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Beto Hammered In Debate
Views 1514 hours ago
Dems Slam O'Rourke
Views 2585 days ago
Is Tom Steyer For Real?
Views 595 days ago
More Bad News For Beto
Views 2866 days ago
Harris Comes Up Short
Views 526 days ago
Sanders Backpedals
Views 686 days ago


  • deebbie2222
    deebbie2222 10 minutes ago

    Snopes...give me a break. Proves the rumour is true.

  • 1982
    1982 20 minutes ago

    she's a liar

  • Calvin James
    Calvin James Hour ago

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  • Barn Fartson
    Barn Fartson Hour ago

    How about showing VIDEOS on RU-clip instead of lame-ass photo slide shows. Suck.

  • Jay Muller
    Jay Muller 2 hours ago

    Any of these people could destroy all the great things Trump has done for America within three months.

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th 3 hours ago

    The 3 teenagers are samoan idiots.

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker 6 hours ago

    Black, gay, frustrated? Red flag that guy.

  • clmahs728
    clmahs728 6 hours ago

    Every cop that was there, that stood by and watched this prick abuse his authority and did nothing because of some code that says they have to have his back, knowing full well he was completely wrong and did nothing to try and stop it, should be held responsible. Arresting nurses? Wtf? Obviously the department’s hiring process is severely flawed if it would allow bozos like this, that think this was the right way to handle this situation, to be cops.

  • Kevin Shaddler
    Kevin Shaddler 7 hours ago


  • Clinton Bordelon
    Clinton Bordelon 7 hours ago

    Trump's a disgrace to 🇺🇸

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 8 hours ago

    why does this 38-second video exist??? ... it doesn't help... we know. you don't have to keep shoving this stuff in my face youtube

  • monica wilson
    monica wilson 9 hours ago

    Beware Npd the same as liberal they don t say in english what they say in french to hypocrites they don t respect citezens privecy they don t respect any law beware before voting the clowns belong in a circus. If they don t respect the law they don t deserve there post.

  • AmethystIsBestGem
    AmethystIsBestGem 9 hours ago

    You can't have Evil Dead without Ash. I'm assuming that if he's not the main playable character, he would at least be a mentor or a guide or something to the main character. Kind of like Professor Knowby in Regeneration

  • Shady Lady
    Shady Lady 9 hours ago

    He went crooked it sounds about white 💊💉😂😳😡😈🐷🚔

  • Shady Lady
    Shady Lady 9 hours ago

    Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈😵

  • DamionJR4923
    DamionJR4923 10 hours ago

    If I don't believe the same thing Robert Francis believes I get taxed sounds like government trying to control freedom of speech and freedom of religion. That is what our country was founded upon.

  • Diana Schleicher
    Diana Schleicher 10 hours ago

    Eric Trump should really try and refrain from exposing his stupidity by making these Un-asked for comments!

  • Ann Todd
    Ann Todd 12 hours ago

    Eww what man would have sex with this beast.

  • Xavier
    Xavier 13 hours ago

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh TEXAS

  • bza069
    bza069 13 hours ago

    enough with the gay propaganda already... you'd think 90% of planet is gay from media and Hollywood force-feeding that tripe on the public.

  • lora Cobb
    lora Cobb 14 hours ago

    Need stay out of folks business, united nation is the most corrupt agency it is why you so concern non of your business

  • Starhunter Terra
    Starhunter Terra 15 hours ago

    Interesting for me as an AMC Member but I do not Stream that much anyway. Too many Streaming Services will flood the market at the same time. The selection of titles is the key issue for consumers and that is lost in the shuffle of competing services.

  • Lotta Nerve
    Lotta Nerve 16 hours ago

    20 people die in America from vaping....lets shut it down. Cigarette companies are going down!!! Really. Do you think people dont get it????

  • 1982
    1982 16 hours ago

    we're gonna need a Northern Wall...

  • Tom Porgy
    Tom Porgy 17 hours ago

    He is a pedophile along with ex wife Demi Moore!

  • admtech69
    admtech69 18 hours ago

    The Pence rule is rational - women are largely irrational, hence their hatred for the Pence...

  • caramba Murray
    caramba Murray 18 hours ago

    The picture at 0;11 says it all.

  • ConcertsLiveHD
    ConcertsLiveHD 18 hours ago

    obama started it and he was quite radical about it too... why they making it seem like it's a trump thing... the dishonesty is so disgusting!

  • Aaron Braswell
    Aaron Braswell 18 hours ago

    Yoooo idgaf about k pop but this is high key fucked up

  • Fluffy Muffin
    Fluffy Muffin 18 hours ago

    justin is garbage. Carbon Tax to destroy the auto industry in Ontario, and damage Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Step dad pierre gate the Bank of Canada to Rothschild.

  • jaggerzee
    jaggerzee 19 hours ago

    False flag,smoke and mirrors.It's all a lie by sockboy.

    SRSOS 19 hours ago

    Judge is his buddy no doubt. One hand washing the other. He belongs behind bars.

  • Donoso Demaistre
    Donoso Demaistre 19 hours ago

    Socialism is ageing.

  • Edward Gaines
    Edward Gaines 19 hours ago

    If you want to live, don't eat fast food.

    • Cleroyster 2
      Cleroyster 2 19 hours ago

      Never has there been a more TRUE statement.

  • Aaron Easton
    Aaron Easton 20 hours ago

    It's all a 'FRONT' position designed for political cover!

  • Lucy Elly
    Lucy Elly 20 hours ago

    Fast forward ...”only until whiskey gets canceled.”

  • Barni Ligeti
    Barni Ligeti 20 hours ago

    That green thing was a small lake .

  • ako ben
    ako ben 20 hours ago

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  • J Bgood
    J Bgood 21 hour ago

    Why doesn't President Trump, his republican administration and the republican controlled Senate get rid of the EPA's Endangerment finding? Of course everyone wants clean air and water but not to the unrealistic point of destroying our economy and society.

  • DiamondDesignHD
    DiamondDesignHD 22 hours ago

    it actually wasn’t a amazon FULFILLMENT center. its a part time building aka a sortation center. all these images wasn’t taking at bwi5. they are pics from a full time building cause we definitely don’t have any of those machines in our building and i don’t recognize the people in the photos

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 22 hours ago

    Is that bastard in prison yet? After he assaulted thar teenager. That son of a bitch needs to.be charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder!!!!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Bart Smith
    Bart Smith 22 hours ago

    She's probably abusive !

  • 1Drummer
    1Drummer 22 hours ago

    This is inaccurate; Mayor Pete says that “mandatory” buyback is confiscation.

    ZNEOPEC 23 hours ago

    Beto male?

  • waterfalls 272
    waterfalls 272 23 hours ago

    Why he couldn't pull his pants up Dang!

  • Syukur Hulu
    Syukur Hulu 23 hours ago

    saya 40,tahu

  • n1gger stomper

    Bowl patrol

  • n1gger stomper

    Bowl patrol

  • Ibn ul Qudamah

    Love for turkiye from Bosnia

  • Cleroyster 2
    Cleroyster 2 Day ago

    I don't think Pete is aware of HOW MANY PEOPLE are pissed off about old men in the little girls restrooms. Being gay is not going to help. ....... at all.

    • Cleroyster 2
      Cleroyster 2 15 hours ago

      @gdouglas999 Choose your story.. search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1&type=c9pr_5056_CHW_US&p=Old%20men%20in%20the%20women%27s%20restroom&param1=&param2=eyJ1YSI6Ik1vemlsbGFcLzUuMCAoV2luZG93cyBOVCAxMC4wOyBXaW42NDsgeDY0KSBBcHBsZVdlYktpdFwvNTM3LjM2IChLSFRNTCwgbGlrZSBHZWNrbykgQ2hyb21lXC83Ny4wLjM4NjUuOTAgU2FmYXJpXC81MzcuMzYiLCJpcCI6Ijc0LjE2Ny4yOC45OSIsImdlbyI6InVzIn0%3D&param3=eyJ2ZXJ0aWNhbCI6Ind3dyIsInlpZCI6ImM5cHIiLCJjdGFnIjoiNTA1NiIsImRvbWFpbiI6Ind3dy5zZWFyY2hzYWZlbHlwcm8ubmV0IiwicXVlcnkiOiJPbGQgbWVuIGluIHRoZSB3b21lbidzIHJlc3Ryb29tIn0%3D&param4=eyJjIjo0NTYsInEiOmZhbHNlfQ%3D%3D

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 15 hours ago

      Since there are no old men in little girls restrooms there is no one pissed off about that particular fantasy of yours.

  • Robert Marsh
    Robert Marsh Day ago


  • Carlos Roldan
    Carlos Roldan Day ago

    Jeff zucker is a traitor !!! And cnn pure fake new and you dont need a genius to told that

  • Cleroyster 2
    Cleroyster 2 Day ago

    I was fired a pregnant Indian.....

  • Yvon Desrosiers

    He needs to go If we want to fight Trump . This idiot IS manipulated since 4 years by Trump !!!

  • Antonio Lee
    Antonio Lee Day ago

    That's pizza is dry and not all that lol .. but it's something different on your comissary list ... Awe only have this on Div. 11

  • John Mills
    John Mills Day ago

    So many people in CANADA are ... ' DUMBER THAN A BAG OF HAMMERS ' and will vote for this damn fool again, plus Trudeau depends on this to happen !

  • Stephanie Fay Page

    Will tatia child to make an appearance on legacies?

  • pooja Jain
    pooja Jain Day ago

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  • pluijm2
    pluijm2 Day ago

    See what a criminal this man is. How can one do this to a person in general unless you're evil inside.

  • Asurumi Tamia
    Asurumi Tamia Day ago

    yes you can be homophobic..... only if you don't mind someone being heterophobic

  • Rune Nexman
    Rune Nexman Day ago

    No joke! This idea came up from an artist, that came through to NASA with his request about letting 100.000 ppls apply to get their individual names locked on a hard-chip inside the Curiosity Rover.. I was lucky to get me and my son written inside. Got a diploma from NASA confirming it.. ;-) No joke!

  • Meme Ligma
    Meme Ligma Day ago

    Jesus: *cracks knuckles*

  • MR.X
    MR.X Day ago

    He said NORTH carolina

  • Thomas Richard

    Trudeau….a communist.....just like his father.....

  • John Slade
    John Slade Day ago

    If you haven't heard the news today Gowdy WILL NOT join Trump's legal team. Some sort of conflict with a lobbying firm I hear.

  • 0ned
    0ned Day ago

    To be Or To not be That is modern American usage.

  • Silvuh Skull
    Silvuh Skull Day ago

    When I saw her face on Google, my first thought was “wow, she has a really cool face,” and it’s true. Her lovely, unique face is a welcome compliment to artistic modeling shoots.

  • Sal Camposano
    Sal Camposano Day ago

    Zucker is a sucker

  • Jim Crow
    Jim Crow Day ago

    Ban Muslims and Jews, kick out the Christians who cuck for Israel too.

  • John Stafford
    John Stafford Day ago

    The Queen of Hearts approves of this water slide.

  • John Guy
    John Guy Day ago

    Have listened to Michael for many years and went to Israel with his group years age. In my opinion he is one of the only conservatives I know who has not committed intellectual suicide backing President Trump . The president handles the truth dangerously (to be kind) and basically governs like there is no constitution and or legalities. I hope Michael's voice remains effective on the air even though I don't agree with much of what he says..... I totally believe he is morally and ethically correct in his slant on issues from a conservative point of view. Bless you Michael and thank you for your daily service.

  • katylake212
    katylake212 Day ago

    I didn't recognize him without the shoe polish.

  • Lee Turney
    Lee Turney Day ago

    If Trudeau get re-elected on Oc. 21, we may as well sign our own death warrants. The man is out of control, and the last thing we want is a war between the United States because of Trudeau's hatred towards Trump.

  • Darren Scott
    Darren Scott Day ago

    I bet she obstructed the fathers seeing the kids as well the sick freak

  • spycooldude
    spycooldude Day ago

    I think certain games have done a good job of explaining why this is bad

  • Virge Davila
    Virge Davila Day ago

    Beto for America

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Day ago

    Theres your indoctorination that white genocide people are always crying about.

  • studio developers2

    yeah he did, he claims it as many others did.

  • Kelly Hearseman

    If it was a real threat, he should be held accountable for not calling off the event for EVERYONES safety!,, oh thats right it was only make believe. What a stupid stunt. Whats his point. He only cares about him self? Wow,, point taken.

  • David King
    David King Day ago

    Ted Cruz is such a dirty clown! He is absolutely a disgrace!

  • Jugul Awang
    Jugul Awang Day ago

    He's da man

  • pyrokitten tracey

    the word is infidelity. you should learn how to spell or at least use spell check.

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez Day ago

    This government doesnt want us to grow.

  • James uber
    James uber Day ago

    the clown is getting desperate

  • rosa spanjol
    rosa spanjol Day ago

    Talk about perversion! This guy gets the trophy!

  • Cleroyster 2
    Cleroyster 2 Day ago

    This guy has been a clown since he got kicked out of the military. He is guilty of EVERYTHING that has been said of him. Jail is the only answer.

  • sal lopez
    sal lopez Day ago

    Rankin, received 2 1/2 years in prison, just served a little over 2 years..........It's not Right!!!

  • Jah Senor
    Jah Senor Day ago


  • Sislertx
    Sislertx Day ago

    Lmfao...ost.ea t teump.as the pm..YOUR JUST A .idiot.BLACK.face.creep pedo


    He needs to leave Trump alone !

  • I don't matter

    If we were voting to exile him he'd get a majority of the votes , worst PM of my lifetime.

  • Bart Smith
    Bart Smith Day ago

    Trump knows what's up with them crooks!

  • Saadia ahmad
    Saadia ahmad Day ago

    Punishing for protecting their country?

  • Amy Monti
    Amy Monti Day ago

    I had this illegally placed in my body. They now electronically tourture me with it. Thank you Truth spy website for this. Assholes

  • Pamela Chu
    Pamela Chu Day ago

    Doesn't matter, he will never be president.

  • Kevin Begley
    Kevin Begley Day ago

    Either the handlers think he's sober enough, or he's Schiff's whistleblower. DNC needs Obama to encourage Biden to drop out (in public, if necessary).

  • V. Dargain
    V. Dargain Day ago

    That's a hell of a catch-22 Vanessa Trump was in , I hope life quieted down for her since the divorce .

  • Anthony Kollar Blues

    All the money in my account from China in the money that was funneled through the 1.8 billion Ukraine scandal no one is quite sure how that money was deposited into hunters account🍺

  • bob peters
    bob peters Day ago

    Hey Schiff, I understand you may be connected to the Standard Hotel where children enter and never leave. Is that why you are making up stories about our president. I saw a video of Obama admitting he was born in Kenya and that the American people are naïve. My heart goes out to the naïve people who believe this crap.

  • Earthling15 !
    Earthling15 ! Day ago

    Another clown in Satans Circus