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Non-American Muscle Cars
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  • teo peko
    teo peko 3 hours ago

    Big like!! from Japan

  • Abraham Mclean
    Abraham Mclean 7 hours ago

    I like Old and the Rudolph 60.0 Liter, 1,200 cu in, 2 Stroke, Single Cylinder, 20hp Has to Be my Favorite at this Time, I'm a Diesel Mechanic and Yup Gotta Agree all the Latest Engines are Just Beyond a Little Out There Ha!!! :P] .v (Nmcfmamf) ..

  • Carus Alambra
    Carus Alambra 8 hours ago

    .....Once, when cars and things had a personality and a soul! Carus Alambra

  • Lambochaser
    Lambochaser 12 hours ago

    Thought tdf stood for "too damn fast"

  • houseofpain lilrock
    houseofpain lilrock 13 hours ago

    I remember some of these cars growing up. Good job.

  • Kamran Etemad
    Kamran Etemad 14 hours ago

    After i put mopar performance 360 in brikling, the rear end got scared and parts left the diff.😁

  • aeroflopper
    aeroflopper 14 hours ago

    102 rpm you big lazy,,,,, and it should be an offence to run a turbo with the boost pipe missing....

  • Reeg Jhcx
    Reeg Jhcx 16 hours ago

    Fw190 the best..the worst zero

  • bmanuelangel
    bmanuelangel 18 hours ago

    WHAT THE FUCK the sound of the F1 LM

  • p sup
    p sup 20 hours ago

    I'd like to add thought this was great feature ,but reading the comments some great cars never got there moment of glory ,be great if we could have part 2 and 3 .maybe more :)

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe 21 hour ago

    Terrible idea having frikkin bmw for a bond car

  • Range Man
    Range Man 21 hour ago

    And more.... finally a 100% effective solution to FORD steering

  • Range Man
    Range Man 21 hour ago

    Noisy FORD, but at least the spark plugs stayed in this one.

  • Antonio Mosa
    Antonio Mosa Day ago

    Gran casino e non vanno niente

  • Rickytricky01
    Rickytricky01 Day ago

    England never got an inline engine fiesta was it something different in the u.s? The clip showed a transverse front wheel drive fiesta with a 950cc/1100cc engine which was visually different from a 1300cc/1600cc engine the smaller engines had 4 individual exhaust ports where the 1300cc/1600cc's had a head like 1-2-1 or 1 exhaust port at each end of the block & 2 together in the middle the block was also 40mm appx taller. I had a 1979 'v' registered Fiesta it started life as a small bumper/fender 1300s after I finished only thing that was original was the body shell, rear beam axle & paintwork. I fitted green tinted glass, most of the stuff was from a mk1 XR2 plastic wheel arch trims, round headlights with correct plastic surrounds, soft grey dashboard, mk1 XR2 steering wheel, mk1 XR2 rear seats, grey velour Recaro Fishnets in the front, springs & shock absorbers I think were Koni or Bilstein borrowed from an accident damaged mk2 XR2, I did a bit of inner wing chopping, changing & a strengthening plate welded in to fit a 5 speed transmission not forgetting the bigger Kent 1600cc (no idea if it was bored out to 1700cc+?) I even transplanted original green brake pipes off the donor car with no corrosion. I wish I still had her now the registration was KNO504V I sold her for the minuscule some of £150 big mistake.

  • creditcrew
    creditcrew Day ago

    Luckily some companies has got the point. When making something - go all in. Half way in - has proven to be more disappointing for all the involved... Dodge Hellcat and Ford Mustang are proving it. Returning the smiles to the faces. Down under they had a piece of the action, while the US cars failed to deliver. US legislation constricted the fun. Two almost identical V8 350's . US model 145 BHP, AUS 280/300 BHP. 145BHP may work for a farm pick up truck. 300 BHP just picks up a lot more...

  • bigpapadrew
    bigpapadrew Day ago

    wow, did you really just include footage of the XY GT-HO with footage of the XW? you're clueless mate. don't make these videos if you can't do basic research. the XY GT-HO was the fastest 4 door car in the world for its time. genuine examples are so expensive that only the ultra rich can afford them. the "SuperRoo" is one of, if not the most iconic australian cars (and tbh, this entire list could have been filled with australian cars). but speaking of old but gold right hand drive cars, where the hell was the sierra rs cosworth? you're clueless.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Day ago

    Ford Capri Perana? Where in the world was that available? I live in Ireland and I'm only familiar with the British Ford Capris.

  • Ray Chang
    Ray Chang Day ago

    Very enjoyable video, Car News TV! Most of these cars I've never heard of, so this was fun to watch. (Sorry I missed the premiere. I was busy editing and publishing a RU-clip video of my own. HA!) Keep up the good work! Love your videos and this channel!

    • Car News TV
      Car News TV 21 hour ago

      Ray Chang + Thank you Ray ! We Appreciate it :) Have a nice Weekend !

  • Azri Fadli
    Azri Fadli Day ago

    James Prumprey approved this

  • Azri Fadli
    Azri Fadli Day ago

    Never heard for the Ford Capri Perana

  • Ivo Jara
    Ivo Jara Day ago

    So, a 240, a GTO and a boss 429 are underrated ??? Are you insane ? Try to buy any of theose.

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK 2 days ago

    They would be worth twice as much if they weren't modified

  • mongrelrat
    mongrelrat 2 days ago

    Better: 10 Most Beautiful Classic Cars

  • Nikolas Hovers
    Nikolas Hovers 2 days ago

    I would call the Grifo a "Pony Car", cause it's a 2+2 Coupe.

  • Joe Santana
    Joe Santana 2 days ago

    Half mustang, half pinto???? Never, ever seen that car. Until now.

  • jasonneal
    jasonneal 2 days ago

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s when these cars were new off the showroom floor you could go to your local gas station and get upwards of 120 octane right out of the pump. Sunoco had the best gas, and back then 100octane was around .50cents a gallon. So the high compression motors loved it.

  • Guy Loehr
    Guy Loehr 2 days ago

    like the video... some really good stuff.... that's NOT a Boss 302 btw.....

  • 66tas95
    66tas95 2 days ago

    Very fortunate the Kawasaki has twin discs up front

  • John Barber
    John Barber 2 days ago

    Oh god. Now every idiot hipster in Portland will be driving a suitcase. Thanks a bunch.

  • John Barber
    John Barber 2 days ago

    Oh god. Now every idiot hipster in Portland will be driving a suitcase. Thanks a bunch.

  • aeroflopper
    aeroflopper 2 days ago

    since when as 80hp been big ????

  • German Carrascal
    German Carrascal 2 days ago

    You don't like the Crown Vic? not that it's better but he was also very fancy

  • ivannthegreat1
    ivannthegreat1 2 days ago

    Forgotten? , Really? Probably “ Forgotten “ to the Brain dead that want to forget the 90’s though. But not me though, such beautiful time.

  • Roman Šuler
    Roman Šuler 2 days ago

    Where is BMW E28 ?

  • ZX600E7
    ZX600E7 2 days ago

    it's a rolls Royce meteor at about 3:30

  • Alan Ferris
    Alan Ferris 2 days ago

    Really beautiful cars mostly but very very silly prices

  • David
    David 2 days ago

    The MG SV has no place here. What about a Marcos or Esprit? Even a Scimitar earned its place more than that MG.

  • Flame Killet
    Flame Killet 3 days ago

    What the name of the car in the thumbnail?

  • MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast

    Saddest part ,corvette is no more a grand tourer !😥!

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    Epa is like. Flipping fn biscut rn. Oooh the Rev tho.

  • 455Transam
    455Transam 3 days ago

    I bet those Amphicars leaked like crazy!!

  • 455Transam
    455Transam 3 days ago

    Where's the 1982-1985 FORD EXP........yeah....look it up!

  • handyman
    handyman 3 days ago

    the gransport had to power break, we called those pussy burn outs

  • The Depth of Darkness

    most of these cars are shown at places we'll never get invited. minus that suitcase chainsaw.

    • 455Transam
      455Transam 3 days ago

      Not a T-Shirt in the bunch, way too stuffy and snobby for me!

  • The Depth of Darkness

    you can still buy a rolls Royce merlin engine today. it may be attached to a p51 mustang but there the motor everyone with the 51 wants.

  • The Depth of Darkness

    with the exhaust level of diesel engines its so wise to turbo charge them all. that powerful black exhaust easily turns the compressor blades. diesel rules!

  • Istoeumapemba
    Istoeumapemba 3 days ago

    --"10 powerful Brazilian and Argentinian MUSCLE cars" --(Shows VW SP2) --Tá de brincation with me, cara?

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 3 days ago

    The 250 GTO, the most desirable Ferrari and most expensive.

  • The Depth of Darkness


  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins 3 days ago

    The problem with multiple downloading/uploading of videos give the impression it was originally filmed through the lens of a Vasoline jar.

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins 3 days ago

    Sir, can I borrow your car this weekend?

  • salvador M P
    salvador M P 3 days ago

    Most American cars are really nice, but only the 50s and late 60s thank you.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder 3 days ago

    1989 pontiac turbo trans am, or the g92 optioned i think 1990 trans am, no one remembers them.

  • Randy Purtteman
    Randy Purtteman 3 days ago

    This is a great video. However, I do find one thing disturbing. The government's of multiple nations and their corporations all conspiring to artificially set horsepower and preformance figures for the quote saftey of it's citizens. Not changing things, just lying. Seems some things only get worse.

  • studentofsweetscience

    Nothing obscure about most of these cars. Try the 1969 Pontiac Catalina 2+2.

  • WholeLottaMiata 69
    WholeLottaMiata 69 3 days ago

    Twin charging (turbo and supercharger) isn’t really unique or rare. I’ve seen it on a lot of vehicles at car meets and Hennessy does this on some of there vehicles.

  • Tee pom
    Tee pom 3 days ago

    I didnt know buick made a 340 small block

  • Tee pom
    Tee pom 3 days ago

    Pontiac Buick and olds........hooraaaah

  • p sup
    p sup 4 days ago

    Nissan Silva s12 1.8 turbo zx. 323f gt Mazda :)

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton 4 days ago

    one for the eco warriors to have nightmares over - sound much nicer than electric cars they sound alive........

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton 4 days ago

    can i just borrow your car for 5 minutes?.......

  • Günter Seibert
    Günter Seibert 4 days ago

    wenn man mit einem BMW nicht umgehen kann muss man die finger weg lassen. so kann man legenden auch unnötig zerstören.

  • creditcrew
    creditcrew 4 days ago

    No. The headlights are often very ugly, ruining the lines of the cars. The lights stick out like the eyes of a roadkilled frog...

    • creditcrew
      creditcrew 4 days ago

      @p sup Not in my country, headlights are mandatory in daytime as well. That's the reason. I should have written that. Thanks😀

    • p sup
      p sup 4 days ago

      I can agree ,but your missing the point for 75% of the day you get better performance from a less drag co efficient lines .well worth the bug eyed look alone ,and adding a little ugly it may be it adds a large dose of've obviously never had the pleasure giving some nice girl the wink lol.

  • DarkSpark
    DarkSpark 4 days ago

    Not sure I would put the camaro on here but okay.

  • Krisnieve Lyttle
    Krisnieve Lyttle 4 days ago

    Both the Nissan GRX-3 and the Hartley Engineering-prepped Toyota 1GZ-FE V12 units are great sounding engines! A real shame that neither are in this video.

  • Joseph Staton
    Joseph Staton 4 days ago

    A Celica,, what a joke. The 2000GT is the most beautiful Toyota ever built (IMHO), and of course it didn't make the list.

  • houseofpain lilrock

    The Superbird is nice but the Corvette is awesome. Lamborghini & Ferrari were also awesome. Good video

    • Car News TV
      Car News TV 3 days ago

      houseofpain lilrock + Thank you bro :) ♥

  • Jean-Pierre CHARBIT

    Extraordinaire !!!

  • nissanv8FTW
    nissanv8FTW 4 days ago

    factory 5 chassis looks like 2x2 box tube you buy at lowes. trash.

  • highlife0586
    highlife0586 4 days ago

    Wow the more I look at that Stout Scarab it makes me think of the that futuristic (for it's time)GM Bus, but shrunken.

  • Luke Yeeterman
    Luke Yeeterman 4 days ago


  • xx requid xx
    xx requid xx 4 days ago

    Devel sixteen is fake

  • Daylon Hackney
    Daylon Hackney 4 days ago

    I've never seen a stealth with pop up headlights

  • ded boi
    ded boi 4 days ago

    You can still see these cars in gran turismo psp or other gran turismo games

  • Paul Thomson
    Paul Thomson 4 days ago

    The countachs are both replicas.

  • murray rothbard 90.5

    How much the IS-3 ?

  • Soupisgood2
    Soupisgood2 4 days ago

    i don't need a car to make me miss pop ups, i need karen to take my kids and miata again

  • MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast

    The corvette c4 does go really very fast ,still a lot of hate ,come-on,it is one of the most practical front mid engined sports car! 375 horses ,well even many Ferraris of it's time were never more than that ! And yes ,it is more better than those fat ass muscle cars!

  • bahaa gamer
    bahaa gamer 4 days ago

    thank you very much,man

    • Car News TV
      Car News TV 3 days ago

      bahaa gamer + With pleasure :) Have a nice day !

  • Nathaniel Cruz
    Nathaniel Cruz 4 days ago

    The Plymouth Superbird is my #1 favorite and it's my dream car.

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 4 days ago


    • Paul Thomson
      Paul Thomson 4 days ago

      Xke? Jaguar? What xke jag had pop up lights ?

  • RicoSnakeOff
    RicoSnakeOff 5 days ago

    Putz quanta porcaria junta,isso só tem uma serventia,poluir o mundo,e depois ficam atras de preservar a amazônia para compensar o estrago que eles fazem no pais deles.

  • Corvolet5
    Corvolet5 5 days ago


  • Stephen STEVE
    Stephen STEVE 5 days ago

    What a fukin note!!!!!!!! for those who ; don't baaaad fkn luck

  • keeksta1
    keeksta1 5 days ago

    I love that no one knows about the terminator motor 03 04 cobra 1000hp capable on stock internals. By far the best engine ford has ever built

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew 5 days ago

    Every one of them are great American transport.

  • ptre21
    ptre21 5 days ago

    Look how much noise I've made for going 15 mph! I'm soo cool! Lol it aint shit when you cant accelerate faster than my crv. These cars are not made for a reason.

  • Hunter 747
    Hunter 747 5 days ago

    people on video hey lets rev the crap out of it as soon as it starts me r u insane let it warm up

  • acanthosaura
    acanthosaura 5 days ago

    Old Classic Car Show in Athens 2019

  • chevy vett
    chevy vett 5 days ago

    The Chevy cheetah I haven't seen one of those forever They are awesome little cars

  • stevest1300
    stevest1300 5 days ago

    Ummm... I'd gladly take any one of them at Christmas time.

  • brayan rayan
    brayan rayan 5 days ago

    Haw motch this car please

  • Darth Cage
    Darth Cage 5 days ago

    No british, france , german , japenese or Russian aircraft , USA propaganda

  • Botbox’s Trains
    Botbox’s Trains 5 days ago

    Sorry, I came here for the train, and this, this is a big ol’ scam

  • Gerard Davet
    Gerard Davet 5 days ago

    Garrett TPE331 turboprop engine used in Merlins was one of very best I ever operated without one single engine failure in thousands of flight hours. Incredible Bullet-proof power-plant with instant response.

  • Hazzard
    Hazzard 5 days ago

    Could the first clip have found somewhere with even more overhead cables?

  • Ondre Vassell
    Ondre Vassell 6 days ago

    You show a jet engine on the ground and in the video there wasn't any on the ground. They lie to get your attention

  • Drift Racing
    Drift Racing 6 days ago

    Chevy chevelle ss 454 are the BEST 😍

  • charles wimberly
    charles wimberly 6 days ago

    A lot of them are american cars made in australia