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  • Kanske senare
    Kanske senare 6 minutes ago

    Caption: after a hard session "yes, the snow is made out of snow."

  • 8meterwish
    8meterwish 14 minutes ago

    What about the sand?

  • SwimWise
    SwimWise 20 minutes ago

    Great content , an app that track your SWim trends will keep you on the right path

  • Heede Imanaga
    Heede Imanaga 24 minutes ago

    It's only January and she's already qualified. Damn

  • Sport Animated
    Sport Animated 28 minutes ago

    There is an animation of the South Africa race on my channel if anyone's interested to watch how the race unfolded.

  • Aamir nagaria
    Aamir nagaria 34 minutes ago

    Caption: cooling off after Kona’s heat be like 😜

  • Chris Debonnaire
    Chris Debonnaire 36 minutes ago

    Caption: "Blimey it's cold here, I was about to dive into water a second ago..."

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 40 minutes ago

    #Caption: N-ice Tri

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 40 minutes ago

    #Caption: Fuel Crisis ---> When both man and machine BONK!

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 41 minute ago

    #Caption: no guessing who comes FROST on the podium!

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 42 minutes ago

    #Caption: TRI'CE

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 43 minutes ago

    #Caption: They said "After Lunch". But, I heard "Avalanche!"

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 45 minutes ago

    #Caption: When the Ice Age returns and you're caught unprepared!

  • Thomas Brosnan
    Thomas Brosnan 47 minutes ago

    Off to baegsaen 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 49 minutes ago


  • Global Triathlon Network
    Global Triathlon Network 50 minutes ago

    Do you think Flora will top the podium at the Olympics? Don't forget to enter the poll and leave us your caption comments!

  • Now Later
    Now Later 2 hours ago

    A friend from the army confirms breathing through your mouth while running really is better and that's what he does. 👌

  • Ainun Elvilla
    Ainun Elvilla 2 hours ago

    i love you handsome

  • Billy Vosnakis
    Billy Vosnakis 2 hours ago

    What were the times on bike & run ?

  • Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol

    T1000 pure triathlon bikes on Alibaba all day long. Its where you should shop.

  • Ayan Booyens
    Ayan Booyens 4 hours ago

    So Nike probably spent a gajillion dollars researching this. If they incrementally implemented the tech over 5 years no one would have noticed and it might have encouraged competition to keep up but now because they suddenly released something in one go that’s ahead of its time it risks being banned? That’s preposterous. Let all the runners buy the shoes and all the swimmers swim like sharks and the competition will sort itself out. Technology (wear, training, diet whatever) is the only thing driving records down - the most talented guys today aren’t necessarily more talented than someone running a 100 years ago. Mechanical doping? What twoddle. If you can undo the “doping” on the same day and it doesn’t affect the runners medically then like...

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 5 hours ago

    Also consider what type of saddle that goes along with the bike. It can make a huge difference with the bike that you go and choose - a more comfortable one will make your ride that much enjoyable!

  • Good Sleeping Hobbits

    The 'whilst' got my attention

  • NCB
    NCB 6 hours ago

    ...price...? I'd say you need to consider that too.

  • Rafy Santiago
    Rafy Santiago 6 hours ago

    You guys should do a special on the best cycling app on the planet, our app

  • Ilya Bardin
    Ilya Bardin 7 hours ago

    i use abdomen accented breathing. while inhale expend your abdomen area keeping abdomen muscles a bit tight. exhaling - the same squeeze air out of you using abdomen.

  • Nico Ws
    Nico Ws 7 hours ago

    Excellent. As always.

  • hifly78
    hifly78 8 hours ago

    I’ve run 3 marathons. 2013 2014 2016. Had to drop out before the start one in 2017 with a cracked rib that derailed running for 8 weeks right before I’m signed up for another marathon this fall, and going to do a beginner 16 week marathon plan then a targeted one for 16 weeks for a 4-4h30min plan. Hope all goes well. Race signed up for is in October in Toronto. My perspective is I never know how’s its going to go. Even passing the half not sure if I’m going to finish it. Injury the big if. By about 32 km if I’m uninjured I have a pretty good feeling that even the last 10 k I would crawl on hands and knees to finish it if something happens. That’s my happy place in the run. The place where succeeding is insight Good luck to all. Until it becomes common place for you a marathon is quite an awesome joyous accomplishment. I’m turning 50 this June

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    Wait how do you breath through nose and mouth at same time it seems impossible

  • Brett Laplante
    Brett Laplante 9 hours ago

    Do the calculations for calorie expenditure in the pool based upon heart rate take into consideration the higher barometric pressure of water over air which inherently depress heart rate? What about the higher rate of cooling associated with higher heat capacity and thermal density of water over air? That being said, leg muscles are inherently larger than your core and arm muscles so the end result doesn't surprise me all that much, but I do question the accuracy and the lack of acknowledgement of the limitations of these tests.

  • ratamacue0
    ratamacue0 9 hours ago

    Could someone explain the bit about the TT bike? Why would others in a group (non-race) ride care what kind of bike you use?

  • D M
    D M 10 hours ago

    You look really stretched out over your bars. Surprised you find this comfortable. I just had a Rëtul fit and I’m not nearly as far out as you are.

  • O W
    O W 10 hours ago

    I bought an argon e117 last year for my first tri bike, absolutely love it

  • Thomas Shaw
    Thomas Shaw 10 hours ago

    I've been doing the same route for months. Each run I think about throwing myself in front of traffic, just to get some more variety.

  • Jonathan Zappala
    Jonathan Zappala 11 hours ago

    Second hand bikes into top racing machines 👍

  • Jonathan Zappala
    Jonathan Zappala 11 hours ago

    Aluminum is not less prone to damage, actually the complete opposite. If you have damaged a carbon frame, you would have dented an aluminum one. Many brands offer lifetime warranties on carbon, while only 5 years on aluminum.

    • Mark Threlfall
      Mark Threlfall 6 hours ago

      Jonathan Zappala sure, but from personal experience I’ve found carbon to be a little more fragile in impact. Also a dented aluminium frame is far more structurally sound than a cracked carbon frame. That being said, I wouldn’t want either

  • Releasedesigns com
    Releasedesigns com 11 hours ago

    Well, you need to use also intermittent lighting braces I feel more safe when i know i am clearly visible.

  • Jure Parra
    Jure Parra 14 hours ago

    Awesome Video! Gave me a boost and confident to go for it! Been running for almost a year and started swimming for a couple of months. Will slowly build a bike. I am aiming to start triathlon, Ironman included, next year. Glad to have found your channel which will be my bible for this journey. :)

  •  14 hours ago

    Hi there! I just got my Kickr Snap, but when I tried using it with my bike (a Cube Axial WS with disc brakes) I could never fit in the quick release skewer, it seems to be too short. Do you know what can I do? Is there any different skewer I can use? Thanks for your help!

  • Cold Saw
    Cold Saw 15 hours ago

    Tnx for the programme pdf. Let you know when I come out at the other end if it 😀

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 16 hours ago

    Mark, what about those Chinese triathlon frames? Are they safe?

    • Savage Poet
      Savage Poet Hour ago

      @Mark Threlfall OK

    • Mark Threlfall
      Mark Threlfall 7 hours ago

      Savage Poet I’ve ridden one before. From personal experience I wouldn’t recommend them

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet 16 hours ago

    Getting your first bike is a complete sport itself: TRY-a-fun!

  • Andres Arango
    Andres Arango 16 hours ago


  • Andres Arango
    Andres Arango 16 hours ago


  • Anvil Airsoft TV
    Anvil Airsoft TV 16 hours ago

    For TT/Tri Bikes I Would heavily suggest getting a bike fit on a fit bike system suitable for the events you want to race before you start looking at bikes. Fit is more important than anything else and knowing which brands and sizes suit you is key. Not all bikes will be good for all people. Go to any amateur triathlon and there will be endless people with terrible fits on bikes they shouldn’t be riding. A good independent fitter will be able to tell you what to look for before you go near a bike shop.

  • Marko Justinek
    Marko Justinek 17 hours ago

    Would also need to mention that the feel and speed is greatly improved by running a decent set of carbon wheels on a bike. More so than a replacing eg 105 with Ultegra components.

  • Michael Tate
    Michael Tate 17 hours ago

    I cranked out a 4:59 bike split at IMFL on a Cannondale Caad10 with clipon aerobars. You can be fast without top-end equipment. The biggest thing you can upgrade is your engine. A big engine will make any bike go fast!

  • Thomas Lidetu
    Thomas Lidetu 17 hours ago

    If you want to be perfect runner. Simple watch the elite Ethiopian runners run....

  • Pamela Simiyu
    Pamela Simiyu 18 hours ago

    I've been experiencing really bad knee pain that has interferred with my routine running and I even took a break from running for a week because the pain was so bad. I did the stretches in the video and wow, instant relief. The pain is no more. Thank you very much.

  • Nameless Mirage
    Nameless Mirage 19 hours ago

    Biggest difference between a carbon and an aluminium is shape and aero ! You can't really have an aluminium frame that have the deep and profiled tubes of a carbon bikes due to the material and weight penalty. Carbon is a no brainer for TT, second are the wheels.

  • Tom Bowman
    Tom Bowman 19 hours ago

    1:03 Since when was the canyon factory in Bath

  • Lennard Kwakernaak
    Lennard Kwakernaak 19 hours ago

    Ultegra is now mid-range?!?!

    • Nico Ws
      Nico Ws 7 hours ago

      If non Di2? Yeah...

  • Curren DeJonge
    Curren DeJonge 19 hours ago

    I got a used cervelo p3, from 2010, the frame was perfect and hasnt changed very much iver the years making it fine to modernize.

  • Max Roth
    Max Roth 20 hours ago

    10,000$ minimum .. all or nothing ;)

    • P Robinson
      P Robinson 17 hours ago

      ...clearly you havent partaken of the joy of marriage n children as of yet... :)

  • Miler TV
    Miler TV 20 hours ago

    I love that bike, where to get that? Anyone can give me for a free?

  • SeaRex
    SeaRex 21 hour ago

    weird this came up as youtube recommendation , and i dont even seek for swimming lesson because i have over 15 years of swimming experience

  • Henry Paisey
    Henry Paisey 21 hour ago

    Can you hire, high end bikes for events?

    • Mark Threlfall
      Mark Threlfall 6 hours ago

      Henry Paisey yes you can. You can often hire them in popular cycling destinations, or you may find that your local bike shop will hire or loan a bike to try

    • Drmarcus Head
      Drmarcus Head 18 hours ago

      Henry Paisey at many events you can. Try the local bike shops closest to the event. Start early as they go quickly

  • Mike Nicolson
    Mike Nicolson 21 hour ago

    I'll be sporting a good old fashioned steel frame bike with downtube shifters for my first triathlon. Simply stuck some clip on aero bars and we're good to go! I can't wait to upgrade to one of those TT speed machines tho...

  • TheHutch000
    TheHutch000 21 hour ago

    What a beauty - trying very hard not to buy one what I have is more than enough. BUT LOOK AT IT THOUGH :)!!!

  • Ken Chung
    Ken Chung 21 hour ago

    I always liked watching Heather run. She’s got a very nice running gait.

  • fred ayre
    fred ayre 22 hours ago

    Thank you for this video. Perfect timing for me😂

  • Doramoon
    Doramoon Day ago

    Would you recommend one with electronic shifting? It's a really hard decision...

    • Mark Threlfall
      Mark Threlfall 7 hours ago

      Doramoon electronic is brilliant, and as someone has mentioned, you can shift on the base bar and the aero bars. That being said, only a few years back I was still running mechanical on my TT bike. It was a great setup, and I would still happily ride it today. It’s an easy thing to upgrade with time if price is an issue

    • trbeyond
      trbeyond 8 hours ago

      Having electronic shifting on a TT bike gives you the option to shift when riding upright - much safer and easier than having to reach forward to the end of the aero bars

    • Marko Justinek
      Marko Justinek 17 hours ago

      So would I. If you are able to afford it, go for it!

    • Josh Wood
      Josh Wood 23 hours ago

      I have bikes with both dura-ace mechanical and Ultegra Di2. I pick the Di2 every single time.

  • Drew Becza
    Drew Becza Day ago

    Road bike with clip on aerobars has been my go to and I've loved it! Don't have to break the bank to have good performance

    • Nissan Bloom
      Nissan Bloom 17 hours ago

      Like how Gustav Iden won the 70.3 world championship on a road bike with clip ones!

    • jazznroll5
      jazznroll5 22 hours ago

      i agree but i would modify a little bit your choice by saying a "good aero bike with clip on aerobars"

  • Tommy Spi
    Tommy Spi Day ago

    Great Video! Currently looking for my first Tri Bike. Hopefully find "the one" :D

  • Global Triathlon Network

    Who is thinking about getting a triathlon bike? What thoughts and concerns do you have? Leave us a comment!

    • tjgato
      tjgato 9 hours ago

      I found an old model argon 80 tri frame for my first tri bike helped a lot during my 70.3 race

    • Miloš Marojević
      Miloš Marojević 18 hours ago

      @Little King Trashmouth you can rent a bike, just usually not a very good one. Its been done. :-)

    • Little King Trashmouth
      Little King Trashmouth 22 hours ago

      I’d like to do a triathlon, but I’m not sure if renting (or letting as you Brits say) one is a thing

    • Miloš Marojević
      Miloš Marojević 23 hours ago

      I was looking for a tri bike with an aluminium frame, but couldn't find one. It would be cool to have a cheap option w tiagra groupset, if only for flats. Also riding on the bars is a bit daunting, there is no way I can do it safely. Due to my height buying used is not an option... Alternative would be something like CAAD13 or Allez Sprint with aero bars i guess. :-)

  • Troquero Running Club

    Cycling was my first love ❤️ but running is so much more fun

  • TheNaturalback

    Mooncup = lifesaver and just heard about period pants. None of it applies to me anymore but how fantastic for the younger crowd

  • zoli zota
    zoli zota Day ago

    These are to prevent knee pain but not cure if you feel it .What cause it ,if other things in check, is bad runnig shoes... How to treat knee pain :rest ,keep them warm with a bandagee- socks like .Eat joint soup like from cows tail and antiinflamatorisc food like cabadge of all sort of colour adn shape

  • Ollie Coburn
    Ollie Coburn Day ago

    Mara is a different beast. Those last 6 miles feel like 60, it's as much a mental battle as a physical. I've run a few ultras and found them easier than Maras.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Day ago

    Bath ? Went a couple of months ago to check out a vintage guitar shop.

  • xGshikamaru
    xGshikamaru Day ago

    Great video! One advice I think people need to be aware of is: be patient and keep working on it, because it takes a lot of time and commitment, bad habits are hard to break. I shaved off more than 30 minutes of my half marathon running time, I'm pretty confident that half of it is just pure fitness but the other half is working on my running technique on and on. The margin looks pretty slim now but I still find stuff to work on like not being too "jumpy" and rolling the feet a bit more.

  • Debashis Talukdar

    A quick question, I see few runners running on bare feet. My question is while we emphasize on wearing shoes which are ergonomically designed for the respective sport, what is your take on bare feet running? How high are the chances of injuring oneself?

  • Roger Rogersons

    Is running backwards easier?

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Day ago

    If I have one more Analyst ruin my workout I'm quitting the sport forever. Maybe that's why I'm a Lone Wolf. ✌️🇨🇦✌️

  • Victor C.
    Victor C. Day ago

    Running tall... Using gravity... Avoid landing on the heels... Got it!

  • Kayvern Chardny S.Michael -

    Hello I'm newbie, Would like to know how to calculate to run 800meter as 5k pace..? My 5k run is 30minutes..

  • Kevin Spindler

    My running form is reminiscent of a 4 year old running down a steep hill.

  • Markus
    Markus Day ago

    What should I do when my hips just don't open backwards? I have no backward movement of the legs, they just stop!

    • Heather Fell
      Heather Fell Day ago

      Work on some glute activation to get those muscles strong and firing.

    • trbeyond
      trbeyond Day ago

      Markus google “couch stretch” as a good place to start. You likely need to work on hip extension. Hold the pose 2min per side and do a few times throughout the day.

  • Dennis Klein
    Dennis Klein Day ago

    Great video! I'd like to ask a question about pacing though. I find myself between 3:30 per km in sessions like the 1min hard / 1 min easy workouts you suggest and 5:50 per km averages on 15 to 17 km long runs with 145 beats per min (LTHR about 175, age 23). It's very hard for me to decide how fast I should go on those tempo runs. Most of the time, I end up somewhere around 4:30 per km over 8 min intervals or so but I am not sure whether this is a bit on the faster end. Does this sound alright? Should I maybe try to strictly stick to heart rate zones? Any advice for orientation?

  • Mr. Saephan
    Mr. Saephan Day ago

    I got tired from watching this video lol

  • Jakob Inführ
    Jakob Inführ Day ago

    I'd add that you should point your toes forward when landing. Many runners point them outward, which puts a lot of stress on the bones in the foot.

    • trbeyond
      trbeyond Day ago

      Jakob Inführ the outward foot angle (when people walk like a duck) has to do with internal and external hip rotation and tightness.

  • Ho il
    Ho il Day ago

    Informative and helpful video, thank you ! Personally, I'm always worried about the way that I'm pushing, pulling and bringing forward my leg. It would be nice to see a future video about that !

  • JanotaZ
    JanotaZ Day ago

    170mm long crankarm with a 56/55T on the front? Has anyone got idea, link about science behind crank arm-lenght and how big crankset is to bee choose? THX!

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    beautiful babe

  • Vanity
    Vanity Day ago

    I got good running technique when running fast, however my technique vanishes, as soon as I run slow (zone 1 / 2)... what can i do about that?

    • trbeyond
      trbeyond 23 hours ago

      Some of that is normal. But I’ve found treadmill hill repeats extremely helpful. You can control incline and duration of hills - you don’t have to go hard or long and you can limit or eliminate downhill time which is hard on the body.

    • Vanity
      Vanity Day ago

      @trbeyond e.g. much lower cadence, much more vertical oscilation, slower ground contact time, heart rate is not much lower compared to running 2min/km faster

    • trbeyond
      trbeyond Day ago

      What’s the difference between your slow running and fast running?

    • Vanity
      Vanity Day ago

      @mark ankone :D

    • mark ankone
      mark ankone Day ago

      Run fast 😂

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet Day ago

    POSE will pose many arguments. But who will POSE on the podium? I'm a POSE runner!

  • Savage Poet
    Savage Poet Day ago

    Who does Heather have excellent running form? At least she looks like that in her videos!

    • Savage Poet
      Savage Poet 14 hours ago

      @B Okubs hahahahahahahaaaa edit does, not dies

    • B Okubs
      B Okubs 14 hours ago

      Savage Poet who dies heather

  • Sven Spanka
    Sven Spanka Day ago

    Hi. If you have a Stryd power meter and compare the data with outside, a slope of 1.5% would be the more natural adjustment. 😉

  • Steven Fitzgerald

    I made a similar comment in the last video about stitches... I used to get one every run, but not filling up on water, and doing a breathing technique kept mine at bay... similar to the other suggested ones, breathe all the way out, emptying your lungs, then a couple of normal breaths to keep you from passing out and repeat until it's gone. It may come back, so you might have to slow a bit and repeat, but it keeps you from having to stop.

    DIDDLE Day ago

    This is great. Thank you

  • If Only
    If Only Day ago

    thank you so much for pointing out that heel/midfoot/forefoot striking isn't as important as where the foot lands ie right under your hips. Brigid Kosgei ( female marathon world record holder ) is a heel striker but i've heard she's a decent runner !

  • Fabian Sommer
    Fabian Sommer Day ago

    Caption: If real life was like zwift

  • Miklós Fazekas

    At 6:12 you mention that pros land under their center of gravity. Are you sure?! There is a video where they show that Kitata is overstriding, the video is about Kipchoge but they contrast him with Kitata. And while Kitata is not the fastest marathoner, he's in the top 10 or so.

  • CoachW
    CoachW Day ago

    Some very good, very well made points ... The biggest mistake many triathletes (and indeed many triathlon coaches) make is to simply watch such a video as this and change some element of run technique, which is as grave a mistake as increasing an athletes mileage too much too quickly. Yes, there is an ideal triathlon run technique, yet to change one’s technique safely I would argue takes 12-18 months of specific programmed implementation. Enjoy your running.

  • Radosław Pietrzyk

    The main clue are hips, POSE method is just a marketing BS

    • Radosław Pietrzyk
      Radosław Pietrzyk Day ago

      POSE takes 400m runner template and pushes it to a long runner which is a complete nonsense. I didn't say that you must "run from hips" because this sounds irrational, you must make your hips capable of keeping correct posture, be relaxed (instead of stretched as 400m runner) and your biodynamics will do the rest.

    • Savage Poet
      Savage Poet Day ago

      Ironically, POSE is about running from the hips. Actually POSE is what Carl Lewis inplemented, and what I use. To each his own

    • Garadom
      Garadom Day ago

      @Radosław Pietrzyk so it's even more important to stretch and take care of the muscles around your hips/core?

    • Radosław Pietrzyk
      Radosław Pietrzyk Day ago

      @Garadom Almost everything which influences your position when running lies in hips. Shortened muscles and tight tendons around hips cause wrong pelvis position (mainly due to all day sitting) and therefore wrong posture. In major cases this causes severe knee pain and other injuries not mentioning lack of economy during running.

    • Garadom
      Garadom Day ago

      Oehh, can you explain? I'm interested :)

  • Cookie monster

    just buy and read the book "running rewired" best book ever, so useful

  • Silvio Matías Navall

    hola! parecen geniales las explicaciones!, pero, en castellano creo que estarían buenísimas!

  • Thomas Brosnan
    Thomas Brosnan 2 days ago

    When I look at my 100plus kilo photo of 2018

  • Global Triathlon Network

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    • wheelfree
      wheelfree 3 hours ago

      Breaking 2, me too.

    • Sparts
      Sparts Day ago

      Beating the kids....for now.

    • bikeanddogtrips
      bikeanddogtrips Day ago

      i just run because i enjoy it and know that the effort i put in will eventually reap rewards. my weeks vary between 5 and 7 runs (double run days) which are a mix of intervals, fartleks and right now two long runs each week plus 3 core/strength sessions. goog run form is absolutely essential. i used to run as though i was in a cycling time trial, hunched over not moving my arms trying to be more aerodynamic. if it hadnt been pointed out to me several months ago about these errors i would still be picking up injuries and would still be around 90 secs per km slower than i am now. and with that note, im off to run now. 1k warmup and drills then 4 x 1k effort 9 and 300m effort 10 alternating with 100m walks between each

    • mark ankone
      mark ankone Day ago

      What is the limit of my body

    • Chris Cruz
      Chris Cruz Day ago

      This kind of videos inspires me, you guys have great footage, thanks for teaching us running clever and smart, and stay free of injuries; also having a Smart watch to keep up motivate to go out and run

  • Stefanie Dietl
    Stefanie Dietl 2 days ago

    I did it and it was great!👍