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R.I.P. Sulli
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JUSTHYO is over.
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  • 派柏說
    派柏說 44 minutes ago

    u should watch LION stage ver. on the QUEENDOM.

  • itsTrixy N.
    itsTrixy N. 3 hours ago

    Filipino po ba kayo?

  • The EH Team
    The EH Team 7 hours ago

    Good song, but I found it funny "queen like a lion" in other words... a lioness.

  • Soyeon Is Bae
    Soyeon Is Bae 20 hours ago

    Fam the funny thing about this is that as said in Queendom before the performance Soyeon mentioned that she wasn't able to watch the Lion King show since they were always busy thus she got inspired off of it and based the song through it and yes, Soyeon made this all of it as well as the theme in their performance and settings as well as in that MV ahaha such talent I love their growth and the rest of the girls all shined in their own way as well especiall in this one imo is Shuhua girl just spit fire and didn't even feel anything lets get itttttt (do correct me if I'm wrong Neverland)

  • Daniel Barragan
    Daniel Barragan 21 hour ago

    Triple Kill! LMAO!

  • Jazz Melliza
    Jazz Melliza 22 hours ago

    Baekhyun in the sea and the NEXT scenes are on the ALBUMS and you need to collect it to know the STORY. 🙌🙌🙌

  • Zakia Bibi
    Zakia Bibi 22 hours ago

    Thank you for reacting to gidle 💗

  • 魏毛毛
    魏毛毛 23 hours ago

    I hope you can see Lion’s stage in Queendom❤️

  • Yon Chan
    Yon Chan Day ago

    People who are thinking of the creative behind this comeback --> It's Soyeon.... LoL... You guys should check their performance on queendom too, their performance is EPIC....

  • łøłø chan
    łøłø chan Day ago

    Finally ❤😭

  • Jee un
    Jee un Day ago

    Soyeon produces this song and do PPT for mv concept 👌🏼

  • Rodina Alfahad

    😂😂😂😂😂😂love you’re reaction guys

  • desi sartika
    desi sartika Day ago

    Finally react to G-Idle Lion Thankyou😊

  • Jigucci Park
    Jigucci Park Day ago

    Can I know? Justin like who in g-idle?

  • caii _27
    caii _27 Day ago

    Yuqi bias here!

  • Chaelin CL
    Chaelin CL Day ago

    No one can stop us , look. -Soyeon

  • Miyeon Carey
    Miyeon Carey Day ago

    My bias is Miyeon but Soojin charisma insane

  • Miyeon Carey
    Miyeon Carey Day ago

    Their no need cube anymore

  • Leader Soyeon
    Leader Soyeon Day ago

    In only one year 6 comeback 2 comeback league of legend every song made by Soyeon, the powrr

  • Leader Soyeon
    Leader Soyeon Day ago

    Queens of kpop

  • santiago ortiz diaz

    Soojin is my bias, she is incredible, i like your reactions a lot, you are very funny (sorry for my english)

  • amyiunmai sp
    amyiunmai sp Day ago


  • i luv kpop and avengers 3000

    holy sht im- ced and i have the same bias in bp, rv, tw, and now (g)i-dle wth

  • Bts Jiminag7
    Bts Jiminag7 Day ago

    Thank you so much!!!♤♡♡

  • amyiunmai sp
    amyiunmai sp Day ago


  • amyiunmai sp
    amyiunmai sp Day ago


  • Once you wheein You can’t wheeout

    Minnie though!!!! Her high note! 😍

  • Dinosaurs Are life

    Thank you ❤️ love you guys💜

  • Analuiza Martins

    Momo é um anjo🥺💜

  • Hermione62
    Hermione62 Day ago

    "they're thinking outside the CUBE" Justin 2019

  • Yaoi Lover 2.0

    I love gidle as much as i love your videos ;)

  • Deok ii
    Deok ii Day ago

    guys! finally!!

    ALMA ROCIO Day ago


  • Melanie Fuentes


  • Only Monsta X
    Only Monsta X Day ago

    I really like your guys reactions, you guys always make my day💖💖

    AKASETHAI 555 Day ago

    🖤🖤🖤 From Thailand

  • Mia Ragni
    Mia Ragni Day ago

    Hi 😁

  • Juliana Vieira

    Jeongyeon forgets the dance : * inserts Jackson voice : cute

  • Yen Jihyo
    Yen Jihyo 2 days ago


  • Jazz Melliza
    Jazz Melliza 2 days ago

    I'm touched with your comments about Tempo 😭 some ppl don't appreciate that THIS IS PERFORMAMCE RIGHT HERE.

  • Jazz Melliza
    Jazz Melliza 2 days ago


  • Jazz Melliza
    Jazz Melliza 2 days ago


  • Princess Justina Ocampo

    Raph, nayeon will be sad. #RaYeon

  • Nikki Zea
    Nikki Zea 2 days ago

    When you guys said Stell is Stellar, I automatically thought of Stell and Maris Racal a.k.a Stellar (Stell's crush)😅💕

  • devia sinta
    devia sinta 2 days ago

    I like this reaction 🤣👏

  • gsdc
    gsdc 2 days ago

    No one in the comments is a Jeongyeon stan :( but Im here to tell you to stan queen model Jeongyeon <3

    • Meh Meh
      Meh Meh Day ago

      Yes she is there are a lot of Jeongyeon biases lmao you just gotta find em

    • gsdc
      gsdc 2 days ago

      @Meh Meh yeah she is my bias also, it makes me sad and angry that she isnt appreciated as the other members.

    • Meh Meh
      Meh Meh 2 days ago

      gsdc and that’s the tea on that ( Fellow Jeongyeonnie bias here )

  • justin samson
    justin samson 2 days ago

    Minkyeung is really pretty hahahaha

  • Pratigya Kadam
    Pratigya Kadam 2 days ago

    Kim dahyun aka Kim Elsa is everything..... BTW I love your reaction....

  • Miri M
    Miri M 2 days ago

    I love u guys ❤️❤️

  • 갓지효JihyoS2
    갓지효JihyoS2 2 days ago


  • Chloe Liew
    Chloe Liew 2 days ago

    More twice love you guess and Ralph is you bias still mina jess plz

  • 오범교
    오범교 2 days ago


  • Lala twice
    Lala twice 2 days ago


  • vladimir dragunov
    vladimir dragunov 2 days ago

    Bias wrecker protection plan.. That's new

  • connie etsb
    connie etsb 2 days ago

    Where’s Mina???

  • Mandimbsoa Rasolofomanana

    Hey fresh baon , Who is your bias wrecker in twice ?

  • amyiunmai sp
    amyiunmai sp 2 days ago


  • achmad fahri
    achmad fahri 3 days ago

    So funny reaction bro!!!jihyo is so cute Team #justhyo

    FEGO ART 3 days ago


    KOH JUN RONG JOEL 3 days ago

    "Her forehead is shiny"-cedrick 2019

  • Twice Ones
    Twice Ones 3 days ago


  • Aeron Paul Portillo

    Alright! My favorite reactors, yehey!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Chiew
    Brandon Chiew 3 days ago

    This is for Raph, my bias is Mina as well, have him react to Mina - Good Person, I know it was a couple of years ago, but that video exemplifies my love for Mina more! #Maph

  • Jeremy West
    Jeremy West 3 days ago


  • Myoui Mieyyy
    Myoui Mieyyy 3 days ago

    Jeongyeon : *Forgot the dance part Jihyo : Stare at jeongyeon *REALLY???*

  • Momoring
    Momoring 3 days ago

    no one literally no one: *her forehead is so shiny* *-cedwin*

  • Kpop Star
    Kpop Star 3 days ago

    Pls Reaction Lion - (G)I-DLE

  • bloodreaper吸血鬼

    ahhh no mina inside 😭

  • Aobalba
    Aobalba 3 days ago

    this is how many pinoys watching this 👇

  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco 3 days ago

    magandang umaga dabarkads 😂

  • Xara Impas
    Xara Impas 3 days ago

    Wow I'm early

  • Mrs Tuan
    Mrs Tuan 3 days ago


  • Dinosaurs Are life
    Dinosaurs Are life 3 days ago

    G idle lion 🦁

  • Candace Joseph
    Candace Joseph 3 days ago

    The one in the middle look like jhonny from nct 127

  • Julian
    Julian 3 days ago

    Lol jihyo had a sore neck that’s why she was dancing like that 😂

  • Fav faby
    Fav faby 3 days ago

    Justin you are adorable‼️✨❤️

  • Raghad
    Raghad 3 days ago

    That’s so cutee💓💓

  • Lyrìstã_Blúê
    Lyrìstã_Blúê 3 days ago

    0:59 *“Feelin the moves”* *Me everytime Twice comes on* 💖 2:19 Kuya Justin’s laugh is the most *ADORABLE* thing ever!!💜

    UNTAMED DUBU 3 days ago


  • JoeStyle Channel
    JoeStyle Channel 3 days ago

    Victon - nostalgic night reaction💕💕

  • Buse Yılmaz
    Buse Yılmaz 3 days ago

    I Love this ❤️🍁

  • a.s. _14_
    a.s. _14_ 3 days ago

    G idle-lion

    ONCETAGRAM 3 days ago


  • Mina x
    Mina x 3 days ago

    I love this 😂💗

  • once love
    once love 3 days ago

    Mee firssttttt

  • Mae Ann Nigos
    Mae Ann Nigos 3 days ago

    Yaaaassss! Ive been waiting for this! 🥰

  • Miya Poquez
    Miya Poquez 4 days ago

    Are you guys Filipino?

  • Dinosaurs Are life
    Dinosaurs Are life 4 days ago

    G idle lion 🦁

  • 햄햄
    햄햄 4 days ago

    아니듣고있는거야? 너무시끄러워!

  • Tom Thailand
    Tom Thailand 4 days ago

    Oh hani 😱😱😱

  • Minmin Myoui
    Minmin Myoui 4 days ago

    The Song , Pretty Good! The Choreo, Pretty Good! The Music Video, Pretty Good! All in all, Pretty Good! #PrettyGoodCedrick2019

  • sujiro
    sujiro 4 days ago

    3 fanboys... So cool... Thank you guys... Hope to see more sb19 videos...

  • jordyn perry
    jordyn perry 4 days ago

    Laughed so hard @3:01 🤣💀

  • Kyle Alcabo
    Kyle Alcabo 4 days ago

    I'll wait for your dance cover : )

  • Kate Gonzales
    Kate Gonzales 4 days ago

    You should see their Dance practice tho😊 100% nice

  • Brendali mochi
    Brendali mochi 4 days ago

    Dude....Bm tho!

  • tarokins
    tarokins 4 days ago

    Calling all A'TINs! You heard it, 5K likes daw they'll do a dance cover! Apir mga fanboys. Haha!

  • MS eytin
    MS eytin 4 days ago

    Stell stole my heart when I first heard him hit those high notes. Damn Stellvester!!!🍓💕 patuloy lng guys👍😂💕

  • Marie rose
    Marie rose 4 days ago

    Pinoy po kau mag tagalog kayo

  • your name
    your name 4 days ago