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  • The Shadow Knows
    The Shadow Knows 6 minutes ago

    The black people have already left. That lady is Mexicana. Only black people gets arrested for committing a crime by patronizing STARBUCK. Where the hell has this cop been that he didn't get/read the memo.

  • Son Tran
    Son Tran Hour ago

    Kerr appreciated George Bush??????? One of the biggest war criminal of our life time??? Do you even know whats going on??

  • Sultan Al Hadidi


  • andyt2k
    andyt2k Hour ago

    Go check with the employees first before running your mouth

    9 NAGA UTAMA SAKTI 2 hours ago

    Dumb and dumber from San pablo finest

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond 3 hours ago

    I love our people in the bay area! Always talking how they feel😂💯💯💯💯

  • Kosher Dill
    Kosher Dill 5 hours ago

    I don't care what anyone says, as a mother, seeing that woman losing her child after holding on to hope for years broke my heart. I cannot fathom losing my children and who's to say I wouldn't do the same thing in that situation? You just don't know until you're in that predicament. God rest her soul and bless her mom and all who loved Jahi.

  • Freedom 1
    Freedom 1 5 hours ago

    How do you know when a cop is lieing?

  • Everett Wilson
    Everett Wilson 5 hours ago

    How can you get on your stomach being taxed at the same time, do it to the cop he can show us how.

    FRE FLO DO 6 hours ago

    Big ass arena & they can't get Coach Kerr a parking spot on the premises???

  • Ryszard Kiliński
    Ryszard Kiliński 6 hours ago

    Did they have to move to Chase Arena? I think Oracle was way better... really provided GSW with home-court advantage... Change isn't always the best move. What were the reasons ?

  • bernie duffy
    bernie duffy 8 hours ago

    Dude Dublin is for Ireland

  • Pierre Williston
    Pierre Williston 8 hours ago

    blue trash are blue trash

  • jeff james
    jeff james 9 hours ago

    I don't allow my kids to watch NBA games. I'm not giving money to the Democrat party. Good job Kerr and Popovich. Media is corrupt. China means billions to the NBA. Trump is the only guy to sees them cheating America.

  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley 9 hours ago

    C'mon Steve. It's Freedom or Slavery. You choose Slavery? Wow! You have sunken to a new low.

    O.G. THANOS 12 hours ago

    The real fire was on his head but his hat has it 💯% contained.

  • chris b
    chris b 12 hours ago

    These are the bad cops who give good cops a bad name. Terrible police work.

  • Sirius Lee
    Sirius Lee 12 hours ago

    Have the leftist blamed Trump yet ? After all he is the reason that some black women are fat right ? LoL this must also be his fault , couldn't happen to a more deserving state ..

  • Sirius Lee
    Sirius Lee 12 hours ago

    Have the leftist blamed Trump yet ? After all he is the reason that some black women are fat right ? LoL this must also be his fault , couldn't happen to a more deserving state ..

  • Richard Kremer
    Richard Kremer 12 hours ago

    Ethanol explodes, turns to a vapor as soon as it comes in contact with oxygen An is not under pressure. Com on where not all dumb. It evaporates. Jet fuel is an extremely explosive substance. If one of those tanks let go as that picture showed of the roof it would have taken out the rest.

  • Glenn S
    Glenn S 12 hours ago

    "...I arrived about 30 minutes in..." "I would've been here sooner, but my hat was in the dryer."

  • LF 3RD
    LF 3RD 12 hours ago

    Steve Kerr retweeted a Pro Hong Kong tweet on 9/27/19.

  • jcksnghst
    jcksnghst 13 hours ago

    Omg!!! Jet fuel!!?! ... Wait...that's just different colored kerosene ...

  • Joey Big Things Poppin

    Ethanol is just an addictive by the Bush family oil to stretch gas out but ended up more expensive than dropping the price for consumers. This looks like NJ and it looks like it exploded ..not just a fire? Many of the oil tanks in NJ are not federal or state protected because a highway literally runs thru it.

  • EL EL
    EL EL 13 hours ago

    You couldn't pay me to live in california!!!

  • Mike Day
    Mike Day 13 hours ago

    There is more chaos and destruction every day in marxist Gavin Newsom's California.

  • Man of Action
    Man of Action 13 hours ago

    It's Commiefornia, they set thier own fires by the hands on the clock...

  • Ryan Moyer
    Ryan Moyer 13 hours ago

    California is a Dumpster Fire.

  • jcksnghst
    jcksnghst 13 hours ago

    Anyone who thinks cat is or works as a fireman is blind and deaf. They control Us by keeping us divided, thus the Hat and followed by a shill who screams racist on every person's comment who points out the joke. There are no coincidences. It's all about perception.. Guarantee you that cat never wears a ball cap.

  • John Guarino
    John Guarino 13 hours ago

    especially dealing with ethanol

  • John Guarino
    John Guarino 13 hours ago

    backing soda will snuff it our fast no problem

  • John Guarino
    John Guarino 13 hours ago


  • Heedful Newt
    Heedful Newt 13 hours ago

    Go back to elementary school

  • carmine redd
    carmine redd 13 hours ago

    this would be a great time for an earthquake

  • carmine redd
    carmine redd 13 hours ago

    jet fuel ? Then why didn't the tanks just collapse into their own footprints at the speed of light like on 9/11 ??? hmmmm

  • jcksnghst
    jcksnghst 13 hours ago

    Shelter in place, but, there's public employees running around loose determining Wake the fuck up, people.

  • Pastor Glock
    Pastor Glock 13 hours ago

    Ethanol tanks would rather burn than deal with anymore commifornia politics!

  • carmine redd
    carmine redd 13 hours ago

    shelter in place = forced concentration camp and martial Law = suspension of the constitution. the NuStar employees are NOT staying at the NuStar property THEY are special and were allowed to leave

  • Solarbanz Z
    Solarbanz Z 13 hours ago

    Dude California stays lit

  • Marie Ryan
    Marie Ryan 13 hours ago

    Wow, he slipped in the fact that another imperiled tank "contains...uh...jet fuel" in pretty casually.

  • sacred squirrel
    sacred squirrel 13 hours ago

    Wonder what Greta thinks we can do about the smoke from these fires and wild fires. That smoke is more poisonous than vehicle fumes.

  • Joey VanOstrand
    Joey VanOstrand 13 hours ago

    Thanks for the Fap fire!

  • Just Some Medic
    Just Some Medic 13 hours ago

    It’s California. LET IT BURN! 🔥

  • S M
    S M 13 hours ago

    Another day, another idiot exposed.

  • Joe Bien
    Joe Bien 13 hours ago

    Of course the situation is fluid, it's ethanol. Having said that, I do not think ethanol would burn with huge, heavy black plumes of smoke. I think they got their tanks crossed.

    RAIDERZILLA 13 hours ago

    she deserves more than that san pablo has more money than that to give out 😃

  • Steve - Veteran
    Steve - Veteran 14 hours ago

    Yeah, the situation is fluid..... fluid on fire called: "Ethanol"....

    • Joe Bien
      Joe Bien 13 hours ago

      Beat me to it, pal!

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 14 hours ago

    Let California burn, drop a bunker bomb in the fault lines and let it slide into the Pacific. Problem solved.

    • anti gubernare
      anti gubernare 13 hours ago

      Do you know the majority of produce in this whole fucking country comes from California?? How fucking ignorant are you?

  • Anti Status Quo
    Anti Status Quo 14 hours ago

    Praise our all mighty president Trump for the lax laws for oil companies, now I can't wait to eat 3 eyed fish.

    • Anti Status Quo
      Anti Status Quo 3 hours ago

      @Tracy M yummy

    • Tracy M
      Tracy M 13 hours ago

      Where your from = you should be well adjusted to 3 eyed fish... OUCH

  • samantha mason
    samantha mason 14 hours ago

    How Did it strt

  • Kenneth M. Price Jr.
    Kenneth M. Price Jr. 14 hours ago

    Oh you colossal liers! Ethanol burns clear. What bullcrap! That looks like a crude oil fire to me. Have you ever seen so much black smoke? And when you mention ash, you don't bother to mention all of the toxic volatile organic compounds that make up the ash. Everyone should light a cap full of whiskey on fire right now anc check out how beautiful of a flame it produces. The industry hates methanol, for the full story:

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 14 hours ago

    Ethanol ?,, no big loss

  • samantha mason
    samantha mason 14 hours ago

    More poison into our air And controlling the population

  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegend 14 hours ago

    Arrest first investigate later.

  • Skydive 209
    Skydive 209 14 hours ago

    That is ridiculous they should have clarified it with the business before confronting the customers. That's just retarded.

  • Zach
    Zach 14 hours ago

    Focus ST, Nice!

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 14 hours ago

    Made for tv

  • AbleDelta
    AbleDelta 14 hours ago

    California is under attack.

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 14 hours ago

    Liars and hoaxers

  • Chris M
    Chris M 14 hours ago

    What started t?

  • Lambert Shabalala
    Lambert Shabalala 14 hours ago


  • Thomas McCabe
    Thomas McCabe 14 hours ago

    Why does it take the oil companies to come a day later with special equipment to put the fire out shouldn't f****** fire department have that s*** California what are you thinking maybe you need to buy your firefighters some equipment instead of letting illegal immigrants in your state and worrying about them and their medical problems you could be buying equipment to protect people that you have their f****** idiots

  • Wind Walker
    Wind Walker 14 hours ago

    The great migration has begun. California welcome to Hell. Sorry I Meant Arizona!!

    • anti gubernare
      anti gubernare 13 hours ago

      I haven't been in az for a while but over half the new homes bought up here in sw Washington have vehicles with California plates

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 15 hours ago

    This is a scam

  • Al Coholic
    Al Coholic 15 hours ago

    Guy has a receding hatline. Or is it male pattern ball cap?

  • Simply Crypto
    Simply Crypto 15 hours ago

    Jet fuel just great !

  • Davinxi P
    Davinxi P 15 hours ago

    Why can’t we have the best fire technology and better California leadership. Starting with Gavin newsom and pelsoi

  • Davinxi P
    Davinxi P 15 hours ago

    Boooooo. This is a bad response t

  • Nona McKenzie
    Nona McKenzie 15 hours ago

    You guys in California need to exist ASAP, they are really really trying to kill you and take over all land and possessions. Praying.... much love and God Bless

    • anti gubernare
      anti gubernare 13 hours ago

      Its chinas covert takeover. Think modern day red dawn only California is too stupid and can't even see it.

  • Ticky Tacky
    Ticky Tacky 15 hours ago

    Fire fighting foam that WILL leach into the ocean a stones throw away. Toxic shit.

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 15 hours ago


  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 15 hours ago

    Liars and hoaxers

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 15 hours ago


  • Fast Leroy
    Fast Leroy 15 hours ago

    Floating Roof tanks most likely would have prevented this.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 15 hours ago

    i thought all this area was "green"!

  • Jayson Mattoon
    Jayson Mattoon 15 hours ago

    !!WARNING CA RESIDENTS YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK!! If you want the truth as to what happened on 9/11, research 'SCALAR INTERFEROMETRY.' Everything else is smoke and mirrors. This is the 'Tesla Death Ray' everyone speaks of. However, they put every possible redundancy in place so most theories are correct (countless rabbit holes of endless debate, but they operate in the realm far beyond imagination. In fact, many are entirely unaware one of the towers was constructed with an HVAC system that requires a certain chemical be pumped throughout every wall in the building. The same chemical NASA uses to amplify heat output from rocket fuel) but the big tech that was used to bring them down was focusing radio waves onto a single vector via satellite and local Doppler radar. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dr. Judy Wood has done some good work here but this is the same tech they used for the CA wildfires (lights/lasers falling from the sky are fakes/archaic tech) as well as the Hawaii volcano (the bad guys were attempting to freeze the tip of the volcano whilst heating below the surface, would've caused a massive explosion that would've sent the peak skyward and covered most of the US in ash within minutes. Great news is the good guys have access to similar tech and they were hitting the ground around the volcano, softening it up, hoping it would break apart and vent, which it did) .The tech works somewhat similarly to a microwave oven in this state but anything conductive will go up first. Their hopes are generally that the resulting fire will wipe everything out to the point it isn't easy to determine conductive vs biological damage but if you want a hint, go to the video of Trump visiting CA after the wildfires to meet with gov. Jerry Brown. Pay close attention to the site, the background. You'll notice metals are burnt to a crisp whereas most plant life (even inches from the metal) are left entirely untouched. Right in front of our eyes for the whole world to see, yet nobody was paying attention. There's a decent document on CIA CREST documenting Russia's and China's use of such tech throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s but there are plenty of white papers on the tech and much can be learned from studying quantum mechanics. The ARMY's 'active denial system' is a scaled down version of this tech. Its capabilities are quite literally limited only by imagination and everything that receives and transmits contributes to this global scalar network (a network of intersecting radio waves, a grid)-It's largely what the 'chemtrails' are about. Filling the atmosphere with nanometallic particles, like tinfoil in the microwave (far more effective, offers nearly infinite resolution). Those satellites do far more than they let on. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< On a side-note: 'Chemtrails' are not planes filled with large barrels spraying liquid into the sky. Chemtrails are advanced fifth generation nanotech: they bond the metals with the fuel at the quantum scale and the chemical process doesn't occur until combusted at high altitude and properly swept with the interferometer (via satellite), entirely undetectable via any publicly available means until the process has already taken place. Essentially, the fuel appears as normal, the plane climbs and as it reaches its destination (said destination already being blasted with the proper frequency/amplitude/etc) the fuel is then combusted and nobody is the wiser until streaks start showing up in the sky (this isn't even getting to DARPA's quantum 'swarm' tech but you've already seen it in many Hollywood films). Either way, a good place to start: millions of docs like this were dumped the month Trump took office (and many more since), much of them pertaining to 'psychoenergetics' research or, in other words, the study of the 'spiritual sciences.' Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, etc. It's traditionally the study of human paranormal capability. You'll even find buried in these docs the fact that Chinese military intelligence successfully infiltrated the construction company who remodeled/renovated CIA HQ, you'll find all the very same seditious stuff they're doing to Trump, they also did to Reagan, it was just behind closed doors at the time. One example everyone seems gets a kick out of: 'The Force' in Star Wars came from some of these studies. They found a human being, when inside a strong magnetic field, can move an object using only thought, with their arm extended outward toward the object and their muscles fully flexed, to what they call 'the edge of friction.' In other words, as close to weightlessness as physically possible. Essentially a human in a strong magnetic field can move a very light conductive object placed atop a dielectric surface just enough to render it nearly weightless with little to no 'training.' There's far too much to list, even for a brief dose of cliff notes but just do a little digging around the CIA CREST database and it won't take long before you find something infinitely interesting. Keep in mind, this isn't even remotely scratching the surface: Excerpt of interest: Original doc: Schumann Resonances (anomaly on sensor 2 aka Saudi Arabia seen as a bright horizontal orange bar, near equator, or where Earth's magnetic field is at its furthest point from source, and is at its greatest rate of deceleration, has shown up the past few years and the amplitude in South Africa, near Antarctica, or where the energy in Earth's magnetic field is approaching its greatest rate of acceleration, has been off the charts during that time). Another side note: They've 'debunked' the Schumann Resonances using semantics, as usual and haven't even done a thorough job of it. The Schumann Resonances are a set of frequencies from which they measure amplitude in Earth's magnetic field. It isn't the frequencies that have been off the charts (as everyone states, even hear things like 'IT'S AT 192HZ!! EMERGENCY, everyone gets that wrong, the frequencies are the control, they do not change, it's the amplitude (power) at said frequencies that has been historically off the charts, as well as amplitudes at much higher frequencies than are typically measured, therefore by definition not even part of the 'Schumann Resonances.' So again, easily 'debunked' to the unaware laymen but the stuff has been WAY off the charts a few years or so now, everyone's hunch was correct at least. Pulse on same date, rainfall sensor animation (does this look natural to you?): Again not even scratching the surface, just trying to quickly share the little bit I can but I'd be more than glad to share more or explain everything I know for any in need. BONUS: Entirely unrelated but this doc was in the same release and everyone gets a kick out of it. If you're 'meh,' click this one, it's the least boring of the bunch :P It's a transcription of a Remote Viewing session held in training-viewing the planet Mars at the time 1,000,000 B.C. Excerpt: Original document:

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 16 hours ago

    Uhh uhhh uhhh

  • Vicki Bee
    Vicki Bee 16 hours ago

    How the hell does a person "elaborate" on the word "threatened?" I don't think there's any confusion abt what that word means. The only way to elaborate IMO would be to say the word in another language: which is 'peligroso' in Spanish & gefährlich in German, the one I'm taking now.

  • Darlene Mcghee
    Darlene Mcghee 16 hours ago

    I hope they are being truthful because the speech patterns are giving me Chernobyl

  • billybobhobnob101
    billybobhobnob101 16 hours ago

    White Nationalists are setting fires, they figure if they can take over the west coast they will have most of the country that matters, Washington and Oregon they can take politically but Californa they have to destroy.

    • billybobhobnob101
      billybobhobnob101 9 hours ago

      @Appalachian Fire WITCH Most people don't realize that White Nationalist have strategies along with a philosophy and agendas but they are not secret, you can find the literature on the internet, and include things like infiltrating the military and law enforcement , taking over small town governments, bankrupting municipalities they can't take over by protests, lawsuits, vandalism, sabotage and arson.

    • jcksnghst
      jcksnghst 12 hours ago

      @Appalachian Fire WITCH shill

    • Appalachian Fire WITCH
      Appalachian Fire WITCH 15 hours ago

      billybobhobnob101 Is a racist.

    KiTT FOXXE 16 hours ago

    Sabotage by liberal Democrats

  • The Raven
    The Raven 16 hours ago


  • fake conservatives
    fake conservatives 16 hours ago

    Hey tell me were you live. Anyone? I'm in Albuquerque New Mexico

  • 69adrummer
    69adrummer 16 hours ago

    California always lecturing the nation on this or that and straws and shit but y'all burn like a mother fucker and let this shit go on!! IDIOTS!!

  • itsme48423
    itsme48423 16 hours ago

    he is hiding something under that hat!!!!

  • bob amazed
    bob amazed 17 hours ago

  • Echad Lev Shtim
    Echad Lev Shtim 17 hours ago

    All staged. These fires are intentionally set

  • Walker O'Brien
    Walker O'Brien 17 hours ago

    Global warming is a bitch ain't it

  • William Dukane
    William Dukane 17 hours ago

    The hat was trying to escape the fire and landed on his head for safety.

  • Brian
    Brian 17 hours ago

    nobody else finds it supper fishy that there have been several refinery incidents and oil tanker incidents recently...

    • jcksnghst
      jcksnghst 13 hours ago

      Move along, nothing to see here,.. Anyone who thinks cat is or works as a fireman is blind and deaf. They control Us by keeping us divided, thus the Hat and followed by a shill who screams racist on every person's comment who points out the joke. There are no coincidences. It's all about perception.. Guarantee you that cat never wears a ball cap.

    • Alan Malcheski
      Alan Malcheski 14 hours ago

      spikeycoda ok. what's your... hypothesis?

    • Nahifructa karnzyrup
      Nahifructa karnzyrup 14 hours ago

      No because I don't eat fish for supper.

    • spikeycoda
      spikeycoda 14 hours ago

    • spikeycoda
      spikeycoda 14 hours ago

      Let me try and find the Doppler that shows five SIMULTANEOUS explosions in NorCal hundreds of miles apart...

  • ipissed
    ipissed 17 hours ago

    When you walk out of the liquor store and the sack breaks open. 🤬

    • jcksnghst
      jcksnghst 12 hours ago

      Lol,!! You're on a roll, he'll be drinking the foam by dinner.

  • Scrotor
    Scrotor 17 hours ago

    Get one of the forest service's C-130s to make a pass or two and drown the flames in slurry.

  • Adam Rutter
    Adam Rutter 18 hours ago


  • gt seven 5
    gt seven 5 18 hours ago

    Lol I the comments everyone worries about gas prices lmao good keep working,that is gonna be the last of your problems come g,seek truth,Jesus Christ is truth!!!!

  • gt seven 5
    gt seven 5 18 hours ago

    Lol what bull shit,lies lies lies and more lies.bye bye california

  • meaty Swan
    meaty Swan 18 hours ago

    kinda weird that there woried about air quality when ethenol burns super clean

  • ReR747
    ReR747 18 hours ago

    USCSB needs to investigate this incident.

    KAIJU MECHA 18 hours ago

    Despite the fire, this guy needs to hire a publicist who picks a better angle to shoot an interview:) respect the professionalism, fuck the tiny hat:)

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 18 hours ago

    Right when I was going to buy car....not the, right time. Everyone else should literally fill up on gas while it's cheap..

    • Bekks
      Bekks 17 hours ago

      It’s already over $4/gallon. when stuff like his goes on, all of the taxes attached to gas need to be suspended until prices go back down to a determined amount. People can’t afford to go back & forth to work.

  • My Info
    My Info 19 hours ago

    Well... this guy can fuck off.