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part 15
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Ur - Style ★
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Demo Reel 2015
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nepeta visits her friends
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Manly as Hell
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It's ok to not like ships!
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  • Charles Johnson

    This is the best animated version of this song.

  • kkosmecki anwor
    kkosmecki anwor 2 days ago

    Wtf is this o.o

  • maddapple3214
    maddapple3214 2 days ago

    Its been so long, and your artwork never ceases to impress me

  • CrimsonKnight Tristan

    Does one play league of legends?

  • Hap Gamer
    Hap Gamer 4 days ago

    the 3d is better

  • animation nerd
    animation nerd 5 days ago

    Do more videos

  • animation nerd
    animation nerd 5 days ago

    Hmmm I'm thinking about doing one of these but I only have phone

    DRAGONSLAYER X 5 days ago

    Women are QUEEEEEEEE!

  • Akihiro franko Villanueva

    I Love it 10000000000 ponits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealFuntime Foxy
    RealFuntime Foxy 8 days ago

    Adorable 😍 ❤❤❤

  • Furry Animates
    Furry Animates 9 days ago


  • Furry Animates
    Furry Animates 9 days ago

    Never trust an edited coment

  • Daniel F
    Daniel F 13 days ago

    Nice copy of ego raptor

  • Eesh SinGer
    Eesh SinGer 14 days ago

    im just hear for encouraging people to do hardcore punk to express their feelings

  • Play- Kun
    Play- Kun 14 days ago

    Are you the girl from planet dolan

  • E Es
    E Es 15 days ago

    Planet dolan

  • jeff dombrowski
    jeff dombrowski 16 days ago

    andie, what do you think of abdl?

  • Zepiel Angel
    Zepiel Angel 16 days ago

    Please... Don't leave us :'(

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 16 days ago

    Ships are the best. Everything from subs to oil tankers to supercarriers i love them all


  • crystals for life
    crystals for life 18 days ago

    1:07 Best Part

  • Yellow Ostich
    Yellow Ostich 19 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie your profile pic is amazing

  • aC0rps3 uwu
    aC0rps3 uwu 20 days ago


  • aC0rps3 uwu
    aC0rps3 uwu 20 days ago

    *kawaii scene kid intensifies*

  • Aythroozee
    Aythroozee 21 day ago

    You're art Style iz so Cute Andie!

  • ANX ¿¿¿
    ANX ¿¿¿ 21 day ago

    Finally some good fucking food

  • DarkEclipseMLP
    DarkEclipseMLP 22 days ago

    I doubt she'll answer this comment, but in case she does, I'll ask: Is that the default pencil tool, or did you edit it? If so, what are the settings?

    • DarkEclipseMLP
      DarkEclipseMLP 19 days ago

      Andiemations Ahh, I see. I use the default pencil for sketching, but I make a custom pencil for lineart. I too use the stabilizer and it helps so much, especially because my tablet doesn’t have its own screen.

    • Andiemations
      Andiemations 19 days ago

      Thank you for asking! I am using the default pencil tool, the density checked OFF, and size ON. Hard<-> soft is at 200. My main difference, for every brush, is i use the stabilizer at 15 :)

  • DarkEclipseMLP
    DarkEclipseMLP 22 days ago

    I just recently found Andiemations through GinjaNinja, but I've literally seen this a billion times. I'm sure happy that I've found Andie again though!

  • Tamir Mohamed Hag Elnur

    Where the fuck am I on the Internet???

  • SraYamma
    SraYamma 22 days ago

    I really love your art style! This speedpaint is amazing!!! :D

  • stormy 1371
    stormy 1371 23 days ago

    so cute! ❤️❤️❤️

  • GingerSplash X
    GingerSplash X 23 days ago

    I love your art you deserve so many more subs

  • meldre poulpe
    meldre poulpe 23 days ago

    la deuxieme version en 3d est chouette , mais celle ci est plus detaillée , le battle rap au milieu est top et ridley qui groove en fond ça claque plus , un grand BRAVO!

  • Distorted_EcHo
    Distorted_EcHo 23 days ago

    Andie isnt that costume from invader zim?

  • Spoon
    Spoon 23 days ago

    Heck ye starbomb

  • FanaticRock 4965
    FanaticRock 4965 23 days ago

    Gir it's been a while

  • RaiseAlucard
    RaiseAlucard 24 days ago

    Ever since NSP called this awesome I've always called it the official music video.

  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming 24 days ago

    I wish I can draw like that.

  • Raxeeo Untamed
    Raxeeo Untamed 25 days ago

    Wait. Andiemations. Are you the one that worked with the Planet Dolan team?

  • Raxeeo Untamed
    Raxeeo Untamed 25 days ago

    1:33 favorite part

  • 2000s? I wish
    2000s? I wish 26 days ago

    cR1nG3 culTUR3 1Z d34D!!! XD RRRRRAAAAAwwwwRRRR

  • Oreca Roa
    Oreca Roa 27 days ago


  • Death Reaper
    Death Reaper 27 days ago

    You got a really good set of skills and your art is so beautiful and the way u use different shades of colors is just simply breathtaking also really love your content keep up the great work amd dont over work your self❤

  • BakaNekowo
    BakaNekowo 28 days ago

    So beautifull aaaaa >w<

  • roger army
    roger army 28 days ago

    Scene queen?

  • SladeDawg
    SladeDawg 28 days ago

    I wish I could figure out what I enjoy so much about your art, it looks so beautiful but I cant put my finger on specifically what it is. Great job!

  • The TnTPirate
    The TnTPirate 28 days ago


  • Majikalnight
    Majikalnight 28 days ago

    Looks awesome

  • shxdw _
    shxdw _ 28 days ago

    i love the grr hoodie

  • jonathan matheus
    jonathan matheus 28 days ago

    New set emotes in twicht..what else could possibly be new for us your followers

  • Nitto & Ahrui
    Nitto & Ahrui 28 days ago

    Wow G.I.R Really upgraded his Dog Disguise almost forgot he's a robot

  • Molly Fox BR
    Molly Fox BR 28 days ago

    AAAA BEAUTIFUL!!! * 0 *

  • Dark soul Devil
    Dark soul Devil 28 days ago

    it’s so nice seeing you back Andie we all miss you happy good year of 2019

  • ijustdontcareanymore

    2007 was a great year

  • doctor trex
    doctor trex 28 days ago

    Neato Dorito, bout time you cheato

  • logan izzo
    logan izzo 28 days ago

    Hey remember when life sucks you got your fans cheering you on

  • Aaron Dostal
    Aaron Dostal 28 days ago

    I love this so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • hizpanicGam3r
    hizpanicGam3r 28 days ago

    Thank goodness I was worried we wouldn’t see anymore art from andie

  • SuperAllelujah
    SuperAllelujah 28 days ago

    Aw yeah that's nice!

  • Deamien Black
    Deamien Black 28 days ago

    Chicken and RIIIIIIIICE!!!

  • ArchonZach
    ArchonZach 28 days ago

    I feel like I'm in high school again

  • Jay
    Jay 28 days ago

    Nice ^^ Also "Peace is nice, peace is nice, peace is better than CHICKEN AND RICE"

  • Joy2Rust
    Joy2Rust 28 days ago

    Welcome back🤘

  • Tijay Jansen
    Tijay Jansen 28 days ago

    Was about time, though its good to see this come by again.

  • DreadNot
    DreadNot 28 days ago

    God damnit I love you

  • Takashi Kurisagi
    Takashi Kurisagi 28 days ago

    This was totally worth the waiting! Cause this looks awesome! 👍👍👍

  • Nothing to see Here2.0

    Good thing I had notifications on Welcome back

  • Bulldogehs Games
    Bulldogehs Games 28 days ago

    hey, great art, wish i could draw anything besides 3d shapes and lines lol

  • RokoTiger's GamingClaws95

    Nice work as usual, Andie! 👍

  • XCr33dxSaintX
    XCr33dxSaintX 28 days ago

    Holy shit this is dope

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 28 days ago

    Super cute 🥰

  • butts
    butts 28 days ago

    An upload from Andie ? NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE

    SAVAGE DX89 28 days ago

    Yoo that is some nice work like I can’t even explain how good it is

  • sowley
    sowley 28 days ago

    After so long... She finally uploads another beautiful art

  • Ruuben soto
    Ruuben soto 28 days ago

    UwU nice

  • sowley
    sowley 28 days ago

    The queen finally uploaded...

  • Dylan Cussen
    Dylan Cussen 28 days ago

    I wish I could be as good at drawing as you are

  • max gaming
    max gaming 28 days ago

    Never clicked so fast in my Life

  • FlutterGhostPlays
    FlutterGhostPlays 29 days ago

    Grrrrrrrrr 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 29 days ago

    This is cool.

  • Levi_ Games
    Levi_ Games 29 days ago

    Very epics

  • God's mistake
    God's mistake 29 days ago


  • TekARK
    TekARK 29 days ago

    Nice work!!!💪👍👍

  • Em Eclar
    Em Eclar 29 days ago

    your are dicusting

  • Em Eclar
    Em Eclar 29 days ago

    your are dicusting

  • Jesse Mackey
    Jesse Mackey Month ago

    1:07 - 1:52 my favorite part

  • tastefulKnife
    tastefulKnife Month ago

    andie? A Homestuck? Wow...that’s awesome

  • Authentic Vile
    Authentic Vile Month ago

    Where did the times go :(

  • Kssj sj
    Kssj sj Month ago

    Is this kindred from LOL? If it is..then AWESOME I MISS PLAYING LOL

  • Jaydenator The Kid Star

    Well she deserves the subs

  • Jaydenator The Kid Star

    Who could ask for better animation am I right? Like no wonder she animated some planet Dolan vids

  • icethehedgehog 7
    icethehedgehog 7 Month ago

    Better than the official vid

  • jreinert413
    jreinert413 Month ago

    Poor mother brain

  • RayPlay TV
    RayPlay TV Month ago

    poor puppies D:

  • Jigglypuff The pokémon

    *proceeds to crotch chop to prove she's a girl* Waluigi: SUPRISE, MOTHAFUCKA

  • Esmeralda Version 2

    I dont know but i like the one that you cant understand

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Month ago

    To this day, I still can't find the outro music...

  • ZlotyBanan
    ZlotyBanan Month ago

    sweet animation ^-^

  • Calvin Crews
    Calvin Crews Month ago

    This song ill give it a 10 because it's the best song I've ever heard and it looks like Planet Zebes

  • Expirience Explosion

    At least in this one, the mouths match up with the lines.