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The Truth About Blue Eyes
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The Truth About Dimples
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The Untold Truth Of Euphoria
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  • kittyyourock
    kittyyourock 7 minutes ago

    it's almost like TLC is trying to separate them like Jon and Kate...

  • Charlotte Bunny
    Charlotte Bunny 17 minutes ago

    She’s so adorable!

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker 22 minutes ago

    3:27Justin Assanti IS Reddit.

  • Cindy Clark
    Cindy Clark 27 minutes ago

    She looks just like Donald Duck. Her and the lady from Love after lock up. They’ve taken this to the extreme

  • Jill Sau-91
    Jill Sau-91 35 minutes ago

    Oooo chelsea got an "idiot of the week award" on here somewhere lol.

  • Elokin
    Elokin 43 minutes ago

    What if they just didn’t feed them until they lost weight?

  • Jaime
    Jaime 46 minutes ago

    i dont care how your wrap it...... inside "its" still a boy!!!. hence will never have children or have a true womans instinct or protective nature as a mother

  • Merv Stent
    Merv Stent 51 minute ago


  • fargokid71
    fargokid71 56 minutes ago

    So very sad that you are going through this pain. You need a priesthood blessing from the LDS missionaries or local church leaders. Hope and pray that you don't develop other worse medical issues while trying to cope with this.

  • Carolina PFan
    Carolina PFan Hour ago

    The libtards ruined another harmless diversion for the people, nice job

  • Rebecca Rush
    Rebecca Rush Hour ago

    I haven't worn make up for several years now and if I ever want to feel "made up" I just get lash extensions instead.

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D Hour ago

    I love Ivanka

  • Margaret Frazier

    It would be good for Crew to have a close sibling.

  • xX peachy TuberXx

    It's alright I skipped kinder to

  • cant144
    cant144 Hour ago

    Actually they are a rowdy pack of Travellers living in caravans.

  • nina antonic
    nina antonic Hour ago

    She was very plain before surgery . Really fat nose. Thank god for money

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hour ago

    Awk ffs. My little boy had a bottle with full fat cows milk every night for bed until he was 3 years old. His teeth are perfect. My mum used to give off to me all the time but you know what? It was his comfort for bed time. A story and some warm milk. Call the goddamn cops. Imagine a child drinking some milk from a bottle. Fucking snowflakes.

  • kathy roach
    kathy roach Hour ago

    I read a ton of the comments here and didn't see one say anything about that fact that Danielle is even able to function with the pain she's been in. I want one person to tell me that they know what it's like to have their body torn apart inside from giving birth to 5 babies at one time. I also watch the "FiveTwoLove" couple's channel. The mom, Jamie, has had to have surgery to repair damage from the birth of quints. So many narrow minded people with opinions on others lives that they only see on t.v. with producers making decisions on their lives. Adam and Danielle are a great couple and will do whatever is necessary to support each other and their any good parents would. They're both very smart and I'm sure they're not putting all their eggs in one basket depending on this show to support their needs.

  • Jasko Talijan
    Jasko Talijan 2 hours ago


  • Vicky Duggins
    Vicky Duggins 2 hours ago

    Meli is one ugly girl

  • ghoul G uk
    ghoul G uk 2 hours ago

    Cheat Be a bitch Not shutting the fuck up about the guys she knows and hangs out with more than she sees u The voice The period The bullshit modern music List goes on Talk shit about u behind your back

  • Cynthia Burrus
    Cynthia Burrus 2 hours ago


  • potato bunny
    potato bunny 2 hours ago

    The makeup Bella was doing on herself with her brand was a trainwreck

  • Just Someguy
    Just Someguy 3 hours ago

    Yuk...nothing about this chic is stunning... She's a disgusting skank

  • Estelle Ray
    Estelle Ray 3 hours ago

    All the plastic surgery in the world doesn't change that she's like a box of rocks

  • Mingma sherpa
    Mingma sherpa 4 hours ago

    The fact that the queen said I don't know what you should do and that Charles is hopeless is sickening. If it was not for her and her conservative thoughts Charles would have married Camilla and all this would not have happened.

  • GreedAndSelfishness
    GreedAndSelfishness 4 hours ago

    I actually like asymmetry more. Perfectly symmetry just looks so boring, kind of generic. Even though most dont have symmetric faces.

  • mwysocki4
    mwysocki4 4 hours ago

    She is stunning!

  • Samantha Carr
    Samantha Carr 4 hours ago

    It’s very sad she was a beautiful woman .. who just wanted to b loved and a family with kids to love .... the Kennedys has her killed .. end of .....

  • a10warthog61
    a10warthog61 4 hours ago

    Bunch of liberal bitches today

  • Sarah Kreller
    Sarah Kreller 4 hours ago

    You can only shop at Victoria secret if you have small boobs lol

  • Faithful & True
    Faithful & True 5 hours ago

    My mother and grandfather had the prettiest green eyes I’ve seen. At times, they would turn into a light brown.

  • RealRainbow _Cupcake

    Emma IS Hermione!

  • Flenif2247
    Flenif2247 5 hours ago

    Essentially they are all trust fund babies leveraging nepotism. Boring, in their "accomplishments". Not surprising. Kind of sad, actually .

  • Aleem Pervez
    Aleem Pervez 5 hours ago

    He divorced Fergy cause he was interested in underage girls.

  • kevin van horsing
    kevin van horsing 5 hours ago

    Hollywood assholes influenced a lot in a lot people that....and the world in a ver bad way...some of then should be banned to become actors ..the give ideas to normal people.. do cheat..and do drugs

  • kevin van horsing
    kevin van horsing 5 hours ago

    some women need to start disabled cheaters but don't kill the pig

  • Northern Rider
    Northern Rider 5 hours ago

    Is that a adams apple at 1:52

  • Diana Dunnagan
    Diana Dunnagan 5 hours ago

    She's awesome

  • Mr. Husky
    Mr. Husky 5 hours ago

    I've seen Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman a couple times around town. Both at coffee shops, both times no one was bothering them, taking pictures, etc. Just there like everyone else, uninterrupted. No makeup, no rockstar jackets. Pretty cool. That' like normal people.

  • SeekerOf Truth
    SeekerOf Truth 5 hours ago

    She's a trans

  • Juno Pranindito
    Juno Pranindito 5 hours ago

    how........america explain..

  • Brenda Chester
    Brenda Chester 6 hours ago

    I love this show so much, get well soon danielle

  • Marjohn Buncio
    Marjohn Buncio 6 hours ago

    Its the bastards who enable these poor folks to stay addicted to food that I truly despise. They should be in jail for negligence.

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg 6 hours ago

    حماتي هيلاري كلينتون احييك واحبك انتي مسؤولة عني وانتم ولاة امري محمد الامريكي الرئيس السوري اغنى رجل في العالم لم يسلموني حقوقي ويوصلوني كما هددوا ويتابعون الجرائم بنا ولن ارضى الا برقبة بشار الحيوان الحرامي المجرم ومرته واهله واولاده وازالة دول الخليج السراقون الفقراء المجرمون عن الهارطة وكل من اعتدى علينا وكل سوريا

  • Antonio Rafael Rocha Padilla

    Appart from the feminism, men (including me) now prefer watching curvy girls. That's why the tv show lost viewers each year.

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg 6 hours ago

    مفاجاة عظيمة وملكة جمال شيلسي الاميرة اتمنى لك السعادة والتوفيق احيي الست حماتي هيلاري كلينتون هي المسؤولة عني واتمنى ان تكوني معها في مسؤوليتها احيي الجميع محمد الامريكيالرئيس السوري اغنى رجل في العالم

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg 6 hours ago

    الاميرة تشلسي احييك واحترمك وزوجك احيي الست حماتي هيلاري كلينتون المسؤولة عني كما احب ان اناديها حماتي احيي الرئيس الامريكي الاسبق العم بيل كلينتون احيي اولادي واحفادي في موطني الامريكي وزوجتي الاميرة تيفاني ترامب والرئيس الامريكي عمي دونالد ترامب محمد الامريكي الرئيس السوري اغنى رجل في العالم

  • zoinks Scoob
    zoinks Scoob 6 hours ago

    Honestly the people who date these people and help them are heroes

  • zoinks Scoob
    zoinks Scoob 6 hours ago


  • Handsome Latest
    Handsome Latest 7 hours ago

    Yoooo wow

  • Carol Hesford
    Carol Hesford 7 hours ago


  • triniti korneli
    triniti korneli 7 hours ago

    Now i just want some blue eyed guy to prank all the bitches here with his blue eyes.

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar 7 hours ago

    Mohit kumar 7979024771 bat kijiyha age 25

  • kdlofty
    kdlofty 7 hours ago

    Enablers should be separated or done for assisted suicide/manslaughter.

  • Blair Lavoux
    Blair Lavoux 7 hours ago

    It’s so racist and lame it’s so good i love all the sex jokes i love it

  • Cottage on the hill
    Cottage on the hill 7 hours ago

    Head turning alright. She looks like a cartoon character.

  • Stalin the Legend
    Stalin the Legend 8 hours ago

    No its not okay to be fat no its not healty no human should be fat unless they have a sicknes Then that is not there own fault

  • Joseph Lawson
    Joseph Lawson 8 hours ago

    no one called me tubby

  • Magma Productions
    Magma Productions 8 hours ago

    I'm sorry, maybe I'm a heartless son of a b*tch. But I have no sympathy for people who do this to themselves.

  • gelaben26
    gelaben26 8 hours ago

    Meghan was the classy chique romantic uniquely modern day gown. It will last forever then Magaret most def 💕

    KITTEN MAYZ 8 hours ago

    Fenty 👏🏽

  • Marcus Aurelio
    Marcus Aurelio 8 hours ago

    This video is the image of 2019. Moralistic, judgemental, hypocrite and empty.

  • Prince Sublime
    Prince Sublime 9 hours ago

    I don't understand these people. What I mean is, I don't understand why they don't listen to the consumers. I'm a man and I can tell you, I would watch the show in a heartbeat if they had real women on the runway. I don't want to see any (physically) unattractive women of course, but I don't have a problem with them showcasing women of all body sizes. We men are tired of looking at these anorexic women. Now, as for as the transgenders, In my opinion they need to get their own show...cater to their own fan base, and stop trying to take over and cancel shows that were created for (natural) born women and men. I'm just saying...

  • Stacy Rangel
    Stacy Rangel 9 hours ago

    Many prayers. That surgery is very painful and take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Girl you got this

  • Kry sia
    Kry sia 9 hours ago

    She doesnt have only PCOS. She must have endometriosis

  • Veronica Deras-Roiz
    Veronica Deras-Roiz 9 hours ago

    If she does well making her repeat kindergarten will really create problems. She will be absolutely bored and unchallenged. Let’s not forget she is an individual, she is not going to spend her entire life attached to the others

  • Sweet Slime 2
    Sweet Slime 2 10 hours ago

    She’s nothing

  • s_ š
    s_ š 10 hours ago

    If someone like or love u they cant judge uon the basis of ur body languge behaviour &blablabla ..acc. to me

  • Dale Aganon
    Dale Aganon 10 hours ago

    How Zieamer name?

  • ocean billy
    ocean billy 10 hours ago

    😂😂😂 did god tell her to help Lance blood dope to win & amass fortune ?

  • Deirdre Loraine
    Deirdre Loraine 10 hours ago

    Um , who gives a rats ass?

    ALOM REJOICE 10 hours ago

    I love you girl!

  • Yvonne Mariane
    Yvonne Mariane 10 hours ago

    I know it's 'meh' to pick favorites but ALEXIS IS MY FAVORITE lol!

  • Bacon Jesus
    Bacon Jesus 11 hours ago

    Wow the third person is soooo ugly

  • Myri Мириам
    Myri Мириам 11 hours ago

    Lol... perhaps are the people who watch the show no clients 😄

  • Cryptic Grief
    Cryptic Grief 11 hours ago

    All that hate from other people just makes thing harder on them they literally have enough kids as is.

  • The Squirrely Squirrel

    As a ginger, can confirm most of these from personal experience

  • michael peberdy
    michael peberdy 12 hours ago

    Best designer clothes Best holidays Best everything Best of all it costs them not one penny . The taxpayer pays all . All fudge

    • Dave Blair
      Dave Blair 4 hours ago

      Did you miss the part where they earn their own living?

  • peppermint_oj
    peppermint_oj 12 hours ago

    Imagine getting older and not having a tan, what a fucking joke of a video. Kill yourselves.

  • John
    John 12 hours ago

    I don't care about any fat person who is suffering. Eat less you weak minded twat.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 13 hours ago

    Peanut butter helps me sleep Why? Because I put Quaaludes in it.

  • Spent Brass helps water grass 0331/USMC

    Im just here for the “How dare you fat shame” comments. Surprisingly, Folks are actually somewhat sane here 🤣

  • That Brinch
    That Brinch 14 hours ago

    If I looked like Angelina Jolie I would not know how to behave

  • Kathy D Brumfield B
    Kathy D Brumfield B 15 hours ago

    Wanna know what I remember about them???? She SUCKS!!! Ugly on the inside!!

  • 34thstreetman
    34thstreetman 16 hours ago

    Bring back the 80s. It wasn't perfect but now life has become boring.

  • 34thstreetman
    34thstreetman 16 hours ago

    Boo Hoo Hoo. The movie was funny. Take it with a grain of salt.

  • Millex 1234
    Millex 1234 16 hours ago

    I have freckles but I don’t like them

  • Big Dummy Peck Neck
    Big Dummy Peck Neck 16 hours ago

    the thing i like with this show is it shows how to lose weight the healthy way. slowly. always lose weight slowly

  • Keren Heyns
    Keren Heyns 16 hours ago

    I watched this hoping to see my name.... which is probably the rarest name in the world. Its Keren

  • Salvo Sk
    Salvo Sk 17 hours ago


  • MyOppa Yoongi
    MyOppa Yoongi 17 hours ago

    I love rebel Wilson so much she's so humble

  • Jen Sowers
    Jen Sowers 17 hours ago

    I love this show and I think that this couple is absolutely amazing! As a mother I literally cannot even imagine what they have been through and what they had to endure to take care of five precious babies at the same time. They chose to share their lives with all of us and no one is perfect and so who the hell are any of us to judge God bless them!

  • ema dayes
    ema dayes 17 hours ago

    You don't need a chef to eat healthy. You can eat raw healthy food. You don't need a personal trainer to be fit, you can go swimming, power walking, run, cycling, step aerobic in your. You don't need a beauty therapist to have fresh lovely clear skin; drink lots of water, dont clog your face with make-up 24/7, get plentynof sleep. Relax and enjoy life.

  • Paul Osborne
    Paul Osborne 17 hours ago

    i have watched frasier every night in bed for the last 10 years to get to sleep, best sitcom ever

  • BD2DK
    BD2DK 18 hours ago

    I can attest to that! My close friend is a redhead and she always smelled different. Different in an amazing way! She always smelled so nice regardless if she used any kind of perfume or lotion or nothing at all.

  • iLikeChickenNuggets
    iLikeChickenNuggets 18 hours ago

    The show is back tho I-

  • Video game addict
    Video game addict 18 hours ago

    My sister is having her first child in March and this scares tf outta me I don’t want anything to happen to my sissy

  • Giuseppe Dainotti
    Giuseppe Dainotti 18 hours ago


  • smile-tweetybird
    smile-tweetybird 18 hours ago

    all babies are born with blue eyes.....the eyes can change with in minutes.....FACT!!!!!