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15 Men Compete for 5 Women
Views 4M3 months ago
16 Women Compete for 6 Men
Views 4.4M3 months ago
Should You Watch Porn?
Views 1.9M7 months ago
Do All Teens Think the Same?
Views 4.9M8 months ago


  • Sabrina Hashi
    Sabrina Hashi 17 minutes ago


  • Hayo
    Hayo 18 minutes ago

    I think these flat earthers have a point, either that or they made me lose brain cells and gain chromosomes

  • Tarannum Ara
    Tarannum Ara 19 minutes ago

    That Hindu girl and Muslim guy made the video little funny 😂cow pee😂

  • Azhureus
    Azhureus 19 minutes ago

    Everything belong on pizza, stop making that a topic, it's annoying !

  • AnthorOne
    AnthorOne 19 minutes ago

    You are trans what Xavier??

  • Epic Gems
    Epic Gems 20 minutes ago

    People run out of things to rebel against, now they start to rebel against reality itself.

  • Peace
    Peace 20 minutes ago

    Does anyone know her moms ig? need it for a school project

  • Shemione Granger
    Shemione Granger 20 minutes ago

    Stop scrolling down, it doesn't get better.

  • imsodelicate
    imsodelicate 21 minute ago

    i saw someone call this guy pre-malone hell nah

  • Aaron Navidad
    Aaron Navidad 21 minute ago

    people like shelley is why some people steryotype women as airheads

  • Jess H
    Jess H 22 minutes ago

    I think Derrick just has those views because it's the only chance he would of had of having a wife and her staying with him

  • Michael Gathany
    Michael Gathany 23 minutes ago

    I’m am of the firm belief that biological gender and gender identity are two very different things. I also believe there are two genders. You can be either one, but there is no in-between grey area. That’s my two cents. I know no one asked for it but I felt like sharing.

  • Faisal AlSharif
    Faisal AlSharif 23 minutes ago

    Fuck Israshiteal

  • Mac Angus
    Mac Angus 24 minutes ago

    3:58 sex and gender is different lady, learn the difference

  • Floofa
    Floofa 24 minutes ago

    How about everybody just pays for themselves on a first date? It's not hard ffs.

  • Bukez Finezt
    Bukez Finezt 25 minutes ago

    Ouch. Ignorant people!

  • miladragon
    miladragon 25 minutes ago

    Y'all keep cutting them off whenever it starts getting interesting, LET TTHEM FIGHT ffs

  • Bahrain Retard Guy
    Bahrain Retard Guy 25 minutes ago

    i like how the black guy wants to water his lawn while his african brothers face drought in africa

  • Micaila Thompson
    Micaila Thompson 26 minutes ago

    Lmao 3:08 tho

  • Cinthia Ramos
    Cinthia Ramos 27 minutes ago

    Y’all , where’s the woman who hurt Derrick for him to hate us this much?

  • jacob hernandez
    jacob hernandez 27 minutes ago

    Glad to see everyone trashing in Derrick 😁

  • zaki wafiy
    zaki wafiy 27 minutes ago

    I believe this flat earthers doesn't go to school when they were kids

  • A W
    A W 28 minutes ago

    Remember the U.S.S. Liberty. Don’t trust Israel.

  • The One True God
    The One True God 28 minutes ago

    Dan is a Chode.

  • drew stepanov
    drew stepanov 29 minutes ago

    Why in our society has developed that a woman should choose a guy, and not Vice versa? As if men are the goods in the shops, which are chosen as the phone? What is this circus? You either choose who you like or you don't. Dislike

  • Gahyun Abadeer
    Gahyun Abadeer 29 minutes ago

    I love how the majority of these comments aren't us attacking each other, it's us roasting the hell out of Derrik XDD

  • Myriem Lg
    Myriem Lg 30 minutes ago

    Jubilee, please do a Policemen vs. Victim of police blunder

  • 7azT
    7azT 30 minutes ago

    “The people in the restaurant business bust their ass!” Lol. Wow. Talk about privileged, crying about walking around in the A.C.

  • Kiko Jackson
    Kiko Jackson 30 minutes ago

    Cardi B?

  • AJ Hurtado
    AJ Hurtado 30 minutes ago

    Is it too late to pick another simulation?

  • borisbash
    borisbash 30 minutes ago

    Why waste time giving flat earthers time. Just leave them alone and hope they don't breed.

  • Mac Angus
    Mac Angus 31 minute ago

    I have a cleft palette and recessed jaw. I don’t consider getting jaw surgery to make my jaw not recessed as being cosmetic surgery. Because that’s how I already see myself. Sure I’d like to believe I’m beautiful how I am, but why believe that when I can look how I feel I do.

  • Your Friendly Hacker
    Your Friendly Hacker 31 minute ago

    This is all cool and fancy but is any of this even worth it? Ivy or community?

  • runmemylikesdamn n
    runmemylikesdamn n 31 minute ago

    1:29 how's that possible?

  • Michael Gathany
    Michael Gathany 31 minute ago

    Sometimes I hate the people they chose for these. How do I get myself in these videos.

  • Jason Romo
    Jason Romo 32 minutes ago

    God I love derrick

  • DLKnightstick1989
    DLKnightstick1989 32 minutes ago

    The one dude turned chick still looks like the lead singer of AFI, so. There's that.

  • Xenia Did That
    Xenia Did That 32 minutes ago

    All these women are AMAZING whaaat

  • AwakeServant
    AwakeServant 32 minutes ago

    When you see the only logic here are the 3 on the right... I think you can tell what's going on here.

  • MrSamHu
    MrSamHu 33 minutes ago

    I really don't like that when you dont wanna show your emotions its cause society told you to "man up" or "dont be gay". Maybe I just really dont wanna show them or talk about them? These are my emotions. Not yours. Why the fuck should I share them if they are none of your business. Just leave me alone. It's not cause I am a man. I just dont wanna talk about it. Some people feel comfortable crying at ever chance they get and they rub it into peoples faces. Others dont. You do you.

  • cellmate1
    cellmate1 34 minutes ago

    Gordon Geco

  • Floofa
    Floofa 34 minutes ago

    Wish you would've specified what kind of christian they all are, "christian" is so wide a term and a lot of them believe really different things.

  • i won't hesitate bitch
    i won't hesitate bitch 34 minutes ago

    who tf let derrick out of his mother's basement

  • Jaya Roy
    Jaya Roy 35 minutes ago

    i love when that girl nailed the note and did a 😗👌🏼 lol

  • m3number86
    m3number86 35 minutes ago

    Crazy how American Muslim are so different

  • shwutying Tan
    shwutying Tan 36 minutes ago

    Flat earthes are dumbo

  • Jack_Minion
    Jack_Minion 36 minutes ago

    Just had a bad breakup. Don't know why Im watching this

  • Ileka Mays
    Ileka Mays 36 minutes ago

    HANNAHS TOP THREE ARTISTTTT!!! omg i wanna be her friend

  • Michael Gathany
    Michael Gathany 37 minutes ago

    I’m white as fuck. Get me in there and answer these questions. I’ll give real fuckin answers and good reasons to back up my answers. I refuse to walk on eggshells. I’ll be thoughtful but I won’t be afraid to speak my mind.

  • Joseh Mijares
    Joseh Mijares 38 minutes ago

    That nomad guy at the was high af or on some enlightened type ish

  • anson lau
    anson lau 38 minutes ago

    dont hate me on this but if im being honest, i wouldn't marry a flat earther

  • Daniel Wineberg
    Daniel Wineberg 38 minutes ago

    I stopped watching when the one guy explained his hypothetical. That was just too much for me.

  • Titty Milk
    Titty Milk 38 minutes ago

    Thea videos make my bung hole stretch:

  • Mashmarriner
    Mashmarriner 41 minute ago

    As soon as someone says "I have Faith" I turn off. You only have faith because you literally have no evidence of what you have faith in.

  • drinkero 1
    drinkero 1 41 minute ago

    7 moles

  • drinkero 1
    drinkero 1 41 minute ago

    6 moles vs 1 normal

  • Infamous Gaming
    Infamous Gaming 43 minutes ago

    How does the earth rotate and we have seasons if the earth was flat like tf smh 🤦‍♀️

  • matthew vigil
    matthew vigil 43 minutes ago

    I'm so glad to see my cc being represented. i went to lbcc before transferring to u.c berkeley and it makes me happy to see that my city college is being represented in some form. i would have not been able to transfer to cal if it wasn't for my time at lbcc and the experience i gained while attending city college

  • Karan Khatri
    Karan Khatri 43 minutes ago

    At 16:08 the real thing starts... . . . . . . . Pastor is actually Johnny sins

  • Conner Osburn
    Conner Osburn 44 minutes ago

    I feel like the government has bigger problems than making sure everyone thinks the Earth is or isn’t a certain shape

  • Marco Burdi
    Marco Burdi 44 minutes ago

    What upsets me about this process is that they are inside talking and debating ..i would take both outside and point up and with tension in my voice I would ask why the sun and the moon a in the sky at the same time.i look up every single day and stare at the moon. It's mother fer is up there 24 hours a day. It burns me up. The moon is facing the sun and that's always a half moon. The sun should be lighting it unlike a bright lightbuld. I look up every single clear day and I'm pissed that my intelligence is insulted. 3 yearslater and I cannot leave flat Earth.. I'm 100 percent convinced. I don't even research anymore. I'm absolutely furious that I was lied to. So furious that my intelligence is insulted. I am so mad to the point where I don't dislike NASA.. I hate them HATE. I don't hate anyone but I HATE NASA I'm so mad. Clouds behind and in front of moon and sun.. I'm so angry I'm gonna stop myself and leave this comments section. Take care yall... The Bible says that THE EARTH IS A PLANE ON PILLARS AND UNMOVABLE. the elites made up space to take god out of the picture and we can explore some. We didn't evolve from fish or apes. We are the only human like species made special in god's image. Heaven is on the other side of the firmament. GOD IS RIGHT THERE close. Not space. HEAVEN IS. the firmament is water. Take a telescope and look Cloe you will see frequent waves pass over the moon surface. The moon and the sun are the same size and only 3000 miles in the sky insidethe firmament The earth is somewhere over 6000 years old. Dinosaurs were made p by the evil elites.. THE GIANTS THAT DIED,THEIR BONES WERE FOUND AND HIDDEN FROM THE WORLD. LIKE MICKEY MOUSE HOLDING THE ERATH. "I have the whole wide world in my hand"thats Deep State.. Elite Illuminati mocking the public like god doesn't exist and a cartoon character has the world in his hand. Mocking humanity

  • Itachi Limbu
    Itachi Limbu 44 minutes ago

    Anyone praise Ted Bunddy!

  • Jess H
    Jess H 44 minutes ago

    I've never been so triggered in my life....

  • Chad Advice
    Chad Advice 45 minutes ago

    Totally unfair, why didn’t they have a blue haired, 300lb, women’s studies major with fairy tattoos to balance out derrick’s views on the feminist side? They’re type is much more common than the PUAhate incel position. But yes, unfortunately there is derricks around. Still agree with the other 2 guys mostly. Those feminists are all types of confused.

  • Ray Huang
    Ray Huang 46 minutes ago

    Let them choose again after ten years

  • Thomas Larkin
    Thomas Larkin 46 minutes ago

    "Hi gay I'm Dad"

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden 46 minutes ago

    From how Erin was acting all aggressive, I wouldn't be surprised if she was in a Vegan cult or something.

  • ezeeckiel
    ezeeckiel 46 minutes ago

    of course why shoud i have to pay taxes for my feminine hygene products ? man should pay it for me ... WTF is wrong with this people ? then she goes to say :" when i hear men activist talk i hear illogical reasoning XD how can she not see the huge contradiction in her own reasoning ?

  • Mary
    Mary 47 minutes ago

    Suicide isn’t selfish. People don’t call people selfish when they die from cancer. It is an illness like any other and it can be fatal without appropriate treatment. Too many times, people told me it was selfish while I was in the hospital after one of my attempts but I think it is more selfish to tell someone that they should live and suffer for you. Give them the best that you can and support the treatment of their illness. Adding shame to mental illness doesn’t help anyone.

  • Carson Chamness
    Carson Chamness 47 minutes ago

    That yellow shirt girl knows pedophilia is different than being gay

  • Kailash Harsha
    Kailash Harsha 48 minutes ago

    Still playing the wage gap card..... oooohhkkkkayy.......

  • Luna S
    Luna S 48 minutes ago

    52M dollars a day, lmaoooo okay Shelly because science is such a profitable industry nowadays :)

  • Fares Alouf
    Fares Alouf 49 minutes ago

    This is so unconfortable

    OLIVIA THAI 49 minutes ago

    Que legal at the end! 💜

  • Finlay Doney
    Finlay Doney 50 minutes ago

    Do one where they are all moles but they think they are the only one

  • Shelby Styles
    Shelby Styles 50 minutes ago

    The blonde lady really really annoyed me the whole video like she couldn’t shut it to let anyone speak for five seconds like please hush and try to educate yourself mam 😌

  • A. Mazzitelli
    A. Mazzitelli 51 minute ago

    Buck, you are amazing.

  • chelecovers
    chelecovers 51 minute ago

    Kaitlyn did not fool me AT ALL. The minute she said she doesn't watch ANY tv news or traditional media I KNEW she was a progressive.

  • lz rd
    lz rd 51 minute ago

    jews r the worst in my opinion

  • AwakeServant
    AwakeServant 51 minute ago

    Red flag of psychosis as soon as she said when "my husband died"

  • rantic
    rantic 52 minutes ago

    im having crush on blimes the entire time

  • Rose Stephenie
    Rose Stephenie 52 minutes ago

    Bro everyone is literally just arguing with the white shirt guy but let me tell you all if that white shirt guy argued back all of them would of said nothing

  • Yusuf Jamodien
    Yusuf Jamodien 53 minutes ago

    I'm gay

  • Armando’s Life
    Armando’s Life 53 minutes ago

    They should make homophobic and homosexual men talk

  • Ander Charles S
    Ander Charles S 53 minutes ago

    derrick is a mess of a human, im sad i share a gender with him, nasty. toxic masculinity exists

  • Finlay Doney
    Finlay Doney 54 minutes ago

    Do 6 transgenders and one not

  • チんアなゴ
    チんアなゴ 54 minutes ago

    I got so confused when the dude at the end started speaking in Portuguese

  • Labiba Rahman
    Labiba Rahman 55 minutes ago

    Sean is in the 11 vs 1 video as well!

  • PaprTape
    PaprTape 57 minutes ago

    Seriously though, I'm so tired of these so called "influencers." I'm a professional musician, but because of these "influencers" I started to get less client work so I had to learn new skills and get second jobs as a photographer/videographer. Then because of these so called "influencers" my photos/videos don't get as much likes as someone who just took it with their iPhone.... It's really all becoming just a numbers game and less and less talent

  • Haley
    Haley 57 minutes ago

    7:45 she says curly hair, to sound like she was 100% right but once she was asked to prove it she says “I actually wrote straight” lmaoooo what a fuckin liar. They all lie.

  • Alocada Who
    Alocada Who 57 minutes ago

    The more credible a scientist is, the more they step away from radical opinions, the more they are open to discourse and the more they are ready to falsify their theories. Thats why it's so hard to convince flatearthers of the globe model - the scientists aren't loud/convincing enough, 'cause it's not very scientific to be absolute/loud/radical.

  • Ben Perez
    Ben Perez 57 minutes ago


  • allie pop
    allie pop 57 minutes ago


  • Cole Cantin
    Cole Cantin 59 minutes ago

    I didn't know it was possible to be this infuriated at a video

  • isme
    isme 59 minutes ago


  • Novastarr
    Novastarr 59 minutes ago

    These "flat-earthers" seem like decent enough people, but it is deeply worrying that, as adults, they hold these asinine beliefs. Wonder if they believe in the reality of climate change?

  • StopMotionStudios

    I'm actually a white guy. . . . . . . .But how do you know? All you know is that I'm a person commenting on a RU-clip video. You don't know who I am. You only see the window into the device you are using right now.

  • Horstmaniacman
    Horstmaniacman Hour ago

    The thing I dont like about this series is that you make it seem like both sides are equal in regards to amount of people present while one only represents a very minor portion of the population

  • ThatMatioGuy
    ThatMatioGuy Hour ago

    I think the most interesting part about this video is the guys she first eliminated were guys that didn’t show their hands which children usually interpret as someone as not trustworthy and also she eliminated guys that smiled too much without having something to smile about

  • Lucy Diaas
    Lucy Diaas Hour ago

    Imagine being pregnant for 9 months and your child becomes a Derrick.

    • emma
      emma 46 minutes ago