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  • rickzilla0825
    rickzilla0825 4 hours ago

    I can see why the Area 51 Raid got cancelled.

  • ex devil worshipper life path 7

    Shit all them fights what 170 fights boy i thought i had a street fight record

  • Manuel Nunez
    Manuel Nunez 10 hours ago

    I deserve to watch this video for losing in clash royale

  • random comment
    random comment 10 hours ago

    Usually the recommended videos would be creepy but since I just look at shitposts there are like only 2 or 3 creepy videos

  • TF outdoors
    TF outdoors 12 hours ago

    Your channel is for sale on ebay

  • caveman lovesmoke
    caveman lovesmoke 16 hours ago

    Dumb fucking ad. Only purpose is to "profit "off the worries of a school shooter and spreading fear/paranoia right before kids go back to school just to make a political point. Just a dick move IMO. And dont give me that "bUt tHey aRe jUsT sHowiNg wHat tO dO iF blah blah blah..."

  • Erik Washburn
    Erik Washburn 17 hours ago

    There sure are a lot of satanic cults

  • Valdirene Silva
    Valdirene Silva 17 hours ago


  • mild winds
    mild winds 18 hours ago

    All the back to school ads are the scariest thing ever

  • John Greenlees
    John Greenlees 20 hours ago

    I am so sad for everyone but especially number 2

  • LyRose Bardenas

    Momo is so scary

  • Damian knightshadow

    0:51 that is definatly a cats face lol

  • Twerk4 ThePsycho

    Someone needs to create a time machine or some kind of device that lets you see specific things at points in time. Alot of mysterious deaths and disappearances that could easily be solved. I mean I guarentee there are time machines around but I doubt governments would want people using them if they actually exist.

  • Taryn Cabassi
    Taryn Cabassi Day ago

    5:02 is real I looked it up on google earth

  • Alexis Miges
    Alexis Miges Day ago

    Poor abigail

  • Clerical
    Clerical Day ago

    Isn"t that ad getting played in movie theaters? As much as I appreciate the PSA, it can be very traumatizing for people who have been in that situation before.

  • WorldsWorstBoy

    Love the channel bro

  • SolarHighway
    SolarHighway Day ago

    wow, really cool fear mongering ad, GUN BAD GUN BAD. SCHOOL=PLACE I WILL GET SHOT.

  • imagine my shock

    This is why you need to be fucking nice to the weird kid

  • Sorry gamer
    Sorry gamer Day ago

    my dad did this like in 2017 of course it was scared it work to he did it again like 2 time lol

  • JOE Quezada
    JOE Quezada Day ago


  • zar
    zar Day ago

    I love and hate you gloomy

  • Alucard Wolfgang

    4:04 4:12 4:17

  • Lety Ndeso
    Lety Ndeso Day ago


  • Echo Plots
    Echo Plots Day ago

    I just heard "public service announcement" and I was like: Oh shit, here we go again

  • Erik Washburn
    Erik Washburn Day ago

    GloomyHouse rules!

  • Epic Razor
    Epic Razor Day ago


  • Engjull Shabani
    Engjull Shabani 2 days ago

    Momo shaizo

  • IQ CEOvip3r
    IQ CEOvip3r 2 days ago

    i lost all hope in humanity IM KILLING MY SELF ITS OFFICIAL(sike no) but seriously why is humanity so garbage

  • AR ART
    AR ART 2 days ago

    Gloomy your videos seems rushed. chill out

  • Renee Wright
    Renee Wright 2 days ago

    7 meter's is over 22 feet!

  • David k
    David k 2 days ago

    Your content seems to be getting better. I will proceed forward with cautious optimism.

  • thatdudefromserbia
    thatdudefromserbia 2 days ago

    Im sorry abgeil

  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass 2 days ago

    lol that first ad was actually pretty dope. I mean of course it wouldnt be a legit back-to-school ad for a real company, lol

  • TheToonMonkey
    TheToonMonkey 2 days ago

    That first one was his fucking cat.

  • American Flag
    American Flag 2 days ago

    Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children in America yet you won’t see a PSA being shared by all of the media about it.

  • Mahmoud Eljafari
    Mahmoud Eljafari 2 days ago

    bruh this guy gives me anxiety

  • Alex Szubka
    Alex Szubka 2 days ago

    Are they trying to scare the shit out of kids who are already nervous for school

  • Asawari Makasare
    Asawari Makasare 2 days ago

    Omggg plzzzz continue

  • Ree Rah
    Ree Rah 2 days ago

    wonder where ive heard this week on the internet before oi oi

  • Victorian Crow
    Victorian Crow 2 days ago

    Welcome to America

  • Noble 9
    Noble 9 2 days ago

    Two corrections: 2:47 One: This incident actually happened in the early hours of August 30th of that year. 3:21 Two: You meant to say 'young girls'; teenagers and preteens particularly. Overall, this was a sick disturbing case. Ward will likely stay in prison for years and he can never harass those girls or any other ever again.

  • Tyler Austin
    Tyler Austin 2 days ago

    Looks like the steaks were high.

  • indiglo1971
    indiglo1971 2 days ago

    3:37 hey.....hey...... HEYYYYYY!!!!

  • Grimmreaper X
    Grimmreaper X 2 days ago

    he was held down and cheeks were clapped to death along with the dog

  • rajih imanda
    rajih imanda 2 days ago

    What a fucker

  • Dark Mark
    Dark Mark 2 days ago

    This made my day, thanks mate.

  • john laterus
    john laterus 2 days ago

    Video 2.. I'm waiting for the bystanders to fall in the river..

  • Annabelle Lecter
    Annabelle Lecter 2 days ago

    Finally an eye opening ad though.

  • Zeek Lift
    Zeek Lift 2 days ago

    Me: watching this video seeing a big head opening eyes Mouth: this thing not scary Mind: are you sure about that?

  • Frankie Strange
    Frankie Strange 2 days ago

    I like this new series you've got going on! :)

  • Yeet Reee
    Yeet Reee 2 days ago

    This is heeella creepy

  • sprousehouse100
    sprousehouse100 2 days ago

    The I LOVE YOU MOM text had me suddenly crying. Wow

  • RA Diabolikal
    RA Diabolikal 2 days ago

    See the problem here is that all those kids had all those items but none had any guns. Give them guns. Lol

  • Hania Blondi
    Hania Blondi 2 days ago

    Having sex with a cat is wrong with the world shit

  • Heptic TeNtyy
    Heptic TeNtyy 2 days ago

    DEATH : takes Stephen hawking life 14yr kids who doesn’t know shit : omg rip

  • explosiveCoconuts
    explosiveCoconuts 2 days ago

    That looked like the most depressing wedding I've ever seen.

  • explosiveCoconuts
    explosiveCoconuts 2 days ago

    The dangerous thing is the Cigar. If you're not used to them, my god it feels like you just inhaled an entire bonfire.

  • cj cj
    cj cj 3 days ago

    Oye, recuerda que tu contenido es muy solicitado. Gracias por compartir.

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 3 days ago

    When I saw the drugs in the meat all I could say was, my damn..

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 3 days ago

    I'm so glad the Tiger survived 🙃

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 3 days ago

    That's one messed-up ad 🙃

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin 3 days ago

    In all honesty, you don't need school shootings to reminds kids that school is a scary place. Also, gotta love gun enthusiasts who protect their "2nd amendment" despite not even knowing what purposes that waste of letters serve...or protect their own guns despite doing LITERALLY NOTHING with them.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 days ago

    I’ll take “fear-mongering” for $200.00.

  • Belicure
    Belicure 3 days ago

    lol they die

  • Shi-Anne Jimmy
    Shi-Anne Jimmy 3 days ago

    2 separate issues on one video.... ??

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 days ago

    Holy shit. Best. Drug dealer. Ever.

  • simunator
    simunator 3 days ago

    lmao this meme again. how about you shitty parents beat your bully kids when they go out of line, and beat the ones that doesn't understand how to stand up for himself?

  • Romanke
    Romanke 3 days ago

    wtf was the last one..??

  • Noelle McClain
    Noelle McClain 3 days ago

    More please!

  • Clossal Nexus
    Clossal Nexus 3 days ago

    I’ve heard these from another channel

  • CherryIsTrash
    CherryIsTrash 3 days ago

    1:08 Just wanted to point out that literally all possible tension was lost when I heard the GMOD door opening sound.

  • Gon
    Gon 3 days ago

    They’re subliminally implanting this into future school shooters minds. Also “shmandy shmook” was staged.

    • GG Allin
      GG Allin 3 days ago

      Great, we've already found the conspiracy troglodyte. With a bit of luck, we'll find a flattard advocate and a vegan cultist next.

    • CherryIsTrash
      CherryIsTrash 3 days ago

      Big facts.

  • Trixie Pixie
    Trixie Pixie 3 days ago

    Um I think I will home school my kids now thanks.

  • dumb coint
    dumb coint 3 days ago

    Your great gloomyhouse! 😊

  • Almighty God Blocker

    Bruh the back to school ad was filmed at my high school

  • bret alleman
    bret alleman 3 days ago

    loved commercial sad but true thanks nra

  • Violence Is Fun
    Violence Is Fun 3 days ago

    I'm so happy the leopard was okay!! I really love it when humans die, but I hate to see unhappy or distressed animals. humans suffering is purely delightful for me especially when they are 'innocent' and don't expect it

  • The royal giant GAMER

    Awesome to hear some new 911s on RU-clip thanks for your hard work can't get enough of your 911s

  • The Pixel Foxy
    The Pixel Foxy 3 days ago

    I mean, School can feel like that at times.

  • Pac- Man K!
    Pac- Man K! 3 days ago

    Everyone be scared Meanwhile Mumkey Jones be like: "Oh look at the time fellas!"


    That wasn't a school ad, it was gun banning propaganda

    • GG Allin
      GG Allin 3 days ago

      Tell me one way guns have been used in recent times for anything other than school shootings (and of course, anything that's obvious, like military-related stuff). Go on...I'll wait.

  • Almandine Sapphire
    Almandine Sapphire 3 days ago

    We’re all made of the same types of cells, we all shit (and it all stinks), and we’re all gonna turn back into dust someday, there’s better ways to use this limited time as a human than (basically) lusting after and fighting over a damn sandwich. 🤦‍♀️ Find someone with a fryer. Get some chicken. Have people bring buns, pickles, chips, salads, etc. Have a fun time with good company and homemade chicken sandwiches. Source: liking fried fish, not really getting to eat it unless it’s at a family fish fry, anxiety

  • snoxbox
    snoxbox 3 days ago

    Seriously what the f** k kind of idiots would use the 1st clip for back to school survival skill.

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 3 days ago

    "these new socks are a real lifesaver" FUCKING KeK!!!

  • M James
    M James 3 days ago

    Too bad there wasn't _one single_ teacher, adult, authoritative person trained in using and with access to a firearm to defend themselves. Nope, instead it's been marked as a "gun free zone", because obviously, someone who only wants to hurt and kill people isn't going to bring a gun into a gun free zone. Because those are the rules.

  • yaboyjesus11
    yaboyjesus11 3 days ago

    thats an insane ad that should not be aired, just saying if i was thinking about shooting up a school that wouldn't make me consider not doing it. id probably feel encouraged by the comedic value of this

  • Lorenzo Felix
    Lorenzo Felix 3 days ago

    I watched the second video during class and it scared me and i flinched and the whole class looked at me

  • Leah Contreras
    Leah Contreras 3 days ago

    Even though the children's commercial is disturbing I think they bring up a valid point...and I think what makes it most disturbing to us is how real the scenarios seem. The children actors did a great job, it's a peice of art really.

  • Echad Lev Shtim
    Echad Lev Shtim 3 days ago

    How do you know someone else isnt just typing his dialogue.

  • Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson 3 days ago

    This new Walmart ad for back to school supplies is pretty grisly...

  • Jetfox967
    Jetfox967 3 days ago

    There is a lot of fear-mongering nowadays

  • Tony Goode
    Tony Goode 3 days ago

    That back to school ad made me drop my jaw

  • Tactical Droid
    Tactical Droid 3 days ago

    So, the entire ad is basically one giant dank meme.

  • Anophis
    Anophis 3 days ago

    I love you

  • LlamaMusicChannel
    LlamaMusicChannel 3 days ago

    So much fear mongering though. The likelihood you'll be shot in school is a minute fraction of 1%. There's been 8 deaths related to school shootings this year, have a guess how many of those were actual school shootings. Majority is gun violence nearby a school.

    • LlamaMusicChannel
      LlamaMusicChannel 2 days ago

      @sprousehouse100 "no one cares about your statistics" that's what wrong with you people, you refuse to acknowledge what's actually going on. Y'know how many died from a drug overdose in 2017? Over 70,000. Guns? Half that, how many of those were mass shootings? Not sure of the exact number, but it would be a very small factor. Majority of gun violence is committed as gang violence. School shootings are an even smaller fraction, as I've said, fuck all school shootings happen.

    • sprousehouse100
      sprousehouse100 2 days ago

      no one cares about your statists. Not everyone does drugs but there are still ads for it.

    • LlamaMusicChannel
      LlamaMusicChannel 2 days ago

      @*HellRay* I mean, they're not, because as I just said majority of the shootings happen NEAR schools and get listed as a school shooting. A shooting outside of school grounds is not a shooting in a gun free zone, nor should they be considered a school shooting, but they're used in statistics to bump up the belief that school shootings occur extremely frequently.

    • *HellRay*
      *HellRay* 3 days ago

      Impossible! Those are GUN FREE ZONES.

  • Briana Buchanan
    Briana Buchanan 3 days ago

    This made me cry dude wtf. Why won't the government fucking do something.

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 3 days ago

    Good video idea! Keep it up!

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 3 days ago

    The girl in the end in real life would be browsing reddit memes lol.