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  • Giankulis
    Giankulis 18 minutes ago

    Her bird did it

  • ekseuwon
    ekseuwon 24 minutes ago

    spending 6 hours doing homeworks while trying to not kill myself challenge

  • Zac S
    Zac S 30 minutes ago

    It’s so sad that we actually need videos like this.

  • Harry Cheung
    Harry Cheung 32 minutes ago

    18:35 press F to pay respects

  • Migizii Inini
    Migizii Inini 38 minutes ago


  • Jasmine Belloso
    Jasmine Belloso 39 minutes ago

    shane looks like john lenon with them glasses

  • esdeaderd esderedred
    esdeaderd esderedred 43 minutes ago

    0_. ._0 all hail the watcher

  • Denisse S. Hernandez
    Denisse S. Hernandez 50 minutes ago

    Season 7 please!!!!!

  • Denisse S. Hernandez
    Denisse S. Hernandez 51 minute ago

    Season 7 please!!!!!

  • joS
    joS 58 minutes ago


  • joe bama
    joe bama Hour ago

    fortnite players: *building frantically*

  • bouncingsoul777
    bouncingsoul777 Hour ago

    I'm always skeptical when I hear a plug for some school or trying to sell some kind of "system"....this was spot on though. I could find nothing I disagreed with.

  • Kaela Nunnally
    Kaela Nunnally Hour ago

    I can solve the Ken Rex case

  • Jeffrey Snyder
    Jeffrey Snyder Hour ago

    should have walked through alone with the box going the whole time

  • amethyst
    amethyst Hour ago

    He was executed on my birthday 🤭

  • Td l48
    Td l48 Hour ago

    The key is LISTENING during the mayhem. When the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado happened, someone from my hometown was in there watching with a friend. He said the only reason him and his friend got out with everything going on was because he made them stop and listen. When he heard the guy started reloading his gun that's when he pulled his friend to move. You can't be shot during a reload. Remember that.

  • Clayton Smith
    Clayton Smith Hour ago

    I have also experienced the chanting... about 2 years ago I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely cold but still covered in sweat. I could hear men chanting saying something over and over again getting louder and louder over time. I started to see what looked like faces filling my room staring at me and never blinking. I felt like I was moving at super speed... Everything that I did, every movement that I made felt so fast and energetic but I was still half asleep. It was one of the scariest moments in my life and that night after seeing that, I jumped straight up out of my bed and ran down the hall and it felt like I was being followed and watched by whatever and whoever was there... I don't remember anything past that point. I can't remember falling asleep but that next morning I woke up on the floor. To this day I still can not remember what happened to me. This is just one of the many stories and experiences I have had throughout my life. If you have reached this point, thank you for staying and understanding my story.

  • Andreas Hörna
    Andreas Hörna Hour ago

    Hello im Dorhoty . Good episode about my disappearance.

  • Fluentinshittalk

    So nothing about responsible gun ownership? Keeping your gun on you and returning fire? Seems to work a hell of a lot more than any of this.

    • Stonehedge
      Stonehedge Hour ago

      @Fluentinshittalk majority of active shooter situations are in schools

    • Fluentinshittalk
      Fluentinshittalk Hour ago

      @Stonehedge of course not. I'm a grown man now. Active shooters happen in lots of different places. Not just schools. But there definitely needs to be more armed personnel at schools as well. My son has damn bulletproof backpack because kids are fish in a barrel

    • Stonehedge
      Stonehedge Hour ago

      You bring guns to school ?? Wtf

  • Kaela Nunnally
    Kaela Nunnally Hour ago

    I'm from Missouri and live in Northwest Arkansas, come out to investigate the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs ARKANSAS!!!

  • Bez54326
    Bez54326 Hour ago

    Please go sub to the watcher channel thats ryan and shanes new channel.

  • Seraphine Almandine

    They have a new channel now called the Watcher.

  • Seraphine Almandine

    They have a new channel now called the Watcher.

  • Seraphine Almandine

    They have a new channel now called the Watcher.

  • Seraphine Almandine

    They have a new channel now called the Watcher.

  • Derrty92lude
    Derrty92lude 2 hours ago

    Doggie will trigger you to kill!

  • Callsign Dark Wolf
    Callsign Dark Wolf 2 hours ago

    If it is in Yellowstone Park the Treasure is Yogi's now

  • Callsign Dark Wolf
    Callsign Dark Wolf 2 hours ago

    We'll I say Ryan made my day seeing him in that outfit. Harrison Ford can't play Indiana Jones So Ryan can fill in

  • Bree Tyler
    Bree Tyler 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else read the description and realize they wrote "full FBA" which if you break it down says "full full body apparition"?

  • Evan Koop
    Evan Koop 2 hours ago

    if you are ever in a situation where you're wrestling over a gun you want to go for the barrel, whoever controls the barrel controls where the gun is pointing. I forget where i heard this but it makes sound logic.

  • Sunny
    Sunny 2 hours ago

    18:56 Shane is freaking crazy 😱😂 20:29 Back to hell Bissshhh 😂

  • Taylor Beaty
    Taylor Beaty 2 hours ago


    • Taylor Beaty
      Taylor Beaty 2 hours ago


  • EyesToSee
    EyesToSee 2 hours ago

    Best way to survive an "Active Shooter"... Pull out your tools, and drop him like a sack of rocks with a 45 Caliber hollow point. The End.

  • Nova2512
    Nova2512 2 hours ago

    *Pretty sure Dolph Lungrin is a scientist. No seriously he’s a genius*

  • The Viking
    The Viking 2 hours ago

    Hoffa might have been taken by the feds for WITSEC and they made him disappear. Then the mob became the fall guy

  • Paul Schaefer
    Paul Schaefer 2 hours ago

    "Would you rather play for the Milwaukee Bucks or the Knicks?" That didn't age well...

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan 2 hours ago

    Ill just shoot back thanks

    • Stonehedge
      Stonehedge Hour ago

      Not at a school you wont... unless you want to go to jail

  • Sombrerug
    Sombrerug 2 hours ago

    No one else notice the silhouette/shadow at 20:44 despite there being no light source behind Shane

  • Nate Huffman
    Nate Huffman 3 hours ago

    When is the next supernatural video going to happen?

  • Denise  Hopkins
    Denise Hopkins 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, i know it will help someone

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf 3 hours ago

    love how they say "Reveals" like it's secret, or needs to be hidden

  • Onboardsteak580 Peyton Davis

    Do a episode on moundsvillie penitentiary in West Virginia

  • Gachawolf2006
    Gachawolf2006 3 hours ago

    Dorothy: *misses dinner* Her Family: *Basically has a heart attack from looking for her*

  • N3W-Z
    N3W-Z 3 hours ago

    Theres a movie about this

  • PrettyChillPham
    PrettyChillPham 3 hours ago

    Ugh I can't stand the white guy ... I guess he's trying to be funny but it's just painful

  • Bella Shields
    Bella Shields 3 hours ago

    Me watching this 11:22 on a Thursday night. Also me never going to sleep in fear someone is watching me 😂

  • Riku s
    Riku s 3 hours ago

    "Run in a zig-zag pattern" -time to use my csgo bunnyhopping skills in real life.

  • DMeril
    DMeril 3 hours ago

    wow, just stay in cover. Isn't that common sense? I mean don't you think running cover to cover in open space is safe? You're already in cover, just stay there! This is a little extra don't you think

  • Joe Burks
    Joe Burks 3 hours ago

    If one of the bullets has your name on it, you are lost. Nothing you can do about it. What this guy is talking about are the bullets with "To Whom It May Concern" written on it...

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 3 hours ago

    Next mystery is Shane or is Shane not a Demon

    TRUE NORTH 4 hours ago

    Harvey was a lying piece of crap that should have minded his own biz . Poor Dave 🙈🙉🙊

  • Dylan Search
    Dylan Search 4 hours ago


  • goddy5890
    goddy5890 4 hours ago

    Gtfo of there. Saved ya 10 minutes

  • SBC Solutions
    SBC Solutions 4 hours ago

    ngl I was rooting for them tho

  • JoeyD Gonzalez
    JoeyD Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Why is he even in my recommendation

  • GhostGamer1300
    GhostGamer1300 4 hours ago

    Or just shoot the Guy

  • Tommy Crispin
    Tommy Crispin 4 hours ago

    can you say your name... Jeff

  • Tommy Crispin
    Tommy Crispin 4 hours ago

    cover the house with holy water

  • Boadichea Odgers
    Boadichea Odgers 4 hours ago

    Hi could you possibly do a segment about the tate murders?

  • MTF: Nine Tailed fox

    Nobody Absolutely nobody in a school shooting Situation: Me: "you shoot me u gae*

  • Gachawolf2006
    Gachawolf2006 4 hours ago

    any relation to Sam and dean winchester????

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 5 hours ago

    Is Shane a Demon?

  • Somyy
    Somyy 5 hours ago

    Where the hell is Shane and Ryan? I don’t want this random guy.

  • Femme Fatale
    Femme Fatale 5 hours ago

    R.I.P. Shane and Ryan

  • Rashidi Simba
    Rashidi Simba 5 hours ago

    What if shane is already possed by a humorous demon

  • Elizabeth Harness
    Elizabeth Harness 5 hours ago

    Just wanna say there is a spirit box app that cuts out all the white noise. OmargoshTv another RU-clipd uses it. Just thought it would help lol

  • joemcarthy
    joemcarthy 5 hours ago

    #1 DO not go where guns are not allowed. If there is a sign that says No Guns that means no you and none of your family . #2 Do not go where there are big crowds ,people are not really that important. #3 always go armed # 4 training; practice taking quick cover with any number of bullet defectors and returning accurate fire from sudden attacks. #5 Always wear drab clothing if you are in public do not wear eye catching clothing. # 6 it is a good idea to have two people in the same family that train in the same manner.

    • Stonehedge
      Stonehedge Hour ago

      So dont go to any school ever. Got it

  • Skittles Elaine
    Skittles Elaine 5 hours ago

    I’ve been home alone for a few days Cuz my i’m works during the week and my dad went on a trip I have a window that doesn’t have a screen (it was like that when we bought the house a few years ago) and I’m so thankful that it doesn’t

  • Rashidi Simba
    Rashidi Simba 5 hours ago

    She lowkey cute af

  • Gachawolf2006
    Gachawolf2006 5 hours ago

    ok what if they all working together and they were plain the cops

  • kaykay4315
    kaykay4315 5 hours ago

    OP-A-LOU-SIS gotdamnit lol

  • Brandy Morris
    Brandy Morris 5 hours ago

    I flippin' LOOOOOOOOOVE this channel and y'all!!!!! So seriously hilarious tho!!! I cannot get enough and wish I could go on a hunt with Y'all!!!! EPIC INDEED!!!!!

  • Thunder Pride
    Thunder Pride 5 hours ago

    CEO of Winona Ryder

  • Sammy with a Why
    Sammy with a Why 5 hours ago

    Julia Child was actually an intelligence officer during WWII, so you never know, she could totally murder

  • Rita Stanford
    Rita Stanford 6 hours ago

    And that painting was made in 1890 the year he died

  • Rita Stanford
    Rita Stanford 6 hours ago

    Heres why he went to the fields he painted a painting called the weat feilds with crows

  • Kermit Ruben
    Kermit Ruben 6 hours ago

    What if you guys rent the house then set up a GoPro to try to see the watcher

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 6 hours ago

    Legend has it this episode lead to the death of their careers at BuzzFeed. It was a car accident rekt.

  • G star1
    G star1 6 hours ago

    Me: found that treasure in my backyard Also Me: I can finally buy an xbox

  • Michelle Isernia
    Michelle Isernia 6 hours ago

    Am literally sobbing because I am suffering the loss of someone to suicide just recently. This episode is tearing me up, but I can't stop.

  • John Francis Buhay
    John Francis Buhay 6 hours ago

    The kind of danger American schools only have

  • Juana Castro
    Juana Castro 6 hours ago

    My face once they said NEW JERSEY 😳😳🥴🥴🥺🥴😨😨😐😐🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Inês F
    Inês F 6 hours ago

    Actually the last part might be the solution. Why not put cameras on the house aiming at the mail box?!? If anything were to happen again they would know who put the letters in there.

  • beL La
    beL La 6 hours ago

    they go to all these places, and when they mention where I lived I was happy and like "finally where I liveee"

  • Brad Morgan
    Brad Morgan 6 hours ago

    I work at his old Highschool. I have yearbook with his junior yearbook picture in it

  • HopefulDavid
    HopefulDavid 6 hours ago

    Step 1: Dont be at home

  • Jada Harris
    Jada Harris 6 hours ago

    When are you guys going to make another video there is haunted place in Oklahoma

  • Weepeggle
    Weepeggle 6 hours ago

    The apartments above and below her apartment just listening to Shane being Shane

  • Official_EP
    Official_EP 6 hours ago

    Him: *Tell your neighbors when you're coming and going* Me: Why so *THEY* can rob me instead!? lmao

  • Thomas Plouffe
    Thomas Plouffe 6 hours ago

    Why were kids in this prison?????

  • Max Minervini
    Max Minervini 6 hours ago

    Number one way to prevent a home invasion Just don’t own a house

  • Christian
    Christian 7 hours ago

    shane and ryan need to do an episode on the st. valentines day massacre

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 7 hours ago

    That blue horse 💙 created to be alone forever so sad. Lol

  • Phil Boudreaux
    Phil Boudreaux 7 hours ago

    In 30 days this has been viewed 2,233,789 times or 74,459.63 times per day or 3,102.84 times per hour or 51.70 times per minute. I think people are worried Trump!

  • Koyuki Panda
    Koyuki Panda 7 hours ago

    Bruh, when it comes to going out, exhaustion and sleep will ALWAYS be a "issa no from me dawg".

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 7 hours ago

    Little late

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 7 hours ago

    Not a theory. Proven called globalist

  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZant 7 hours ago

    Do a show on how the Kennedy’s killed Monroe

  • Hotlink 2017
    Hotlink 2017 7 hours ago

    Make a xxxtentacion video

  • Hotlink 2017
    Hotlink 2017 7 hours ago

    Make a xxxtentacion video