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  • Forrest Bulger
    Forrest Bulger 32 minutes ago

    There’s literally a bridge right behind in the backround lol

  • Christian Reinisch

    Peter is the smartest politian Canada has ever seen :-)

  • ronjonshirtshop
    ronjonshirtshop Hour ago

    Ringo says it all when he says"l love to play!" It doesn't matter what you do in life,what matters is that your happy with what your doing!🎸🎶🎧🎙️🎹💕

  • darryl diggins
    darryl diggins 2 hours ago

    george canyons gonna save the party all by himself!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago

    Your argument is a complete lie. How can a nonmuslim tell muslims what is their religion? You people can't even tell who your friends are and who are you enemies. You love to hate salafis because of their religion and yet they are the only group of pro western muslims in the world. While the gulf states have been the West's allies since the 1930's you can't keep your white supremacy under control long enough to not insult your only allies in the middle east and the only ones who are even considering recognizing Israel. The sufis and shia are unanimously against the west...period. They wish to recreate and ottoman empire and a safavid empire respectively and they ally with the Rusians and Chinese to counter western allies in the middle east. As for the khawaraij Al-Qaeda and ISIS they are rebels who left salafiyyah by adopting the political ideologies of the sufis of the muslim brother-hood started by hassan al-banna. Their world view is identical verbatim except their methodology is through violence only. They work with sufis all the time like the deobandi sufis of the taliban. In fact the very reason why these people came to be is because the salafis allied with the west. They not only attack you but attack us because we make peace with you. So if you want to play into their hands and severe our global alliances then go ahead. But the west will lose its influence in the middle east and israel will be destroyed. So you can choose between the conservative muslims who are your friends or the conservative muslims who are not your friends but we will always be conservative and your hatred for islam is irrelevant. As for the so called moderate, you people only consider muslims who basically have no religion and who imitate you as being moderate and in truth they are not muslims at all but are with you and they are a very small unimportant minority so you should focus on the reality of the situation instead of hoping muslims will leave their religion. As for your argument Islam is legislated by what is in Quran and sunnah not what people do or personal opinions. It's not a democracy or cultural thing that is fluid. Quran does say to lower the veil. All of the wives of the prophet wore this and the woman from the sahaba dressed like this because that is how they interpreted the verse. I'm certain the women who were followers of Muhammad 1400 years ago who spoke arabic know better than some polytheist in modern day Canada. Lastly Salafis are not the only ones who use the face veil in the world, sufis and shia also do this but they are only really found in their countries you won't see them here. Read Imam Al-ghazalis (a sufi) book about marriage that tells women they must wear niqab. So the veil is not cultural but has been worn through out the religion since the beginning. And it is not a sectarian issue either. Nor is it linked to violent groups only because the majority of the veil wearers do not belong to the khawarij. Rather it is for the committed and knowledgeable. So why make these weak arguments? Just speak the truth, that you hate religious freedom when it's inconvenient for your sensibilities. Perhaps freedom of religion and speech is only for white Christians like it was meant as such 150 years ago.

  • National Pornographic

    Squirt paint at a canvas in every which way - art. Noo.. just a waste of paint. 😅😅 (Sorry I don't discriminate).

  • Wanda Alexander
    Wanda Alexander 4 hours ago

    I had a "famous relatives" genetics test thru "CRI Genetics" that says that I am related to Richard III and Edward IV. Richard III had a crooked spine, so do several of my relatives. Thankfully, my spine is straight. I am in the USA. My nephew tried to enlist in the US Marine Corps and he was rejected due to scoliosis. It is a mild case, practically undetectable.

  • SuperSameu
    SuperSameu 5 hours ago

    whath the fk they talking about mexico is not cheap labour anymore they work 2 buck an hour

  • Music Mu
    Music Mu 5 hours ago

    He has a beautiful voice also !

  • HTP Gaming YT
    HTP Gaming YT 5 hours ago

    Me: builds similar clock School: *Blows up*

  • HTP Gaming YT
    HTP Gaming YT 5 hours ago

    Ahh, now i know what to do to get free invitation to places

  • Existing user
    Existing user 6 hours ago

    1:38 bruv 3 g’s a day? That’s £30 everyday, surely she must be a spoilt rich girl.

  • Dont Watch
    Dont Watch 7 hours ago

    They are called terrorists because they dont like to be invaded by Us and their allies....they are terrorists because they are fighting for their freedom...infact Usa and its allies are terrorists they are beasts and they are killed and still killing innocent Afghans,Iraqis ....

  • Dont Watch
    Dont Watch 7 hours ago

    You are the beasts...we willl make you pay for these things....

  • Mad Law
    Mad Law 8 hours ago

    So many dislikes for this video.

  • Hopewell Mbuli
    Hopewell Mbuli 8 hours ago

    Damn bruv, need to start throwing paint on canvases, maybe I'll make millions.

  • Mad Law
    Mad Law 8 hours ago

    don't care if women get menstrual leave as long as they do NOT get paid for it.

  • Maria Moura
    Maria Moura 9 hours ago

    The New teatchers of mankind Please don't change them into "normal" people 😳

  • Anmol Xetry
    Anmol Xetry 9 hours ago

    This reminds me of 'Tarre Zameen Par'.

  • Ramona1isa
    Ramona1isa 9 hours ago


  • David S
    David S 10 hours ago

    evil Godless garbage, sorry excuse for humans, soulless satanic beasts.poor wolves....

  • Ivan Gudmundsson
    Ivan Gudmundsson 10 hours ago

    Hei hvem er Norsk her. Jeg er ikke Norsker.

  • Flipsey Frog
    Flipsey Frog 12 hours ago

    Rip Notre dame

  • Leah Vavra
    Leah Vavra 13 hours ago

    I went to trade schools and that’s what worked best for me. Simply because I wasn’t that academic. A 4 year degree is not for everyone.

  • Samer E
    Samer E 13 hours ago

    Isnt he wanted in India?

  • Lisa Hine
    Lisa Hine 13 hours ago

    The interviewers are musicians.They were in the band the Turtles.They had the hit “Happy Togther”.



  • denis mwiti
    denis mwiti 14 hours ago

    There is a prophecy in the Christian bible about this..Isaiah

  • afkon LV
    afkon LV 14 hours ago

    feminist are broken souls that are trying tho broke your soul whit 0 logic

  • ClouDii Muziq
    ClouDii Muziq 15 hours ago

    wєll hєllσ mч hαвíвí...

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 16 hours ago

    Kid is very cute and I'm happy that he has something to keep him going. As for the prices of the paintings.... I'll just be quiet

  • foggle boggle
    foggle boggle 16 hours ago

    anyway they found the real King of Britain with DNA and papers and evidence these are not the real ones their cousins to the real ROYAL FAMILY THEY SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn 17 hours ago

    i always knew abstract is just lack of talent

  • Cesar Ventura
    Cesar Ventura 19 hours ago

    sick religion worst ever

  • Madeleine
    Madeleine 20 hours ago

    Universities consider themselves a law unto themselves so it is a breeding ground for frauds. The se criminals and yes, they are criminals should face charges and reimbusement costs to those defrauded.



  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy 22 hours ago

    He wants to crush them with an iron fist? Excellent hes done a really good job of it. Keep up the good work Assad

  • SG1
    SG1 22 hours ago

    Has ah ah Justin found ah a place to live in Cuba yet. I bet he misses his fatherland.

  • I am the Senate
    I am the Senate 23 hours ago

    I’m against all immigration for 2 reasons once it ruins our neighborhoods and changes our culture and divides us second it will cause massive problems when automation takes over because there might be holes in the market now but when automation takes over it’ll make the job market too competitive and will cause our standards of living and wages to tank

    PIANOPHUNGUY 23 hours ago

    Can't they get jobs building housing? How difficult to cut the snow into squares and stack them when they build an igloo.

  • Success4TheBest
    Success4TheBest 23 hours ago

    Bill Gates refuses to comment on his presence in the Lolita express. (Epstein's private pedophelia plane)

  • Tommy Brounson

    Why did we spend money giving these guys a trial you should have just took them out back at the precinct and shot them both in the head and called it a f****** day for that cowardice s*** planting a bomb we should have just sit there more f****** fire and watch them burn I may just like some things we do here in America but don't you f*** with America cuz I'll f*** you up

  • Sjahsjshhdhdhsjsjs nom

    Bruh not gonna cap Those paints are pretty fire

  • Daniel Diaz-Lebrun

    I just had a sobering experience into how the corporate world operates. Formal, proper training is rare in the professional corporate world. Most companies want candidates that can hit the ground running with as little time to adjust to the respective company's best-practices as possible. In their eyes, this maximizes production and minimizes costs on a training program/department and virtually eliminates opportunity costs (i.e., money that is spent paying people to sit down in a classroom setting for training, instead of paying them to be out in the main office and performing the full functions of the job with minimal preparation). I took an evaluation-to-hire position, through a recent-grad staffing agency, with a third-party administrator that handles workers' compensation claims. Within one week they assigned to me actual case work without being licensed and being virtually brand new to the working aspects of the insurance industry. They pretty much threw me to the wolves and expected me to learn their outdated Microsoft DOS system, which is cartoonishly outdated and creates duplicative work. The supervisor's team had so much case work to catch up on that he expected you to master a particular function with just one or two examples and rifle through it at the same speed that he did. Of course, I did not learn and perform at the same speed as him, so he eventually got pissed and told the staffing agency he didn't need me at the beginning of my fifth week. It didn't really help me that the patronizing little twerp didn't give me access to the system until the end of my second week. IMO this is not a sustainable model to retain and develop what would otherwise be dedicated, productive employees for the long haul. I am extremely worried about what kind of an economy North America will continue to trend towards and the consequences of said economy on its workers, such as financial insecurity, stress-related health issues, increase in divorce rates, couples putting off having children, increased retirement age, etc. I hope that the gentleman in the video has found at least some type of gainful employment to get by for the time being and that he catches a break at some point.

  • Taglish Lifestyle

    My parents let me fly alone from the Philippines to Hong Kong when I was 7 as an unaccompanied minor. I grew up to be independent and turned out just fine.

  • ubayd mir
    ubayd mir Day ago

    I m a Canadian first and my faith is secondary.

  • Najee Films LLC

    Go back to your country. No one cares

  • niel capasso
    niel capasso Day ago

    buried in a Protestant church when King Richard was a Catholic.

  • Provincial Guardsman

    Peace Keeping is NOT Canada's traditional military role. COMBAT is. How quickly we forget WW1 & 2. We were the SHOCK troops. Not to mention Afghanistan. UN is the enemy.

  • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    Have to say she don’t look doped up. God Bless

  • Thinh Phan
    Thinh Phan Day ago

    people should look at what job sectors are growing for the next 10-20yrs nurses programmer contract work electrical linemen etc

  • Captain Anarchy

    Apprently not the only song they stole though.. MANY of their songs were stolen and changed up.

  • Patrick OP
    Patrick OP Day ago

    I am your age Supriya Deveti and I am confused about this. You are not a man, so please do not think you understand us. You do not seem to want to understand us ...... I think you should try to put yourself in our shoes. Just like you always seem to want us to do.

  • Timothy Y
    Timothy Y Day ago

    Vote Andrew Yang 2020 only candidate concerned about automation taking over jobs

  • First Name Last Name

    Sam Hyde lmao 1:59

  • Mirko Russomanno

    Genius drummer

  • hefabear
    hefabear Day ago

    oof legend

  • William Afton
    William Afton Day ago

    The justice system all around the world is broken

  • ohm star
    ohm star Day ago

    I thought in Canada healthcare was for all.

  • Ty Vann
    Ty Vann Day ago

    Guards have ptsd? What about the inmates then...

  • Tes Tos
    Tes Tos Day ago

    Nah, you can buy a diploma or two and be what ever you like to be for that day, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, no problem! I have came across some of the most stupidest "well educated" people I have seen in my life, we got one at the WH right now!

  • Greer Chase
    Greer Chase Day ago

    Does he vaccinate his children???? NO

  • maryamakiling
    maryamakiling Day ago

    "Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you."

  • Rishabh Tiwari

    Absolutely shocking to hear this, since I am also in my last year of graduation in an Indian University, It is a bit shock why peope aren't getting jobs even though they are paying a big box of money..literally it is very disturbing for me especially for the last girl who were interviewed she really have a great desire to become a teacher but all she is hoping now is to have a job, be it with any kind (but related to her passion)..in the end, i would like to say all the best to all these guys, just keep try hard, ypu will surely end with having a job..Never loose hope

  • Mislav Grošinić

    Totaly Toooooooooo far

  • MsBones1
    MsBones1 Day ago

    Alberta does not need to separate its Quebec

  • Heidi Seddik
    Heidi Seddik Day ago

    We move to your country to TEACH you, you ignorants ! We occupy your universities as professors and TAs, women and men. If this lady came for any exceptional reason, this is just an exception. You need our talents. One day the natives on the land yoy occupied, died because of your European diseases that they lacked immunity to. You actually are nothing, no history, nothing at all, you are just a bunch of homeless European invadors and yoh talk about culture and rights ! Damn you all Racists

  • Extratrillestrial

    Execute this man!

  • Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy

    Most world is like that. Extremely unsanitary condition like Mumbai chennai etc even Delhi is getting worse. Madurai itself is littered. I can think of Canada. With much fuel to run a home. Even dirty berries are imported from Gautamala and China to make market. Canada was so much nice place.

  • Emma Thomas
    Emma Thomas Day ago

    Honestly, people, please stop assuming that every comment will be bad without reading them. There are SO many of those comments and so few bad ones. Read the comments section first, please.

  • MichaelBrookham

    Ok, let me fill you guys in on something about Fidel Castro. I am saying this because we are approaching an election in Canada, and I don't think Justin Trudeau should be mistreated because of what he said about Castro. If anyone here has ever read Pierre Trudeau's memoirs, they would have read that he and Castro were really good friends, and even shared a few hobbies. Pierre stated, even, that in private, Fidel was much different than how the world saw him. Canada also has good relations with Cuba and a lot of Canadians go there for vacations. Also, everyone talks about the stuff that Fidel Castro did. What he did, he did to America, NOT Canada. Castro did nothing to Canada, so why should we be against Justin Trudeau for saying nice things about him? He is probably just returning his father's views of Castro.

  • gardensofthegods

    I think this woman is definitely doing the Jean Sebring look from that iconic film whose name I cannot recall

  • MrPlayDay
    MrPlayDay Day ago

    what? almost 3 years in the SHU? that is evil

  • meyerfire21
    meyerfire21 Day ago

    I never understood why some Canadians despise America. Canada doesn't have to spend anything on military because we all know that our military is pretty much for them as well.


    People protesting a damn soda...

  • MixedUpMargie
    MixedUpMargie Day ago

    Good for him. Great story

  • Mr. Fuck Tha World

    Real problem is CIA real talk yall.dont know what really goes on

  • Demetrius Reid

    Why i cant shoot someone walking away from me with a little pocket knife and get away with it. Well i geuss police lives worth more than mine

  • Demetrius Reid

    He was assassinated

  • Red Pill For Real

    none of this is true

  • seinfan
    seinfan Day ago

    No engineering internship experience signals to employers that he's a bottom tier candidate for the job.

  • Oliver Shannon

    My female friend has periods so bad that she stayed home from school but birth control helped a lot and also helps a lot of other women

  • VernonJordan
    VernonJordan Day ago

    JOB= Just Over Broke

  • Likööri Kelpais

    Such a gift. Didn't know it takes talent, skill, or "gift" to throw bunch of paint on canvas in no particular order or structure. If that's the case i must be an a b s o l u t e g e n i u s

  • A Bad Guy
    A Bad Guy Day ago

    He’s a tranny!? I knew “she” was making too much sense to be a real woman!

  • LeThAl_420_alex Cortina

    I don’t even smoke and I watched this

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 days ago

    We need Noam Chomsky back...

  • jack chan
    jack chan 2 days ago

    The only president who truly cared for his country and not for the corporations.

  • nomnom pewpew
    nomnom pewpew 2 days ago

    16 hours a day ands she's bitching?? Wtf I'm lucky to get 10

  • Crypto-Monnaies
    Crypto-Monnaies 2 days ago

    track me

  • aaliyah bx
    aaliyah bx 2 days ago

    Why were art experts blown away? Being non verbal doesnt mean someone cant paint lol

  • Cyndi Anderson
    Cyndi Anderson 2 days ago

    Poor man. I want to hug him.

  • TheWalkingChicken
    TheWalkingChicken 2 days ago

    Man slaps woman: it's his fault Woman slaps man: it's his fault

  • GotEm
    GotEm 2 days ago

    Who want to start a cartel?

  • tob ffutsmodnar
    tob ffutsmodnar 2 days ago

    Your right CBC they are not "Illegal" they are CRIMINAL!

  • hifijohn
    hifijohn 2 days ago

    Kids! I don't know what's wrong with these kids today! Kids! Who can understand anything they say? Kids! They are disobedient, disrespectful oafs! Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy, loafers! While we're on the subject: Kids! You can talk and talk till your face is blue! Kids! But they still just do what they want to do! from a 1963 movie

  • The Devilman
    The Devilman 2 days ago

    Most kids don't have the skills to create big value yet they want to make big money.

    • Daniel Diaz-Lebrun
      Daniel Diaz-Lebrun Day ago

      You get skills through experience and proper training, two of the biggest factors that modern companies refuse to offer "most kids" today. "Big money" in the eyes of today's youth is considered a sufficient amount of money to pay rent for modest housing, basic car expenses, student loans, food, health insurance, and maybe dinner and a movie with their boyfriend/girlfriend on date night. You know, things you would like to have in life.

  • NameWrecker
    NameWrecker 2 days ago

    Ajde ne seri..

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 2 days ago

    Wow, I remember that day so well! I don't think that I'll ever forget that day, I was 13 and it was either when I was in social studies or english class when it happened!

  • Halima hani
    Halima hani 2 days ago

    Waaaw handsome boy 😘😘