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  • Gabi BenAlex
    Gabi BenAlex Hour ago


  • Ad54 Ad54
    Ad54 Ad54 3 hours ago

    I look the same when I breath. 😂 Thanks for the video 👍

  • Natasha Johnson
    Natasha Johnson 8 hours ago

    Brent how about a video on flip turns ? Please

  • Natasha Johnson
    Natasha Johnson 8 hours ago

    I would love a virtual clinic !!! Thank you so much

  • Warren Vergara
    Warren Vergara 12 hours ago

    Your great coach I'm so glad your vedio

  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl 16 hours ago

    i have a weird issue with my breathing. i feel like once i get to the opposite end, im able to keep going, my breathing is fine and it seems rhythmic. but because i literally need to stop to turn around and start another lap i find myself waiting to catch my breath. its really weird and i dont know why this happens

  • William Warren
    William Warren 20 hours ago

    wtf lmao that's my best 50 free time sc

  • cris .o
    cris .o 21 hour ago

    could u tell me swimming pool name ans locate...?

  • Ed Lester
    Ed Lester 23 hours ago

    What is ths swimmers age and HR?

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber Day ago

    So whats happening 4 or 5 body points hand enters water vertical to it being horizontal? I guess catch??

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber Day ago

    Eat ur heart out pilates.

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber Day ago

    Forearm vertical, is the shoulder by the ear? Guessing it is.

  • Gl S
    Gl S Day ago

    Begin accelerate body forward when you approximately 1/3 underwater armstroke

  • fondombang
    fondombang Day ago

    Thank you for your videos , learned so much.

  • Tim O'Brien
    Tim O'Brien Day ago

    Your analysis is great , love your vids

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber Day ago

    Amazing how a little extra head movement would cause so much drama.

  • Ele Jump
    Ele Jump Day ago

    I disagree with what you say about stroke rate and catch up... check out Adam Walker's stroke, which has a low stroke rate and utilises glide and body position, here www.oceanwalkeruk.com/oceanwalker_stroke.html

  • MaxTryk
    MaxTryk Day ago

    My mistakes exactly. This is priceless.

  • Effortless Swimming

    Not sure where to start with your stroke? The 5 Core Principles is the roadmap. See it here: effortlessswimming.com/5-core-principles-of-fast-freestyle/

  • Silverash
    Silverash Day ago

    He makes me sick!!

  • Hdr 12
    Hdr 12 2 days ago

    Tells me to quit the video. Here i am lol

  • hl6306
    hl6306 2 days ago

    toes tend to cramp when point in after 1.5k ish swim

  • Cosmiq Grey
    Cosmiq Grey 2 days ago

    I have swimming today and we have a 200m warm up and I’m always dying so I need this

  • D M
    D M 2 days ago

    This is great!

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 2 days ago

    I was told that when your hand enters the water during a stroke, that you should move it in front of your face and down the center of your torso, because it creates more propulsion through the water, is that BS?

  • Don Novicki
    Don Novicki 2 days ago

    I gotta try this. Sometimes the catch seems rushed to me.

  • Brian Todd
    Brian Todd 2 days ago

    I need this guy talking as my coach. :)

  • Kaito Usui
    Kaito Usui 2 days ago

    I watching this to get better at my 100 freestyle so I can make state championships in NY

  • D Lee
    D Lee 2 days ago

    I’ve been doing the one-arm drill for the past several years. It has helped me. I get comments from other swimmers since I seem to be the only one doing this drill and others are curious why I do it.

  • Marc Thibodeau
    Marc Thibodeau 2 days ago

    A very nice talk about what swimming is really about! Stephen has developed a passion for swimming which is not that common for a hard core runner. Very motivating to ear the swimming improvement from somebody that started from the bottom of the water so to speak! 😁😁😁

  • Marcelo Durgante
    Marcelo Durgante 2 days ago

    That was a pretty cool talk. I would like to watch Mr. Jackson's before and after video.. Are they here on youtube?

  • iggyosborn
    iggyosborn 3 days ago

    The overhead cam is what's called a "wide angle". It buckles the image, kind of like the old circus mirrors. You can clearly see it on the lane markers on either side of his body, which are heavily warped. So I'm not sure how much snake is there because of that. Love your videos.

  • Abha Varma
    Abha Varma 3 days ago

    Great ideas. Thank you.

  • Wariyos Channel
    Wariyos Channel 3 days ago

    finally someone else also thought swimming "downhill" cannot really be related or applied into the water

  • Silverash
    Silverash 4 days ago

    So many different swimming videos contradict each other

  • Chris B
    Chris B 4 days ago

    Nice ring pull at 08:11, cheers...I'm in line with Kolt above, similar result..thx.

  • Алексей Алексеев

    сделай субтитры пожалуйста

  • Bassam Bassam
    Bassam Bassam 4 days ago

    What about Sun Yang who swims with almost completely submerged head ?

  • surfers0000
    surfers0000 4 days ago

    I'm in my sixties and was a good swimmer in my school days. I need tips on how to gain my swimming fitness. Like the above video, I tend to hold my breath a little, especially when I start to tire. I would love to be able to swim lap after lap after lap. I can run all day in a basketball game, but swimming, no way.

  • Marc Thibodeau
    Marc Thibodeau 4 days ago

    Do you breath on the side of the active arm or it is good to breath either side as on the video! I think that I start with the snorkel and fins as you suggested for the single arm catch and pull.

    • Marc Thibodeau
      Marc Thibodeau 2 days ago

      Thanks! I tried it and it is very hard to keep proper timing so I have a lot of work to do.

    • Marcin Pomidor
      Marcin Pomidor 3 days ago

      I can breath only to the side of the active arm but I've seen breathing to the other side also.

  • Marc Thibodeau
    Marc Thibodeau 4 days ago

    Awesome! Surely an amazing drill.

  • MatrixUNLV
    MatrixUNLV 4 days ago

    I had this problem for a long time and my previous coaches couldn't get me to slow down the setup phase of the catch (particularly on the breathing strokes) until Brenton instructed me to practice the "catch and release" drill with paddles. That fixed the issue in a hurry.

  • Greg Hill
    Greg Hill 4 days ago

    Awesome thanks Brenton! Love the fancy dinner music too :)

    • Dean Profis
      Dean Profis 3 days ago

      Seriously, too funny. but LOVE these videos

  • MaxTryk
    MaxTryk 4 days ago

    There is one problem with these videos - they appear much more often then it takes to master what they show :) thank you for your work!

    MYSTIC 4 days ago

    I can’t break 26 UGGGHHHH

  • Samantha Ramakers
    Samantha Ramakers 4 days ago

    Thanks for the advices!

  • simply Sarah
    simply Sarah 4 days ago

    I’m trying for my backstroke idek why in here

  • Karzan Aziz
    Karzan Aziz 4 days ago

    great tips

  • Eduardo Pinto
    Eduardo Pinto 5 days ago

    Y yo pateo, braceo, y todo y no bajo de los 30 seg

  • Tomate 1968
    Tomate 1968 5 days ago

    Wow, just checked my Garmin Connect for the last couple of trainings and it says I had an average of 30 and max 40 strokes (Züge) per minute. My average pace is about 2:05 min/100. Can’t believe it’s that slow. Does anyone know the Garmin Fenix 5 metric strokes per minute? Are those figures reliable?

    • Effortless Swimming
      Effortless Swimming 5 days ago

      That might be accounting for 2 strokes, so really 60 average and 80 max

  • route55 qatar
    route55 qatar 6 days ago

    Thanks for such inspiring video! Makes me want to swim again and again.

  • Dan Sixbury
    Dan Sixbury 6 days ago

    Im in a similar situation...a while back my fast 100m would be between 2:00 and 2:05 and now slowed down to 2:15 to 2:30/100m For us average swimmers whats a realistic goal for the 100 in a single 100 and average sustained pace? I've heard that local high school swimmers do a 100m in less than 60 seconds. I would love to get to 1:30 or under...

  • Abby Emerson
    Abby Emerson 6 days ago

    Not only was this long course, he also did it from a push. Phenomenal swim, as always.

  • Missy Slime Shop Mealz

    so not cool

  • It's the THUG
    It's the THUG 7 days ago

    Duude . Thanks for clearing my confusion.

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 7 days ago

    What software do you use to annotate on the videos?

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy 7 days ago

    Do top swimmers typical surface/first stroke at 15m? Most in our Tri squad would aim for first stroke at the flags

    • Bodi Rana
      Bodi Rana 6 days ago

      Depends on the event. Generally 200m and shorter, the swimmers breakout at the 15m mark. Longer events, they breakout earlier.

  • Jack Collins Maghapon

    That breathing technique is the hardest for me.

  • Why Do I Exist
    Why Do I Exist 7 days ago

    swimming the 500 tomorrow at conference... need tips

    • Berrra Toyy
      Berrra Toyy 5 days ago

      why are us armies everywhere lmafihdsfdjshkjd, hope it went well tho

  • Marvin Lee
    Marvin Lee 7 days ago

    似乎只是沒有高肘推進技術, 於是浮力不足, 令整個人都沒機會練習出更好的動作, 於是浮力繼續不足時, 動作及技術都當然不會好. 部份浮力是來自有效推進. 練習時, 左右平衡的練習, 以及有效推進的練習, 是基礎技術的必經階段. 沒有達成這些, 就連「初階」都談不上, 只能稱為 beginner. 只能稱為在淺水中短距離能多數不死, 在深水中要保住性命仍算僥倖.

  • 1davidcampbell
    1davidcampbell 7 days ago

    I’ve long legs relative to my torso, while I was a decent breaststroker I find it it creates extra drag when swimming distance freestyle for triathlon, is there any way I can compensate for this by altering my body posture?

  • susus est
    susus est 7 days ago

    Yeah, this video came just in time! I intended to use a Tempo Trainer for the first time tomorrow, so now I do know how I can start with and I'm super excited.

  • Rita Gabrail
    Rita Gabrail 7 days ago

    This is me too possibly with a better catch (possibly!). Great tips. My swim coach is always on me to take out the pause but it's hard when you're new; there's so much to think about when setting up the catch.

  • Rémi Lerolle
    Rémi Lerolle 7 days ago

    Perfect coordination between swimsuit / cap and pool lines.

  • Evan MacDougall
    Evan MacDougall 7 days ago

    This is a lot my same issues. Slow stroke rate. 2:20-2:30/100m on my long distance swims. Lady In the pool next to me on her kick board is going the same speed. 🙈

  • Spreest
    Spreest 7 days ago

    Thanks for the video, it really helped me! For future videos, I would like to see more of someone swimming with you speaking over the footage as I feel like that would help much more to understand the movements.

  • Pietro Di Profio
    Pietro Di Profio 8 days ago

    Hi Brenton, when you refer to, e.g., 2.00/100m mark when defining the current level of a swimmer, is that referring to a best short distance performance (e.g., 100-200 m) or rather to a long distance (1.9k) 'cruise speed'?

    • welcome to elsa toys review
      welcome to elsa toys review 5 days ago

      Yes need some answer... Are u talking about long distance pace or short distance?

    • welcome to elsa toys review
      welcome to elsa toys review 5 days ago

      My pace is around 2 mins 10 sec for 1 km distance..i can go down to 1 min 30 sec per 100m but I cannot sustain the same speed for my 1 km swim

    • Jakob
      Jakob 7 days ago

      Also wondering this. The swimmer in the video is very slow, so im thinking best 100m.

  • Hoorne
    Hoorne 8 days ago

    I went from 3:20/100m to 1:55/100m in the span of 3-4 months, i would be lying if i said that this channel didnt help :p.

    • Hoorne
      Hoorne 8 days ago

      @azizam nunna Hmm 400-600m+ depends on the day and how i'm feeling

    • azizam nunna
      azizam nunna 8 days ago

      Hoorne how much can you swim in one go without any break.

  • Ali Kemal CAYLAN
    Ali Kemal CAYLAN 8 days ago

    I am following you from the first years of you have began publishing efortless swimming. Your every video is excellent and up to the point. Well defined problems and given solutions. Thank you..

  • George Scarola
    George Scarola 8 days ago

    What do you mean by a 2-bit or a 4-bit kick?

    • George Scarola
      George Scarola 3 days ago

      I realize now you're saying 2-beat (ah, that Aussie accent). I assume you mean each foot kicks twice per side, then the other foot kicks twice per side. But if that's right, it's hard to see in the videos. Maybe you could sort this out on an upcoming video?

  • chinh luan
    chinh luan 8 days ago

    Tks, leg and arm of her is not exactly

  • Tyler F
    Tyler F 8 days ago

    What is more important stroke rate or making sure you have the arm technique down? I am swimming pretty comfortably at the 2:00/100m right now with a stroke rate of ~45 strokes / min. I want to make sure by increasing my stroke rate I won't be ingraining bad habits. Thanks and Love the vids

  • david marcotte
    david marcotte 8 days ago

    I’m at 2:05 for 60 min so I see in the world the 100m is the thing when you say under 2min what’s the goal

  • unclesuperfly
    unclesuperfly 8 days ago

    This is me.. Exactly.. Thanks for the tips.. 👍

  • James Guy
    James Guy 8 days ago

    Dan Smith

  • JM
    JM 8 days ago

    Great channel this 👍🏻Really helpful for learning good technique. As an onset adult learner I’m very much dependent on buoyancy shorts in the pool and wetsuit in the ocean. Just too much to focus on and apply besides sinking legs. Can I really say I master freestyle swimming if I can’t do it in Speedos? I worry I never will. Then again I noticed many triathletes are pretty much the same..

  • Justin Baccay
    Justin Baccay 8 days ago

    How tf my best time is 1 min 11 how he is not even trying

  • chinh luan
    chinh luan 8 days ago

    Tks, should rotate hip is fast or slow for power catch?

  • Sven Dubai
    Sven Dubai 9 days ago

    who is this triathlete? Are there more videos of his swimming?

  • S McKenna
    S McKenna 9 days ago

    friggin' great analysis. I've learned more about stroke mechanics from these vids than anything, and applying them in the pool, they work.

  • kevinmaguire1985
    kevinmaguire1985 9 days ago

    I rarely comment on RU-clip videos, but I would like to thank you for your swimming tips. 2 weeks ago, I was struggling to swim more than 50 metres freestyle because I was getting out of breath. Yesterday, I comfortably swam 100m in under 2 minutes. Your technique made a huge difference in how relaxed and enjoyable my stroke has become. Cheers mate.

  • al vonturme
    al vonturme 9 days ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Jess Harvey
    Jess Harvey 9 days ago

    Great advice 👍🏻🤙🏻

  • Eduardo AraujoSilva

    As always, Brenton’s recommendations are right on the spot. The right posture and head/eye positioning are key to ensure consistency, power and minimize drag. I’ve applied this very principle and experienced visible improvement, both in timing and endurance. Thanks Brenton, pls keep up with the great work!

  • Margaret hutt
    Margaret hutt 9 days ago

    Hi I can only keep one instruction in my head at a time so I am working through these slowly but the first tip has already made an enormous difference thank you.

  • Midnight Queens
    Midnight Queens 10 days ago

    44.03 to 32.16

  • Seiti
    Seiti 10 days ago

    7:30 and 9:30 YMCA drill

  • Rokas Bilevičius
    Rokas Bilevičius 10 days ago

    My pace becomes much higher when I get into this 'strong' position. As you say my view gets into that 45 degree range and I feel that my body gets a bit stiffer with less unnecessary movements. The downside of this is that I put too much effort into maintaining this posture and can swim 400m tops like this. But it feels and it is fast - at least at my speeds :)

  • henrik i
    henrik i 10 days ago

    Which podcast episode with Amy are you talking about in the video?

    • henrik i
      henrik i 10 days ago

      @Effortless Swimming Ah, Eney.. not Amy. Thanks ;) Good points about that is the core, hips and engaging the glutes that really matter for good body alignment. Been working a lot on this, but still get comments about being more proud. Got to experiment a bit with head position, but have to be careful, since I know from before that small changes there add a lot of drag.

    • Effortless Swimming
      Effortless Swimming 10 days ago

      It’s with Eney Jones. Released yesterday on the Effortless Swimming podcast

  • Summit and Beyond
    Summit and Beyond 10 days ago

    Thanks dude massive help. Going to implement this in the pool tomorrow

  • Joshua Bunkers
    Joshua Bunkers 10 days ago

    (Looking at the pro tri athlete), how do you get your body to float near the surface of the water?

  • Race Ready Weather
    Race Ready Weather 10 days ago

    I've learned so much from your videos, many thanks from Texas! When I hear you talk about an engaged core, can you speak to some cues we can use to help with this? Or should the focus be long/neutral neck and proud posture to engage the core more?

  • device 1983
    device 1983 11 days ago

    Please answer one question. In the pull phase when should we start apply maximum force?

  • Live the life you love

    Is this just for triathlon

    • Effortless Swimming
      Effortless Swimming 11 days ago

      Open water swimming in general but even some pool swimmers look at this angle

  • A
    A 11 days ago

    If you dropped me like 50 meters out .... I'd make it out alive ... it won't be pretty, but I'll make it ... my current swim level

  • Zappando
    Zappando 11 days ago

    Great video. Could you please make a video showcasing some exercises in order to improve ankle mobility

    • Diane S.
      Diane S. 8 days ago

      Zappando I second this.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    Whenever I use a pool bouy my legs and hips immediately sink like lead... what is happening?? Im on the membership and live in QLD

    • moorseytours
      moorseytours 10 days ago

      @Nick Anderson normally not, but you can kick lightly if you want to work the legs & gain balance. Later when you're more experienced, use it to rest the legs, isolate the arms and focus on a good catch & pull

    • Nick Anderson
      Nick Anderson 10 days ago

      Yea i have it the right way up, i can swim ok without it, im still very much a learner tho, its so strange. Not sure if im holding too tight, you arent supposed to kick when youre using it tho, are u?

    • moorseytours
      moorseytours 10 days ago

      Do you have your pool bouy the right way up? Normally there's a thicker end which should be under your legs, with the smaller end above to the water's surface

    • Keith Hiew
      Keith Hiew 10 days ago

      Are you looking too far forward? Or maybe your legs are clenching the pull buoy too tightly?

  • Matt LeGrand
    Matt LeGrand 11 days ago

    I've been told I look to far facing straight down. I've always wondered how it was slower. As always, great video. Keep up the good work!

  • Seabassnotafish
    Seabassnotafish 11 days ago

    I’m 15 and my 50 free time is 43 sec. My goal is to get in the 30 sec range but I don’t know what to work on. Anyone have ideas on how to improve or anyone else in the same boat as me

  • Vince Fren
    Vince Fren 12 days ago

    All his tutorials are very useful, all of em...He is a very good swimmer a very good coach too, great guy...My understanding of this is the faster you go the less you sink so the need to have a long and slow catch with the high elbow on the recovery is not necessary anymore...The hard part for me in the sprint is to stretch the arms entirely during the catch and push the water until the very end of the stroke like I do when I swim slower...When I sprint my strokes are definitely shorter...