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  • Ness
    Ness 6 hours ago

    Damn jonny you really gotta make a soundtrack for some game

  • The Penguin
    The Penguin 6 hours ago

    You deserve every hundred thousand views you've got for this. Incredible.

  • ariel fernandez
    ariel fernandez 7 hours ago

    WAHigi should be in Smash!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!

  • HatsODoom
    HatsODoom 7 hours ago

    Bro mind doing less Kirby?

  • Asian Kid
    Asian Kid 7 hours ago

    He is the one man army of instruments to make his remixes!

  • MLVXD Prime
    MLVXD Prime 7 hours ago

    yall better do Lying Coldly

  • the queen vs slime 1

    Happy late new year

  • ariel fernandez
    ariel fernandez 7 hours ago

    Road to Galactic Bowser I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Mateo Paz
    Mateo Paz 8 hours ago

    Exquisito Sublime Sabroso

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4 9 hours ago

    2020 Actually went off on a REALLY bad start.

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4 9 hours ago

    7:17 I saw the screen on the left fade out and thought that it had transitioned into the Kirby TV show for some reason. Only to realise that it was only Gametal's kirby shirt. 😂

  • Black Star
    Black Star 10 hours ago

    I really want to just play the guitar part

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 10 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU! Oh my childhood.. Subscribed!!!

  • Gati mo
    Gati mo 10 hours ago

    The Best Game With The Best Robot Make For Eggman.

  • Magnetin Darkwind
    Magnetin Darkwind 11 hours ago

    "You thought it was Dark Matter? But it is I, Nightmare!"

  • Charizard King
    Charizard King 11 hours ago

    Absolutely an epic way to begin the year. Kudos!

  • BOTS
    BOTS 11 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed that he looks like jacksepticeye

  • LaBella Chiquita
    LaBella Chiquita 12 hours ago

    Metal METAL

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed 12 hours ago

    A.K.A. The arena theme from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 12 hours ago

    Here do this song.

    NUBLLI ADVENTURES 13 hours ago

    Faz do Motoz Machina do Toram online

  • Sapphire the Nerd Woomy

    Requests: 1. You're All Bad Guys (A Hat in Time) 2. Vs. Colress (Pokémon B2W2) 3. Vs. Mr. Patch (Banjo-Tooie) 4. Chaos King (Deltarune) 5. Acid Hues (Splatoon 2)

  • Gooey
    Gooey 14 hours ago

    Pursuit ~ Wanting Denny’s Premium Chicken Tender Meal

  • Waverness
    Waverness 15 hours ago


  • Younes :/
    Younes :/ 15 hours ago


  • GreenNinjaIH YT
    GreenNinjaIH YT 16 hours ago

    I’m actually kinda surprised I havent seen any comments asking him to do Unknown From ME

  • hirschlord
    hirschlord 17 hours ago

    Its so long ? 😋

  • SmashDeku 27
    SmashDeku 27 17 hours ago

    Lil ol' me a hero? Surely you jestin'!

  • joe
    joe 18 hours ago

    I know this is more of a game channel, but I would love you to do Giorno's Theme/Il Vento d'Oro

  • Hubi Szakatsch
    Hubi Szakatsch 19 hours ago

    Still the best cover of that song ☺️

  • FailPad
    FailPad 20 hours ago


  • lampy bubbles
    lampy bubbles 20 hours ago

    if it’s zero two shouldn’t it just be one?

  • BlueBasNeue Tube
    BlueBasNeue Tube 21 hour ago

    Hey dude, will you do a Gametal of Warioware's title music?

  • Aurora Lake
    Aurora Lake 22 hours ago

    This was my first experience with Edobean, and I've gotta say, her voice totally rocks this song!

  • Nmac7 yeah
    Nmac7 yeah 22 hours ago

    One Two Oatmeal This is basically a Shout-out to simpleflips.

  • Zwataketa (Logan Holt)

    I almost lost it when I saw the Super Sonic plush XD

  • greathelmm
    greathelmm 22 hours ago

    it will always be ATMA Weapon to the orignal Snes players

  • Marx
    Marx 23 hours ago


  • Marx
    Marx 23 hours ago

    Wow !

  • Hanwhoya
    Hanwhoya Day ago

    Do you guys know the song at 59:20? Thanks!

  • Alan Gabriel Machado

    Awesome classics songs

  • IssacT6 Gaming

    Hehe I came from robeats. Great remix overall! But go watch the mkwii one!

  • Chef.K
    Chef.K Day ago

    I'll wait for GaMetal "Jump up, Super star!" forever. When I voted to 2020 song Ballot, I forgot to write the reason... Why I request it is... ①Jonny Atma is my most favorite musician! ②”Jump Up, Super Star!" is an epic Nintendo song! ① + ② = Perfect!

  • ばんちょー


  • holy hecc
    holy hecc Day ago

    Honestly, I’ve waited for you to do this song. I NEEDED to hear this song with the good ol’ GaMetal charm in it. Love it!

  • 簿右岸戸かざこ


  • Bluvein 18
    Bluvein 18 Day ago

    Wow,the fourth remix, and the second with lyrics XD

  • soy un gato
    soy un gato Day ago

    please do it's showtime from dimiento

  • Bubby Kins
    Bubby Kins Day ago

    Suggestions: • Wily bosses (MM4 on Gameboy) • Heart of Enker (MM10) • Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass) • Metal Man (MM2 on Gameboy) • Sunstar (MM5 on Gameboy) • Tengu Man (medley of MM8 on PlayStation, MM8 on Saturn, and MM&B) • VS. Zero (Mega Man Network Transmission)

  • This thing 0.o

    This is the music that plays when you know your *BONED* IM FUNNY RIGHT ;-;

  • AlphaAmoeba
    AlphaAmoeba Day ago

    So it's having a new Zero Two remix each year a thing now

  • Discord TheNecroverseDev

    i wish people would actually like these games, their my fav pokemon games but everyone hates them :'(

  • Fox McCloud
    Fox McCloud Day ago

    Request: 1. Boss Battle B (Star Fox 64)

  • josh smith
    josh smith Day ago

    omg ! check out this hot girl streaming Kirby !

  • Cadigo Corart
    Cadigo Corart Day ago


  • Destroyer Dotjaypeg

    First line and noped out. Sorry Edobean

  • Funtime Nero
    Funtime Nero Day ago

    Alright, let's do Dark Matter from Kirby next.

  • Anervaria
    Anervaria Day ago

    zero two three: there is no number one also, fun fact, 02 itself is at no point shown in this video until around 5:23, when it is dying also IS THAT YUKARI AT THE END

  • MaskedChaos
    MaskedChaos Day ago

    When you play a game of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine against Satan for your life

  • Dimitri Warchief

    Another?! Crazy

  • Bone Lord
    Bone Lord Day ago

    Reflect on your...Childhood...Your sensation...Your words...Your emotions...Time...It will not wait...No matter...How hard you hold on...It escapes you...And...

  • Lord Bekonu
    Lord Bekonu Day ago

    "Time for the KO punch." [Does the most badass moment in Super Mario history]

  • Keesha Cosby
    Keesha Cosby Day ago

    This reminds me of Star dream

  • Megaono
    Megaono Day ago

    If Dynamo's Theme (Mega Man X5) gets remixed by this guy this will blow my mind! It will most likely be in a Medley (Mega Man Medley 3 or Playstation Medley) but I don't mind if its a full cover or part of a medley I'm fine either way :)

  • Prisma Can
    Prisma Can Day ago

    This is fantastic. Edobean did a great job with the vocals, and you with the Guitar as always but... Why does the font used for the "H" in the lyrics look weird? The "A" is like that too, but only sometimes. What happened?

  • syweb2
    syweb2 Day ago

    It sucks that you didn't include phase 4, but this is still a bop!

  • Black The Gaming Warrior

    You wanna know something I don't see remixed often? Galacta Knight I hear it's basically sacred, but admittedly, I feel GaMetal can pull off a badass remix someday

  • Citrus Chaos
    Citrus Chaos Day ago

    Loved it! Can you try "Fatalize" from Tales Of Symphonia next?

  • Bob Allan
    Bob Allan Day ago

    Could you Homestuck Savior of the Waking World next? Pretty please

  • Chileshe
    Chileshe Day ago

    My heart goes out to all you sinners <3

  • Michael Colon
    Michael Colon Day ago

    You are one of the best music remake masters I enjoy all the time you take to make this music great job 🔥🔥🔥

    EDGY BOY Day ago

    This need a vocal

  • Riotmode
    Riotmode Day ago

    say it with me, kids: KIRBY'S FUCKIN PISSED

  • Phoebe and Mimi Channel

    This song: Exist *Roblox: Time to put this in RoBeats*

  • Mr. Aronnax
    Mr. Aronnax Day ago

    Here because of Technical

  • Redwykelz
    Redwykelz Day ago

    The absolute madman.

  • Simone Chiari
    Simone Chiari Day ago

    Mother of God. You re incredible

  • Ampherocious 84

    I see blue Kirby on the thumbnail, I like.

  • Vincenzo Auricchio

    you have to chuck rock or splatter house

  • Temmiexgames monster Hunter

    The legend is here

  • Masochist Incarnate


  • Dilopho
    Dilopho Day ago

    Another perfect strike!

  • It’z Crazo
    It’z Crazo Day ago

    3:11-3:22 is so good!

  • laprechaun12
    laprechaun12 Day ago

    Slightly cringy

  • Zacharius
    Zacharius Day ago

    Why is Super Sonic on Electronic Keyboards?

  • m16sandolivedrab

    I see a Duke Nukem figure on the shelf behind you!

  • Prince Black Elf

    I don't recall any vocals in the actual game, is my memory faulty or is this an original arrangement to accompany games music?

    • Mariomaniac88
      Mariomaniac88 Day ago

      The original song had no vocals, back when the 2011 GaMetal remix of Zero-Two was posted, Edobean decided to make custom vocals for it, and then Jonny reached out and cleaned it up a bit. When the 2019 remake of the original Zero-Two GaMetal was made, a vocal version was highly requested

  • Jimbo Animations

    this is definitely the best OST of any game from our childhood

  • Andrew Krzyzaniak


  • K. Feliciano
    K. Feliciano Day ago

    Charging Star!

  • Firey Piranha
    Firey Piranha Day ago

    Jump up superstar?

  • Ebyn Walker
    Ebyn Walker Day ago

    ha ha im marx and thx you

  • Ebyn Walker
    Ebyn Walker Day ago

    i can play anything

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 2 days ago

    I like this remix of my battle theme.

  • Jayelldee
    Jayelldee 2 days ago

    "Yea I know" "Darn white shirt..."

  • Tyroki
    Tyroki 2 days ago

    Dark Messenger would be great.

  • DarkX
    DarkX 2 days ago


  • Albonchap
    Albonchap 2 days ago

    Who is here after they remade this? Yeah i beat you too it person who wants likes.

  • Yoshi 244
    Yoshi 244 2 days ago


  • Herse Hill
    Herse Hill 2 days ago