The default support generation on perimeters only is nice, however for parts with large areas of overhang, it would be nice to have a "maximum bridging distance". This would generate small support towers/anchors to act as an intermediary between no support over a long bridge or support under the entire thing. A similar effect could probably be achieved with carefully placed support enforcers and disabling "Don't support bridges" however, I could see this being a really useful thing to have automatically for certain situations.

  • Brandon Holbrook
    Brandon Holbrook 2 hours ago

    This slicer is fast becoming the best slicer out there! Great work y'all!

  • Foreman cr
    Foreman cr 4 hours ago

    what file format can this software use??? I have tried to use.jpg with no success.

  • Arcfury T
    Arcfury T 4 hours ago

    profiles for some common printers would be nice.

  • Jared Goor
    Jared Goor 7 hours ago

    Thanks for the update. I'd love an option to reverse the mouse scroll. This scroll is the opposite of all my CAD programs and always throws me off. Great product!

  • GTS dude
    GTS dude 7 hours ago

    Ironing, like in Cura would be great!

  • Leka130
    Leka130 7 hours ago

    Color(extruder) change in MMU2S ?

  • Paul Schuyler
    Paul Schuyler 8 hours ago

    Great updates. Owning two original Prusas and an Anycubic Predator, updates like these are really what make the Original Prusas stand out vs. other printer makers (who may otherwise have nice hardware). Over time this is where much of the Prusa value is, new drivers, firmware, software, design tweaks, etc. Its something you come to appreciate with time as you become more experienced. About my only request for improvement would be country-based stores (e.g. Amazon, here in the USA) to get quick replacement parts, without having to pay for DHL shipping from Europe. This is something that I know was talked about in the past. Let's face it, any printer occasionally goes down and has a problem. You might want the top quality parts, so it would be ideal to get on a Prusa Amazon Store and have original parts available (e.g. E3d sensors, mb) with all the model specs shown (MK3s, MK2.5s) so you don't have to hunt around. That would take the ambiguity, shipping impact, and time delay out of this now. If you're looking for a replacement part today you first have to do a research project to know what part is of good quality and is the right spec for your machine.

  • RJ_Make
    RJ_Make 11 hours ago

    Well Done Prusa. I know I've been whining about the lack of an U/R stack for what seems like forever, but my hats off to you guys. THANK YOU!

  • Jonathan Wolfe
    Jonathan Wolfe 12 hours ago

    Also add non-planar layers like this:

  • Jonathan Wolfe
    Jonathan Wolfe 12 hours ago

    It would be great if to have brims configurable per parts and not only the entire print.

  • Marko Janjic
    Marko Janjic 13 hours ago

    It would be nice if we could change keyboard shortcuts. It would lead to a more efficient work flow.

  • Danimal FPV
    Danimal FPV 14 hours ago

    Beautiful. Would love to see a custom profile for TPU for the Sainsmart brand

  • T1g3rch3n
    T1g3rch3n 16 hours ago

    One really nice feature would be "Zoom with Keycombo" Fit Object to window size or >Left click+Alt< or something to zoom if you work on a Notebook just with a Trackpoint or some old gear that does not have the "Two Finger Pinching gesture"

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa 14 hours ago

      These are already there :) Z - key zooms on selected objects or on all if none is selected. B - zoom to bed I/O - zoom IN, zoom OUT

  • Leander Hofman
    Leander Hofman 16 hours ago

    I love this design, being made of Lack tables. It makes it really easy to adjust the design. I've added a temperature controller to keep the enclosure at a stable temperature that is not to high. I just build in the electronics that I got from:

  • Ben Gruver
    Ben Gruver 17 hours ago

    I love how the "place on face" tool... placed the model on its face :D (at 4:28)

  • 05Matz
    05Matz 18 hours ago

    Wow. Just the height range modifiers (particularly for layer height) will be a big improvement for me! Thanks for all the hard work you people do!

  • Bernd Sandner
    Bernd Sandner 18 hours ago

    Its great I use the Prusaslicer on 2 Prusa MK3s Printer ans one with MMU2S

  • Martin Majewski
    Martin Majewski 18 hours ago

    I love PrusaSlicer, no doubt about that! You put great effort into evolving this software, and it is the most intuitive slicer out there, that is a) free of costs and b) rich on features! In regards to the Undo / Redo feature: you are able to track the modifier applied and jump back and forth between them, right? Wouldn't it be possible to make a real dependency/scene graph approach like, e.g. 3ds max or Cinema3D are using?! This would allow to move and rearrange modifiers in the scene. The effect of a modifier relates to the position in the scene graph. For example, "supports from print bed only" could be a modifier (or a setting variation of the supports generation modifier - more on that later). Placed as a child node under one object, only generates this kind of support for the single object. Moved up to be a child of the graph's root node creates print bed supports for all objects in the scene. Then it would also make sense to have configuration options per modifier and not in the old fashion for the entire print, anymore. There could be a global/default config for a modifier which can be overridden by a child config for that same modifier. This way, one could have a default config per modifier but also a saved list of custom variations for different purposes. For example, the supports generation modifier would be set to generate supports at a 45° angle per default. Moreover, one could have a list of variations that create supports at 50° with a different pattern. Another that generates supports at 65° plus give more clearance to an object, etc.

  • Bé
     19 hours ago

    Am’ I the only one, who sees this perspective feature shows the far things bigger, than the close ones? It is really an anoying feature this way.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 22 hours ago

    100% brim under supports!

  • xCCflierx
    xCCflierx 22 hours ago

    how about cleanup of parts? not everyone would want the tiny gaps especially on aesthetics like a pencil holder that you are using instead of a solo cup.

  • David K
    David K Day ago

    Print farm management please!

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee Day ago

    Nice. height ranges and Undo+Redo is awesome. I just mashed on my numpad to see if I could find an Ortho view the other day, btw. Thank you for the drop part button, I was just wishing for that! Could we get Tree supports in FDM? Sometimes the Meshmixer method doesn't work. The parts and the supports load on top of one another, sometimes. It's maddening. Thanks for the update!

  • Plastik Beau
    Plastik Beau Day ago

    Anybody knows what track (music) is this and where to find it?

  • Nicolas Tsagarides

    Is it just me or does perspective camera seem wrongly implemented? Parallel lines should be meeting at infinite distance from the camera yet the opposite happens. Parallel lines meet towards the camera.

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa 17 hours ago

      Parallel lines do meet at infinite. Are you sure you aren't using the ortographic camera?

  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner Day ago

    The ironing and fuzzy modes from Cura would be nice. I know there is a community version of Slicer PE that has these features, but an official release would be great.

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa Day ago

      Fuzzy or even better textured skin is nice and we are considering it. Ironing is hit or miss and we much rather work on different approach on making the top layers look nice 👍- Josef

    • Stefan Hendricks
      Stefan Hendricks Day ago

      Me too for Curas fuzzy skin feature

  • dayaan
    dayaan Day ago

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  • Tedy Lupu
    Tedy Lupu Day ago

    nice! handy new features! What about non-planar printing? Or Ironing feature equivalent from cura?

  • DorAndy
    DorAndy Day ago

    Standard Profiles for tpu with the mmu2!!! It was promised to me over a year ago and always makes problems with my Profiles Like jamming in the mmu a.s.o.

  • Andrew Millard

    Rest In Peace Buddy xxx

  • BrazenRain
    BrazenRain Day ago

    Ironing top surfaces would be great

  • Bjarke Istrup Pedersen

    It is difficult to remove color change markers, since you have to move the slider to the specific layer and click the cross. Would be easier if there always was a cross for each change, so you can just click it without having to move sliders.

  • Karel Brendl
    Karel Brendl Day ago

    Well done!!!

  • Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer

    Biggest pile of plastic spaghetti LOL

  • Shmoo Stead
    Shmoo Stead Day ago

    Great video exactly what i need but not a fan of background music on an instructional video.

  • Bruce
    Bruce Day ago

    finally got undo ? !

  • Gerrit Großkopf

    oh, i wish we could have nonplanar slicing but with the pinda probe in the way i doubt that will be possible or good

  • Gerrit Großkopf

    for that K key thing i think it will bring a lot of confusion, maybe it would be better to have another button in the viewport, but that is totally up to you :) this is an awesome release, i'm impressed by the new features and looking forward to them :)

  • showmytime
    showmytime Day ago

    I would like these: 1) Easy dual/multiple extruder support 2) Custom profile export/import for printers, filament,.... 3) Bed/nozzle heating time settings and to be accounted in total print time 4) 3d model of standard size beds, like 220x220mm 5) Brim for draft shield

  • Thorsten Eggert

    I would love to see the z-offset configurable at the filament because if I change the filament to an other material which needs much different temperature I need to change the z-offset in the printer settings.

  • Legofreak
    Legofreak Day ago

    can it reload multi part objects yet?

  • Violence Undone

    I would like to set a variable layer height interval, much like the adaptive layer height feature in Cura has, where you can set a 0.04mm interval for example, rather than a smooth transition, so you can match your layer heights to the magic numbers of your printer. The smooth transition can look slightly nicer, but in my case, I'm painting over it anyway, so I'd prefer to be able to land on full steps on my steppers once I'm past the ABL fade height and get better accuracy and repeatability.

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa Day ago

      There are no magic numbers on printers with microstepping ;) You can do layer height change without smoothing with the Height range modifiers, it's even mentioned in the video :) The automatic smooth variable layer height only works well with very simple shapes. Complex models get basically all flagged as if they needed low layer height. We are working on a smarter implementation, but we're not sure yet if it will lead to better results, we'll see. (-Mikolas)

    • Violence Undone
      Violence Undone Day ago

      And actually, now that I mention automated adaptive layer height exactly like Cura's would be preferable for me in like 90% of cases, and it's the one thing that has me going back and forth between the two. There's very few cases where I need manual control over the heights, and Cura can easily do that as well by changing layer height at a specific layer, just without the smooth transition, which I don't even want. Adding in basically a straight clone of their functionality would be enough that I'd be completely on PS, since I usually get better prints out of it

  • Dave Werner
    Dave Werner 2 days ago

    where do i get the properly oriented mk3 mesh as a custom bed model? i got the same file off grabcad but you have a modified file MK3S_small that you set and didn't have to adjust at all... how do i do that? edit: found it, sorry.. here it is for anyone else

  • Tim's Vids
    Tim's Vids 2 days ago

    All these new features are great, but one of the biggest problems with this program is that you can't print directly from it, you have to either put the g-code on an SD card or go through a second app. This is such an outdated method.

    • Mikolas Zuza
      Mikolas Zuza Day ago

      You can upload directly to the printer from PrusaSlicer if you have Octoprint running. Just enter the IP & API key in the Printer settings. Printing directly from PC is what I find the most outdated, the "good" old days when you had to leave the PC running in order to finish a print, failed prints due to PC updating etc were so stupid.

  • D S
    D S 2 days ago

    Do you have any plans to add non planar slicing to prusa slicer?

  • Marc Borowczak
    Marc Borowczak 2 days ago

    These are great improvements. Now is the time to address improvements to print reliably PETG filaments. When will you consider Skinnydip for PETG and other than PLA filaments?

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa Day ago

      We considered it many months ago: - Mikolas

  • Linkitch
    Linkitch 2 days ago

    Instead of having Brim as a global setting, I would love to be able to apply it to individual models.

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    This is sooooooooo good!!!, cant wait to test!

  • Harald Leitner
    Harald Leitner 2 days ago

    What about continous fibre placement?

  • Benjamin Hilker
    Benjamin Hilker 2 days ago

    Cool improvements ! I really like the Prusa Slicer. Really good features would be: 1. MMU Support for Layer-color changes. I bought the MMU2S that I do not have to be present when I want to print models with different colored Layers and 2. brim per part Thanks for the good support and really nice printer :)

  • Fabien Bleuet
    Fabien Bleuet 2 days ago

    You are so amazing company

  •  2 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can download the stl that appears in the 0:20 minute of the video?

  • hoerejong1234567890


  • Schnurz Piepe
    Schnurz Piepe 2 days ago

    Export SLA with generated supports would be great. Keep up the awesome work :)

    • Schnurz Piepe
      Schnurz Piepe 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník Last time i tried only the model was exported but not the supports. Have to test it again. Maybe it changed...

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      It is there, go to menu File->Export

  • Dylan Radcliffe
    Dylan Radcliffe 2 days ago

    The ability to update a parameter across multiple profiles!

    • Dylan Radcliffe
      Dylan Radcliffe Day ago

      @Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa It would be nice to be able to change the master and have all inherited profiles update automatically.

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa 2 days ago

      Dylan Radcliffe you can do that. Create one profile with common settings and then create inherited profiles from the master and change just what you need ;-)

  • John Vanderbeck
    John Vanderbeck 2 days ago

    Oh thank god I'll upgrade if for no other reason than perspective camera!

  • 1vyrobca
    1vyrobca 2 days ago

    Zial, stale Vam nefunguje funkcia ktora sa nachadza v Nastaveni tisku: Vyhnout se prejizdeni perimetru. Je uplne jedno ci je funkcia zaskrtnuta alebo nie.. hlava si lieta v priestore pri rychloposuvoch krizom krazom cez model. V simplify ta funkcia funguje.. Zial, tu nie.. Tiez by bolo zaujimave mat pri tlaceni napriklad 100 kusov nejakych cudlikov (moj casty pripad) nejaku logiku rozmiestnenia cudlikov na stole s tym, ze v tomto pripade by sa vygenerovalo pole 10x10 cudlikov a hlava by tlacila v osi x 10kusov, potom posuv v osi y o jeden kus a 9 kusov spat v osi x, potom zase v osi y posuv o jeden a v osi x 9 kusov spat az do konca. Pri konci by sa hlava vratila v poslednom riadku osi y k zaciatku. Teraz to tam mate spravene nejako divne.. tlaci to vselijako a hlava robi zbytocne rychloposuvy v poli medzi cudlikmi.. schvalne si vygenerujte 70 valcekov na tlacovu plochu a dajte si ich usporiadat.. snad vas neporazi.. Inak palec hore za velmi podrobny hepl " pomoc" v sliceri v cestine.

  • Themazeful
    Themazeful 2 days ago

    Dude, it's so nice that you actually help us get cheap stuff and not try to rip us off with some overpriced product.

  • Short to Ground
    Short to Ground 2 days ago

    Feature Request: Calibrate! If we have the distance of two points, the length of a line, or a circle diameter and we want to scale our model accordingly that measurement we can just define it on the main view and apply it.

  • ManIkWeet
    ManIkWeet 2 days ago

    Better supports/brim/bed adhesion would be nice. Also that true 3d printing feature with the smooth top layers sounds lovely.

  • NicMediaDesign
    NicMediaDesign 2 days ago

    Why no "non planar" 3D printing?

  • BBaoVanC
    BBaoVanC 2 days ago

    Wait this isn’t blender!

  • Colby Carlson
    Colby Carlson 2 days ago

    Where do we get the files for the different bed shapes?

  • Caeli
    Caeli 2 days ago

    I think, not bad be if we are will see possibility to use postprocessing scripts on python with modifiers, which all users can write by theyself. I think it's would be cool. And if we will have posibilities to delete some supports inside model, because if I print model with hole in horisontal plane and need to use supports outside of model, they will be inside too, and its very complicates post-processing. As exmple of this situation is Pipe on horizontal plane.

  • Jays Way
    Jays Way 2 days ago

    F A I L E D P R I N T S !!!!! We need to be able to jump back into the software and start printing from A specific layer height that was given, depending on where the print stopped/failed, I was almost 3 days into a print and the extruder stopped extruding filament and by the time I noticed the issue, the extruded was roughly 10 cm above my part. If there was a way of pausing the print and loading a new G code from a specific height that could be determined by manually driving the axis back down to the part, it would allow the printer to continue printing without changing any auto calibration settings. In addition, my preferred option would be if a part was to fail like mine did, perhaps if there was a function within the printer that could allow you to suspend the print and then enter back into the print at a lower hight determined by the Z access, that would save the need to do any thing else with slicer, it’s perhaps a firmware modification that you could look into, for example, if you the operator has experienced a failed extrusion on the printer that user could simply press the following: Enter, suspend print, recommence print from alternate height, adjust axis now, confirm new axis height, begin print from layer xxxxx I one hundred percent know that people would want this, it’s not like we can just enter into the G code and re save it from a specific layer height by deleting all heights printed below because with a Prusa printer it automatically zeros is its self onto the print bed. Please help your customers Joseph!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Mikolas Zuza
      Mikolas Zuza 2 days ago

      You could always do that and people are doing it :) Either open the G-code with a text editor, search for the height where the fail happened and simply delete everything before except the start G-code with preheat etc. Or use the Cut tool in PrusaSlicer and than add the fail-height into Z-offset in the printer settings ;)

  • YesUCan
    YesUCan 2 days ago

    How will this stop toxic fumes from permeating the room? I must have missed that part.

    • Themazeful
      Themazeful 2 days ago

      It'll be more contained. But you'd still need to install some form of ventilation

  • Tomáš
    Tomáš 2 days ago

    Hello Josef, Recently, a study about non planar 3D printing has been published As it turns out, it is applicable to most of the 3D printers aswell with some minor adjustments (watch TeachingTech's video about it). Would you please look into it and perhaps, implement it in any way into your slicer? Thanks, Tom.

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

    Feature Request: Add speed overwrite to filament settings. For filaments like TPU I have to print slower at like 30mm/s for all speeds but I sometimes keep forgetting to switch the printer profile back and all and it's kind of annoying to have many. Plus some filaments like PETG Don't like being printed fast!

    • Chloe Mcholoe
      Chloe Mcholoe 15 hours ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník oh! Awesome thanks! Well I guess all that's left now is better supports for me xD but I'm sure you guys are already working on that! You've honestly been doing so great with the updates. The only reason I ever use anything else these days is simplify 3D for the fancy supports

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník Day ago

      @Chloe Mcholoe just set the filament max volumetric speed lower and watch the print speed g-code visualization in PrusaSlicer. The printing paths will print slower, and if you set the max volumetric speed low enough, and as long as the cooling slow down does not kick in, the print paths will be extruded at the same speed.

    • Chloe Mcholoe
      Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník Oh. can you explain more :?

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      @Chloe Mcholoe you can achieve exactly the same effect with the filament max volumetric flow rate.

    • Chloe Mcholoe
      Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník but that's different. I don't have an issue with the heater keeping up but rather tpu doesn't like being printed fast or have speed changes. so I have to manually set everything to 30mm/s again in my slicer for TPU

  • Jens G
    Jens G 2 days ago

    This is sooo awesome! I love you guys!

  • Vladimir N
    Vladimir N 2 days ago

    That's #1 slicer! I wish you do simplify supports settings. Sadly for me it's rare to succeed prints require supports. Lame, lame me.

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

    you guys are adding features so fast! specially the ones I wanted the most :) I'd love the rotation to not mess with scaling. but most importantly I'd love Simplify3d like supports cause I have to switch to that everytime I have a model with supports. tho I'm sure it'll arrive in no time :P

    • Chloe Mcholoe
      Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník OH i am an idiot xD Sorry! Yes it was set to world coordinates... that caused me so much headache in the past! now all i want is simplify3d supports and speed overwrite in the filament setting for TPU :D Thanks! <3

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      @Chloe Mcholoe sorry, I don't quite understand. You may find out, that we support scaling in world versus local coordinate system (not visible in simple mode). Maybe the "not messed up" scaling will be shown if you switch to a local coordinate system.

    • Chloe Mcholoe
      Chloe Mcholoe 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník scale a model. rotate it check the scaling. it's all messed up

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      > I'd love the rotation to not mess with scaling. What do you mean by that?

  • Pat. B
    Pat. B 2 days ago

    Hello , at 5.41mn where do you find the STL files from the Prusa Mk3s on the website prusa or ?

    • Pat. B
      Pat. B Day ago

      Oh Merci ...thanks Prusa 3D.... 1 more idea that can be added ! is to have a animation of the not very usefull but sometimes yes

    • Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
      Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa Day ago ;)

    • Pat. B
      Pat. B 2 days ago

      sorry the MK3 small.stl files ?

  • John Tyler
    John Tyler 2 days ago

    Scale to fit still has the problem that it doesn’t take into account the skirt, rim or raft setting so it produces a toolpath outside the print area. Am I missing something?

  • MrDixioner
    MrDixioner 2 days ago

    The only slicer that I use and which I love!!! Thanks to all the developers! P.S. Make the cuts can be added with the mouse in the viewport window.

  • Wilfred Swinkels
    Wilfred Swinkels 2 days ago

    3d mouse support please!

  • dunichtich100
    dunichtich100 2 days ago

    Can you please increase the Performance of the Option "avoid crossing perimeters" it does completely nothing when I print lithophanes.

  • Jacob Kincheloe
    Jacob Kincheloe 2 days ago

    You could add in a function for the MMU2 where it does color/nozzle change based on layer height, like for the MK3s.

    • Jacob Kincheloe
      Jacob Kincheloe 2 days ago

      Oh...silly me🤦‍♂️ I forgot you could do that.

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      You can change an extruder using the new layer range modifiers. Is it not sufficient to fulfill your needs?

  • Brent Allenberg
    Brent Allenberg 2 days ago

    I tried to update to 2.1 but it errored out. I had to reinstall 2.0.

    • Brent Allenberg
      Brent Allenberg 2 days ago

      @Vojtěch Bubník after I installed 2.1 I got an error about not having permission. Then nothing.

    • Vojtěch Bubník
      Vojtěch Bubník 2 days ago

      What happened?

  • pontus kindberg
    pontus kindberg 2 days ago

    How about the abillity for Prusa slicer to update itself without from a click in a menu?

  • DigChaos
    DigChaos 2 days ago

    Oh man you guys are going to have to make a tutorial on that rendering of OBJ files!

  • derAaron
    derAaron 2 days ago

    It would be great to have the ability to set the height of the outer perimeter to the half or third layer height! This way we could get more detail or less printing time. Right now this is possible by putting the same object in the same place and modding first ones perimeter settings to one shell and half layer height. But this is really inconvenient. So I think having this option would be a really useful feature!

  • DeadiDexx
    DeadiDexx 2 days ago

    Id like to see a wipe nozzle distance option, and coast, like in S3D. To help manage Z-Seam. or some other option to help smooth over any Z-Seams that are aligned.

  • rajkumar Ukkuturi
    rajkumar Ukkuturi 2 days ago

    Great update. I better switch from simplyfy3d to this. I can suggest some new improvements in your next update: 1) print preview (animation of toolpaths) 2) I noticed your slicer is taking twice the time to slice a model compared to simplify3d and lagging my laptop too much. 3) the supports generated by your slicer are weak and taking more time to remove whereas ideamaker/simplify3d generated supports are far more simpler to remove. 4) add layflat feature which can found on "3Dbuilder" software on windows 10 store. 5) also add a feature to calculate the volume and weight of the object before going for slicing.

  • vfxforge
    vfxforge 2 days ago

    would be awesome to see a toolpath generator for the Moai SLA.

  • VampyrumFerox
    VampyrumFerox 2 days ago

    Perspective view looks backwards. Why do farther away objects get bigger?

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez 2 days ago

    Will u have painting like canvas!! PLEASE!!

  • Naraa Erik
    Naraa Erik 2 days ago

    Please add layer pause function for create a timelapse videos.

  • Kalam Khas
    Kalam Khas 3 days ago

    How about making a bigger printer as well.

  • Adam Bavuso
    Adam Bavuso 3 days ago

    Tree supports in FDM mode would be awesome!

  • mattracingrc
    mattracingrc 3 days ago

    Is there a function to add texture? If not it would be great.

  • Justin Cooney
    Justin Cooney 3 days ago

    When Non-MMU color change I would love to be able to change the default layer colors (Red, Orange, yellow, green, etc.) to whatever filament color I’m actually going to print those layers in! That feature would be boss!

  • Unexpected Maker
    Unexpected Maker 3 days ago

    Great work!!!! I'd love to see the "auto arrange" spacing be a value we can change, so we can make our auto arranged parts closer or further away from each other.

  • Jay Sprenkle
    Jay Sprenkle 3 days ago

    An option to cut a model into pieces with auto generated pins and sockets please! An optimal orientation widget for sla and fdm (like meshmixer) would be terrific too

  • eisenkiller
    eisenkiller 3 days ago

    Still missing more profiles for different filament brands. Such as FormFutura, Sainsmart, fiberlogy, extrudr and so on.

  • Juan Gabriel Vazquez

    Awesome! As usual! Thanks!

  • andrew5427
    andrew5427 3 days ago

    Just a thought since I'm now immediately installing PrusaSlicer 2.1: it'd be convenient to have the slicer capable of automatically checking for updates / updating itself instead of having to go download the slicer from GitHub or the website. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Anthony Vescio
    Anthony Vescio 3 days ago

    Ironing Please! NeoSanding, whatever you want to call it. Maybe PrusaSanding if you improve it. I print a lot of things with broad top surfaces in need of an automated smoothing system.

    • Kieran Short
      Kieran Short 2 days ago

      Now that I've read about what it is, yes that would be neat.

  • Beskamir
    Beskamir 3 days ago

    Finally! How long has undo/redo not been a feature for.