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Elite Facts
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Shower Thoughts #02
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50 random facts #17
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  • Seth Seese
    Seth Seese 3 hours ago

    Fun fact now month ninth and wolf dont rhythm

  • Jennifer Hunter
    Jennifer Hunter 6 hours ago

    KFC chicken is dog food

  • Tony T
    Tony T 8 hours ago


  • ZJohnnyZ
    ZJohnnyZ 8 hours ago

    This is complete miss-information!! Look up Dr. Fung. At least he's a doctor in his videos don't have blaring music and lies!

    MEllOW NINGA8 10 hours ago

    This message serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things .. impressive things..in the beginning it was hard but now on this line your mind is reading it automatically without even thinking about it ..be proud only certain people can read this ...pls forward if u can read this...... I am one of the people who could read the #2 thing..

  • Humma Shams
    Humma Shams 11 hours ago


  • Shane Warren
    Shane Warren 11 hours ago

    couldn't continue watching this after the over dramatic intro 'wow, people didn't just sit glued to TV and computer screens all day ignoring their family members and spent time with each other instead reciting home made plays, telling stories or playing charades, shocking'. Idiots like this are exactly what is wrong with modern society. Don't label the past as weird when today makes near to no sense whatsoever

  • Itshadow306
    Itshadow306 13 hours ago

    Thanks for this amazing video I learned a lot after watching this.

  • AMINATH Manik
    AMINATH Manik 15 hours ago

    What the HEll man these are things that anybody can do

  • Adrian-Jermaine Thompson

    Why do these exist?!

  • Petar Vurdelja

    Where is doga argentino

  • Jan Kiper
    Jan Kiper Day ago

    The inbreeding on the white terrier is ugly also causes them physical problems, especially with breathing

  • Star Child
    Star Child Day ago

    Henry even executed more than his own daughter Bloody Mary?

  • Marinel Nilo
    Marinel Nilo Day ago


  • CrustyClaps
    CrustyClaps Day ago

    0:11 Sergeant Rutledge Director John Ford, 1960. Sergeant Rutledge was a special movie for Ford. It was the first movie made by a big Hollywood studio (Warner Bros) in which an African-American has the dominant role For its time it was bold in that it examined racism in the light of whites' fears of black male sexuality. For the first time in any of his many films the hero is a black man, Sergeant Braxton Rutledge. Not only is he portrayed onscreen as a person of courage, gravitas and dignity, but Ford films him in such a way as to make him a truly iconic figure, filling the role usually played by John Wayne. In fact, Ford deliberately gives the character of Rutledge the same sort of iconic treatment he usually gave to characters played by John Wayne: a quiet and unassuming dignity, an air of physical and moral strength, and an aura of indomitability.

  • CrustyClaps
    CrustyClaps Day ago

    White man stole land from Indian land: fact.

  • ꧁NιgнтLιgнт꧂ シ

    Taking Oral to a whole new level

  • nathaniel Cohen

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  • Barry Stamper
    Barry Stamper Day ago

    Boxer ..dangerous please...

  • Tawny C.
    Tawny C. Day ago

    Why was it necessary to bring up his waist measurements (young and old) and his weight twice? Which was the correct weight, 400 lbs or 392 lbs? 😆

  • Tawny C.
    Tawny C. Day ago

    This music was horrible.

  • mochi
    mochi Day ago

    My last words: If you lay a finger on my Pokémon binder I will haunt you from the afterlife

  • rsuriyop
    rsuriyop Day ago

    #5 Bull Mastiff was the dog that broke lose from their owner to attack my 25 lb poodle-gindo mix some time a couple years back. To this day, whenever the owner of that mastiff walks his dog, my own dog will spot him out the window and start barking. Clearly, he still recalls that bad experience.

  • Sonja Reid
    Sonja Reid 2 days ago

    "New - Found - Land - Dogs" Oh come on, surely you should be able pronounce this one correctly, it's even an English word !

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson 2 days ago

    Ffs... Elite facts??? Lol get your freaking facts right. Capone did not die in Alcatraz he died of syphilis in this home in Florida

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez 2 days ago


  • lbbradley55
    lbbradley55 2 days ago

    Well if the Chickens are not as FAT as the rest of them they will be HEALTHIER FOR US TO EAT ? I have had & heard of bad food from many FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS...

  • Herr Mondlicht
    Herr Mondlicht 2 days ago

    Very good

  • Gacha Turtle
    Gacha Turtle 2 days ago

    I won’t think about any of these in the shower.

  • JJ Playz
    JJ Playz 2 days ago

    Our earth is a spaceship that we’ve been riding for millions of years and all we have to do to see other planets is wait until we collided

  • WoodyWoods428
    WoodyWoods428 2 days ago

    White people were really wilin back then.

  • Potato Xinlei
    Potato Xinlei 2 days ago

    After 1:31 : mom I think I saw a ghost

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 2 days ago

    tems mate its pronounced tems

  • Carol Snook
    Carol Snook 2 days ago

    Another sign of death is huge dilated pupils...

  • loretta wilson
    loretta wilson 2 days ago

    I will NEVER eat KFC EVER again.....

  • James Butler
    James Butler 2 days ago

    I turned off as soon as I saw the intro footage of trains that aren't even from the UK.

  • Phawta Khun
    Phawta Khun 2 days ago

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  • Roopa Kumar
    Roopa Kumar 2 days ago

    First one will not work

  • I can’t think of anything

    IKEA is nice ass furniture

  • Magicme79
    Magicme79 2 days ago

    And...why doesn’t schools want students to know this? Bored now

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 2 days ago

    Ive always said theres no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners.

  • my taehyung obsession is unhealthy

    in the movie elf, ming ming the elf said Buddy was 915 toys off the days toy making quota after Buddy said he only made 85. That means each elf is supposed to make 1000 toys a day for 365 days a year, which means each elf makes 365,000 toys annually. There is 16 elves at the toy making table, meaning that there are 5,840,000 toys made for christmas each year. there are actually an estimated amount of 1.8 billion children under the age of 13. So this means there are over 1 billion children without a christmas toy each year. 😊

  • Blackmirror 20
    Blackmirror 20 2 days ago

    They are Motorcycle clubs not biker gangs Learn to respect MCs

  • 5K Maike
    5K Maike 2 days ago

    -Kills 5 People- Any Last Words Sir? I don't have the right to remain silent?

  • RobloxianRyden
    RobloxianRyden 2 days ago

    In roblox my character is called GeN0side Tv

  • Anlada Aksorn
    Anlada Aksorn 2 days ago

    1:00 ahh it scared me so much omg 😲

  • Voices 'n Such
    Voices 'n Such 3 days ago

    Video: It’s worth noting that these breeds can be wonderful pets when raised properly by their owners. Nearly every comment: ACTUALLY, my *insert dog breed* is the sweetest/HUMANS ARE THE REAL ANIMALS.

  • Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight 3 days ago

    He missed the kusarigama

  • The Teal Capricorn
    The Teal Capricorn 3 days ago

    I was staring at 3:13 for like 5 minutes but I still didn't disappear...

  • Tray Goldwire
    Tray Goldwire 3 days ago

    I’m watching this in the shower

  • Howard maryon-davis


  • Mo Hawk
    Mo Hawk 3 days ago

    On the thumb nail where is the picture that drives on the unusual bridge. Thumbs down buddy don't lie just to show something else.

  • Alessa Dolan
    Alessa Dolan 3 days ago

    Bro these are fake 💀

  • BaSsAholiC
    BaSsAholiC 3 days ago

    No Dogo Argentino? Yes... you left out numerous breeds. American bully, American bulldog, German shepherd... I'm sure there is more. Oh.. huskies and Alaskan malamute... if I think of more I'll be back. Rottweiler also I've seen 100 pound rottys with heads like a basketball... you be slackin or lackin.... 2 things I try to never be.

  • gary11able
    gary11able 3 days ago

    "Facts about King Henry VIII that schools did not want you to know"? Maybe in America bud, but we were taught all this in school in England.

  • Aišvydas Juodsnukis

    I read it

  • niplu the gamer
    niplu the gamer 3 days ago

    You have beautiful voice

  • Jill A
    Jill A 3 days ago

    Our moon has a name: Luna.

    • KiWi Xxx
      KiWi Xxx 2 days ago

      Luna is Latin for moon. But still, that would be another way of saying it. Also, as of I know, the moon doesn't actually have an official name.

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog 3 days ago

    Its so easy

  • Alby fernandez
    Alby fernandez 3 days ago

    I have never seen a nice Chow Chow in person. They all were mean as hell

  • Devon Torres
    Devon Torres 3 days ago

    You forgot the Argintinian Digo Iknow because I have one and his name is Omar

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny 3 days ago

    Knew it was a bs list the minute you included boxers. They are clowns not dangerous. Just because it has a similar facial structure of most bully breeds it has a completely different personality. Havent had an aggressive boxer yet in the clinic , usually they are goofballs. No more training needed than any other typical dog breed. Also no damlation on the list but we include st.bernard wtf. Literally every single dalmation that comes in the clinic is a caution/bite risk. They are known to be agressive if not trained strictly or if they are poorly bred( also known for a miriad of genetic health issues due to over breeding back when the disney movie came out ).

  • MYMISS Annie
    MYMISS Annie 3 days ago

    Great vids keep it up

  • Jolanta Matys
    Jolanta Matys 3 days ago

    Boxer?? Ha ha.

  • Baloo 2017 and Mangle

    My costume's only a shirt, and a puppet.

  • Aniekan Isaiah
    Aniekan Isaiah 3 days ago

    Good one Fuckinggood

  • 에리스elise
    에리스elise 3 days ago

    0:46 i use my ipad 24/7 (im using it right now) and it came into my dream once. never again. lol

  • Terry Sigmon
    Terry Sigmon 3 days ago

    How did my grandpa's casket not make this list. Look up Ohio man burried on Motorcycle. He was burried riding the bike. It took 4 grave plots and a crane to lower it in the ground. He was burried on his 1967 Harley Davidson Electra glide. Must see this video.

  • Ibrahim Musa channel

    Yeah I’m gna load a fun and point it at my head for a photo 😂😂😂😂, what a dickhead lol

  • Ibrahim Musa channel

    Selfies just aren’t Worth it .

  • Jeanne Orga
    Jeanne Orga 3 days ago

    after number 1 i fell like everything is moving like waves amazing

  • Robert Briggs
    Robert Briggs 3 days ago

    300 more shower thoughts.or repeat 90% of the thoughts in part 1 and hope know one notices ?

  • emily cham
    emily cham 3 days ago

    4:08 it’s a paper

  • Joe Sherman
    Joe Sherman 3 days ago

    not all wolves r bad or evil i have 1 hes more like a cat tho he jumps round and plays with the other dogs, hes super fast and hes such a great dog,

  • Sandy Wichmann
    Sandy Wichmann 3 days ago

    Most of these facts ARE taught at school, a few are of minor importance and therefore left out.

  • scarlet overkill
    scarlet overkill 3 days ago

    He looks like this asshole my mom use to date

  • Hairline Productions

    Says zombies should be naked waist down, then says a zombie outbreak would be a formal event. Seems Legit

  • CreekyGuy
    CreekyGuy 4 days ago

    The Skin Game - Jim Garner and Louis Gossett, Jr.

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 4 days ago

    OMG that girl at 1st scared me a lot how did she know were I live I never met her

  • CreekyGuy
    CreekyGuy 4 days ago

    Really, what's a clickbaiter going to do when he is between 'documentaries' about androgenic global warming, university rape culture, and Trump's treasons?

  • xXwolfpupdizzyXx
    xXwolfpupdizzyXx 4 days ago

    I read that message Does that mean I’m good? Like if you could read the message Comment if you didn’t

  • Dee
    Dee 4 days ago

    This vid made me hungry.

  • sho rae
    sho rae 4 days ago

    it works!

  • Lani Wade
    Lani Wade 4 days ago

    Why are you pronouncing “Cane Corso” like that?

  • Civil Villain
    Civil Villain 4 days ago

    "What Would Happen If You *Didn't* Eat For *An* Entire Week."

    • ZJohnnyZ
      ZJohnnyZ 8 hours ago

      You know he is definitely speaking the truth when he can't even spell correctly lmao

  • chris close
    chris close 4 days ago

    Aldwych underground station is incredibly haunted

  • Love God & Neighbor.

    I was a loyal customer since the 70s. *NEVER AGAIN, since they added 2500 unwanted items to the menu...* _Go to Burger King._ *_BETTER FOOD, BETTER PRICES._*

  • Love God & Neighbor.

    *ALL margerine is bad. Sorry.* Unsalted butter once in a while is fine. Avoid frying anything at high temperatures.

  • Love God & Neighbor.

    Limit sugar. Limit sweet fruit. Limit bread. Avoid milk & soda. *Moderation, exercise & sleep are vital.*

  • Tabassum Zehra
    Tabassum Zehra 4 days ago


  • Love God & Neighbor.

    I wasted money TWICE on starbucks coffee. *Both times, it tasted like VERY EXPENSIVE DIRT.*

  • It's Me Ms. Tracie
    It's Me Ms. Tracie 4 days ago

    New Subscriber here 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Raearlen Clairmont
    Raearlen Clairmont 4 days ago

    We have a Bull Mastive across our house😉

  • Hash Haze
    Hash Haze 4 days ago

    enough about movies and video games already!!! billions of people enjoy horror films and violent video games and don't kill people. that's the worst cop out and we need not even entertain the notion

  • Rochell B
    Rochell B 4 days ago

    That was SO COOL. I thought I was dizzy😓😝😝

  • Thrasymachus Monk
    Thrasymachus Monk 4 days ago

    Presa Canarios are the best big baddies!

  • Intellect, reason&Logic Use your brain

    or there is this version ru-clip.com/video/3HzFpRIGgkU/video.html

  • Glen Petherick
    Glen Petherick 4 days ago

    At 00:30 the line should read W17H0U7, not W17H 0U7. Yeah, my mind is so strong I can even grammar Nazi that shit...... (and at 4:55 it's you're, not your).

  • prince josh Seville

    3:42 answer: old woman why go on full screen and flip your phone

  • Christy Brandt
    Christy Brandt 4 days ago

    One of my neighbors has a black Tibetan mastiff and it's the biggest teddy bear you ever saw.. Most humans are more scary and uncivilized than any dog!!!