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  • Capri Corn
    Capri Corn 11 hours ago

    Noch so' Rämmmstieeen Fan !!!

  • WithdrawalFX
    WithdrawalFX 22 hours ago

    Why not just listen to their song "RAMMSTEIN"? It's pretty obvious how it's supposed to be pronounced.

  • Matthew Cabeza
    Matthew Cabeza 3 days ago

    I put two in my 29 gallon by themselves, I stumbled across them at a fish store. They are amazing to watch. They do seem quite hardy and not picky eaters. I think they may already be trying to breed. They are only about 1.5 inches but I notice the smaller one (maybe female) hangs around the rock cave and has dug out a little spot for herself, whereas the larger one (male?) patrols the tank. Hopefully I get some fry!

    • Beastley TV
      Beastley TV 3 days ago

      Sounds like a happy couple. Enjoy the babies that are sure to come!

  • ricardo martinez
    ricardo martinez 3 days ago

    Sack voice is more natural, curry's is good but is forced it little more but both versions are really good..good for curry

  • HHHThanatos
    HHHThanatos 4 days ago

    6:02 does not only mean "pass" (in fact, "to hand over" would be the right term), it also means "vomit", when you add the simple word "sich": sich übergeben: Vomit übergeben: to hand over / transfer As there are some comments here, someone might have already pointed that out. The translation isn't the best anyway. ;) Oh just found a comment, which already clarified that, nevermind.


  • CorM Heli
    CorM Heli 6 days ago

    Its alove and hate song for their home land Germay and its for Till (who wrote the song) difficult to love his own country for their brutal history. (So this is, i see it) Love from the netherlands.:)

    • CorM Heli
      CorM Heli 6 days ago

      Its just a damn good song !!

  • wantsome7655
    wantsome7655 6 days ago

    What should I feed to encourage julidochromis to breed? Are tubiflex worms ok?

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 8 days ago

    sometime u see the red line sometimes not, so they are themself implementing the history telling is bad..

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 8 days ago

    Rammstien must be a cousin of Epstien ....

  • Rolaf Rotbart
    Rolaf Rotbart 9 days ago

    Its the best Song ever. This Song is against Germany, our History and culture. Our Grandparents were Nazis and dont deserve to live. Finaly our People here in Germany get it too. The World is a better Place without Germans and finaly our government and the EU will officialy destroy the People. The Black Person represents "Germania" the "Mother" of Germany but actuelly she is not Black. She also represents the replacement of the Germans and our culture by Millions of Black immigrants ordered by our government and the EU. And that's fine. Bomber Harris do it again!!!

  • Rolaf Rotbart
    Rolaf Rotbart 9 days ago

    0:27 its non of it XD Americans cant spell "rammstein" right. That's funny :P

  • Leo D
    Leo D 9 days ago

    If you don't know what's going on you are brain damaged.

  • Robert Frias
    Robert Frias 10 days ago

    I smell a lot of nationalism and I love it. Many young men and Till's own generation are lost to the vagaries of the past. The present is even worse with Merkel running things. I understand his pain in some ways. I'd want identity that I could be proud of as well.

    • Angry - Vault - Inhabitant
      Angry - Vault - Inhabitant 7 days ago

      @Robert Frias Being patriotic is okay. Being nationalistic is dangerous, and is what started WW1, and eventually WW2. Nationalists are scum.

    • Robert Frias
      Robert Frias 8 days ago

      @Charlotte L Being Nationalistic? Wanting to find identity, truth and hope from my country? I guess I know little.

    • Charlotte L
      Charlotte L 9 days ago

      @Robert Frias Well, what would you know of such things?

    • Robert Frias
      Robert Frias 9 days ago

      @Charlotte L All of the things I mentioned of course.

    • Charlotte L
      Charlotte L 9 days ago

      @Robert Frias Of which things?

  • Henrietta R.Hippo
    Henrietta R.Hippo 10 days ago

    to understand this Video (and song) you have to know something about german history... there is more about Germany than WWII and the Swastika.

  • That’s a terrible idea podcast Sinclair

    What dose he mean he dosnt like the signing style

  • Isaiah Welch
    Isaiah Welch 15 days ago

    I don't know if you've ever reacted to them, but I would highly recommend Nightwish -- especially Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, Buenos Aires 2018. Most recommend Ghost Love Score from Wacken 2013, but Buenos Aires is just as good as Wacken. Symphonic metal at its finest.

  • Nils Fischer
    Nils Fischer 19 days ago

    Ramsteen 😂😂

  • Omertahun
    Omertahun 21 day ago

    It spells like Rumshtine, not remsteen

  • Francois Manseau
    Francois Manseau 22 days ago

    It's RammShtein.

  • JosDa F.G.
    JosDa F.G. 22 days ago

    The last sons in the credits is “sonne”

  • Björn Meyer
    Björn Meyer 23 days ago

    This about a hatelove of Germany ....... Today we are not allowed to be prowed of Germany because of History. And that is not true. History is History .... amd now is now .... AND I´M Proud to be a German !!!!!

  • David Hernandez101
    David Hernandez101 23 days ago

    You too old to relate bro

  • Dr3xl3r
    Dr3xl3r 24 days ago

    Fun Fact: Black woman + Red lights + yellow (golden) flames = german flag

  • Anni S.
    Anni S. 25 days ago

    In 0:42 it's not Rammstein but Feuerengel (a tribute to Rammstein)

  • Noxxian
    Noxxian 29 days ago

    Please upgrade your mic setup! It sounds like you are using a mic from the late 90's :P

  • laudanum669
    laudanum669 29 days ago

    RAMMSTEIN is Stein like Beer Stein. Not stien, they are German not Jewish.

  • dandanutz777
    dandanutz777 Month ago ...Explanation Of The Video By A Native German...

  • Dazecat11
    Dazecat11 Month ago

    The outtro of the song is again a song of its own called Sonne.

  • gunsRfun XDM
    gunsRfun XDM Month ago

    Can they be kept with kribensis?

  • Martin Mustermann

    The song is about the national identity of the german people. It is about the love/pride for your country. Americans are brought up to be proud of your country and to love it. For obvious reasons, that's more difficult for germans. Pride/love for your country always has the connotation of holocaust, 1st/2nd WW, genocide in Namibia, genocide in eastern europe of the germanic order, and on, and on. Saying: "I love germany/I'm proud to be german" is still a sign of a far right attitude. But then there is a new germany, which is open,friendly, liberal, beautiful...well basically "good". So thinking about your german identity is always a balancing act and not easily understandable from the outside. Hence: "My [unconditional] love... I can't give it to you"

  • fruhest
    fruhest Month ago

    this dude really out here saying "rham-steeen"

  • Livetime
    Livetime Month ago

    For everyone who has issues to pronounce "Rammstein": I advise the song Rammstein - Rammstein to you haha ^^.

  • Soul Giah
    Soul Giah Month ago

    Verse 1] You (You have, you have, you have, you have) Have cried a lot (Cried, cried, cried, cried) Separated in spirit (Separated, separated, separated, separated) United in heart (United, united, united, united) We (We are, we are, we are, we are) Have been together for so long (You are, you are, you are, you are) Your breath's cold (So cold, so cold, so cold, so cold) The heart in flames (So hot, so hot, so hot, so hot) You (You can, you can, you can, you can) I (I know, I know, I know, I know) We (We are, we are, we are, we are) You (You stay, you stay, you stay, you stay) [Chorus] Germany - my heart in flames Want to love and damn you Germany - your breath's cold So young, and yet so old Germany! [Verse 2] I (You have, you have, you have, you have) I never want to leave you (You cry, you cry, you cry, you cry) One can love you (You love, you love, you love, you love) And wants to hate you (You hate, you hate, you hate, you hate) Presumptuous, superior Take over, hand over/puke Surprise, invade Germany, Germany above everyone

  • Kimmo Kohonen
    Kimmo Kohonen Month ago

    Simpy.Seen war tru history,but it still going on.We never learn.

  • Matt McCormick
    Matt McCormick Month ago

    "Ram-steen"... Ugh... "Raam-shtine"... They have a song that literally says the band name multiple times... Just repeat after them.

  • Beyonder Prime
    Beyonder Prime Month ago

    ist a damn german Name "Rammstein" and will pronounce in german not in english "Rämmsteen" Bullshit . The piano piece at the end of the song is "Here comes the sun"

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez Month ago

    This is a very well thought out comparison, awesome video

  • t3l3 fr4gg3d
    t3l3 fr4gg3d Month ago

    It is RAMMSTAIN ! Not is STEIN (learn it)...And it describes our History: We hate our History, and we have to hate our history, that is, was we are thaught. And we are good in :)

  • Wyatt T
    Wyatt T Month ago

    I could tell you weren’t much of a fan when you called them Ramm-Steein lol also anyone who says this isn’t the best music video of the decade is plain wrong

  • grucu
    grucu Month ago

    You need to be a european to understand the meaning of this song and video. Nazi Germany and you can see that Germany it's a black women. They show extremes...

  • Amber Schrijer
    Amber Schrijer Month ago

    Lol! De first picture on stage is not rammstein, its feuerengel. The best tribute band from rammstein.. look the to bassdrum it has an F on it...

  • kuba83bb
    kuba83bb Month ago

    Try JINJER - Pit Of Consciousness (Official Video) | Napalm Records

  • Juna Quill
    Juna Quill Month ago

    I'm a Native American Ojibwe dude, and I love "RammSteen" :)

  • Lt. Ancenagon
    Lt. Ancenagon Month ago

    You can`t imagine how much controversy this video and it's teaser caused here in Germany. The teaser beeing the scene with the bandmembers in the Holocaust-inmates dresses who are just beeing filmed by their camera. Media and most of the Jewish community did saying, that they're playing down the holocaust and it's victims (what would be a crime), only trying to make a profit out of their suffering. I really like the music video as well as the song itself, just forcing you through german history in about 5,5 min. It took some time for me to get behind the "message" in this video but it was, and still is, worth it ! I hope that there will be coming more from Rammstein

  • Greg Sproles
    Greg Sproles Month ago

    Rahm SCHTINE’ NOT ‘Ramsteen’ the worst pronunciation ever

  • cleaner6666
    cleaner6666 Month ago

    How can a man do not like the vocals or voice of Till Lindemann, voice of Rammstein ? ? This voice is fantastic. Hard.. martial... german

  • Björn Meyer
    Björn Meyer Month ago

    Americans can be proud .......... Germans are not allowd to be proud ........Fuck i willl !!

  • Sven Bender
    Sven Bender Month ago

    As a German i know the intension of the video, it refers to the "Kreuzzüge" Christians (German knights) vs Arabians for Jerusalem ;-). And who is the black girl with the golden rapper chains around the neck, think about ;-)

  • RustyDust101
    RustyDust101 Month ago

    The "Deutschland" video is crammed full of allusions, historical references, both ancient and modern, small cameos, tiny hints in the background, plus a huge play on words as is so typical of Rammstein. There is soooo much to talk about that it really is difficult to even touch on 1% of what is contained in the video. It covers ancient history till the modern times. Germania Magna, as the romans called it. Holy Roman Empire of Germanic Nations, Teutonic Knights, Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, DDR (GDR), 1970's and 80'S with the RAF (Red Army Faction/Rote Armee Fraktion), collapse of East Germany, modern day revolts, future scenarion in space, etc. Germania = the mother of Germany. She appears in every scene, in many different roles, as distant observer, as witch or shaman, as simple citizen, as victim, as oppressor, etc. In nearly every scene she wears red and gold, while she herself is black (no, in Germany we don't use the PC bullshit of of African German, we still call skin colors out, without the negative connotations that are so associated with it in many other countries, esepcially the USA). As such she is always representing Germany in its modern day colors of black, red and gold, the modern day flag. Correct, this video jumps though many different eras, back and forth, often interlinked with certain aspects of the lyrics, both positive and negative. Again, loads and loads to discuss in this video.

  • Kingcrib
    Kingcrib Month ago

    His voice style is not for betas strictly for Alphas. It;s the voice of the warrior, the valiant the testosterone jack up uber male. Love it!

  • Kingcrib
    Kingcrib Month ago

    Till both loves and hates his love o Germany.

  • Kingcrib
    Kingcrib Month ago

    Yes it's a history of Germany.

  • Kingcrib
    Kingcrib Month ago

    RAMM--STiiiin not steeen

  • Yougal Subba
    Yougal Subba Month ago

    You have to react to the live version in Tokyo its much better

  • MR BIG
    MR BIG Month ago

    Hello from Germany. Thank for your impression.

  • St3inm3tz B
    St3inm3tz B Month ago

    Masterpiece! Rammstein ihr seid die besten.

  • MioMatöö
    MioMatöö Month ago

    For me as a German it's about our identity, how we stand to our country, to ourself, to the good and how we deal with the bad. it's a difficult feeling to describe but this song makes me proud very, very sad at the same time.

  • We The People
    We The People Month ago

    I am Above or I, the Mask please! 🤘🏽

  • Chris Rickman
    Chris Rickman Month ago

    Thanks for including the lyrics. Ben trying to find them.

  • TheRubyG
    TheRubyG Month ago

    Musically RATM is wayyy beter... Denzel's band cannot cover that groove and rawness. But Denzel's voice... yesssss!!!!!

  • Tencha80
    Tencha80 Month ago

    Germany has moments of light and moments of darkness in its history. Like many other countries. We have to remember the history and learn from the mistakes.

  • CediCore
    CediCore Month ago

    I am german and I really had sgruggle to get the meaning of the song because there is so much history and different feelings. But in the end i finally got it. Forget about the past and the future, germany is what we make it become today.

  • Martin Decamerone

    Well I know a lot of German history, because I am Austrian. And there was no time we didn’t fight with or against each other. So we learn it in school. The only part I didn’t get were the dogs. The new breeds of Germans will be dogs (and cute ones) I don’t get that

  • Graue Eminenz
    Graue Eminenz Month ago

    There are 23 references to special events in German history in this video

  • 5n0w
    5n0w Month ago

    That instrumental interlude into sonne at the end was amazing

  • n3Cr0ManCeD
    n3Cr0ManCeD Month ago

    Like Frankenstein

  • R. J.
    R. J. Month ago

    as a german its perfect

  • Duci Mau
    Duci Mau Month ago

    Not Rammsteen.....say RammStein!!!!! Rammst(eye)n😁

  • gunvlog
    gunvlog Month ago

    Rammstein is known to come up with controversial political statements in their music. The song Deutschland is a trip thriugh german history down to it´s present and future. the political issues within Germany at the moment and how the band sees it. The song and the video had been very controversial and pretty close to a ban in Germany. But they had to go that way, in order to build up the fans to be interested after 10 years.

  • Industrial Painters Toronto Painting

    I think this guy likes Southern rock and Trump.

  • Denis De Plaen
    Denis De Plaen Month ago

    that music video SO reminded me of American Gods

  • hendrix131313
    hendrix131313 2 months ago

    thank's for your reaction, and yes, Jinjer are an awesome band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings from germany, Tom

  • Victor Huhn
    Victor Huhn 2 months ago

    i also like the piano version of Sonne for the credits

  • Lilith
    Lilith 2 months ago

    As a German this song actually manages to make me cry.

  • Trowa71
    Trowa71 2 months ago

    What would it take to have both? SOmeon make an edit

  • Crunt Nugget
    Crunt Nugget 2 months ago

    It’s pronounced Rammstein as in Frankenstein as a German my self I really like there music

  • Rot3rFaden
    Rot3rFaden 2 months ago

    damn ..,.

  • TheDarkwater78
    TheDarkwater78 2 months ago

    If you are interested in in-depth analysis of the song (cinematics as well as the lyrics) have a look into that video. It is smartly done, politically neutral and on-point.

  • Mark Acuna
    Mark Acuna 2 months ago

    Will fucking quit stopping it

  • Jupp Kaltofen
    Jupp Kaltofen 2 months ago

    The German people not only have a heart in their breasts. Till has used parts of German history to express where it came from.Patriotism as it is completely normal in the US, is lived in Germany, immediately understood as a step back into the Nazi era and criticized.As a German one is not allowed to write on his t-shirt that one is proud to be a German. In America and other countries this is completely normal.The own identity is lost to the Germans and therefore probably no other people, that feels closer to the USA than Germany.They would like to be German only again, but this can not be out of consideration for its history.I just described one aspect and there are many more.It's more of a feeling than words that make us different from Germans. Till has probably tried to derive something like that.Maybe it explains something, where the different perspectives in the title come from.The lyrics of Rammstein are very much bound to the music - words literally stick to the "guitar riff" - a translation does not do the original justice.I also sometimes feel like listening to old songs by Will Smith from his Philly DJ time. One understands the words but the context and the experience made to understand the texts.The voice is also an instrument that needs to be played in the right place for it to work.That I'm German, you will recognize in my English.I'm completely honest - I do not understand the perception of Germans abroad. Germany is not just bavaria. Germany is something else. We do not wear leather pants and we do not necessarily eat white sausage and sauerkraut either. We also like steak, chicken, rice, kebab or fries - but not as sweet as in the US.

  • Elmo’s World
    Elmo’s World 2 months ago

    I love your deductions and reactions about what’s happening. I think I will subscribe

  • Herr Direktör PRODUCTIONmYOWN

    Never really liked the band. Known what it is but never listen myself. For some reason i watched their gig in Moscow couple weeks ago and ened watching it 3 times in the row.... Still not big fan but DARN i must see their show in person. Yes, Lindemanns singing voice (that part in the band i think i love) is stolen from Lucifer himself :D

  • Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean 2 months ago

    "Wamsteen" ... Seriously?

  • Kenny Turner
    Kenny Turner 2 months ago

    Studio musicians

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 2 months ago

    this guy seems really fresh and sharp.. i know so many people that seem a little bit stuck when tehy get older.. greatings from germany..

  • Deborah Chard
    Deborah Chard 2 months ago

    When confronted with an ie/ei combo in German pronounce the 2nd letter!

  • Tony the motherfucking Tiger

    Awesome react.

  • Pasquale
    Pasquale 2 months ago

    as a belgian , i can not take anymore the Hate of themself, and we should help all germans to get out of this victim role. only ma opinion, every country on planet has a dark history even US, and Belgium. but what happen here in europe with germany is rdiciulous. all this self hate, and this video makes it not better. when they dont stop with this Deutschland dont exist anymore in future.

  • Counting Stones
    Counting Stones 2 months ago

    It’s simple I got what they were saying on the first hearing, It’s the modern Germans love hate relationship with their history they want to be proud of their history but the past holds them back from it.

  • Ebony Eclipse
    Ebony Eclipse 2 months ago

    Cool! Now how do I keep the plants alive, and stop the fish eating them? Mine always seem to get consumed and I have to buy more.

  • Original Piano boy
    Original Piano boy 2 months ago

    He said Ramm sTaIn ah scheiße😂

  • Jay kay47
    Jay kay47 2 months ago

    Diese video steht für jede einzelne deutsche Seele.

  • Marc Veldman
    Marc Veldman 2 months ago

    I'll tell you this much, Rammstein should direct Terminator 7 cause they put more into their videos than what James Cameron and Tim Miller can put into actual movies.

  • Heather Weegenaar
    Heather Weegenaar 2 months ago

    Thanks for your video. Rammstein are my favourite band. Your comments of Deutschland were fantastic. It is a fantastic video though the nazi era is nothing to be proud of. It is a dark time in history.

  • G.Tamás
    G.Tamás 2 months ago

    There are a few things you got and a few things you missed a lot. I help: - German colors: black leather, red eyes, golden armor = German flag colors - except for the prison scene, when wearing a white Prussian hussar uniform, it reflects the flag of the Weimar Republic, which was black and white and red - here the falling banknotes represent inflation, which few have profited, many have sucked - if you associate with immigrants you have got the hook well, the black actress as a German citizen born in Germany could not be any more German (a white blonde woman would not have this flag symbolism) - the monks symbolize the 30-year war, and for a moment the Prussian soldiers can be seen ... this 30-year period was the second wildest genocide in German history (the wildest being the spring of 1945) - ... because the whole clip is about German history as the fight of the Germans against the Germans seriously, the whole clip is about this and about germany being a narcissistic slut whose german dogs are the happiest when her own people kill each other - in the hanging scene, the Nazi soldier kicking the brick out of the Jew ... Richard Z. Kruspe, the only Jewish member of the ensemble, how is that? - did you get it when Germania was burned on the bonfire and the medieval knights + the Nazis + the priests congratulated each other? I've never encountered a harsher interpretation of history - the red laser is the "roter faden" or "red yarn" which is a german idiom: here it means that there is one thing that runs through the whole history of germans, it always comes up: germans against germans - another idiom when germany is one-eyed in the nazi scene: \ "auf dem rechten auge blind sein \", ie deliberately not to see the sins of the extreme right - a little later he is blinded to his left eye, he does not want to see your communist crimes - in the East German scene, the chubby chick is probably Mother Russia (similar to the German personification), the other blonde is her daughter, East German Germania - Leonberger dogs represent the rebirth of the German people: this dog almost died out after the First World War, only 5 survived (gentle and strong dogs, carts pulled with them) ... and again, only 8 survived the Second World War ... at the beginning of the clip you can see wolves, later wolf dogs, then members of the band as dogs, then in the future Germany will again give birth to the Leonbergers Suddenly that's it. I think this is the Best Clip the Germans have ever made. Simply brilliant. EDIT: - yeah, towards the end, the Molotov cocktail tossing scene evokes the events of 1987's "May Day in Kreuzberg," which is noteworthy for the Nazi soldier who is assisting ... which is definitely a sign of the extreme right has taken the lead and is taking advantage of all the demonstrations for his own benefit - in the lyrics, "Deutschland über alles" means that Germany is above everyone ... just one letter from the word "Deutschland über alles", Germany above all, which was part of the German anthem, all the way to the Nazis until the fall - verboten ever since - it is no coincidence that the reference to snow-white, aside from the Sonne clip, is of great cultural importance to the Germans: besides storytelling, they created the first common German dictionary, which was a serious step towards establishing a standard German language and German identity - anyway, you can find references to all of the Rammstein clips so far

    • Tlberias
      Tlberias Month ago

      @G.Tamás That was the Nazi-Times. Weimar times were from 1919 - 1933 and during that period the flag was black red golden.

    • G.Tamás
      G.Tamás Month ago

      @Tlberias You mean black white red in 1933

    • Tlberias
      Tlberias Month ago

      Just getting one major mistake right here: The Weimar flag was the same as the modern german flag: Black, red, golden.

  • Will Vafuth
    Will Vafuth 2 months ago

    It's "Rham-Sht-eye-n". The "R" is slightly rolled in the throat. The 'a" is an "ah" like in "father". The 's"is a "sh" sound. The "ei" is like "eye".

  • Norman Roscher
    Norman Roscher 2 months ago

    "My love - can not I give you". Who the fuck translated this? Guess I have to do a proper translation when I have the time.

  • Cristal Clear
    Cristal Clear 2 months ago

    As a 3rd generation, I love my Deutschland.

    TEUFELSKREIS 2 months ago

    You talk about rammstein and shows a feuerengel picture. feuerengel is a coverband