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  • mon bluey
    mon bluey 10 seconds ago

    More Rie & Alvin lol

  • FR Crafts
    FR Crafts 40 seconds ago

    Craigslist elves.

  • Angi
    Angi 55 seconds ago

    Sims 4 music

  • fernando Ramirez
    fernando Ramirez Minute ago

    Yo chris looks so depressed

  • Nabila Kusumaningsih


  • Ines Cualan
    Ines Cualan 2 minutes ago

    Alix:Its Pink Gordon Ramsay: ITS RAW YOU IDIOT

  • Tuba Abrar
    Tuba Abrar 2 minutes ago


  • charlotte 12
    charlotte 12 2 minutes ago

    I want that.. Ahahhaha

  • TheCrowncard
    TheCrowncard 3 minutes ago

    After school Me : I am so hungry, gonna try this~ Mother : Finish your homework Me : But Moomm~

  • Lydia Bosire
    Lydia Bosire 3 minutes ago

    Do you have your lady?

  • Tuba Abrar
    Tuba Abrar 4 minutes ago


  • Richy Saing
    Richy Saing 4 minutes ago

    Do a giant gyoza for Matt Stonie!!!

  • Darshan Deep
    Darshan Deep 4 minutes ago

    No matter what, Asian girls has their own way of looking down on things.

  • Miniature Worlds
    Miniature Worlds 6 minutes ago


  • Armyl blink Jwje
    Armyl blink Jwje 6 minutes ago

    Omg for the first time in foeverrrr there’s no alcohoooolllllllll

  • pay me some alimony or do some time

    Im still using cast iron skillets of my grandma..

  • yukikay
    yukikay 7 minutes ago

    SINONG PINOY? empanada sa ilocos! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Kenrick Lockhart
    Kenrick Lockhart 7 minutes ago

    Fuck your ads.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 7 minutes ago

    I am love you

  • Killerboydeath X
    Killerboydeath X 7 minutes ago


  • Mighty YoungSir
    Mighty YoungSir 7 minutes ago


  • Rasheena B
    Rasheena B 7 minutes ago

    Too bad Quinta didn't match Alvin's & Rie's energy throughout the video when they revealed the result!! It felt like she dismissed their hard work. I really did love Alvin & Rie together, such good vibes

  • Nick Salonica
    Nick Salonica 7 minutes ago

    This is pure clickbait...

  • Swordless Mimetown
    Swordless Mimetown 8 minutes ago

    how about make the most expensive lunchables meal. im talking like truffle slices with caviar and wagyu sliced beef and brie or some expensive cheese and making them into a childs lunchable meal

  • Listless Destiny
    Listless Destiny 9 minutes ago

    Well crap, I’m craving chocolate chip cookies now.

  • xannegracex
    xannegracex 9 minutes ago

    You need your own tasty account tbh #onlysubscribedforthis

  • Potato with 50,000 subscribers

    Her- flexing her guns Him- “put this away I don’t think that’s legal” 😂😂 Read my name

  • cadia sky
    cadia sky 9 minutes ago

    i love spam musubi cuse im 10

  • EternalAtake 16
    EternalAtake 16 9 minutes ago


  • Mifune Katsura
    Mifune Katsura 10 minutes ago

    Snoop, you forgot the weed

  • Tasmia Noor
    Tasmia Noor 10 minutes ago

    That look so delicious

  • gaksital er
    gaksital er 10 minutes ago

    A firm chocolate ganache would’ve worked well so it wouldn’t be as hard!

  • Val Cabiles
    Val Cabiles 10 minutes ago

    I really love their tandem!! They should combine their shows like "Make it Big and Fancy" then rie would make another cute dance step. 😂😂😂

  • Angelica Hanna
    Angelica Hanna 10 minutes ago

    Such good vibes ♡

  • Offical Yujin
    Offical Yujin 12 minutes ago

    Lol the celibrity gordon ramsay R.I.P 😂

  • Rashi Rathore
    Rashi Rathore 12 minutes ago

    No one: Quinta: hehuhehuhehuh it's just so silly

  • Zaqwan syf
    Zaqwan syf 12 minutes ago

    I need a big pie

  • bapana bapana
    bapana bapana 12 minutes ago

    Simple but nice

  • fernando Ramirez
    fernando Ramirez 12 minutes ago

    Does the girl voice a cartoon character?

  • Abbey Lee
    Abbey Lee 13 minutes ago

    is it just me or when rie says ‘make it fancy ’ makes me so happy

  • Скотч Скотч
    Скотч Скотч 13 minutes ago

    Хорошо, что у меня не будет детей, и я буду готовить такую вкусняшку только себе

  • sugacat infire
    sugacat infire 13 minutes ago

    This are addicting to watch c: and am a fan of watching them cook

  • Adeline
    Adeline 14 minutes ago

    17:20 *flashback to the Quinta gain weight vid I miss the old times :’)

  • Sikora Vachelle
    Sikora Vachelle 14 minutes ago

    Patty know wassup

  • Shayna Sriro
    Shayna Sriro 14 minutes ago

    do you have a restaurant, well i think that you should open a restaurant!?

  • XenonKirito
    XenonKirito 14 minutes ago

    Not to be rude but... It kinda looks like 30/40 pounds of mush rice.... Since sushi rice should still have that bite especially after seasoning it with the sushi vinegar while cooling it. And another hint... Sushi Chef in restaurants uses Hangiri a kind of wooden/bamboo container used to cool the rice while fanning it as you pour the vinegar. Might have wanted to get that first instead of using a metal bowl.

  • Chikorita Uchiha
    Chikorita Uchiha 16 minutes ago

    Me: **on diet** RU-clip: **recommends this video** Me: _Am I a joke to you?_

  • Sabrina Joy McKibben
    Sabrina Joy McKibben 16 minutes ago

    I love macarons! The only thing I truly love to make! And to all of you heaters out there I love candy corn! come at me!!!! It's OK you're allowed to be wrong I'm right. That's all that matters 💖

  • Super fun Girly
    Super fun Girly 16 minutes ago

    If my birthday is October 22 am I a libra or a scorpion? 🤗🤗🤗

  • MusikKritik
    MusikKritik 17 minutes ago

    Seems like africa is the most nationalist and dumb place you can find - the left should reconsider it's behaviour :)

  • richard olivar
    richard olivar 17 minutes ago

    sana all

  • Sophie Griffiths
    Sophie Griffiths 18 minutes ago

    10:36 😂😂

  • Sarmin Hussain
    Sarmin Hussain 18 minutes ago

    Why I feel the Desperate absence of salt in these dishes!?😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • manju brahma
    manju brahma 19 minutes ago

    Anyone can make thiss Yeah! 😁😁😁😁 🤨😫😫😫😫😫😬😬😬😬 But y can't I🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀

  • Califul Dance
    Califul Dance 20 minutes ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Editor at 11:09 : SPIDEY PIZZA TIME

  • Amber May
    Amber May 20 minutes ago

    Can u Plzz make a giant choc chip cookie

  • ItzRaven ._.
    ItzRaven ._. 20 minutes ago

    Thank god I learn Japanese from Anime😂🤣

  • Cristina
    Cristina 21 minute ago

    I ship it

  • Alvin Albino
    Alvin Albino 21 minute ago

    Love em both! Asian represent!

  • Robert Cowan
    Robert Cowan 22 minutes ago


  • Die Castellano Films
    Die Castellano Films 22 minutes ago

    Not going to like this feels like salmonella is going into the chat 4:16

  • Faria I
    Faria I 22 minutes ago

    I mean..............if someone made me the snacks it’s cool but other than that I can’t be bothered🥴

  • Vishal Sethi
    Vishal Sethi 22 minutes ago

    Whoever noticed Rie sifting sugar on the counter,Like this comment 9:44/18:40

  • Colorful World
    Colorful World 22 minutes ago

    Giant ice cream sandwich

    ASMA's KITCHEN 23 minutes ago

    Vry nc rcp ........plz subscr my chnl mam/ sir

  • Tata Kookie
    Tata Kookie 23 minutes ago

    Every time I watch this i am like"okay i I have this ,this too ,this also" but than I am like "oh no I don't have the last ingredient!!why this happens to me!!?"so sad but if will be having all the ingredients than also I don't make cause I am too lazy!!😅😆

  • Rendy Razura Rangga
    Rendy Razura Rangga 23 minutes ago

    Woow man this is sick 😍😍😍😍

    REDnFUZZY ! 24 minutes ago

    Candy corn is garbage covered in hate designed by satan.

    7.5M views 25 minutes ago

    where can I get that Tasty apron? it looks really cool

  • flawless potato
    flawless potato 25 minutes ago

    what the hell is wrong with the judges.

  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar 25 minutes ago

    Uh where do you expect me to find purple yam?

  • Just SomePerson
    Just SomePerson 25 minutes ago

    This reminds me of the Moto Moto meme Becuz it's *BIG* and it's *CHUNKY*

  • karina pratama
    karina pratama 26 minutes ago

    gian salmon mentai sushi please

  • Fasteddie731
    Fasteddie731 26 minutes ago

    Omg every video I watch is quoted...

  • R M
    R M 26 minutes ago

    Chilli cheese dogs are awesome

  • Casper The Lab
    Casper The Lab 26 minutes ago

    Eggs in Africa could have eaten those kids.

  • Wunz
    Wunz 27 minutes ago

    Can you tell that asian girl to shut the fuck up

  • Andrea Trinidad
    Andrea Trinidad 27 minutes ago

    do i enjoy watching two adults smashing their faces on a giant marshmallow?? YES.

  • nathan pilapil
    nathan pilapil 27 minutes ago

    Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken? me: jolibee lol

  • Eunice Yeoh
    Eunice Yeoh 28 minutes ago

    Yum yum yummmm

  • Bernard P.
    Bernard P. 28 minutes ago

    True Diversity in this video! ❤️

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook 29 minutes ago

    Andrew has no personality at all. He talks in a tone of that bus driver that has given up on life

  • J Mid
    J Mid 29 minutes ago

    I like this cook

  • Rajni Devi
    Rajni Devi 29 minutes ago

    Giant potato chip

  • Inna Morata
    Inna Morata 30 minutes ago

    Can you make giant churro please 🙂🙂🙂

  • Mai Anh Ngouen
    Mai Anh Ngouen 30 minutes ago

    Adam is my spirit animal

  • Alex Globs
    Alex Globs 31 minute ago

    May i have s’more? I bet not one soul will get that joke but it was *worth a try*

  • Jaylin Peak
    Jaylin Peak 32 minutes ago

    Alvin: how'd you get into it Kalen: "I was on my way too work laying in bed"

  • Lance Pantino
    Lance Pantino 32 minutes ago

    YES!!! NO WINE!!😆😆

  • luna_taec
    luna_taec 32 minutes ago

    Hannah *Baker* -sorry I had to say it.

  • Emma McGinley
    Emma McGinley 33 minutes ago

    You couldn't have been more wrong!

  • mainmanmaindude
    mainmanmaindude 33 minutes ago

    BRING BACK YELLOW TOUQUE GUY and the aggro vegan girl from the jubilee vid

  • Liel ben atar
    Liel ben atar 33 minutes ago

    ok alvin and rie is a match made in heaven all i need now is for claire from the bon appetit test kitchen to join them and i can die in peace

  • Goku black
    Goku black 33 minutes ago

    0:34 I said the same thing 😂

  • Black Nail
    Black Nail 34 minutes ago

    Different hand different taste

  • 쯔위
    쯔위 35 minutes ago

    13:47 Thank me later.

  • M G
    M G 35 minutes ago

    3rd treat should be called fried bbc

  • TrissTheKid
    TrissTheKid 35 minutes ago

    both of y’all should make a giant pizza together 🙌🏽

  • CasuallyAlex
    CasuallyAlex 36 minutes ago

    Copycat xd They Copied The merrell twins :/

  • احسان التطوانية

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