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  • Ulusese Talitau
    Ulusese Talitau 5 hours ago

    Pop your insta below. lol

  • Funcupcakegirl Playz
    Funcupcakegirl Playz 13 hours ago

    i mean bighit is gonna debut a girl group in 2021 sooo yeah but their website still says males only YiKeS

  • Simanti Bhattacharya

    I have one question .. So if You don't know Korean that means you can't audition!!??

  • eline65
    eline65 3 days ago

    That moment when Chammy verbalized the comma! 😍😍

  • madara butānova
    madara butānova 3 days ago

    I love killing stalking and bastard Mmmmmmm yes

  • aEsThEtIcLy ViBiN
    aEsThEtIcLy ViBiN 6 days ago

    so im new to webtoon, the first story i read was true beauty, and i read it in 2019 so... and it was in december. i just finished reading lookism and those two are the only ones i read so far, and i saw this video and searched up killing stalking and it didnt show up, so i meant to ask if anyone knows if its still on webtoon?

  • Seulgay Uwuu
    Seulgay Uwuu 6 days ago

    ik there's a rumor about bighit finding some filipina trainees. so i was like "what if i audition?" so i search for the experiences of trainees then i found this. i think it's kinda hard because yep, i wanna audition but I don't have a talent:((

  • paolo hu
    paolo hu 6 days ago

    Really liked this video and start reading dice after your suggestion and I think it's pretty cool, so thank you for suggesting that webtoon

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco 7 days ago

    She will be begging for a nice guy in her 30s

  • paolo hu
    paolo hu 7 days ago

    Could I suggest you to read "solo leveling"?

  • Van Taessty
    Van Taessty 8 days ago

    i back at this video again since bighit accepted girls for this one time

  • Aebongy 3000
    Aebongy 3000 8 days ago

    This is so funny!

  • perovato02
    perovato02 10 days ago

    More video please

  • aina mactove
    aina mactove 11 days ago

    master sungkyu once said jungyeop is scared with inspirits , we inspirits respect

  • Pearl M.
    Pearl M. 12 days ago

    i dont have adhd, but im bipolar so i get manic and therefore i have really bad anger management issues as well and i feel alone in these issues and im really glad you shared your story. i tend to compare myself to others and am like “why cant i be like them, they dont get so angry like me” drama is a really great and healthy outlet for adhd kids because it gets out that hyperactivity and can express your creativity:)) i did drama and a lot of the kids had adhd.

  • isabel luise
    isabel luise 12 days ago

    omg i lover her videos ♥️ of course isn't everyone who ask to someone to teach them korean, be a koreaboo

  • Gabriel Hurd
    Gabriel Hurd 13 days ago

    its funny she expected everyone to be here for killing stalking but it's just the lookism fam in the comments.

  • Jorden Lee Official
    Jorden Lee Official 14 days ago

    I'm half Japanese and half Australian I Live In Japan Every 1nce A Day I Visit Korea I See White Girls Coming up to me And saying are you a kpop star no sorry I'm not signed with a label but hey I do make music but there all drafts

  • alana likes asian boys with thicc thights

    In my phone when I change the county everything is in Korean and I don’t understand Korean :(

  • LSM
    LSM 18 days ago

    I'm happy that I'm not a koreaboo.

  • 白狗做事来我家里

    ok boomer

  • Pelin Demirçioğlu
    Pelin Demirçioğlu 19 days ago

    I like REALLY want to be an k-pop idol, but I live in Europe.. I do know how to read Korean, but don’t understand that much and people like my parents or friends whom I told that I want to be an k-pop idol all just said ‘it’s not something you could earn money of’ ‘it’s not a real job’ ‘you’re not that good, forget it’ or my mom said ‘first learn a song from your own culture’ ‘prove to me you want it’. I am like trying to practice my singing and dancing till I finish school (probably when I’m 19, because the college I want to go to is for 2 years) and try earn money, then go to Korea and audition. I don’t care what people say, I AM finishing my school and first earn money, but I AM certainly going to Korea and try so many tines to audition and practice till I am a trainy and become an idol. I am not giving up and you advice helps me to know what to expect. I am also currently 16 and almost 17 in a couple weeks so.. if I do my best at school and practicing, I will remember this video and say thank god I watched this! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!💜💜💜

  • Shreya Thapa
    Shreya Thapa 20 days ago

    Hey guys I have a question. I tried to watch lookism drama but immediately dropped it when I saw the changes in the very first scene. So should I watch it?

  • Romchang Koeung
    Romchang Koeung 22 days ago

    Girl well now you can audition to bighit agian But im sad because im asian but not korean

  • zahra imran
    zahra imran 22 days ago


  • PartyAnd ThePeople
    PartyAnd ThePeople 23 days ago

    I wanted to audition but people with think I’m just a sasaeng when I’m not :(

  • Karen Li
    Karen Li 24 days ago

    I love Lookism!!!! i also like i love yoo, siren lament, true beauty, ghost wife, my dear cold blooded king, and where tangents meet. the last one is soooooo good i can not emphasize this any more where tangents meet is such a good webtoon.

  • Nith
    Nith 24 days ago

    When’s the how I got into UCLA video

    • Nith
      Nith 24 days ago

      Coming out

  • Meha ARMY&MOA
    Meha ARMY&MOA 25 days ago

    Umm is it me or I should the voice supper muffled?

  • wo.jiao. jia
    wo.jiao. jia 26 days ago


  • Fancy Ooh
    Fancy Ooh 27 days ago

    Y’all just watch. They probably contacted her the week after and she’s gonna be the leader of the nation’s next girl group

  • N o O n e
    N o O n e 28 days ago

    More vids please you are hilarious! Also have a great Christmas! 🎄 🎁

    KILLAMAN904 29 days ago

    This girls smile is :0

  • Joy Liu
    Joy Liu 29 days ago

    i love you oml lmk why im watching this at 3 am hahahHah

    • Chammy Choi
      Chammy Choi 29 days ago

      omg HAHAHAHA its ok i watched the kasa dance off video last night at like 2 am

  • Lance Dance
    Lance Dance Month ago

    So much energy in this video it gives me anxiety... that's a good thing👍

  • ray raemoend
    ray raemoend Month ago


  • HeadPhones In
    HeadPhones In Month ago

    The one about the balls sounds like that Junji Ito one with the floating heads ( never actually read either )

  • Xxyour_local_weebxX is here

    Im half Chinese and I sing in choirs and dance on a fance team, but I don't want to do Kpop. Im more interested in auditioning for Cpop companies considering Im half Chinese. Also I really like TF boys so... Idk though. Yall do you

  • V-방탄 소년단

    Audition already past for a girl group bighit is making a girl group to debut on 2021 but audition were 5-2something on October 2019

  • Babita Pawar
    Babita Pawar Month ago

    I was planning on auditioning but . . . After seeing you i- don't think I should. . . Yeah that is how I bully myself 😂

  • Hobi’s Sprite
    Hobi’s Sprite Month ago

    It’s refreshing to see someone actually getting mad over this instead of playing it off 😂😂😂

  • mia jis
    mia jis Month ago

    You are so beautiful, I think if you had bebuted you would be my bias

  • Jay Forbes
    Jay Forbes 2 months ago

    This is amazing

  • haraxs
    haraxs 2 months ago

    really love that pink hair on u <33

  • ᵐᵒᵐᵒ⁻ʳⁱⁿᵍ

    i have this friend who is a HUGE koreaboo and says she's korean yet she doesn't even know the culture. like, she once told me "i HaVe ThIs KimOnO aT hOmE bEcaUse iTs tRadiTionAl iN kOrea", yet koreans don't wear kimonos, they wear something called HANBOK. like, if she's apparently "korean" she should know at least some of the basic korean culture... anD IM NOT EVEN KOREAN MYSELF. then, there was this one time she pretended to know the korean language (she doesn't even know hangul). so i decided to play dumb and ask her to write my name in her phone with the korean keyboard. when she wrote it, she didn't even place the consonants and vowels correctly! she just basically typed in random characters and it ended up looking like this: "ㄱ재ㅑㅁㅎ저" fIrsT oF aLl, thats not how you place the letters correctly, and second, thats noT eVen clOSe tO bEinG mY nAme (my name actually goes like this: 니카/nica) but instead of telling that to her, i pretended to be impressed and be like "oH wOoWw..." so basically, she talks about how "korean" she is yet she doesn't the basic culture and basic language yet? i'm not even korean myself yet i seem to know more about the korean culture and language than she does.

  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 2 months ago

    Hi chammy! Just wanted to stop by and say that you are awesome and I love your channel 😊

    WTF NO MIA OMG 2 months ago

    8:44 *looks up from my ds sweating nervously*

  • Brandon Yu
    Brandon Yu 2 months ago

    chammy you suck

    • Chammy Choi
      Chammy Choi 2 months ago

      Brandon Yu :,( u have small 🐔 🐓

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 2 months ago

    Save Sammy 2019 and 2020 save herrrr

  • Rakim Yahushan
    Rakim Yahushan 2 months ago

    This video kills me Its so FUnNy

  • Ariana M
    Ariana M 2 months ago

    I actually just don't understand why people would change their whole identity just be something or someone else. Like, you're beautiful just the way you are and you should be thankful for who you are and what you have. PUT SOME DAMN RESPECT IN THIS WORLD WOULDYA? LOVE YEERSELF

  • Ariana M
    Ariana M 2 months ago

    Like all the koreaboos think asia is literally just korea and japan and there are no other countries in that contnent EXCEPT FOR THOSE TWO

  • MinistressForMagic
    MinistressForMagic 2 months ago

    Infinite deserved so much better

  • MinistressForMagic
    MinistressForMagic 2 months ago

    Companies need to do more to protect their idols across the board :(

  • MinistressForMagic
    MinistressForMagic 2 months ago

    Your hair is the cutest

  • Onazahi Ajayi
    Onazahi Ajayi 2 months ago

    why are we not talking about freaking romance

  • kookieswithtae
    kookieswithtae 2 months ago

    Well now they are! , it might be a little late but you could still try your luck

  • ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ안다영

    I’m Korean, been accused of being a Koreaboo, and I live in america so so many people ask me to teach them korean, and like do u kno bts? ! EVERYDAYYYY

  • Dominique Sutton
    Dominique Sutton 2 months ago

    Can you react to K-Pop idols sexy moments?

  • oh cheese
    oh cheese 2 months ago

    Anyone who is confused on why she mentioned epik high is because at one point they were under woolim :) As a woollim stan, they still have to improve the ways they address scandals/hate/sexual harassment comments. Particularly, antifans and jerks still take it too far on lovelyz and nothing is being done to prevent it. Meanwhile, Rocket Girls aren't really having issues yet (let's keep it that way pls). Is anyone else confused if L is still in the group with me? Let's say he still is in Infinite but not woollim, is he actually going to promote with them, cause i honestly don't think so. Groups that are in similar position like EXID havent made a comeback either, but then again its only been a couple months. But i still have my doubts.

    • Rosy
      Rosy Month ago

      Woollim is currently suing people who do malicious comments and harassment, even a guy who commented obscene things against Kei was fined with a million won. Since december 2018 they made a statement about it.

    • oh cheese
      oh cheese 2 months ago

      @Chammy Choi thats where it gets confusing for me. A lot of articles online are saying he left woollim but not infinite, i think its like the EXID circumstances where two members have left the entertainment but are "still in the group. " also im not sure if there's a translation issue of korean articles and english ones as my korean understanding skills are subpar

    • Chammy Choi
      Chammy Choi 2 months ago

      I think L left a few months ago :<

  • armyheart
    armyheart 2 months ago

    never knew about this, so interesting! >_<

  • Ally Bak
    Ally Bak 2 months ago


  • nusrat farah
    nusrat farah 2 months ago

    this tea is piping hot-

  • kpopownsmyass
    kpopownsmyass 2 months ago


    • Chammy Choi
      Chammy Choi 2 months ago

      kpopownsmyass it’s animal crossing haha

    • Unknown - Girl
      Unknown - Girl 2 months ago

      Island (Day) - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Music

  • HeyYuna
    HeyYuna 2 months ago


  • ChimChim_Gaming YT ØwØ

    I Kinda want to Audition...sadly bighit doesnt Want a girl Group..... *im underaged any ways* This is my opinion: I Kinda dont think Fans would be jealous Of underaged Like 14 or 11 or even 15 bighit stars cause they are underaged To Even Date BTS (if they can lmao) just like a sister and brother would do (sry im really bad at explaining)

  • midn _iqht
    midn _iqht 2 months ago

    Jay's hawt I love Lookism lmao.

  • Tae with some sugar with some Kookie and Mochi

    This is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tae with some sugar with some Kookie and Mochi

    Your realy pretty just because your Asian and i am Asian and i am bias 😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Guzman
    Jennifer Guzman 2 months ago

    Orange marmalade made me cry... Just do you know

  • sAvE tHe TuRtLeS
    sAvE tHe TuRtLeS 2 months ago

    Dear BigHit, I will pay with REAL money to be BTS' hairstylist/makeup artist and to also see them be original crackheads if you do this I will cry then die then cry some more and then stop Sincerely, A girl who wants to meet BTS

  • Miah Leitz
    Miah Leitz 2 months ago

    Okay I know it's not related but I wish I could have a closet like yours where you can hide... I'm sorry it's too late and I should go to study, okay bye

  • J Corujo
    J Corujo 2 months ago

    But they changed though.. THEY'RE HOLDING AUDITIONS FOR GIRL GROUPS!!

  • Yooniverse!
    Yooniverse! 3 months ago

    if Chungha and Jennie had a kid...

  • Tariel Montez
    Tariel Montez 3 months ago

    Finally someone telling the truth

  • Miah Leitz
    Miah Leitz 3 months ago

    well now bighit will have girl trainees so

  • Sugar spice And everything nice

    I understand....i am black and I have all the things such as dancing, singing, and I'm shaped well. I know it would be hard...very hard for black people AND every other race. Kpop aren't ready for foreign people yet....give it more time. At some point things will change...and no I didn't go and audition because of my hectic schedule.

  • not all heroes wear capes

    Hate this kind of story that gay related. Daniel park x crystal for live! No jay or whatsoever. No debate.

  • Heilli Gi-Yoon Min
    Heilli Gi-Yoon Min 3 months ago

    I'm half Korean, I don't want to be an idol because I have social anxiety but I would love to produce music for an entertainment industry. I remember when I told my father and showed him my music when I was thirteen back at our house in Buk-gu, he said I had talent and was a musical genius. It gives me hope that one day I'll be able to produce tracks for others in the Korean music industry.

  • 재나Jenna
    재나Jenna 3 months ago

    Whose here after PLUS auditions?

    • Tariel Montez
      Tariel Montez 3 months ago

      @재나Jenna k thx

    • 재나Jenna
      재나Jenna 3 months ago

      Tariel Montez I don’t really know for sure but I think most auditions already ended 😰 You can check on the Instagram page tho

    • Tariel Montez
      Tariel Montez 3 months ago

      I really need some help on how this works with the whole plus audition cause my friend wants to go

  • Kanna
    Kanna 3 months ago

    When you auditioned, did you sing acapella or had a background music?

  • Nathan Fernandez
    Nathan Fernandez 3 months ago


  • Zeng Wen
    Zeng Wen 3 months ago

    I’m really second guessing myself now. I got through the online application stage of the plus global audition but I’m really doubtful now. I really want it but I Guess maybe I should focus on my studying instead

  • Jordan Castillo
    Jordan Castillo 3 months ago

    Dang...honestly i cant imagine this with my culture which is spanish. Jeez poor korean people. I wanna geniunely experience the culture and appreciate it. They seem cool as people

  • h0neybxby_.
    h0neybxby_. 3 months ago

    I frigging loved unTouchable, it was so adorable and I was so upset when it ended :( aLsO, I really adore the romantic WEBTOONS so if anybody has any please recommend them to me <33

  • Slushiey
    Slushiey 3 months ago

    Who’s here after Bighit merged with GFriend’s company and then decided to take it a step even further and reveal that they’re debuting a new girl group next year or the next👀👀😂💜

  • May Mya
    May Mya 3 months ago

    don't worry about looking at the camera like you want to die... whenever I smile it comes out looking really forced and scary and my eyes look literally piercing. reasons why I still can't look at my own pictures

  • Ayda gvegan
    Ayda gvegan 3 months ago


  • Taekook이 365
    Taekook이 365 3 months ago

    You said all the things that I wanted to say to koreaboos. As a Korean, it’s so cringy!!

  • Sofia Mendez Lopez
    Sofia Mendez Lopez 3 months ago

    Yo quiero estar weeeeeeeeeeeeee! >:'v No mames! -llorando en mi habitación-

  • ʙᴀʙʏ ᴘᴜᴅᴜ

    Are u still dating Santa and the ghost from Dr. Seuss??

  • clownery
    clownery 3 months ago


  • Ethan forinash
    Ethan forinash 3 months ago

    Big hit is doing a new girl group audition rn

  • tanjiro!!
    tanjiro!! 3 months ago

    I'm watching this to prepare for next week

    • Tariel Montez
      Tariel Montez 3 months ago

      I really need some help on this cause I have a realLLLLLLy close friend of mine and she reallllyyy wants to do this soooo pls help me out im like commenting on like every single comment right now XDDD

  • Amjad Alamri
    Amjad Alamri 3 months ago

    I can’t hear anything.fix it

  • SugarPillows
    SugarPillows 3 months ago

    I'm here when the global girl group audition is happening and I want to audition but I don't think I'm ready yet •-•

    • Tariel Montez
      Tariel Montez 3 months ago

      how does it work cause I have a realllly close friend of mine who wants to do this and i honestly don't know what to do or how to do ;-;

  • daisyliao
    daisyliao 3 months ago

    When do they post the address for the auditions

  • Smarika Gomden
    Smarika Gomden 4 months ago

    I have a question do you have to go to Korea to audition or you can in online And how do you audition in online anyway if you can