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RENNtech | C 63 S AMG
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RENNtech SLR Dyno Run
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Akrapovic Exhaust Overview
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RENNtech SLS Roadster
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RENNtech for BMW
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  • Donald at work
    Donald at work 9 days ago

    Will there be any downpipes for the E550 (W212, M278)?

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett 9 days ago

    Umm, didn’t the SL500 make about that same HP in stock configuration? I think this must be pre-modification specs, yeah?

  • Mike B
    Mike B 14 days ago


  • GT -RS
    GT -RS 16 days ago

    How much on the wheels? Whp

  • Federico Federico
    Federico Federico 23 days ago

    Dodge Demon does wheelies Mercedes: "Hold my E63"

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian Month ago

    Wonderful 😍

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian Month ago

    Renntech sounds so good 🔥

  • PirinskiKomita
    PirinskiKomita Month ago

    2 weeks ago i purchased 2018 E63 s amg. Dealer say my E63 got Renntech ECU upgrade and same numbers 773hp and 779torque. However he did not show me any documents about Renntech uppgrade. What the right way to check this ,going dyno testing or Renntech can tell me by my car vin#? Thanks!

  • ///AMG
    ///AMG Month ago

    Why soon as any AMG add power they can’t laugh control ?

  • Xavier Elizondo
    Xavier Elizondo Month ago

    doesn’t sound as good as i might have thought

  • Bruno Begic
    Bruno Begic 2 months ago

    This 2 ton beast bone stock lapped the ring in 7 minutes 25 seconds, the same as the ferrari enzo... Amg is killing it in the last few years , you cant deny that

  • George Elgujauri
    George Elgujauri 2 months ago

    Results in hp or whp ?

  • J Fab
    J Fab 2 months ago

    how do you get 305's on 10.5" wheels?

  • cy rose
    cy rose 3 months ago

    Just needs to lose 300 kilos or so then it would be untouchable

  • Joseph L. Daniell
    Joseph L. Daniell 3 months ago

    Rabid Animals! Mad Scientists! Brilliant!

  • Chino Diaz
    Chino Diaz 3 months ago

    That record was just broken

  • B7_S4_Turbo
    B7_S4_Turbo 3 months ago

    Definitely not 875hp even if that was whp, it would be in the 700s and trap much higher 🤔

    • Lars Totterman
      Lars Totterman 3 months ago

      875 HP at crank - Dyno results here.. and brief about how they calculate crank vs whp here..

  • Hu Mike
    Hu Mike 3 months ago

    nice job

  • Mstfmrğl
    Mstfmrğl 3 months ago

    10.47 mümkün değil

  • Оруч Шарипов


  • Mike
    Mike 3 months ago

    Still find it weird how these SEDANS are called 4door coupe.. badass car though

  • fast S
    fast S 3 months ago

    Fkn animal

  • sean Lavery
    sean Lavery 3 months ago

    Take that stupid music off the fk

  • Kin0game . GR
    Kin0game . GR 4 months ago

    By stock? Or stage 1?

  • Funky Monk
    Funky Monk 4 months ago

    Stock model did 10.93@126 mph on normal road /watch?v=B80ZIfqgMWI

  • Bobby Hudson
    Bobby Hudson 4 months ago

    GIve me the Cadillac CTS V over this that is tuned by Hennessy

    • The Truth
      The Truth 13 days ago

      It is still a Caddy lol

    • Håkon Vilvang
      Håkon Vilvang 3 months ago

      @hama prgasc well, Renntech has also made æ turboupgrade to this car aswell, it got 875hp // 1300nm

    • hama prgasc
      hama prgasc 3 months ago

      😂😂what a fucking tasteless ugly fucker, the brabus version of this beast is 800 hp

  • autohausp
    autohausp 4 months ago

    10sec is the new 11sec!

  • kuksene kroksene
    kuksene kroksene 4 months ago

    1 coment :D

  • aldrin fernandes
    aldrin fernandes 4 months ago


  • elr456
    elr456 4 months ago

    Why does that same shitty rap beat have to be in everything

  • E55 KEV
    E55 KEV 5 months ago

    Is the HSM a standalone plug-in unit? If so, what's the purpose of downloading these: 1. Download Software for Windows (32 and 64-bit) here 2. Download the Android OS Tablet Application by clicking here 3. Purchase the optional Android OS tablet for our Digital Suspension Lowering Module here

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV 5 months ago

      Yes, the HSM is now a standalone plug'n'play unit. The software for either windows or android tablets is only needed is specific applications anymore. E.g. if you want to adjust the height for all 4 corners individually or want to save multiple profiles that you quickly want to load onto the HSM. Our previous generation Module, the DLM V3 still requires a laptop or tablet in order to change settings.

  • tex murphy
    tex murphy 5 months ago

    Why you put music in a video like that? Youa are just a useless idiot... how can somebody Put music in a video like that????? I WANT TO LISTEN TO THE CAR!!!!! Stupid mother fucker

  • Gipsy Avenger
    Gipsy Avenger 5 months ago

    If you wanna look cool at Car's N Coffee then I get it. For real world driving you need to pick a ride height then get your car aligned otherwise your tires will be roached pretty quickly.

  • Eli Cohen
    Eli Cohen 5 months ago


  • Handsom WhiteDevil
    Handsom WhiteDevil 5 months ago

    Those renntech tunes dont do shit, gains on low rpms, that's it. High rpms maybe 20hp gain and when do a pull u always in high rpms...

  • Walter Zaldivar
    Walter Zaldivar 5 months ago

    Best video ever!

  • Walter Zaldivar
    Walter Zaldivar 5 months ago

    Best video ever!

  • daniel polák
    daniel polák 6 months ago

    M5 f90 Tuned by Ramon Performance does 1/4 mile in under 9,9s just saying.

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith 6 months ago

    Needs more wide

  • brs2c
    brs2c 6 months ago

    So adding upgraded turbos, air filters, fuel system, cats, & downpipes only gained 3mph and .24 over just a tune ?

  • KrosziZ
    KrosziZ 6 months ago

    Only $58,545 worth of renntech mods

  • Hengwei Zhang
    Hengwei Zhang 7 months ago

    beat the shit out the m5 competition

    • 720s Or Bust
      720s Or Bust 6 months ago

      Hahah.. a modded E63s beating a stock M5 competition. I get it, because the M5 CP already whooped the E63S.. news flash, someone already cracked 1025rwhp on the F10, prepare for the F90 to get 1000awhp soon

  • A
    A 7 months ago

    can i do this on a 2012 cls550 with the blueefficiency?

  • The 3F Chanel
    The 3F Chanel 7 months ago

    Too long intro

  • Duke107
    Duke107 7 months ago

    Just got the tune loving it i need to get a new tire and wheel set asap i spun 1st 2nd and 3rd against a hel cat

  • starent veveo
    starent veveo 8 months ago

    Isn't it w218

    • canah1
      canah1 8 months ago

      Actually it is W218...

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV 8 months ago

      No, the CLS is consider a coupe by Mercedes.

  • Mr8Zylinder
    Mr8Zylinder 8 months ago


  • Thew
    Thew 9 months ago

    On the downshift around curves it sounds like when the hyperdrive broke on the millennium falcon trying to reach light speed. 😄

  • Karr Knutt
    Karr Knutt 9 months ago

    I have a SL600 V12 twin turbo with Renntech ECU and a few other quick mods and have 740HP and over 800 torque. Makes 540HP seem sleepy.

  • Jason Gibbs
    Jason Gibbs 9 months ago

    No numbers.. lame ass hell

  • Patrick R
    Patrick R 9 months ago

    Awesome video. I absolutely love it! 👍💥💥💥

  • Chuangmeng Xiao
    Chuangmeng Xiao 10 months ago

    only changed the down pipe!

  • 81 malmoe
    81 malmoe 10 months ago

    this is a FUCKING INSANE CAR! no one does it better than the germans when it comes to sport sedans.

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian 10 months ago

    Very impressive.

  • ripstake
    ripstake 10 months ago

    Stock acceleration: C/D TEST RESULTS: Zero to 60 mph: 3.0 sec Zero to 100 mph: 7.1 sec Zero to 130 mph: 12.0 sec Zero to 150 mph: 16.9 sec Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 3.9 sec Top gear, 30-50 mph: 2.2 sec Top gear, 50-70 mph: 2.5 sec Standing ¼-mile: 11.2 sec @ 126 mph So you added like 240hp and 320 pounds-feet and it slowed down?

    • Luciano Ramirez
      Luciano Ramirez 8 months ago

      You're confusing this w212 with the new w213 E Class w/ 4matic+. Also more power = more traction issues.

  • Mike
    Mike 11 months ago

    Wish I had that!!! I'm just stuck with a c55AMG :/...the poor man's amg lol

    • J Gripen
      J Gripen 3 months ago

      Mike Get an E55. Has supercharger stock, so very easy to tune🥂

    • Mike
      Mike 10 months ago

      @ANAL DEVASTATOR Thanks...yeah it ain't worth a lot, but to me it is!..its crazy how these super sedans now are packing nearly twice as much hp and tq as mine..

      ANAL DEVASTATOR 10 months ago

      At least you have a decent AMG

  • Дмитрий Томилин

    Dear Reentech, tell me, how much accelerates E63 s 0-100 km/h,100-200 km/h, and 0-300 km / h?With your chip tuning ecu+upgrade.

  • Dennis Yang
    Dennis Yang 11 months ago

    Is the wagon setup better than the sedan?

  • Dynamic Duo, LLC

    Can you do the muffler on a W221 S550? I got the Renntech tuning and spoiler upgrade.

  • thebass0tard
    thebass0tard Year ago

    Tested in the wind tunnel?

  • Realty With Sean Kemp

    I would really like to see a s65 pushed to the limits but there really isn't much. Even Pure Turbos is limited not even an upgraded system. Wouldnt take much. Built trans, better cooling, upgraded turbos, these wouldnt be far from 1000hp/1000tq at all

  • irob rf
    irob rf Year ago

    Is this ok for the suspension or will it fuck it up ? I don’t expect you guys to say it will mess it up but I’d like you to explain how it’s NOT going to fuck my suspension up ...

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      This system is an all-around air system. Therefore the lowering just changes how much these airbags are inflated. The less pressure on the bags has no effect on the longlivety of the suspension. What we recommend is to re-align the car after lowering it, in order to avoid uneven tire wear.

  • Richard Nusser
    Richard Nusser Year ago

    With the stock engine 603hp it goes 11.2 not sure what the upgrades cost to lower the time by .77 seconds.

    • J Fab
      J Fab 2 months ago

      likely $25,000 ... but then the difference between 11.2 and mid 10 is very noticeable in feel. And on a 100k plus car, whats another 25k?

  • Realty With Sean Kemp

    So many people are confused with wheel and crank horsepower lol

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      That is indeed a question that comes up a lot. We tried to answer most questions with this explanation about differences and why we use both:

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders Year ago

    Videos a bit short

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      No worries, A LOT more to come soon

  • Mayhem Mike
    Mayhem Mike Year ago

    Hennessey CTS-V does this running on 93

    • Larry Regan
      Larry Regan 2 months ago

      but it sure as hell ain't the same quality of vehicle... a plastic covered chevy is not german engineering.... however the cts henny is a great car

    • Will Buy It
      Will Buy It 11 months ago

      U got to lool at all the mods brother theyre saying they just did a the cts v had a shameful trap speed for 800 hp if true 127 mph..this would walk the cts v badly

  • Realty With Sean Kemp

    Upgraded turbos, meth, nitrous, e85, intercooler , something more guys come on we want 1000whp amgs here

  • Richard Nusser
    Richard Nusser Year ago

    How does installing a RENNtech tune effect the warranty of the car?

    • Robert Marx
      Robert Marx 11 months ago

      My dealer sent my ECU to Renntech and it did not invalidate my warranty. There again it might be problematic if you have no relationship to your dealer. I have a bunch of MB vehicles that I have bought from them.

  • Richard Nusser
    Richard Nusser Year ago

    What tune was used for this car? What would the cost be to tune my 2018 E63s?

  • Gongolongo
    Gongolongo Year ago

    Valves Open on stock is the revving in Comfort mode. I own a C63S 2018 and the comfort mode doesn't have the crackles and begins to be audible once you put it on regular sport mode.

  • Shadowb4n
    Shadowb4n Year ago

    It looks incredible, but i have to ask, does it generate additional downforce or just drag ?

  • love jesus forever


  • Patrick Pierre
    Patrick Pierre Year ago

    I would like to take all that hardware including the turbo's and put it on a c63s.

  • maximusnukeage
    maximusnukeage Year ago

    0 to 100kmh time?

    • jymbo7
      jymbo7 Year ago

      2.66s for the 0-60mph. 100km/h time not listed.

  • Humza Mahomed
    Humza Mahomed Year ago

    How much psi of boost?

    JOSHUA SAMUEL Year ago

    Jesus loves you.

  • Mr. HecTor
    Mr. HecTor Year ago

    ECU was mapped? Or else chip added? And please let me know how I can order this parts internationally.

    • Richard Nusser
      Richard Nusser Year ago

      RENNtechTV, and the tune for the E63S in the video is how Much?

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      The tune is $3,495.

    • Richard Nusser
      Richard Nusser Year ago

      RENNtechTV, I’m thinking about putting this tune on my 2018 E63s What can I expect to pay for this tune?

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      In regards to the ECU it was just remapped/flashed with our Software. However, the car in this video was equipped with more upgrades such as Turbocharger, Exhaust, etc. For international orders please e-mail Thank you

  • Hengwei Zhang
    Hengwei Zhang Year ago

    this surely smokes the M5 easily

    • Stefan Cupovic
      Stefan Cupovic 5 months ago

      @Jesus Christ ya youre right consitant back to back runs its not that good. from 22:32 to like 26min they have launch control testing on both. F90 is a beast on track and straight lins bur i think as fR as a road car goes the e63s is probably the better choice. Its a shame it doesnt have better styling. Just looks like a medium version of s class or a large version of c class :^/.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 5 months ago

      @Stefan Cupovic m5 f90 launch control is very unreliable i saw couple videos when they do launch control it just brokes and causes engine to bug and can't run properly

    • carlover
      carlover 7 months ago

      i've seen literally 3 video's where the launch control doesn't work or after trying 3 times. both really fast cars and each time is different, weather passengers and each car is different. i googled and the fastest i found did it in 10.55 sec but ok. mercedes does have REAL, aggresive and dark sound aannndddd a beutiful modern interior! new bmw m5 is a really good car but its 1-2 years older than the e63 w213 but still doesn't beat him or just with 0.1 sec difference! i hope and think the new audi rs6 will kill everything! bmw is lost their way or something🤔

    • Stefan Cupovic
      Stefan Cupovic 7 months ago

      @carlover it fails how? Its simple automatic? I didnt know they could fail. Weird. Btw f90 stock turbos as done 9.98 to original comment....this amg aint gettin that ;)

    • carlover
      carlover 7 months ago

      if the launch control doesn't fail stefan😂

  • destroy lps
    destroy lps Year ago

    The Box map 9 ???

  • KoruKinshi
    KoruKinshi Year ago


  • Pitstop Carcare
    Pitstop Carcare Year ago

    Goodbye fuel engines! Unsubscribe!

  • Eslam Fathalla
    Eslam Fathalla Year ago

    whats the main reason for the blow off valve beside the turbo discharge sound?

  • limeypride
    limeypride Year ago

    Time it for yourself viewers. I've tried timing it repeatedly--this isn't even a sub-3-second 0-60mph run. If there's 1ft rollout in play here, probably worth a mention. The speedo in this car is usually very close to accurate. For the sake of argument, most cars' speedos read faster for liability's sake so, either way, the speedo is bang on & trustworthy or reading in favor of the 60mph run. This car is fast--I own one so no need to convince me. But the numbers you're touting post-tune... meh, I call BS.

    • TheBigGuy3380
      TheBigGuy3380 8 months ago

      limeypride Sure it does. It starts a smidge before it hits 9 and finishes a tad over 11 seconds. Not too hard to figure out!

  • Tony Chavez
    Tony Chavez Year ago

    are there any upgrades available for old E55 with M113K motor, ECU?

  • glh
    glh Year ago

    the first 44 seconds of "annoying" used up my willing view time.

  • Murad Soltanov
    Murad Soltanov Year ago

    Beast mode

  • D Wilkerson
    D Wilkerson Year ago

    Impressive on 20s none the less

  • supertoroism
    supertoroism Year ago

    with a more aggressive tune and upgraded intercooler and maybe even water injection intake, that would go less than 10 seconds

    • supertoroism
      supertoroism Year ago

      John Clark water injection not only cools down the intake, it also cools down the combustion chamber thus increases the thermal efficiency. Also they gained only around 30 percent so we can not call it an aggresive tunning by any means. If you do some research you will see that people had over 900 hp from the old engine. This new 63 amg is still so fresh, they would keep developing the tune and upgrades. It wouldn’t be a suprise if we see a 950+ hp tune.

    • John Clark
      John Clark Year ago

      How do you know that this is not already an aggressive tune? Water Injection wouldn't do anything since they already have an upgraded fuel system as listed above. Also, the intercooler on these cars are very efficient and take up the entirety of the front of the radiator and with the dual pump system these cars have no issue with intake air temperatures.

  • Roman Alekseev
    Roman Alekseev Year ago

    Does this package work with Facelift S63 coupe?

  • Funky Monk
    Funky Monk Year ago

    Not bad for +2000 kg

  • Sheldon Aubut
    Sheldon Aubut Year ago

    Absolutely fantastic, and done in Mercedes comfort. Great job RENNtech!

  • Rejoice Rone
    Rejoice Rone Year ago

    Parker from Vehicle Virgins need this done to his E63 S AMG!!!

    • Robert Marx
      Robert Marx 11 months ago

      Renntech is not the tuner that did VV vehicle. His car also does not have any hardware changes, down pipes, aircleaner, etc. Makes less HP than the Renntech upgrade.

    • Rejoice Rone
      Rejoice Rone Year ago

      Ethan Ward trust me!... I've seen more cringe... Half the fucking youtubers dont have a clue what they r talking abt when it comes to cars and they claim to be automotive youtubers... Parker atleast knows what he's talking abt is a true petrolhead!

    • Ethan Ward
      Ethan Ward Year ago

      His voice, his personality, his attitude. He's just pure CRINGE!!

    • Rejoice Rone
      Rejoice Rone Year ago

      Ethan Ward wow! That's a bit too far my friend... Y do u hate him this much tho

    • Ethan Ward
      Ethan Ward Year ago

      Well let me put it this way, if he was shot dead in front of me I would laugh, does that sum up the level of dislike for you?

  • Julio AL
    Julio AL Year ago

    more videos please off that monster

    • Richard Nusser
      Richard Nusser Year ago

      RENNtechTV, what is the price for this setup on my 2018 E63s mag? Installed

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      Top Speed is currently still electronically limited to 186mph

    • Aslan Tate
      Aslan Tate Year ago


    • Julio AL
      Julio AL Year ago

      RENNtechTV would love to see the top speed

    • RENNtechTV
      RENNtechTV Year ago

      Coming soon ;-)

  • Daniel Sadjadian

    Man that's fast!

  • Hot Mike
    Hot Mike Year ago

    This is, now, my favorite van.


    m5 stock 11.1

  • destroy lps
    destroy lps Year ago

    Box level and ron?

  • The Cynical Afro

    2006 - 2011 cls?

  • cpc0hy
    cpc0hy Year ago

    Does the soundtrack come with the exhaust if buy one? :P

  • Nadsenec
    Nadsenec Year ago

    2.8s :D this is faster than super sport cars ! the best mercedes !

    • PirinskiKomita
      PirinskiKomita Month ago

      Older modded Aston Martin db someting not shure what model destroied my E63 both from stop and 30mph 2 cars lenght,i was in race start. Maybe i am just a bad driver.

    • TheBigGuy3380
      TheBigGuy3380 8 months ago

      Nadsenec 2.79