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Comparing The Voices - Jade
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Comparing The Voices - Lady
Views 10K7 months ago
Comparing The Voices - Vergil
Views 238K7 months ago
Voice Showcase - "Stan Lee"
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  • Lynn Kaminari
    Lynn Kaminari 54 minutes ago

    Lol the newsman is a sandwich

  • Buddy
    Buddy Hour ago

    rob literally played a part in like, 3 generations of cartoon watchers already, dudes a huge legend.

  • Ki-Pat Tao
    Ki-Pat Tao 2 hours ago

    Mr. Freeze is my favorite Batman villian. Well a tragic villian. I like Maurice LaMarche he's the best and better.

  • zunknownz z
    zunknownz z 3 hours ago


  • marco pena
    marco pena 3 hours ago

    13:16 to 13:39 Bonnie hunt as dolly

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 3 hours ago

    --------> GET OVER HERE!

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 3 hours ago


  • John Paul Gontor
    John Paul Gontor 3 hours ago

    Extraordinary Cast

  • MrD 2001
    MrD 2001 4 hours ago

    Miguel Ferrer would have been a good Bane had he not died. :(

  • FamilyFunHouse PartyTime

    Wait waddles has an actor?

  • Darkrage66
    Darkrage66 5 hours ago

    Vergil has been voice by two power rangers

  • The Emerald Men Official

    The ironic part is Baldry is CANADIAN...

  • TheFurry Kid
    TheFurry Kid 5 hours ago

    Kofi pizza Kiki pizza Jenny

  • Jimmy Hira
    Jimmy Hira 5 hours ago

    Trevor will suit Ricks character

  • Dinosaurprince
    Dinosaurprince 5 hours ago

    Captain Lou forever.

  • Contenido Ridiculo
    Contenido Ridiculo 5 hours ago

    u will die tom -tobey fanboy

  • Ultimatefighter343
    Ultimatefighter343 6 hours ago

    David Hayter is such an awesome voice actor to this day.

  • Lucaruis
    Lucaruis 6 hours ago

    I just can’t believe Nui Harime disguised herself as Jonathan Joestar to hunt down hollows with the help of the Yo-kai watch to latter throw them into the t.v. to reach out for the truth that a monochome bear was hiding

  • WarriorCatsDork
    WarriorCatsDork 6 hours ago

    Raven and Twilight Sparkle were voiced by the same person. Raven likes that one pony show(I forgot its name)

  • Luis Hancco
    Luis Hancco 7 hours ago

    Shikamba Dai bingo

  • Cyklone _18
    Cyklone _18 7 hours ago

    Mk11 shao Kahn has the best voice

  • zaheer_ reid
    zaheer_ reid 7 hours ago

    Colleen clinkenbeard is the va for luffy

  • zaheer_ reid
    zaheer_ reid 7 hours ago

    Lmao I actually think Christopher sabat is the va for vegeta

  • B13CW
    B13CW 7 hours ago

    The unknown actor from 1993 is definitely Jim Ward

  • Malia Huerta
    Malia Huerta 8 hours ago

    Tom Kenny and Elijah Woods are both best for Spyro 100%.

  • Oni Rey
    Oni Rey 8 hours ago

    1:51 and 2:10 He keeps saying MONDOS What the hell is a MONDO? LOL I thought it was [moon-dus]

  • TheGoldenKnight
    TheGoldenKnight 8 hours ago

    D.C douglas is the best wesker


    John Noble is the best and he doesn't need voice effects

    ARMORED LP 8 hours ago

    Where is tricia

    ACECOLF 8 hours ago

    Yep she's my Katarina alright😍

  • His Boss Is Big
    His Boss Is Big 9 hours ago

    stevenson 8/10 bernthal 9/10 Jane 10/10

  • Jacob Weatherford
    Jacob Weatherford 9 hours ago

    Vergils best voice was that of the quantum ranger

  • The Realist Tech
    The Realist Tech 9 hours ago

    Christopher Corey Smith

  • BRG 0001
    BRG 0001 10 hours ago

    And this is how I learned the !aster Chief voiced Star Lord.

  • Nickolas
    Nickolas 11 hours ago

    3:30-3:50 i only hear Arthas Menethil

  • MoRaculous Dewd
    MoRaculous Dewd 11 hours ago

    S C U M

  • dragon eye
    dragon eye 11 hours ago


  • Jonathan Thomas Crist a.k.a.

    All of them Andrea Libman, Brittany Irvin and Tara Strong ever

  • Ross Trbojevic
    Ross Trbojevic 12 hours ago

    My favorites are and always will be Kevin Conroy, Roger Craig Smith, Jason O’Mara, Sean Schemmel

  • Gavin L
    Gavin L 12 hours ago


  • RipsharkTV
    RipsharkTV 12 hours ago

    He's most definitely has objectively improved his skill as years went by, but DMC3 Dante's younger voice is still my favorite/preference. Might be nostalgia but idk.

  • zack
    zack 13 hours ago

    This fake

  • Kenta
    Kenta 13 hours ago

    man he needs to get a cold whenever to do Vergil's voice, it doesn't sound as good as DMC3

  • The Oshawott Man
    The Oshawott Man 14 hours ago

    Mista Surely sounds different in the dub.

  • Mario Truong
    Mario Truong 15 hours ago

    You forgot Japanese Actor as Vergil from Devil May Cry 5, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Project X Zone.

  • Skank Hunt
    Skank Hunt 15 hours ago

    Daniel Southworth verleiht Vergil eine sehr zutreffende Stimme kalt exakt zurückhaltend sicher diese Eigenschaften spiegeln sich genau in der Rolle und Persönlichkeit wieder

  • Evil Production
    Evil Production 15 hours ago

    The voice actor is actually the red quantum ranger in time force 😆

  • SuperBadspeller
    SuperBadspeller 15 hours ago

    do a list of Monica Rial's voices

  • Zach Shadowkill
    Zach Shadowkill 15 hours ago

    Without a doubt, Daniel Southworth is the best!

  • BlackX334 GMGF
    BlackX334 GMGF 15 hours ago

    The flames of revenge couldn't even melt a marshmallow

  • loud pony246
    loud pony246 15 hours ago

    I also like Ronnie Ann Santiago.

  • Glenn Samuel
    Glenn Samuel 15 hours ago

    Im not scared pennywise modern But I LIKE YOU I LIKE THE CINEMA

  • عمر العصيمي
    عمر العصيمي 17 hours ago

    brock peters he is death in 2005

  • EnderEthan 14
    EnderEthan 14 17 hours ago

    Everyone knows Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson but me and my family know him as Kronk from emperor's new groove

  • AllaboutAlicia
    AllaboutAlicia 17 hours ago

    I just realised that penny wise will come out every 27 years later. Both of the 1990 and the 2017 are exactly 27 years

  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther 17 hours ago

    This is a dumb question for Who's the best voice Actor for Vergil. Ang his name was Dan Southworth

    MAUR ICE 17 hours ago

    00:07- 3:45 I noticed they look exactly the same the characters and the voice actors looks alike so much

  • The fork Man
    The fork Man 18 hours ago

    2:43 *THOT* judgement cut

  • Divatox
    Divatox 18 hours ago

    Who was the better........ugh..... Vergil/Daniel - You shaw die!! This is the power of Sparda!

  • Dante Alivieri
    Dante Alivieri 18 hours ago

    Waited for "what's your motivation?"

  • boredstudent
    boredstudent 19 hours ago

    Larry Omaha killed it as Nightwolf. Daniel Lujan does well too. I didn't know Litefoot played Nightwolf. I remember seeing him in the movie The Indian in the Cupboard.

  • ott mänd
    ott mänd 19 hours ago

    Bernthal all the way. The voice, the bodylanguage, the attitude all felt right.

  • PhoenixUp
    PhoenixUp 19 hours ago

    I heard a rumor that you can cut diamonds on Daniel Southworths jawline.

  • Vulcan 19 Warriorz
    Vulcan 19 Warriorz 20 hours ago

    Consider This Final Meeting Bean Club.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 21 hour ago


  • CallMeGigan
    CallMeGigan 21 hour ago

    Christopher Sabat & Colleen Clickenbeard don't these two voice actors on my hero academia aswell?

  • CallMeGigan
    CallMeGigan 21 hour ago

    Alejandro Saab, I watch him on youtube :)

  • Red
    Red 22 hours ago

    See you at the party, Richter!

  • MIKOŁAJ Zukowski
    MIKOŁAJ Zukowski 22 hours ago

    Best : Roger Craig Smith Super : Ryan Drummond Cool : Jason Griffith Bad :Meg Inglima

  • MIKOŁAJ Zukowski
    MIKOŁAJ Zukowski 22 hours ago

    Amy Palant & Kate Higins

  • Hanabi - Chan
    Hanabi - Chan 23 hours ago

    Troy Baker and Neil Kaplan went from being Naruto Shippuden's godly villains who just want peace and justice to being one of Spidey's scariest enemies

  • Hanabi - Chan
    Hanabi - Chan 23 hours ago

    When I first heard Topher Grace I wasn't even a big Marvel fan back then and I loved the movies alone but.. Now that I know who he is... I always go "NOPE! No, no, no, no, no!" Whenever I hear him

  • Erich Dela Cruz

    Bill. Like. You. Bill biliev. Me

  • between222
    between222 Day ago

    You know tails sound better when a girl voice acts acts him. Although for sonic heroes I don't blame the kid I blame a person who hired him. Because they said that his voice was good and put him into it.....unless something happens behind the scenes that I don't know about.

  • Devilsblight86

    *sees Daniel Southworth* HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT THAT CHIN!

  • Kobe8
    Kobe8 Day ago

    Tim Curry

  • Jonah And DC Comics

    Cast: Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex

  • Asiana Witt
    Asiana Witt Day ago

    This video got me shook about my childhood. The fact that Saturn Girl, Violet, Ayla, and Triplicate Girl all have the same voice is insane. It’s so crazy how many share the same voice

  • Albino Basilisk

    2:33 she was LS-515

  • Candy4Bullets
    Candy4Bullets Day ago

    Always hated white men trying to sound indigenous for indigenous characters, they make us sound so robotic! Instead of just a individual with an accent, like that dude before Larry Omaha! Larry was perfect tho lol.

  • Ian Rain
    Ian Rain Day ago

    Twink First thought a gay Twinkie XD

  • cowabunga86
    cowabunga86 Day ago

    it's a coincidence that he voiced the serpent and played pennywise because the way pennywise tricked georgy to his death kinda reminds me of the serpent tricking eve to eat the fruit

  • Evoleth Escoto

    I think Tom Holland had the best voice that's my opinion :)

  • minameise
    minameise Day ago

    Came here specifically looking for Iona Morris . Did not realize so many others had voiced storm but Iona Morris is my favorite.

  • RevampedSpider

    *My Joker List:* 10) Kevin Michael Richardson 9) Michael Emerson 8) Cesar Romero 7) Jack Nicholson 6) John DiMaggio 5) Troy Baker 4) Richard Epcar 3) Heath Ledger 2) Joaquin Phoenix 1) Mark Hamill

  • I heart Kayla bear

    The same guy that voiced sephiroth from final fantasy also plays Superman

  • I heart Kayla bear

    Susan Eisenberg, Grey Griffin, Rachel Kimsey, and Gal Gadot are my top favorites

  • Sonic Creeper206

    Tom Kenny is most of the characters in this show

  • Lewis Lunaris
    Lewis Lunaris Day ago

    Dan has the best Vergil voice, in my personal opinion. HOWEVER, they're all good Vergil voices (yes, even Ninja Theory's Vergil...the only issue I had with his character was the lack of honor)

  • Traeshawne Riddick

    I wanna see Reggae artist Capleton voice Aku Aku

  • MrD 2001
    MrD 2001 Day ago

    Arleen Sorkin will always be number 1, because she IS Harley Quinn, but Tara Strong and Hyden Walch are great too.

  • MrD 2001
    MrD 2001 Day ago

    1.) Richard Moll 2.) Wade Williams 3.) Troy Baker

  • Spawner
    Spawner Day ago

    My Power shall be absolute!!

  • Rodolfo Rogel
    Rodolfo Rogel Day ago


  • Caleb Etheridge

    I would have to say Hugo Vasquez

  • Sub Scorpion#9

    Clancy brown, James marsters, and Jesse eisenberg are my favorite Lex Luthors. Clancy has the best voice, James marsters has this cool voice as he monologues (plus I just hear spike) and I like a more crazier lex luthor with Jesse eisenberg

  • OH Yeh!
    OH Yeh! Day ago

    I like all of them / until now I didn’t know there was more than one. All are talented ladies

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    These are my top 7 best commissioner Gordon's. 1.Bob Hastings 2.Gary Oldman 3.Mitch Pileggi 4.David Selby 5.Tom Kane 6.Jonathan Banks 7.Bryan Cranston.

  • Girly Gamer
    Girly Gamer Day ago

    Optimus is handsome

  • donald trump
    donald trump Day ago

    4:40 all I hear is bender from futurama Laughing