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Binging with Babish
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  • Gabriella Stauffer
    Gabriella Stauffer 16 seconds ago

    i JUST watched this film yesterday... scary ;)

  • Travis Woodruff
    Travis Woodruff Minute ago

    I love the fact that he says regular sized whisking

  • Nathan The Prophet
    Nathan The Prophet Minute ago

    Nacho doughnuts from The flash? S4 E17

  • Steinfliege
    Steinfliege Minute ago

    Godda appreciate the outfit

  • Connor Revill
    Connor Revill Minute ago

    A calzone is not a folded pizza. What kinda nasty ass pizza has ricotta on it? A stromboli is a folded in half pizza👌

  • Dylan Hansen
    Dylan Hansen 2 minutes ago

    "a bit of a lemon party" Hey, this is a family program

  • Felix the bean
    Felix the bean 2 minutes ago

    one does not simply put marmalade on scones, the only thing fit for scones is clotted cream and raspberry or strawberry jam

  • Liliana Molina
    Liliana Molina 3 minutes ago

    I asked for this a while back and am so happy that you did this😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Ali Duran
    Ali Duran 3 minutes ago

    He didn't have to make homemade bread. But he did. He did that for us.

  • Spicy
    Spicy 3 minutes ago

    lemon party

  • Maxi
    Maxi 4 minutes ago

    You butchered that poor bird

  • iShivy
    iShivy 4 minutes ago

    Casual lemon party advert...

  • Ezra Petty
    Ezra Petty 4 minutes ago

    Scones go with raspberry jam and clotted cream (cream then jam in Devon or Jam then cream in cornwall), not butter and marmalade.

  • trey Wintyr
    trey Wintyr 5 minutes ago

    "dont squeeze your bag too hard "

  • Cricket101382
    Cricket101382 6 minutes ago

    A bit of a lemon party you say?

  • César Rondón
    César Rondón 6 minutes ago

    1:19 if you turn the orange inside out it's easier to get the meat

  • Kakyoin Noriaki
    Kakyoin Noriaki 7 minutes ago

    iZ DAt Ey JaJE RuFEraNS?

  • Nick Bender
    Nick Bender 7 minutes ago

    I seriously can't get enough of Lemon Party drops. It's a meme that will never die.

  • haloplayer 117pro
    haloplayer 117pro 8 minutes ago

    Can we get a Blooper series for all of the foods you cook, it would be awesome to see some funny fails :)

  • REB10’s All-Sorts
    REB10’s All-Sorts 8 minutes ago

    I made chocolate orange lava cakes and I’m eating it now. It’s so amazing. Thanks for the recipe 👌

  • Natalia Rose
    Natalia Rose 9 minutes ago

    How long until you make the potage de magnifique from Skyrim? Or the foods in general

  • Joshua Weissman
    Joshua Weissman 9 minutes ago

    Dang Babish didn't know you could make a thicc loaf like that.

  • Infamous Havoc
    Infamous Havoc 9 minutes ago

    Good ol' Lemon Party. To those curious and never heard the term and what not: don't look it up. Just don't.

  • Chizy
    Chizy 9 minutes ago

    "Don't squeeze your bag too hard" nothing suggestive about that

  • lhedden84
    lhedden84 9 minutes ago

    Someone somewhere just watched this video and googled "Lemon Party" for the first time.

  • Rachel Kiderchah
    Rachel Kiderchah 9 minutes ago

    Green eggs and ham 👀? Also any dish that Mrs Cartman makes

  • Matthew Panter
    Matthew Panter 9 minutes ago

    I wish you could be my dad 😂😂

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell 10 minutes ago

    My grandma always added sultanas to the mix along with sugar, and then a sprinkle of sugar before baking, really nice sweet alternative.

  • Dramatic Witch
    Dramatic Witch 10 minutes ago

    *D R Y E G G*

  • Kamil Stępniewicz
    Kamil Stępniewicz 11 minutes ago

    "confused and sticky" JESUS JOLLY CHRIST ANDREW..

  • CuriousCosplay
    CuriousCosplay 11 minutes ago

    Lemon party was a throwback but I'm more interested in that AMAZING honey measuring syringe???

  • Victor Lorenzo
    Victor Lorenzo 11 minutes ago

    K O S H E R S A L T

  • Scottish Isaac
    Scottish Isaac 11 minutes ago

    Lemon Party?! A phrase I have not heard since the old days. Thanks for the PTSD, I hate it.

  • blah blah
    blah blah 11 minutes ago

    Those ads were the funniest fucking commercials I've seen in years.

  • Risepool
    Risepool 12 minutes ago

    Hey man! Could it be that you forgot to add the sugar in the video or is this a genuine Marmalade without added sugar?

  • WhiskyAndGrit
    WhiskyAndGrit 12 minutes ago

    So I was going to make a comment about how a cup is 250 mL, and then wikipedia, and now brain hurt. Recipes are doomed. Everything is doomed. I give up.

  • Supah Bryan
    Supah Bryan 12 minutes ago

    I love lemon parties

  • Kurumi
    Kurumi 12 minutes ago

    This is Pure diabetes XD

  • Curtis Looper
    Curtis Looper 13 minutes ago

    You kidding me with the lemon party reference?

  • Österreichischer Patriot / Austrian Patriot

    Germans who know marmalade in different ways: PATHETIC

  • Trilluminati Israel
    Trilluminati Israel 14 minutes ago


  • Evan Bergman
    Evan Bergman 15 minutes ago

    Don’t u mean cavair of Wisconsin

  • Mikayla Salgado
    Mikayla Salgado 15 minutes ago

    You should make the food from the help

  • Beachtapestry
    Beachtapestry 15 minutes ago

    That is the most aesthetically pleasing bread i have ever seen

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 15 minutes ago

    My 3 favourite things. Paddington, marmalade, and babish. Am I dreaming?

  • Baedrian Vasquez
    Baedrian Vasquez 16 minutes ago

    Need you to make that orphanage food from Nacho Libre!

  • Max Robinson
    Max Robinson 16 minutes ago

    As a Brit I love this video :D

  • lwhyatt20 05
    lwhyatt20 05 17 minutes ago

    Babish make Scottish scones

  • Sargent Puppo
    Sargent Puppo 17 minutes ago

    What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho cheese

  • deepwater-jew
    deepwater-jew 17 minutes ago

    1:50 Oh Babish, you sneaky devil you. So few of your audience will understand.

  • Pumpkin Life
    Pumpkin Life 18 minutes ago

    Thought he was gay, not that its gonna stop me from watching. I just thought he had said at one point he had lived with a guy.

  • Small Pox
    Small Pox 18 minutes ago

    I wanna see you make food from The Last OG

  • Edward Carron
    Edward Carron 18 minutes ago

    If you’re making an English sandwich you’ve got to butter both slices of bread

  • Taro McArthur
    Taro McArthur 18 minutes ago

    Lemon party. Ugh.

  • Martin Luque
    Martin Luque 18 minutes ago

    tomatoooooooo I've seen babs make guac a million times and the cilantro I'm willing to let go, but what about the tomatoooooo. you should try it and be dazzled. HUUUGE fan, by the way

  • Jan Kramoliš
    Jan Kramoliš 19 minutes ago

    But my babushka always said: ,,When you want to know, when it is ready, you must recognize it by your hand. This is the reason, why all marmelades or jams are different." If I had done some grammar mistake, than I am very sorry for my english. Greetings for my slavic friends

  • A.J.
    A.J. 19 minutes ago

    Never realise marmalade was so simple. Better believe I'm batch cooking mountains of the stuff now

  • Tipperary
    Tipperary 19 minutes ago

    You should stick with Brendan Gleeson themed episodes and make a gay beer from "In Bruges".

  • Cal6009
    Cal6009 19 minutes ago

    Gawd being able to eat as much nachos as you want without gaining weight is the dream.

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker 19 minutes ago

    🎵🎶 Ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is MANDATORY! 🍆🍋

  • WoWZagara
    WoWZagara 19 minutes ago

    It’s time to make this into a bit of a Lemon Party. An experience like so many others that left me confused and sticky. Babish 2020

  • Memoria Gaming
    Memoria Gaming 20 minutes ago

    Are we going to ignore that he made a lemonparty joke? 1:50

  • Joey Chirdo
    Joey Chirdo 21 minute ago

    Lemon Party Aight Andy, Aight.

  • Shane Persaud
    Shane Persaud 21 minute ago

    please don’t make lemon party jokes, you’re unravelling things i thought i forget about that used to haunt me

  • Kyle Gomes
    Kyle Gomes 22 minutes ago

    But did it join the clean plate club?

  • skyler is a weeb
    skyler is a weeb 23 minutes ago

    OH MY GOD! just as this channel was cool enough Also what about making Tonios food that he makes for okuyasu

  • lankyGigantic
    lankyGigantic 23 minutes ago

    English-style scones? Are there American style ones?!

  • Sam ShepCap
    Sam ShepCap 24 minutes ago

    You have probably upset an entire nation by putting marmalade on a scone 😂😂

  • alparchment
    alparchment 24 minutes ago

    Micowave wings from regular show

  • kirby network
    kirby network 24 minutes ago

    Babish eating mayo. Cant. Hurt you Babish eating mayo 3:45

  • Cameron Halliday
    Cameron Halliday 24 minutes ago

    Have you thought of leaving the camera on during the dough rising bits? Could be neat to have a time-lapse of it rising instead of just cutting to it!

  • Panchi El chido
    Panchi El chido 25 minutes ago

    What happened to using the metric system?:(

  • R.I.P Geno Cultshit
    R.I.P Geno Cultshit 25 minutes ago

    I'm 100% shocked that this video isn't age restricted...

  • G. V. Q
    G. V. Q 25 minutes ago

    The original Paddington was the only Paddington:

  • Gertjan Keegstra
    Gertjan Keegstra 26 minutes ago

    4:05 wow that thingy you used to put in the honey

  • Billie Raine
    Billie Raine 28 minutes ago

    As an English person I’m triggered by the decision to only butter one slice of the bread. Saying this great recipe.

  • Insert Name Here TF
    Insert Name Here TF 28 minutes ago

    Babish: *makes scones* Me: :) Babish: *puts butter and marmalade in it* Me: :(

  • Wei Sabre
    Wei Sabre 28 minutes ago

    Let’s not forget that the scene was from Paddington 2 but Babby said it was Paddington.

  • Fadelah Taher
    Fadelah Taher 29 minutes ago

    Go my hero just I am in love

  • Clickity Chicken
    Clickity Chicken 29 minutes ago

    If only it was the marmalade sandwich from ren and stimpy haunted house episode

  • Jean Patton
    Jean Patton 30 minutes ago

    Something that’s gotten kind of lost in translation is that you can absolutely stir the sugar/water mix for caramel until the sugar dissolves. It’s only once the sugar is dissolved that you shouldn’t touch it.

  • Stubi L
    Stubi L 30 minutes ago

    I often find myself confused and sticky....

  • Mr Multi
    Mr Multi 31 minute ago

    Watching this with out sound makes it feel cursed

  • R.I.P Geno Cultshit
    R.I.P Geno Cultshit 31 minute ago

    Nice robe, Hef.

  • Connor Nolan
    Connor Nolan 31 minute ago

    Lemon party? Confused and sticky? This episode has all sorts of Easter eggs in it.

  • Joe Watkins
    Joe Watkins 31 minute ago

    Scotland is part of Britain!

  • Azure Fang
    Azure Fang 31 minute ago

    1:52 "... and it's time to make it a bit of a lemon party." ANDREW NO!

  • Harvey Moore
    Harvey Moore 32 minutes ago

    No. Scones for afternoon tea is served with clotted cream and jam. I never thought I’d say this, but stop appropriating my culture

  • FecalBlaster
    FecalBlaster 32 minutes ago

    "A bit of a LEMONPARTY" LOL!!

  • M G
    M G 33 minutes ago

    As a Brit, i take my hat off, this is excellent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • holly olpp
    holly olpp 33 minutes ago

    Cinnamon is not an appropriate option.

  • ryan dewes
    ryan dewes 33 minutes ago

    Honestly..... one of your best mate! Keep em coming you biscuit! 🤘🏼

  • R.I.P Geno Cultshit
    R.I.P Geno Cultshit 33 minutes ago

    100% Serious question;Marmalade comes from marmosets, right?

    • Robot killer
      Robot killer 27 minutes ago

      Marmelo, it was originally made from marmelo.

  • Ederd Stark
    Ederd Stark 33 minutes ago

    Ohhh... My.... Goshh.... He re did the whole process just so we can see the best possible version of the food in Steven Universe. He is totally worth subscribing to.

  • Doctor Spaghetti
    Doctor Spaghetti 34 minutes ago

    No No lemon party

  • Anderson Huber
    Anderson Huber 34 minutes ago

    “Marmalade is served”

  • Joshua Shin
    Joshua Shin 34 minutes ago

    I have a suggestion: Can you make that Ramen Dish from the Korean movie Parasite?

  • Cal Bradley
    Cal Bradley 34 minutes ago

    You're only 32? Damn bro, you age like spinach

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 34 minutes ago

    "...cover in plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, until big, and foamy, and puffy, and it makes you think of Brad Leone." 🤣

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 35 minutes ago

    Pussy. Should of used meth