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  • TEAMtette CULO
    TEAMtette CULO 5 hours ago

    Fiesta st

  • Johnny Mason
    Johnny Mason 5 hours ago

    The Cygnet was a complete failure! The V8 Vantage should be called the Virage! The DB11 should be called the DBS! The flagship car should be called the Vanquish! Bring on the DBX crossover!

  • Vernon Modglin
    Vernon Modglin 5 hours ago

    That B was gonna ticket a race car. This is what's wrong with the world today....

  • Nathaniel Hammer
    Nathaniel Hammer 5 hours ago

    So funny to watch this type of videos. While Europe regulate engines to max 2.0l ,those morons got 5-6-7-8l cars destroying their own climate but hey we got cool cars that should be recycled 10 years ago. Oh wait ALERT hurricane is coming, we should RUN. Is ok we got fast cars :)

  • Unique Racer
    Unique Racer 5 hours ago

    it is.

  • Cardude02
    Cardude02 5 hours ago

    Had a 96 Saturn SL1 as my first car. Holy shit that thing leaked oil. I had nothing but problems with it. I can't say that I would want it back. But I sort of miss it.

  • DON'TwatchTVwatchME I'mDannyG

    @sketchmonkey is one ok f my favorite render artists &he only uses photoshop.

  • Josh Brayley
    Josh Brayley 5 hours ago

    I wouldn't pass this in my Nissan at idle, because straight piped TDI.

  • Alex Hamer
    Alex Hamer 5 hours ago

    What's the price point for Hi car after all the upgrades?

  • Laszlo Kaestner
    Laszlo Kaestner 5 hours ago

    Another classic GM one, the Cadillac BLS which is a badge engineered Saab 9-3 which in turn is a heavily re-worked Opel/Vauxhall Vectra which in turn also spawned the Saturn Aura. The BLS is actually a very good car, I've had mine for the last four years and driven all over Europe in it.

  • W.W.
    W.W. 5 hours ago

    If you need to get anywhere, take a Land Rover. If you want to make it back, take a Land Cruiser

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 5 hours ago

    That pizza hut fake, that was a good fake.

  • Hotshot raptor
    Hotshot raptor 5 hours ago

    I've always wanted a Subaru, gonna try get one as soon as i finish Uni to be my second car :)

  • snrbeanflicker
    snrbeanflicker 5 hours ago

    First time to channel Last time channel Too much him and big graphics Little about cars 13 minutes I not get back

  • Francisco Ribeiro
    Francisco Ribeiro 5 hours ago

    Looks sells cars too.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 5 hours ago

    It's 2020 now and they are still selling sedans.

  • Fluffy Slippers
    Fluffy Slippers 5 hours ago


  • reece aldridge
    reece aldridge 5 hours ago

    AMG, S Line and M Sport trims are the worst offenders

  • Vega Motor Werkz
    Vega Motor Werkz 5 hours ago

    I dont understand people who get offended because someone modified their own car, if they dont want to get offended they should buy all of those cars make them an offer they cant refuse, if you cant even afford the car you're getting offended over, too bad, move on with your life, focus on your own cars instead of obsessing over other people's property🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ahmad Issa
    Ahmad Issa 5 hours ago

    i have most of them yet donut media are my fav lol

  • Josh Torres
    Josh Torres 5 hours ago

    This is awesome. I didn’t know Chris Pratt knew this much about cars. Thanks for the video.

  • Dimitri The Slav
    Dimitri The Slav 5 hours ago

    I don’t live in LA, hell I don’t even live in America and don’t plan on going to LA anytime soon why am I watching this lol?

  • Patrick Popek
    Patrick Popek 5 hours ago

    Is it me or is The dude in the white shirt.. perpetually shitfaced?

  • lucas. phxn_
    lucas. phxn_ 5 hours ago

    If you like to see a person suffer then I recommend this video

  • Vishesh Arya
    Vishesh Arya 5 hours ago

    please make a video comparing AMT vs CVT vs DSG

  • cable eastwood
    cable eastwood 5 hours ago

    Pizza hut? In the movie originally it said Taco Bell . Was it changed when it went to DVD? Just checked in a European market they said pizza hut.

  • Tom Kimmell
    Tom Kimmell 5 hours ago

    No Yasid Design. LAME

  • Kevin Handal
    Kevin Handal 5 hours ago


  • AqG Evolved
    AqG Evolved 5 hours ago


  • Chance Moser
    Chance Moser 5 hours ago

    It's not copyright infringement, but Trademark infringement that Ferrari was policing, just FYI

  • FCD94
    FCD94 5 hours ago

    I think you can show also car desogners accounts

  • HX3_EnFr
    HX3_EnFr 5 hours ago


  • Karlito Rock
    Karlito Rock 5 hours ago

    Do an updated list

  • toneman335
    toneman335 5 hours ago

    Isn't the go around with a steering wheel lock is that the thief cuts through the steering wheel with a battery powered device and just removes the steering wheel lock?

  • Nathan Rogers
    Nathan Rogers 6 hours ago

    Love this video! So glad I opened my RU-clip app today! Thanks guys. Made me wanna drive my Prelude. 😁😁😁

  • Adrian Kruger
    Adrian Kruger 6 hours ago

    Papa smurfs 350Z.

  • Aivan Landingin
    Aivan Landingin 6 hours ago

    Does it hava turbo duo

  • Mischaap
    Mischaap 6 hours ago

    Nobody Me watching this at 2AM: Why needs this to be so loud

  • Little Teapot
    Little Teapot 6 hours ago

    How the shit did I never hear of Koenigsegg before??? I'm wtfing so hard that that I haven't!

  • Nerevar22g
    Nerevar22g 6 hours ago

    I own a V8 S4 bitches! fuck yeah!

  • djhero0071
    djhero0071 6 hours ago

    I know it’s been like, a decade since FMA came out but I still wasn’t ready to see Nina. That shit is too damn heartbreaking.

  • Hunter1998ice
    Hunter1998ice 6 hours ago


  • Sev'rance Tann
    Sev'rance Tann 6 hours ago

    gosh, this was difficult to watch ...

  • Mickipepsi
    Mickipepsi 6 hours ago

    The newest Aston Martin V8 Vantage kinda has some cyberpunk to it.

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn 6 hours ago

    I want to see a hellcat swapped delorean

  • Pyre Records
    Pyre Records 6 hours ago

    No 911 GT1? :(

  • Coshmack the carguy
    Coshmack the carguy 6 hours ago

    Actually, Spoon fixed the fake vents problem in the FK8 Type R making a new custom bumper

  • Vasili
    Vasili 6 hours ago

    Bruv you are a clown your channel is a circus. Added to never recommend channel list .. Prick

  • And Mou
    And Mou 6 hours ago

    Bro i live in montana, wd have no emissions testing, or sales tax. But u have to have a drivers license from mt to get plates here

  • Callum Majer
    Callum Majer 6 hours ago

    In the uk we have categorys like which range from cosmetic damage to severe structural damage. Makes it easier to find out how hard it will he to fix

  • yeet mcyeet
    yeet mcyeet 6 hours ago

    "Die hard VW fan and french language enthusiast." What does french in a comparison where you mention VW? not gonna watch further, i feel very offended.

  • Shoni B
    Shoni B 6 hours ago

    Concept is like a movie trailer

  • Left lane FPV
    Left lane FPV 6 hours ago

    Part 2 time

  • r vip
    r vip 6 hours ago

    EG is the best one

  • XxSweet Red FruitxX
    XxSweet Red FruitxX 6 hours ago

    Jokes on you, I can do this on Forza in 2 minutes Warning: This is a JOKE

  • Hussein
    Hussein 6 hours ago

    Where is James..... We want James back

  • Romain Barot
    Romain Barot 6 hours ago

    Mais La Tyrell n'est pas la plus BIZARRE ppir moi

  • Romain Barot
    Romain Barot 6 hours ago

    Excellente vidéo 😉

  • Joe Ott
    Joe Ott 6 hours ago

    James, I had to watch this again because of how emotional you get at the end. Dude! I love the car talk of Donut but the real reason I love this channel is you and Nolan. You both are soooooo real and honest with everything you present. The personal emotion you put out is connecting. When you had your heart attack and I learned about it I cried and was very worried about you. You are one of us...your fans. You are not just playing a role and reading a script but putting yourselves out there. The times when you guys break down crying, get mad and rage with anger or frustration on High Low projects or get super stoked on a car is awsome to watch. Thank you to all the Donut staff for making such an awsome show. This effort demolishes the world famous Top Gear!!! Keep it up!! I love you guys!

  • Spider-manana
    Spider-manana 6 hours ago

    What about assholes who get their trucks lifted and don't readjust their headlights

  • Matthew Ford
    Matthew Ford 6 hours ago


  • Dwight Isaacs
    Dwight Isaacs 6 hours ago

    This video with the 80s sound track is perfect.

  • Nigel Discaya
    Nigel Discaya 6 hours ago

    My favorite cop car is the peel p50... Because it trys to kill.

  • Roger Gustafsson
    Roger Gustafsson 6 hours ago

    A friend had a RX8. Got to test drive it and it was amazing! That sound was just fantastic!

  • Ethan Lewandowski
    Ethan Lewandowski 6 hours ago

    Panteras are my favorite cars

  • Brewcity Ba11er
    Brewcity Ba11er 6 hours ago

    4:40 he needs some milk 😂😂

  • glen poy
    glen poy 6 hours ago

    Who's Supra is that? Papa Smurf??

  • Joschi
    Joschi 6 hours ago


  • Crehhhnshaw Jamaica
    Crehhhnshaw Jamaica 6 hours ago

    Danger to manifold😂

  • Clemens Schimmele
    Clemens Schimmele 6 hours ago

    Big-ups for that Easter egg LoR reference specifically for us Germaniacs out there :*

  • Bike Wolf
    Bike Wolf 6 hours ago

    You forgot to tell the people how to set your phone camera In new phones you can set for example the white balance and lots of other parameters and that really matters and helps to get the best possible editing base. Also an easy way to make good looking pictures is to shoot from as low to the ground as possible. Makes the car look bigger and more impressive Ive seen other 10min tutorials that covered much more than this

  • Daniel Barrera
    Daniel Barrera 6 hours ago


  • Ng J Liang
    Ng J Liang 6 hours ago

    *wee wee monsiuer*

  • foshizzlfizzl
    foshizzlfizzl 6 hours ago

    212 HP? Whoah that's pretty bad for a 350Z isn't it? I mean I heard from 240 HP but almost 200HP?

  • Влад Вулкан

    why didn't you tell about the horrifying 84h-race there?

  • Iceforgedstormborn
    Iceforgedstormborn 6 hours ago

    The content is very good and the quality of the explaination too but sometimes the jokes are too frequent that I can't follow the topic, please a little bit less :(

  • Elio Ziko
    Elio Ziko 6 hours ago

    these guys look like they're figuring this stuff as they go

  • Zachary Oliver
    Zachary Oliver 6 hours ago

    A 12 min vid would have been cooler then having you pander some bullshit to us for over a minute.

  • Corporal Hollywood
    Corporal Hollywood 6 hours ago


  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii 6 hours ago

    EUhm- IN The Netherlands, only handicapped and lazy people drive automats. Normal people drive stick-always.

  • KINN 1
    KINN 1 6 hours ago

    Do any of you know what you are doing its like watching Top Gear very amateur with lots of money hitting O2 sensor with a hammer skill level zero

  • Arnas Gaucys
    Arnas Gaucys 7 hours ago

    "all of audis cars are all wheel drive" ?

  • Random Weeb
    Random Weeb 7 hours ago

    I want more of this.

  • Adrian Kruger
    Adrian Kruger 7 hours ago

    This is the stuff that they never show on Need For Speed.

  • Hugo Barros de Souza


  • Otis Reading
    Otis Reading 7 hours ago

    Motha fucka is thw only thing it could stand for

  • minal128
    minal128 7 hours ago

    Lol the quality on these cars went to shit after 2006

  • Jadson AK47
    Jadson AK47 7 hours ago

    Música do vídeo???

  • Jie Hao Khor
    Jie Hao Khor 7 hours ago

    4:27 Larry Chen just casually giving the Miata the finger

  • Gaithe Alwahab
    Gaithe Alwahab 7 hours ago

    Wait what.... i thought the stallon movie had all restaurants turn to taco bells not pizza hut i am 100% sure

  • pilipinascarguy
    pilipinascarguy 7 hours ago

    Instagram "car" people post CGI shit asking if its cool or not, definetly not fucking cool

  • MainMite06
    MainMite06 7 hours ago

    I'm somewhat lucky that my '19 Nissan Note doesnt have auto braking, fully digital gauges, electric park brake, or large centerscreen (mine is small)... But, it's going to be headache in the future as I have to deal with a slowsauce 1.6l engine, unnecessary TC, ABS,TPMS, & CVT flush bulls**** Which is why: im going to rip all that bull**** out & run a 2.0L MR20 N/A+ Manaul swap so life could be easier later!

  • Eduardo Freitas
    Eduardo Freitas 7 hours ago

    This stuck up attitude in ferrari goes to every inch of the company, including motorsports. Honestly I went from a ferrari fan as a kid to it being the only car company I actively dislike.

    FEELCASUAL 7 hours ago

    And the boboboooooboom skia kukuboboboomboom yo . So guys always listen mans not hot ??

  • Connor Allport
    Connor Allport 7 hours ago

    @sadmachines makes killer renders too!

  • ZR1 LT5 Chris
    ZR1 LT5 Chris 7 hours ago

    So auto designers all look related.

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 7 hours ago

    Me a Texas Citizen: PRIUS POLICE?!??!!

  • thebananaboatlife
    thebananaboatlife 7 hours ago

    "Drifting" and "Stance" = fairies. 🤢

  • Rafael Braga
    Rafael Braga 7 hours ago

    My problem with the Cyber truck is that it wants to be diferente just because... it is not a good looking car, there is a HUGE diference between those cool cyberpunk cars and that thing. I'm ok with it trying to be diferent, just not ok with it trying it just because and not even bodering with looking good.

  • Rhenthalin
    Rhenthalin 7 hours ago

    So automotive design is like sacrificing children to science?