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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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Coffee | Basics with Babish
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Donuts | Basics with Babish
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  • DrakeDragonheart
    DrakeDragonheart 2 hours ago

    Oh damn, didn't even start watching you until after NYCC when I saw you were on BA. Curious to see how the costume went!

  • beuph ofc
    beuph ofc 2 hours ago

    Babish: i gotta stop this voice Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • mann cave moment
    mann cave moment 2 hours ago

    What did you do with the leftover flour

  • Damon Setiawan
    Damon Setiawan 2 hours ago

    You have to watch Feast of fiction

  • Khaan Sulu
    Khaan Sulu 2 hours ago

    3:08 Hey, no judgement zone here buddy, Gordon Ramsay had a tough time learning how to make proper noodles from noodle masters.

  • Mountain Whale
    Mountain Whale 2 hours ago

    I'm really inexperienced in cooking and somehow managed to completely screw up this recipe today. I'm hopeless

  • Khaan Sulu
    Khaan Sulu 2 hours ago

    1:18 Yeah, I dunno Andrew, not sure if that's the tail. Well, Ralph Wiggum does call it his 'front tail', I guess..

  • Thomas the Train
    Thomas the Train 2 hours ago

    Thought he was making vada pavs.

  • sabrina sheppard
    sabrina sheppard 2 hours ago

    Half English trifle Half Shepherds Pie- She used beef. Anyone else spot the problem here??

  • Neal Morse
    Neal Morse 2 hours ago

    you're pronouncing it wrong and it makes me angry

  • Daniel Luis Cariaga
    Daniel Luis Cariaga 3 hours ago

    Saiki K wants to know your location

  • Xander
    Xander 3 hours ago

    I had some leftover pasta without sauce and I tried adding this to the pasta. It was delicious!!!

  • TaD D
    TaD D 3 hours ago

    Charming, bit I'll pass.

  • Bekah Holmes
    Bekah Holmes 3 hours ago

    I know roti from when I worked in a Malaysian restaurant, and roti canai still remains one of my favorite foods ever. Maybe I'll try my hand at making some, since I moves away.

  • Fernando Carrasco
    Fernando Carrasco 3 hours ago

    Finalmente un americano che sa prepare una carbonara diocan

  • Webbsies
    Webbsies 3 hours ago

    *B a l l s*

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post 3 hours ago

    Shepard's pie is lamb, cottage pie is beef.

  • Muhammed Sinan
    Muhammed Sinan 3 hours ago

    There is a nan called paratta in kerala its eated with beef fry😋😋😋

  • We rushin in or going sneaky beaky like

    "aww who ordered the pizza ball?"

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay Morgan 3 hours ago

    Hey you wanna be a wise guy!

  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens 3 hours ago

    I'm so invested in this fricken pancake

  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens 3 hours ago

    Y'all this is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Kaazin
    Kaazin 3 hours ago

    Guys i think he is How To Basic

  • Julius Zaire
    Julius Zaire 3 hours ago

    Do you usually wash your chicken?

  • anonymousgamer
    anonymousgamer 3 hours ago

    Car panini don't you be a meanie (Like if you get it)

  • blondie boi
    blondie boi 3 hours ago

    School really sucks I am so done The cooking starts At 2:51

  • stompdownzor
    stompdownzor 4 hours ago

    “Jazz cigarette”

  • Christopher Le
    Christopher Le 4 hours ago

    Would greatly appreciate it if you would recreate sweet rolls from Skyrim <3

  • Grimmrok
    Grimmrok 4 hours ago

    You know you're getting old when you enjoy cooking shows/youtube videos.

  • Thy_Revolution
    Thy_Revolution 4 hours ago

    Ronald McDonald about to roll up on your ass....

  • Ege Kural
    Ege Kural 4 hours ago

    Being turkish, babish made the wrong choice with rose flavoring. It is most commonly referred as the worst flavour with my favourites being pomegranate with pistachios or kaymak which is a turkish cream

  • Shogun Pubg mobile
    Shogun Pubg mobile 4 hours ago

    The French Government wAnTs To kNoW YoUr lOcAtIoN

  • Brigitte Perez
    Brigitte Perez 4 hours ago

    Sammich 😍😋

  • Stuti Lohani
    Stuti Lohani 4 hours ago

    Nobody cares about the nut cookies, okay? Nobody.

  • Nod Soldier
    Nod Soldier 4 hours ago

    pan pizza and your driver rebel taxi

  • JPlayz z
    JPlayz z 4 hours ago

    Car Panini don’t you be a meanie thought you wanted me to grow up why you trying to keep me teeny

  • Kirk Patrik Ballares

    Bacon strips so thicc

  • KGKodiac Gamer
    KGKodiac Gamer 4 hours ago


  • JJoe
    JJoe 4 hours ago

    make the goat from Jurassic Park yo. Life, uh, finds a way

  • Blueberry Yoghurt
    Blueberry Yoghurt 4 hours ago

    Deep dish vs New York style !FIGHT! New York style used: pineapple- it's super effective!

  • david mcdaniel
    david mcdaniel 4 hours ago

    Those bowls dont have lids?

  • Biggus Ficticious
    Biggus Ficticious 4 hours ago

    0:30 "I'd say I'm sorry little guy but OMAEWA MOU SHINDERU"

  • Eric S.
    Eric S. 4 hours ago

    Jesus is coming soon no time left call upon the Lord now ask him to forgive you of all your sins. Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved Say Father in Heaven, I believe that Jesus died for my sins And God will impart eternal life to your spirit.

  • Yasmin Roberts
    Yasmin Roberts 4 hours ago

    In the Caribbean we make the roti and paratha different.

  • Tuba Toprak
    Tuba Toprak 4 hours ago


  • Luka Muren
    Luka Muren 5 hours ago

    Love the fact there are still amazing youtube contents like this... Thank you sir

  • anubhav acharya
    anubhav acharya 5 hours ago

    I was confused. Then I saw the date it was uploaded

    RAGE DEMON 5 hours ago

    That was naan it was a puff not like a naan Edit that laccha parantha was ok His roti making skills are not up to standards

  • Perry Lee
    Perry Lee 5 hours ago

    yeah, that looked so much better with the cheese than the actual taco shell..!

  • Doc Roid
    Doc Roid 5 hours ago

    For me personally home cooking is all about eyeballing shit. But if you have the responsibility of sharing recipes. You gotta have measurements.

  • Sameoljess
    Sameoljess 5 hours ago

    Dear babish, My name is jessica Moreno and I have never asked anything from you cause I enjoy your content the way it is. But I have one request! And for you to make the dinner from the office you know what dinner the one where one poor dundie award gets chucked at a plasma screen. Sincerely, A loving fan! Jessica :)

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 5 hours ago

    Can you do a watch collection video

  • Error Error
    Error Error 5 hours ago

    once again filipinos have conquered the comment section

  • JG 2004
    JG 2004 5 hours ago

    3:21 He is... He is... He is... HE IS HITMAN!

  • ComicalOrange
    ComicalOrange 5 hours ago

    They had a team of engineers to make pancakes. This doesn't seem real and I absolutely love it.

  • LickleLadKrispyy
    LickleLadKrispyy 5 hours ago

    damn. your fridge must have hella leftovers in it huh

  • Ty’s Nation
    Ty’s Nation 6 hours ago

    I like how you said “let’s get this out onto a tray. Nice.” Using your best impression of Steve1989 lmao

  • Simone Herrera
    Simone Herrera 6 hours ago

    i literally have 6 tabs of your videos open rn

  • SpongebobMeBoy
    SpongebobMeBoy 6 hours ago

    Why’d you have to pop up in my feed man?! I’m hungry now but I’m a coward and it’s dark af in my house. 😔 But good vid tho 👍

  • Davanthall
    Davanthall 6 hours ago

    .......the hell is California style pizza????

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 6 hours ago

    Yum yum yummy!!

  • Ryakin Barton
    Ryakin Barton 6 hours ago

    That's a pretty good name for it "deep fried cake for breakfast"

  • RockGamma
    RockGamma 6 hours ago

    Should make black butler curry buns

  • revydmat
    revydmat 6 hours ago

    Pickle Rick! I am a Pickle Morty, Pickle Rick!!!

  • dead inside
    dead inside 6 hours ago

    Its funking raw

  • Rocky Sargent
    Rocky Sargent 7 hours ago

    I was trying to go to bed early to go to the gym in morning. Yet here I am at 3:42am watching someone make deep dish pizza.

  • Arcaniac
    Arcaniac 7 hours ago

    Little does he know but he is a teacher himself. But on youtube, with no classroom. But hey, got me into cooking.

  • Ty’s Nation
    Ty’s Nation 7 hours ago

    Babish you should do gotcha pork roast from Food Wars

  • Danthememerman
    Danthememerman 7 hours ago

    How could you not eat black widow venom

  • Sebastian Shultz
    Sebastian Shultz 7 hours ago

    Hey Babish There are many other popular types of bread in my India This is kinda incomplete information

  • Marine Boopity
    Marine Boopity 7 hours ago

    Hell yess champorado! My childhoodd

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 7 hours ago

    I love how open he is about smoking weed. Plus, jazz cigarettes is the best name for weed lol

  • Adrian Coleman
    Adrian Coleman 7 hours ago

    Haha watching old videos makes you sound baked

  • SirNovaway
    SirNovaway 7 hours ago

    An eggplant parmasean sub is the most orgasmically delicious thing in the world. Every time I eat one I get upset because eventually it's going to end.

  • chunky soup
    chunky soup 7 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for final fantasy XV food.

  • Shay Slayer
    Shay Slayer 7 hours ago

    This bread flat. YEAST

  • Kirutical Fun
    Kirutical Fun 7 hours ago

    They forgot one more bread. The bhatura. Also I really loved the video!

  • Perry Lee
    Perry Lee 7 hours ago

    10 nuggets for 5 cents? holy crap , 20 nuggets where i live is around 10 dollars...

  • Jacob Hord
    Jacob Hord 7 hours ago

    Can you do a few meals that only require a handful of ingredients? Maybe like a 1 pot slop? I can't keep spending $200 a day on ingredients/spices and using 4 days to make breakfast.

  • Nicholas Ethridge
    Nicholas Ethridge 7 hours ago

    Do some secret life of bees recipes

  • Deep Press ion
    Deep Press ion 7 hours ago

    *vladimir poutine*

  • abselby
    abselby 7 hours ago

    When you remake it, make the meat sweet.

  • Brooke507
    Brooke507 7 hours ago

    “The moistmaker” that sounds so wrong but hilarious lol

  • Lick Narson
    Lick Narson 7 hours ago

    Gyro video???

  • Mewsey goosey
    Mewsey goosey 7 hours ago

    implying jon had the time to do this while being a cartoonist. He orders out. lol

  • Anthony
    Anthony 7 hours ago

    *_which we're going to shape our balls._*

  • Plebeius Vox
    Plebeius Vox 7 hours ago

    please do episodes from "Today's Menu for the Emiya Family". It is a great anime that where the main character is known for his good cooking then they made a side show of him just cooking for people, complete with explanation

    MICHAEL MILLER 7 hours ago

    Ay Babby, a trick for the cooking, when you go to cut the cabbage for the filling, take about 6-8 leaves off the edge of the head, use the leaves in the steamer for no added oil stick-free cooking!

  • TreasureHuntr713
    TreasureHuntr713 7 hours ago

    this is the most genius way to prevent demonetization.

  • MrChrist741
    MrChrist741 7 hours ago

    Babish become his mini me Babish 😂

  • L mor
    L mor 7 hours ago

    "You ready" "I was born ready... I am Ron fucking Swanson"

  • Avent Christ
    Avent Christ 7 hours ago

    It must be Stando Mixer doing

  • Aimee Zuccarini
    Aimee Zuccarini 7 hours ago

    really love your videos, but gotta ask why do you use so much plastic wrap for your bread risings? I feel like a damp cloth over the top of the bowl works so much better and doesn't add another layer of toxic plastic to the environment.

  • Robert Day
    Robert Day 8 hours ago

    I remember watching JP for the first time and thinking "that don't look like chilli and sea bass" when i saw the food.

  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming 8 hours ago

    As a proud Appalachian, I can say impartially that almost all pizza is great, regardless of whether it's Chicago-style or New York-style. Both are pizza, and both are great in their own way. I say "almost all" pizza is great because putting pineapple on pizza is heresy, as is all that "American-style" BS that foreigners think is what we eat. Corn does not go on pizza, and that's a fact.

  • Adrian Aye
    Adrian Aye 8 hours ago

    lmao the end of this video is hilarious

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post 8 hours ago

    Your friend totally nailed it in the montage.

  • Kukuburra
    Kukuburra 8 hours ago

    You forgot the hot mustard you donkey!

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 8 hours ago

    This was the video that got me inspired to make jam and homemade muffins and scones. Next, I work on the butter!!

  • The Grouchy Geek
    The Grouchy Geek 8 hours ago

    What kind of psychopath puts the marinara atop the cheese?