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  • Odin
    Odin 10 minutes ago

    I went to HS with Gumand nephew who was a major douchebag

  • Eric S
    Eric S Day ago

    War eagle!

  • Bobby Pointer
    Bobby Pointer 2 days ago

    considering how young BAMAS defense is, i think they are playing ok. and they are getting better as the season goes on. so stop dissing them.

  • David Teasley
    David Teasley 2 days ago

    The fullback was twice Roman's size. The TD was 5 yards away. Roman stuck him and created the braviest play in Bama history. He inspired the win. Roman was modest in telling the story.

  • David Teasley
    David Teasley 2 days ago

    Best interview Ryan

  • jjack flash
    jjack flash 2 days ago

    Been watching Wisconsin, don't sleep on them.

  • Sarah Lloyd
    Sarah Lloyd 2 days ago

    I LOVE seeing BAMA throw the ball!

  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy 2 days ago

    Really like Roman Harper. That was a great defense we had in 2005. It was a really exciting time to be a fan after the years of struggles.

  • Mr JayL
    Mr JayL 2 days ago

    I remember this game. What an ending! Great interview.

  • The Overalls
    The Overalls 2 days ago

    Another stellar interview! Really appreciate all you do! RTR!! @kyallie (Doc)

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 2 days ago

    See I been trying to tell people if our team was built like it used to with only a heavy run game we would lose . Look at Georgia they are built like the old Bama. Nick Saban changes with the times. Get out the Stone Age. Winning 20-0 not gone cut it!!! Our defense will be fine. You measure defense differently now!!

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 2 days ago

    Overreacting. Georgia have a great defense and built like the old Bama. If we played like we used to . We will lose. You can’t compare modern defenses compared to our past defenses. Our defense match our new style. Get out the Stone Age.

  • armedwatchman
    armedwatchman 3 days ago

    If defense decides that game, I'm not putting my money on Golding.

  • Shelton Rogers
    Shelton Rogers 3 days ago

    Georgia's got to be glad they are in the SEC East right now. IF, Georgia still had to play LSU and Alabama in the season to get to a conference championship they'd be in trouble.

  • The Original American

    Hahahahahahahaha I love the video image Georgia fans in despair

  • Eugene Engram
    Eugene Engram 3 days ago

    How many other teams could have lost two starting linebackers and defensive end, then start four freshmen and still be #1RDT!!!

    • Eugene Engram
      Eugene Engram 2 days ago

      @Alisa Cooper LSU has our respect big time!I bet you are fine as hell!There are some beautiful women in Louisiana for real!

    • Eugene Engram
      Eugene Engram 2 days ago

      As a matter of fact, LSU probably will play better in Tuscaloosa because they haven't scored a point the last two times Alabama went to Baton Rouge!

    • Eugene Engram
      Eugene Engram 2 days ago

      @Alisa Cooper Alabama has beaten LSWho eight times in a row!Roll Damn Tide!

    • Eugene Engram
      Eugene Engram 2 days ago

      @Alisa Cooper We own LSU and everyone else in the SEC!

    • Eugene Engram
      Eugene Engram 2 days ago

      @Alisa Cooper Who is your team?What have they won recently?

  • The Original American

    Now this guy isn't too boring to listen too

  • Emerson B
    Emerson B 3 days ago

    Alabama, we are really not that good. I’ve have never seen are defense look so weak, for 2 years straight.

    • Crimson Cruloc
      Crimson Cruloc 2 days ago

      College football has changed, it will eventually change again...back to more defensive......it all goes in cycles. Now, this Bama D isn't as good as it could be, most of that is the number of plays per game...SCarolina and Ole Miss had over 80 snaps, and missing 2 experienced inside LB's and having freshmen in their place...and freshmen on th DLine. I think Bama discovered something though against A&M....with Lewis/Jennings rushing the edges and Barmore crushing the middle, but that is great for passing downs....Bama has to find some answers on run D, which comes with playing experience for those inside LB's.

    • Jance 716
      Jance 716 3 days ago

      Zach Havlovick I can’t wait for us to get to that level

    • Zach Havlovick
      Zach Havlovick 3 days ago

      @Jance 716 really for the next 2 to 3 years because this next recruiting class is loaded with defensive stars. There'll be a rebound

    • Jance 716
      Jance 716 3 days ago

      Emerson B of course this a down year for Alabama’s defense. But the depth for next year is gonna be outstanding

  • Eric Sigersmith
    Eric Sigersmith 3 days ago

    Auburn will be back on track their scary

  • Arkansas Motorcycle Rides

    I think Trask threw for over 300 yds on LSU...Trask is no Tua...

  • timmytide1
    timmytide1 3 days ago

    Tua had a great game vs lsu last year.

  • timmytide1
    timmytide1 3 days ago

    Bama 47 lsu 37

  • Jeffrey Epstein Jr.

    Burroughs sux. Sounds like they missed on Mckinnely from Mississippi. The dude is slow and unathletic. These other programs negatively recruiting against Bama is killing them.

    • Darth Saban
      Darth Saban 3 days ago

      Yea.....its killing Alabama so bad they have the #2 recruiting class with a shot at #1. You sound like an idiot

  • nathan d
    nathan d 4 days ago

    Thanks Andrew for the updates, I look forward to your material.

  • keith connell
    keith connell 4 days ago

    Loved Shaud Williams. Probably my favorite player from that team.

  • BamaFanForLife
    BamaFanForLife 4 days ago

    LSU will not score 24 points on Bama, it's going to look like the south Carolina game. IMO

  • Carl Hall
    Carl Hall 4 days ago

    Totally off subject here so please forgive me, but as I looked at the pic while the audio was playing I notice creepy Butch Jones in the background with that same (I’m stealing all your shit) look on his face. Can some body convince me that this man isn’t using up perfectly good space/oxygen?

  • Mark Angelou
    Mark Angelou 4 days ago

    I love listening to this. Bama host complaining about the Tide’s team, can you say 1st world problems?

  • Timothy Frederick
    Timothy Frederick 4 days ago

    Think Smith may be leaning Florida.

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd 4 days ago

    You have to run on 2nd or 3rd and long sometimes, because it makes the offense hard to predict. Also, it sets up the play action pass.

  • David Teasley
    David Teasley 4 days ago

    Gary . I am all for hyping a player but after while you come across as a blind homer. I guess it works. For me, just hype.

  • John Barre
    John Barre 4 days ago

    You have a memory shorter than your tallywhacker. It hasn't been that long ago. We have some beast on both sides of the ball and the desire to do so

  • Shelton Rogers
    Shelton Rogers 4 days ago

    Clemson doesn't let thier commits enjoy the recruiting process. Clemson commits have to shut down their recruiting entirely. All In? (or) Trust Issues? I wouldn't want to play in the ACC right now anyway!

  • Ernesto Uribe
    Ernesto Uribe 4 days ago

    Dang cut off Andrew Bone there at the end, not cool

    • CFB Jared
      CFB Jared 4 days ago

      Ikr! Unbelievable. 😂😆

  • David Cole
    David Cole 4 days ago

    Nice Pick Up Today. Hope we land the TE from State of Georgia Next.

  • Dave Tucker
    Dave Tucker 4 days ago

    Obviously recorded before the Gamecock game, but man. The hubris.

  • Joe Veitch
    Joe Veitch 4 days ago

    Mark it down winner of LSU Bama wins title this year. None of the others will be able to outscore LSU or Bama. We score 45-55 on SEC defenses, and we all know sec DEFENSES ARE HEADS AND SHOULDERS abovethe defenses they play in conference.

  • Kalel311 superman
    Kalel311 superman 4 days ago

    Kenny's enshrinement came too late

  • Joseph Pomale
    Joseph Pomale 4 days ago

    Heisman trophy is nice to have, Tua his eye on national title

  • timmytide1
    timmytide1 5 days ago

    Florida didn't have their best two pass rushers. Just Saying.

    • clippy dippy
      clippy dippy 3 days ago

      They had Zuniga until 4 minutes left in the third. He had 1 TFL and no sacks. Just saying.

  • Carl Roundtree
    Carl Roundtree 5 days ago

    Hey Alabama fans I love tua & that offense & the defense is coming around to but Ohio State man they are loaded for real they have a ferocious defense & an explosive offense I don't see any body beating them but Wisconsin is looking a little scary to maybe they can soften up Ohio State for y'all

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch Day ago

      23-21 Illinois is gaining, tell me what head they can knock off bahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha you northern guys never learn, study history it seems to repeat itself.

    • GRD7
      GRD7 3 days ago

      I'm a OSU fan... I won't say we are the best but I do believe we can play with anybody. I don't get what people mean about our defense not being good against SEC offenses we've only played 1 SEC team in the past 5 years so how can we know ? you can't bring up old OSU teams from the past those teams were so different than how it is today those teams were built strictly to play Big Ten football.. today OSU is built to play anyone in the country. To be real the only difference in the past is that SEC teams had speedy athletic dudes all over the field... nobody up north builds teams like that its just a different style of football but Ohio State broke that tradition and start putting more speed on the field... we definitely have the athletes to beat SEC teams our program has plenty of talent. The only team that has recruited better than OSU over the last 5 years is Alabama .... we got dudes too...LOL

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch 3 days ago

      So I will not be hearing from you the rest of the yr LOL

    • Carl Roundtree
      Carl Roundtree 3 days ago

      Hey Joe am going to remember you once Ohio State & Wisconsin beat the best your sec conference has to offer am going to hit you up & see what you have to say & see if you are man enough to admit you was wrong just like last year when Clemson blew out Alabama I know you was one of those smug sec fans who thought it was no way that was going to happen

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch 3 days ago

      Yeah it is tough stopping kent st and illinois and those type of power house offenses, Mich is best team they have beaten LOL play a ranked team and get top ranking in D then call me. BIG 10 and 12 schedules play maybe 1-2 top 25 teams all year so stats look good. Bama will hang 40-50 on them easy Tua is not playing teams like Kent St your best win was against UNRANKED mich LOL

  • MrWhoDat&HailStateMan

    Stingray if you are reading I just wanna say: when you turned your back on MSU you didn't hurt the "fans" that hated you. Rather you stepped on the hearts of fans like me who actually loved you. When you turned your back in Hail State you lost my respect. Don't expect me to call you names and treat you the way those fakers treated you, cuz I'm not like that!

  • David easterwood
    David easterwood 5 days ago

    I have LSU as the #1 team in the country right now, and I'm a Bama fan! My top 5...Lsu #1 Bama#2 Ohio state #3 Clemson#4 Oklahoma #5, But there's not a big difference right now, from 1-5 IMO! Alabama's defense is young, if they can get these young Bucks playing up too their potential, this team could be special before the year's done!

    • David easterwood
      David easterwood 4 days ago

      @D.B. Sparks yea their resume is the best, and I also think they are probably just a little better on Defense than us right now! Hopefully by the time we play them our defense has gotten enough experience to slow them down! The Bama, Lsu game will be one he'll of a game , that whoever wins it should be the team that represents the SEC in the playoffs! Let's just hope our young defense can grow up in time! RTR!!!

    • Tom Sarsfield
      Tom Sarsfield 4 days ago

      Ohio State had an off week. Keep that in mind.

    • D.B. Sparks
      D.B. Sparks 5 days ago

      I think Oklahoma would beat Clemson if they played this Saturday. You put LSU @1 because of resume ...fair enough, but I would take Bama over Anybody straight up no point spread.

    • Sesa Lalotoa
      Sesa Lalotoa 5 days ago

      David easterwood you ain’t Alabama fan lmaoooooo

  • Moses Evaimalo
    Moses Evaimalo 5 days ago

    The reason why Alabama is different? Because of one man Steve sarkisian he makes TUA🙏 better... I BELIEVE BECAUSE OF HIM... Alabama will the NATTY... You heard it here first #RTR💪 AND ROLL TUA🙏 THIS KID #13 IS SPECIAL I TELL YOU...

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch 4 days ago

      Bama won before Sark he is just making it more about offense for sure, him and Tua.

  • Junior Talia
    Junior Talia 5 days ago

    Best QB in the country

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 5 days ago

    If I'm LSU, I look at the Clemson tape and do what they did on defense to beat Alabama

    • clippy dippy
      clippy dippy 3 days ago

      @Dave Tucker 24 points. They got a fumble 6 at the LSU goal line and a pick 6 on LSU's backup QB.

    • SFO McGee
      SFO McGee 4 days ago

      Not in Alabama bud sorry but that ain’t happenin

    • timothyf7
      timothyf7 4 days ago

      Hopefully, Tua won't be hurt like he was against Clemson. Also, Sark wasn't the OC then.

    • Ron Elite
      Ron Elite 4 days ago

      Andrew Bowen also for defense, it aint jimmys and joes its x and os. The scheme diesnt fit Davis and the front 7. The DC is to bkame for the ineptitude of the defense

    • Ron Elite
      Ron Elite 4 days ago

      Andrew Bowen different coaches have different wrinkles. I wholly disagree. Sark and Kiddin are only similar in philosophical spread by screens but entirely different in schemes and change ups.

  • David Streiten
    David Streiten 5 days ago

    sounds like a fraud... body language (shifty, nervous tics) of a fraud... even looks like a fraud with those beady eyes that are too close to each other

  • The Original American

    Junkyard Joe Burrow

    JAYVIDS 5 days ago

    This guy is boring to listen to. I fell asleep 3 times and he was still talking.

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 5 days ago


      JAYVIDS 5 days ago


    • The Original American
      The Original American 5 days ago

      I like this guy you can at least hear him. Cecil Hurt on the other hand is extremely boring to listen too plus you literally can't even hear anything he's saying

  • Randy Robertson
    Randy Robertson 5 days ago

    You fucking douche bag now both your team suck

  • The Original American

    Look I love listening to 100.9 Tide however this Cecil Hurt guy...... I can barely hear him in the microphone its like his voice puts me to sleep find someone else.

  • The Original American

    Nick Saban will have these young men ready to smash Tennessee were not Georgia fuck a trap game

  • David Cole
    David Cole 5 days ago

    Bama needs to not take Tennessee lightly. Just ask Georgia about S. Carolina. Tennessee is improving we play our "A" Game we win handily, but come in over confident this game could be closer than expected.

    • Theron Wright
      Theron Wright 5 days ago

      David Cole georgia was overrated anyway !!

  • Alex Honeyghan
    Alex Honeyghan 5 days ago

    I think nick Saban's always thinks longterm. He deferred, I think, to build the character of the defense. In order to win against better competition, the defense will need their confidence. The talent is there, and nick is working on building them up situationally.

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 5 days ago

    I love these audio videos guys, keep up the good work!

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 5 days ago

    Tua got robbed from the Heisman last year. Unfortunately he won’t win the Heisman because the powers at be will screw it up again.

  • Noe’mie Skybleu
    Noe’mie Skybleu 6 days ago

    Shannon Sharpe has so great stuff and pushes Tua a lot ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Original American

    The penalty on Barmore coming up the middle got hands to the helmet was complete bullshit that was a hometown Texas referee call. So insignificant they were helping A&M as much as they could, let these kids play football

  • Arkansas Motorcycle Rides

    I like the call to defer it gives you a chance to score at end of the first half and the beginning of the second half...

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green 6 days ago

    Bama was held under 500 yrds but Bama had around 300 return yards.It shortened how far Tua had to go to score

    • Red Stark Boxing Sports & News
      Red Stark Boxing Sports & News 5 days ago

      Humble Warrior wasn’t a risk taken it was blown coverage but defense is good they are on the field more because offense scores fast and a lot so they’ll be on on the field and pushed a lot before we get to the meat of our schedule 💪🏾 #RollTideRoll

    • Brian Green
      Brian Green 6 days ago

      @E B Yes that is correct👍Tua had less yards due to being set at mid field or beyond

    • Humble Warrior
      Humble Warrior 6 days ago

      Brian Green facts but it just shows how much more dangerous we can be when we play a full game on all phases of the game. Defensively we improved but we did have some plays that presented problems like the freshman tight end being wide open due to a risk taken by our safety. Things like that can be fixed tho. We looked much better than we did against Ole Miss

    • E B
      E B 6 days ago

      Yep. It works the same way when your defense turns the other team over a lot. You don't get as many yards because you have lots of short fields. People just cherrypick certain stats to fit their narrative.

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 6 days ago

    Why are they hating on Tua in the media??

    • Joel Lopa
      Joel Lopa 4 days ago

      @Stephanie Doane he's an island boy, making it big in college! Jealousy and haters! Lmao!

    • Joel Lopa
      Joel Lopa 4 days ago

      Because he's an Islanders, from a small island, hawaii. He's making it big in college! All hatred and jealousy big time! 😆

    • Stephanie Doane
      Stephanie Doane 6 days ago

      I think it's like our defense, they say that our "D" is not good but that's because they are comparing them against some of our previously great(#1) defenses. So therefore Tua is his own worst enemy because of the standard he has set and how other QB's are compared to Tua. Just look at Jalen Hurts they say that Riley has made him a better passer but he was doing that the second half of the season mostly I feel by watching Tua everyday in practice, and coming in in the second half of the game Jalen had little pressure just like any game in the "big 12". Sorry for that "Dig"...NOT! By the way i'm happy for Jalen and I think Saban likes when the media has some negative comments instead of that "RAT POISON". Roll Tide!

  • 405 BOY
    405 BOY 7 days ago

    Texas folks are so biased. He talked about Ehlinger beating Kyler Murray, likeke Kyler didn't turn around and outplay and beat them in the Big-12 Championship 🤙🤙

  • Ritchie Asuega
    Ritchie Asuega 8 days ago

    Haters will always hate...Tua doesn't get enough credit he deserves! Maybe because he's Samoan...or he's a Christian and he always talks about his faith...who knows!! Media loves to highlight other players who don't even compare to what Tua has been doing. It's sad. I can honestly say we have never seen a college quarterback as accurate and dynamic as Tua in such a long time.

  • Jason Tafao
    Jason Tafao 8 days ago

    THANK YOU!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack MWH96817
    Jack MWH96817 8 days ago

    Tua is the best qb in the nation n it's not even close!

  • T W
    T W 9 days ago

    Jesus will this guy stop crying about Alabama hahah. Hard to listen to his blatant bias

  • DeAnna D. Wright
    DeAnna D. Wright 9 days ago

    It's shocking all of the disrespect that Tua has been getting and all the praise being heaped on Jalen. Tua is the best qb in college football and he deserves to win the Heisman but he probably won't.

  • pbodymathis
    pbodymathis 9 days ago

    The defensive coaches are playing catchup to the offense now. It is a track meet in the secondary every play and coaches are slowly figuring out how to slow it down. I have notices that most teams Defensive backs are smaller and fast compared to years past. They need them to be quick, fast, and smart. Gone are the days of punishing safeties and corners when you catch the ball. Now, we have DB's who grab and try to strip the ball while the receiver continues to make yards down the field. However, it leads to a very exciting game. Think UCLA and Washington St.

    STAQQ Q 9 days ago

    "Create some shit throw it on the wall and see what sticks." Truth! "Nick Saban"

    STAQQ Q 9 days ago

    "Create some shit throw it on the wall and see what sticks." Truth! "Nick Saban"

  • Vidot Daniel
    Vidot Daniel 9 days ago

    Amen! I agree with you Aaron speaking facts. Tua is better than Jalen by far no one can tell me otherwise. Tua is breaking college football and Alabama records. He is a remarkable player on and off the field was reading earlier about him signing a jersey and ball for a kid who tragically died. Such a class act from an amazing player.

    • Dionne
      Dionne 7 days ago

      Vidot Daniel I love your profile photo! That video still cracks me up to this day! 😂

  • barry walker
    barry walker 9 days ago

    This is EPIC,EPIC,EPIC HORSESHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These hyper brain dead minions are living in the fucking stone ages and they are blind to the truth.these over the fucking top crybabies are the biggest bitch and moan clowns on the fucking face of the earth.tua is the least impressive quarterback in the country.these epic clowns repeat...repeat....repeat.....repeat and repeat some more of the same ole epic bullshit over and over and over and over.jalen does not play anybody......neither has tua.the big 12 is weak....the SEC has been overrated for years.tua throws the ball better........tua does not throw the ball better when he plays top competition.tent queen tua has 3 wins against top 25 teams.jalen hurts has 10.tent queen tua plays like shit against top teams and these fucking tua ass kissers turn a blind eye,but they go raving in the fucking streets when he throws 6 touchdowns against a fire dumpster team like ole Miss while nick the dick is showing one of the most classless acts in the history of college football by allowing tent queen tua to pad his stats late into the 4th quarter just to keep Pace with Jalen hurts and to set a classless ass bullshit record..they downplay all the overwhelming talent of the 5-star receivers just to build up sorry ass pineapple jesus.they make light of the fact that tent queen tua plays with four seasoned 5-star receivers on the field at the same time.the first thing to come out of their fucking mouth is......... JALEN HAD THE SAME RECEIVERS.NO, HE ACTUALLY DID NOT!!!! Jalen was the starting quarterback in 2017 and ruggs,jeudy,and Smith were all true freshman and Alabama was still running a run first offense and waddle was not even there yet.DAMN!!!!!!!!!! What a great injustice to compare Jalen hurts passing numbers to tua because they played in totally different systems.DAMN!!!!!! You fucking epic morons do know that Alabama was a run heavy team all the way up to 2018.tua is the first quarterback to ever play in a pass first offense in the history of Alabama football and it was all by design to go out and get the greatest receivers in the history of Alabama football just to build up fake ass pineapple Jesus.DAMN!!!!!!!!! You fucking Mayberry ass simps have put stupid into overdrive!!!!!!!!!!!!! You epic asswipes make a small thing out of a quarterback having four seasoned 5-star receivers playing on the field at the same time.THAT'S A BIG, BIG, BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!.that has never happen in the history of college football.DAMN!!!!!!!!! Tent queen tua should have 60 fucking touchdowns when you add in the fact that he has only played against the three stoggs type competition with a loaded gun of 5-star receivers........WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Tent queen tua should not even be in the heisman race.tua is the most fucking overrated quarterback in the history of college football.tua should have a fucking disclaimer attached to his so called historic numbers because he only puts up big numbers against lowly fucking cupcakes and then plays like a fucking XFL quarterback when he plays against real teams.tua is so fucking overrated that his ass is brushing up against the fucking moon.tent queen tua has a 54QBR against top 10 teams and you epic morons call him a great quarterback😀😀😀😀he plays like shit against top 30 defenses😀😀😀he took the biggest loss in the history of Alabama football....44-16😀😀😀😗😗😗😗I need to file a missing minds report,because clearly,you fucking epic minions have lost your fucking minds.WHAT A JOKE😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😗😗😀😀😀😀😗😗😗😗😙😙😀😀😀😃😙😀

  • Marcus Knight
    Marcus Knight 9 days ago

    Who in the Hell is this dude... Jalen didn't lose shit, Boosters gave Jalen position away. Tua said, his dad told him to go in Nick's office. Tua is a bitch for doing that. Coaches left and Athletes that was staying left for the NFL because Tua should have been on the bench. Clemson kicked Alabama's ass because he wasn't reading defenses. Tua was exposed the minute he played against good defenses. Then, Tua couldn't get his ass up off the bench and shake hands. Alabama was never a pass first offense until last year. Jalen didn't mess any receivers up from a stats standpoint. Tua just passed Jalen's record in touchdowns and passes in Two years. Jalen really started two year at Bama. You are stupid dumb fuck! Dude stop saying you don't want to tear Jalen down and your constantly doing it. Tua wasn't injured in the national championship game. If he was, he would have been on the bench. He was so worried, Jalen was going to out play him in the SEC championship game, he was begging to get back in. Nick fucking threw 2 championships away by getting rid of Lane Kiffin and not giving Jalen a chance in that last championship game. Funny how he sat Jalen in the Georgia national championship and didn't sit Tua when, he was terrible in the cle6game. Match what Jalen did to Clemson against the same defensive line then match what Tua did, he folded under pressure.

    • Vidot Daniel
      Vidot Daniel 8 days ago

      Hmmmm you watching your boy Jalen right now???? haha pure garbage

  • Red Stark Boxing Sports & News

    If Tua stayed for 1 more year or played in 2nd half’s last year his numbers would surpass anyone in history he’s Already breaking records

  • Sesa Lalotoa
    Sesa Lalotoa 9 days ago

    Every analyst, Reporter, Fan & whom ever better keep the same energy they have now the way they doubting and criticising Tua! This dude yes had a bad game for his standards as a 20 year old! But the way they acting like he can’t improve & giving him no Credit due to Bama fatigue & NFL type receivers is absurd!

  • Kaja Jaka
    Kaja Jaka 9 days ago

    Tua is the best QB in College football

  • Arsi Rey
    Arsi Rey 9 days ago

    They disrespected Tom Brady also when he was in college. And now he's the greatest of all time. Tom plays with a chip on his shoulder. Tua Tagovailoa will also play with a chip on his shoulder. Greatness awaits him when he gets drafted by my Dolphins. 👍

    • Dionne
      Dionne 7 days ago

      Shane Engler All he needs Are people who can catch and a line who can at least let him get the ball off

    • Shane Engler
      Shane Engler 9 days ago

      I feel bad for him if that happens 😆

  • Arsi Rey
    Arsi Rey 9 days ago

    2019 Heisman trophy winner.

  • Samoan_AceO3
    Samoan_AceO3 9 days ago

    When Tua is Challenged and doubted, he will and always come on top.. so pls let it be this way.. He IS on a mission.. it happens for a reason..

    JOHN TUI 9 days ago

    Aaron Torres is absolutely correct !!!! Im just letting it play thru!!!! Tua is gonna be great!!! When he leaves that's when they will know how great he was in Alabama !!

  • J T
    J T 10 days ago

    100% truth...from a U.S.C fan.

  • Sal Tofau
    Sal Tofau 10 days ago

    Tua is better that way under the radar and it humbles him to be the best everybody eats. Lol

  • Michelle LeMar
    Michelle LeMar 10 days ago

    Tua should have won the Heisman last year, while he was hurt and still did a better job and his conference is so much stonger than the Oklahoma's conference! It's just all hate on Alabama! Makes me sick! Tua won the QB position from Jalen because he could not throw! Saben kept him and he was put under Tau wings to show him how to read the receivers and throw the ball more than ten yards for the first down or run the ball while we had 3 receivers wide open for a touch down! Now Jalen place for a decent team but his conference is shit! Give me a break! I love Jalen but the hate against the SEC and Alabama is real, and it really starts with the digusting media and thier partiality to any team that's not Bama!

    • Dionne
      Dionne 7 days ago

      Michelle LeMar Nothing but facts that I just read! If Jalen wins this year, it’ll not based on talent but media attention.

    • Cass Jnr
      Cass Jnr 8 days ago

      Couldn't agree more Ms LaMar

  • Judy Rutledge
    Judy Rutledge 10 days ago


  • Randall Williams
    Randall Williams 10 days ago

    Too.... Homer

  • The Original American

    The NBA sucks

  • Pito Jr
    Pito Jr 10 days ago

    Its ok because Media and Stats can influence the Heisman, but at the end is the voters that decided!

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 10 days ago

    Remember, the Heisman isn't won in September, so chances are Jalen isn't winning it based on what he has done in September

  • David easterwood
    David easterwood 10 days ago

    I love Jalen Hurts, and wish him the best, and I will always be a fan! I think Hurts can even play in the NFL! But Tua's the better QB! This guy is special, and will be special in the NFL as we'll! This just shows how good Tua was/is because he was clearly the better QB out of the two!

    • TRiX - NBA highlights
      TRiX - NBA highlights 9 days ago

      Ennis Whalen he literally gave him praise

    • David easterwood
      David easterwood 9 days ago

      @Ennis Whalen I never said Jalen wasn't a good QB, he is, and I think he will have a successful NFL career before it's all said and done! Jalen would have held that starting spot against almost any other QB in the country! It really says alot about the recruiting at Alabama to have had these two QB'S competing for the starting spot at the sametime!

    • Ennis Whalen
      Ennis Whalen 9 days ago

      @Marcus Knight - Hey, do not even get involved with these people.They are NEVER going to give Jalen Hurts the credit he deserves . . .just get used to it!

    • Marcus Knight
      Marcus Knight 9 days ago

      I'll take Jalen any day.

  • Steelman
    Steelman 10 days ago

    Sad media hates on a QB for doing his job but congratulations for Trevor Lawrence for throwing a int and tackling.

    • Slim Brady
      Slim Brady 9 days ago

      @Red Stark Boxing Sports & News It was an absolute terrible interception at that.

    • Red Stark Boxing Sports & News
      Red Stark Boxing Sports & News 9 days ago

      Steelman that shit pissed me off so bad they were gushing over dude for throwing a pick and knocking the nigga out of bounds

  • Sarah Lloyd
    Sarah Lloyd 10 days ago

    Media is SO wanting to make Jalen Heisman winner...it’s the dramatic, heart strings story...and probably Hollywood is already planning the movie. Just trashy. Jalen is a fine athlete and person....but nothing is owed to him. He has his chance at BAMA and had a good two years....but he lost out as starting QB to TUA. HE did that. Saban did everything he could to give Jalen playing time...which absolutely cost TUA the Heisman last year even though he had the stats to win it! No body did Jalen wrong!

    • Norman Mika
      Norman Mika 8 days ago

      @Junior Talia so true brother🤣

    • Junior Talia
      Junior Talia 9 days ago

      RACIST 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • sam samaute
      sam samaute 9 days ago

      @Ennis Whalen then again, I could be wrong..Not a Tua or Bama fan, but I believe Tua should've won it last year...I actually like Jalen but at the rate that Tua is piling up these numbers it's hard not bet on Tua for the Heisman

    • Ennis Whalen
      Ennis Whalen 9 days ago

      @sam samaute - WOW! So now, Jalen Hurts cost Tagovailoa the Heisman Trophy. WOW!

    • sam samaute
      sam samaute 9 days ago

      Sarah Lloyd, 100% agree with.. especially on last year's Heisman bs. JH had it fair n square, the better quarterback won

  • Bama Hammer
    Bama Hammer 10 days ago

    If you remember Kyler Murray last year had outstanding WRs that the media praised. But they constantly stated Murray was the best QB they have seen. I have been saying the same thing all season how the media has disrespected Tua. Let me give you a recent example: I went out to CNN and read an article on Tua after he threw six TDs and ran for a 7th. The article was located on a back page and it did not even mention what Tua had did in the game. The reason why I brought up this particular article is because as you read it there was a bold hyperlink placed within the article that stated" Jalen Hurts has just solidified winning the Heisman by his performance today". Jh had thrown 4 TDs with one interception for 418 yards. Tua had 7 TDs and no interceptions for 458 yards but they reference JH accomplishments and barely mention Tua's. The Hesiman has become a popularity award rather than a accomplishment. The speaker on this broadcast is spot on in his assessment. Now the media as of today is saying if Oklahoma wins over Texas this weekend that will lock up JH to win the Heisman. The media in the end wants to write the final story that Oklahoma won the Heisman three years in a row with three different transfer QBs. If Jalen fails to win their backup is Joe Borrow from LSU. Bama fatigue is alive and real. I am not throwing Joe Barrow under the bus because he has done a great job at LSU. I believe the Bama vs LSU game should determine the Heisman winner if the media was fair.

    • Bama Hammer
      Bama Hammer 5 days ago

      @Anthony M Spoken like a true Trump supporter.

    • Anthony M
      Anthony M 5 days ago

      Well you did source your info from CNN the worst media outlet on planet earth

    • Noe’mie Skybleu
      Noe’mie Skybleu 6 days ago

      Bama Hammer I agree with every word written !!!! Great observation 🌅

    • Bama Hammer
      Bama Hammer 8 days ago

      @Jack MWH96817 You mean Fox News. That is why Sheperd Smith quit.

    • Jack MWH96817
      Jack MWH96817 8 days ago

      CNN is fake news media!

  • College Football Central

    I've seen both A&M and Bama in person this year...Bama will win by 28 I think

    • Gary Nelson
      Gary Nelson 9 days ago

      I think so too. I don't see how Bama doesn't score at will against the Aggie defense and, if Bame can keep Mond in the pocket I think the Aggies offense will have trouble scoring.

  • The Original American

    Mike Griffith is bitch he's been crying for 2 yrs now over bama smacking those puppy dogs 2 yrs In a row. Let's see what he says this yr

  • mixed Nuts
    mixed Nuts 10 days ago

    This is some stupid ass video

  • Gelato
    Gelato 10 days ago

    Ole miss will beat Texas a m

    • BamaFanForLife
      BamaFanForLife 10 days ago

      I think so too. Jimbo isn't the great coach everyone thinks he is. The only reason he has a championship ring, is because Auburn got a kick 6 on Bama I 2013 and played for the Natty. If it had been Bama, Jimbo wouldn't have had a prayer against Saban. Roll Tide Baby.

  • Foodies Austin
    Foodies Austin 10 days ago

    Mike Griffith too big a Dawg homer to be objectively interesting.

    • Foodies Austin
      Foodies Austin 9 days ago

      @Mr. Nickson I get all of that. Comparison to AJ legit and all the comps you mention about GA. are reasonable. It was Griffith's litany of backhanded remarks about Bama. The guy was on a Bama show and I didn't sense any sort of fun, digging repartee with the host. Instead he came off making jerky remarks thus the homer.

    • Mr. Nickson
      Mr. Nickson 10 days ago

      Foodies Austin he’s correct about Georgia being reminiscent to the old Bama teams. They never totally dominated on the offensive side of the football but their defense was top notch and you knew that they were coming to play every game. The offensive did sometimes struggle with teams by the defense would always show up and make the plays to help the offense out.. right now Georgia is the best balanced team in the SEC and not close right now. Okay I’m not saying that they don’t have any weaknesses because they do just like everyone in the SEC. But right now they seem like the can win in a shoot out or a straight pound the football and take what you give them and their quarterback Fromm does just enough he’s reminiscent of AJ no one would ever say at the time AJ was the best in college but when you check his resume it stacks up against some best that played in college when you look at his wins and loses and just how much he meant to the team even though he wasn’t the most talented on the team. He was just perfect for those teams just like Jake ..

  • Itee Tee978
    Itee Tee978 10 days ago

    Probs and totally agree... But man I think I like it as it is.. I’m pretty sure Tua is contempt with the talk.. I have a good feeling Tua’s eyes on on the Natty 1000% It’s the 2nd thing on his mind.. 1st Team and 2nd National Championship.. I’m convinced they will do anything for that Championship.. Because this be their last year if they moving on to NFL..

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 10 days ago

    Best QB in college football.

  • Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony 10 days ago

    Thank you for defending Tua 👍🏼