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In Defense Of Ravenclaw
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Fast Facts: The Lion King
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The COMPLETE Pixar Theory
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  • Aneeq Mahmood
    Aneeq Mahmood 6 minutes ago

    You know that the first bit of confirmed magic is actually McGonagall being an animagus.

  • Dick The Dorkwing
    Dick The Dorkwing 12 minutes ago

    Avadakedavara is powered by emotion, desire and intent. Essentially, it is a whole hearted wish. The wish that your foe be destroyed completely. The same goes for the rest of the "unforgivable" curses. The imperious curse. A curse derived from the desire to control. The cruciatous curse, the desire and intent to torture without mercy.

  • Andrei Parthenpopaeus
    Andrei Parthenpopaeus 13 minutes ago

    Legit just lost respect for you, because you said J.K. didn't make a mistake....cuz she did...its simple. She's made a lot lately

  • Zai Gaming
    Zai Gaming 24 minutes ago

    If u keep being a snake and stealing peoples wands you look like u know who

  • Milleneum
    Milleneum 27 minutes ago

    Very bad comprehension reading fast like that. The retention levels would be terrible. It's just a gimmick that is ultimately useless.

  • AttackingGnome Ruiz
    AttackingGnome Ruiz 31 minute ago

    Follow my ig fw.huampa_

  • The Icarus Gang
    The Icarus Gang 42 minutes ago

    idc what anyone says hagrid and dumbledore are hufflepuffs and no one can change my mind. 💛🖤💛

  • Amy Laity
    Amy Laity 51 minute ago

    So, I've heard the fan theory that the snake Harry releases from the zoo could have been Nagini, but... What if it was a snake Voldemort was possessing?

  • Andrei Parthenpopaeus
    Andrei Parthenpopaeus 53 minutes ago

    R.i.p. grumpy cat...also it's she

  • Rachel Cousins
    Rachel Cousins 57 minutes ago

    I think you are right

  • ThePuppyTurtle
    ThePuppyTurtle Hour ago

    Canon is such a non-objective construct that there is no true answer to this kind of question.

  • Sabastian Esparza


  • Don HSpivey
    Don HSpivey Hour ago

    And if I did it's Potter, which is ok, but I'd like to customize

  • Joyce kobile
    Joyce kobile Hour ago

    Riley is adopted and it doesn’t matter

  • Mattaes Lulu
    Mattaes Lulu Hour ago

    Wouldn’t ravenclaw’s be eagles

  • Don HSpivey
    Don HSpivey Hour ago

    Gryffindor, main complaint, I can't get the the wizard tournament outfits easily

  • 100% Gryffindor
    100% Gryffindor Hour ago

    Love the new intro and logo

  • Chad Macgargle
    Chad Macgargle Hour ago

    I thought it as a tragedy the movie would be much better, everyone else I've talk to said it was tragic enough. A starcrossed lovers story would have made this the best Pixar movie ever IMO. Oh well.

  • Esmeralda Ruiz
    Esmeralda Ruiz Hour ago

    I personally hated the ending of Toy Story 4. I just couldn't believe Woody would leave his family (Buzz and the other toys).

  • magister343
    magister343 Hour ago

    Could another animal be a maledictus cursed to become a human?

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel Hour ago

    Umbridge Statements about there being No Danger is a Plot Hole. If she had said there's no Voldemort out there, ok, but no Danger? What about the JOB OF AURORS THEN?!? It's a Job, so it does not make any sense. This world is filled with Dangerous things, they are everywhere.

  • Katie Cormack
    Katie Cormack Hour ago

    Wormtail is missing his right index finger and I only know that because my mom criticized that he pointed with his middle finger

  • Jocelyn Nelson
    Jocelyn Nelson Hour ago

    Omgoodness. I had the same thought. I actually thought that.

  • Riley Jean
    Riley Jean Hour ago

    "Worthiness" for Mjolnir is just based off of what *Odin* would deem worthy! So being "good" or "bad" doesn't really mean much! So tbh Hela could have been worthy if the spell was in place at the time she had it

  • magister343
    magister343 Hour ago

    Albania is not "middle-eastern."

  • L.C. Dusty
    L.C. Dusty Hour ago

    Ravenclaw and Thunderbird

  • Cora Wilkins
    Cora Wilkins 2 hours ago

    Gilderoy should be there somewhere

  • Random
    Random 2 hours ago

    That hei hei toy sounds like something I would hear on Halloween!

  • Clint Whalley
    Clint Whalley 2 hours ago

    Harry does have relatives that are living, PETUNIA. She was Harry's mother's sister

  • Mitchell Tully
    Mitchell Tully 2 hours ago

    Aladdin was the prince of thieves

  • Alexa Tindall
    Alexa Tindall 2 hours ago


  • Thor Thunder
    Thor Thunder 2 hours ago

    To be fair his Mum and Dad died so having Gamora dead would of really gotten him angry

  • Crusix Angel
    Crusix Angel 2 hours ago

    Toys sound like they are in an abusive relationship.

  • magister343
    magister343 2 hours ago

    Imagine a Dark Wizard using the Fidelius Charm to make everyone forget how to breath.

  • stupidkitty 123
    stupidkitty 123 2 hours ago

    There is a simple fix for expeloms(spelled that wrong probably). Just put on a velcro glove and put velcro on you wand.

  • Sam Shim
    Sam Shim 2 hours ago

    Subtle Scary Movie reference.....

  • Benjammin Pro28
    Benjammin Pro28 2 hours ago

    SuperCarlinBros, what if the pizza planet truck is actually a time traveling machine and that's why we keep seeing it. Plz make a video about this.

  • Benjammin Pro28
    Benjammin Pro28 2 hours ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers, what if the pizza planet truck a time travel machine and that's why we keep seeing it in the Pixar movies. This could be the thing that actually ties the Pixar theory together. Plz make a theory about this.

  • Alto Plays
    Alto Plays 2 hours ago

    I like purple

  • goober reviews
    goober reviews 2 hours ago

    I think he is just a kid with a hard life so he is a little messed up in the head but I don't think he is really a bad kid I think he just has some issues and taking apart toys and putting them back together is his way of dealing with his problems in his own way

  • Misty B
    Misty B 2 hours ago

    I took the test along with you in the video wrote down my answers and did not watch when it showed it on the video for the answers unless you guys had the answers read and I got 24 right Which surprised me

  • Benjammin Pro28
    Benjammin Pro28 2 hours ago

    What if the pizza planet truck was a time traveling machine

  • Michael Zahabi
    Michael Zahabi 2 hours ago

    There are 10000 jedi and 6300 jedi apologists. Wipe them out. All of them. Vader: Boy I got a lot of killing to do today.

  • stupidkitty 123
    stupidkitty 123 2 hours ago

    Grumpy cat was a girl.

  • Jessica Vega
    Jessica Vega 2 hours ago

    I have a question. Since Peter didn’t die when Voldemort killed the potters, how did people know where to look for the potters. Wouldn’t the Fidelius charm still work then. Voldemort died - ish but since he wasn’t the original, he couldn’t tell anyone else anyway.

  • Jett Godwin
    Jett Godwin 2 hours ago

    boom mind blown

  • Joshua Childs
    Joshua Childs 2 hours ago

    Couldn't there have just been so many students taking the class that they need two teachers for it? Doesn't that make much more sense

  • Swuidleer Studios
    Swuidleer Studios 2 hours ago

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Valkrie 576
    Valkrie 576 2 hours ago

    I honestly think it would be white or turquoise

  • Cheshire Journey
    Cheshire Journey 3 hours ago

    I'm a Pukwudgie and hate how I am continuously insulted for being Hufflepuff and Pugwudgie

  • matty kitkat
    matty kitkat 3 hours ago

    I considered it an ending that taught people to let go

  • Jozlynn Redondo
    Jozlynn Redondo 3 hours ago


  • angel whispers
    angel whispers 3 hours ago

    Ben was so far behind on this one he should have gotten the point for mould on the wall instead of mould on the Wold

  • Andrew Wiener
    Andrew Wiener 3 hours ago

    I have 100% always believed this

  • Xanegoh
    Xanegoh 3 hours ago

    I've come from the future to tell you important news: Newt's patronus is not revealed in 'Crimes of Grindelwald'. I will report back in 2020 after the third 'Fantastic Beasts' film has been released.

  • David Lauinger
    David Lauinger 3 hours ago

    Crimes of Grindelwald was my first Harry Potter experience. I really enjoyed it and it got me into the whole series, and Newt is one my favourite characters in any series

  • Tay pang shiang
    Tay pang shiang 3 hours ago

    Worlds first mosquito patch

  • Sarafina Donald
    Sarafina Donald 3 hours ago

    If only you didn't look like the most recent guy I slept with. And act like him too. Sigh. I love your channel though.

  • abucket14
    abucket14 3 hours ago

    Honestly i never put this together and now that you draw my eye to it i feel this is severely under represented in the books but may very well be true. im listening through the books on audible so i will be sure to pay attention to details of this kind as i pass through (already halfway through Goblet of Fire).

  • KotaRainBear
    KotaRainBear 3 hours ago

    I kinda like having a Seer that’s vERY accurate but like words it so badly bc of misunderstanding that actually gave me an idea for a Sapphire gem OC for SU~!!

  • David Lauinger
    David Lauinger 3 hours ago

    Grindelwald hesitated to hand over the Bloodpact

  • Paavni Vyas
    Paavni Vyas 3 hours ago

    I have a theory. You know what happened to Nagini in her early life? She was cursed to last longer and longer as a snake, and at some point, she would never be able to change back. The reason she turned into a snake is because it might have been her Patronus, though I'm assuming this happens to all non - born Animagi, as it happened to James(we don't know Sirius' and Peters' Patronus'). Mrs. Norris, apparently married, was given a curse similar to Nagini's. Another theory is that, assuming everyone she knew now shunned her because of the curse, and that Filch may have been the only one there to care for her, they now have a particularly strong bond. Mrs Norris must have been a witch, and have gone to Hogwarts, because she knows all the rules and her way around. Or she's just an insanely smart cat.

  • Jett Godwin
    Jett Godwin 3 hours ago

    dude, it is pronounced forks, not fox. But still, you guys are awesome!

  • elgnairtatsuj
    elgnairtatsuj 3 hours ago

    I think I know what he was doing in there... he is a peeping tom riddle.

  • Romp Romp Grrr
    Romp Romp Grrr 3 hours ago

    English oak wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¼" and quite bendy flexibility English Oak A wand for good times and bad, this is a friend as loyal as the wizard who deserves it. Wands of English oak demand partners of strength, courage and fidelity. Less well-known is the propensity for owners of English oak wands to have powerful intuition, and, often, an affinity with the magic of the natural world, with the creatures and plants that are necessary to wizardkind for both magic and pleasure. The oak tree is called King of the Forest from the winter solstice up until the summer solstice, and its wood should only be collected during that time (holly becomes King as the days begin to shorten again, and so holly should only be gathered as the year wanes. This divide is believed to be the origin of the old superstition, “when his wand’s oak and hers is holly, then to marry would be folly,” a superstition that I have found baseless). It is said that Merlin’s wand was of English oak (though his grave has never been found, so this cannot be proven). Phoenix This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

  • Chillin'
    Chillin' 3 hours ago

    Yall forgot about monica rambeau’s captain marvel.

  • skyhime
    skyhime 3 hours ago

    New boss? More like old boss shift morale or went public with evil intent.

  • Bob Cat
    Bob Cat 3 hours ago

    Anything Harry Potter related makes me happy. Love the content, you speak my language in terms of interests in books and movies.

  • SilverStrumer
    SilverStrumer 3 hours ago

    This makes you wonder if Bo Peep was the original villain of TS4 before Gabby Gabby was made..

  • Rachel Collier
    Rachel Collier 3 hours ago

    You should bring this theory back!

  • Brandi Artis
    Brandi Artis 3 hours ago

    Really, you didn't mention every male students hair in the Goblet of Fire? Only thing I don't enjoy about my annual marathons.

  • Linda M
    Linda M 3 hours ago

    Ed the Hyuna from the lion King

  • Megan Nielsen
    Megan Nielsen 3 hours ago

    I’m so split between ravenclaw and hufflepuff

  • Yasi Kheradmand
    Yasi Kheradmand 3 hours ago

    I dont tink this theory is right Remember on can not die as long as the horcrux is still have a soul in it so as long as harry's wand is not broken dumbledore just cant die .and because harrys wand was destroed after dumbledore death ,i dont belive this theory

  • ed car
    ed car 3 hours ago

    If ya wanna send me a few - I’ll brew it into a stout and send ya some nifty bottles ^.^

  • Drolfey King
    Drolfey King 3 hours ago

    Love the shirt!

  • Lexie W
    Lexie W 3 hours ago

    I legit laughed when I saw the title and then saw a picture of Umbridge

  • Trace Rieman
    Trace Rieman 3 hours ago

    6:27 watch this over and over until your satisfied

  • Sarafina Donald
    Sarafina Donald 3 hours ago

    I got 32 out of 35 correct on the online quiz!!!

  • Hexadeciml
    Hexadeciml 3 hours ago

    So if the elder wand is used to fix Hagrids and Harry’s wand then why does Dumbledore not fix Ron’s wand in Chamber of Secrers?

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts 3 hours ago

    I'd use the time Turner and perform an abortion on my mother

  • Fenando Angeles
    Fenando Angeles 3 hours ago

    I think newts pretonus is a newt because his name is newt I’ve never watch fantastic beasts

  • Paavni Vyas
    Paavni Vyas 4 hours ago

    I believe this to be true, but my question is, would he recognize his Dark Twin(Credence) for what he was? And how would it end out - would he end up finally destroying the Obscurus once and for all, or let him go and end up having to contain him?

  • Cheryl Reed Rinick
    Cheryl Reed Rinick 4 hours ago

    Wow this had to be an easy quiz because I Was ahead of you guys for quite a while because I got the first question right.

  • wearebuffa
    wearebuffa 4 hours ago

    Toy Story 4 ruined the series for me, because it made Andy's sacrifice of Woody in Toy Story 3 all for nothing. Andy was going to take Woody with him to college; of all his toys, Woody was the only one special enough that he wanted to keep him always. Bonnie was presented to the audience as the next child who would treasure Woody, then in no time (she was a pre-schooler in Toy Story 3 and starting kindergarten in Toy Story 4) Woody was nothing to her. To make matters worse, Woody looks still in near mint condition, but ends up giving away his voice box (!!!) to the villain of TS4, making him basically unlovable to a child, just as Gabby was. This particularly upset me . I know the broken voice box is pretty much a death sentence for a toy from personal experience. My favorite toy when I was a toddler was a talking Herman Munster doll. I took him everywhere. One day, I pulled the string and this horrible sound came out. I was terrified, and I shoved him under the couch in my room. I was so horrified by him that I didn't even want to look at him anymore, even though he'd been my favorite. I never played with him again. So sad for you, Woody.

  • OzomeEpicBoi
    OzomeEpicBoi 4 hours ago

    2:50 *finding dory

  • Koala Eucalyptus
    Koala Eucalyptus 4 hours ago

    Yeah, I'd say Quirrel is still above Lockhart on my list... although in the movies he does not appear to be doing much, in the books there isn't any evidence against him being a OK teacher, albeit a little shy on the advanced stuff, going for the more simple. Of course, having Voldy's head on the back of his was an issue, but hey, if Barty is up there... haha

  • ringozeitgeist
    ringozeitgeist 4 hours ago

    Wow! Now I know Harry Potter lore has been completely exhausted. Really, really reaching.

  • nunya
    nunya 4 hours ago

    Your list didn't include Skyrim bandits.

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock 4 hours ago

    Bobgonigal 😂 I love it

  • oOMamasteOo
    oOMamasteOo 4 hours ago

    If i am not mistaken they started training to become animagus at the third year but managed to pull it off at the 5th year

  • Nick Struyf
    Nick Struyf 4 hours ago

    While telling your story it sounds a bit like you have the golden snitch up your bumb. Harry P. Deserves more seriousness not to f''k up the magic. Show some respect

  • lopsie4
    lopsie4 4 hours ago

    this guy's presenting style gave me cancer

  • André Garay
    André Garay 4 hours ago

    Where did you buy your shirt? It’s so cool!

  • Koala Eucalyptus
    Koala Eucalyptus 4 hours ago

    Yeah, so... weak, but interesting

  • Edward Baptist
    Edward Baptist 4 hours ago

    We still have Netflix Snail mail where they send us DVD's in the mail.

  • Edward Baptist
    Edward Baptist 4 hours ago

    I like how the snow boarder keeps changing.

  • Edward Baptist
    Edward Baptist 4 hours ago

    On the little super carlin brothers thing where it combines their faces I always wondered why Ben's hair looks so much lower. Now I know.

  • Sylvia Schultz
    Sylvia Schultz 4 hours ago

    Hi i like your HP videos. Can you do a video about james potters mom, Euphemia? I like to imagine she was either a ravenvlaw or a slytherin but from a neutral family like the greengrass or parkinson families

  • Kyle Shores
    Kyle Shores 5 hours ago

    Dunno, think it'd be awesome to have a Sulley skin rug....