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  • Unbias Cowboy Fan
    Unbias Cowboy Fan 9 minutes ago

    All I hear is you making excuses for lebron

  • bob brown
    bob brown 15 minutes ago

    so did Stephen deserve it on a losing team?

  • Stranger Seeker
    Stranger Seeker 18 minutes ago

    LeBron James beat Kawhi on almost if not whole 1 vs 1 yesterday, but Lakers loss.

  • ilove basketball
    ilove basketball 43 minutes ago

    He just mad cause he couldt get kawhi

      IRON FACE 38 minutes ago

      He's mad cuz he didn't get to ride that dick!😭😭😂

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 46 minutes ago

    LeWashed with the big mouth until his 'playoff mode' kicks in and Lakers get molested

    IRON FACE 55 minutes ago

    If you notice it LeBron didn't beat kawhi last year. And this year kawhi is back at it. Lebum can't handle the klaw!😂

  • BIGmanu
    BIGmanu Year ago

    jooooo wazzup