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  • jeandiai tonyyeyo
    jeandiai tonyyeyo 51 minute ago

    Seems okay

  • Chandros Evans
    Chandros Evans 2 hours ago

    Captain America and 007 along with Halloween's Laurie Strode definitely wanna c this now and directed by the man who fucked up the last Jedi

  • Chandros Evans
    Chandros Evans 3 hours ago

    I wanna c this 4 so many reasons 1: i love whodunits, 2: it's directed by Rian Johnson the director who caught hell 4 making the last Jedi which was terrible but this looks better, 3: i love Daniel Craig in my opinion the best Bond, and 4: Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans 2 of my favorite celebrities who r now catching hell 4 speaking out against Trump lol i love it! And I'm on here because i wanna read all of the negative comments by the salty Trump supporters who refuse 2 c this movie because of these 2 lol 😆 brilliant!!!!!

  • SG 1900
    SG 1900 3 hours ago

    Eendra poludhil peridhuvakkum thhan magalai pikkali endru keatta Father.

  • Koko Lara
    Koko Lara 4 hours ago

    Its Archie from Riverdale

  • mathias rømer
    mathias rømer 4 hours ago

    There is only one man that can play Hellboy... And this is not him.

  • Cj McKelin
    Cj McKelin 4 hours ago

    Morgan is God (BruceAlmighty)

  • anuragfreak
    anuragfreak 4 hours ago

    "How u think? DAD" I laughed like never b4 in my life

  • DanBerZ
    DanBerZ 5 hours ago

    What is Captain America doin here?

  • Nicholas Saputra
    Nicholas Saputra 5 hours ago

    Wody played as nimitz is wow.the resemblence is just wow

  • Minik Jonas Brændshøj Søgaard 6A Rødding Skole

    This is the only movie i think is a better one then Dunkirk

  • Neon
    Neon 8 hours ago

    Battlefield V: Pacific Update - The Movie

  • Henry teo63
    Henry teo63 10 hours ago

    What's the song at 1:22

  • A A
    A A 10 hours ago

    Who's playing Tucker Carlson?

  • chilled sama dio
    chilled sama dio 10 hours ago

    Looks cool asf

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 11 hours ago

    This movie was good, but it was a total flop.

  • Andrew ll
    Andrew ll 11 hours ago


  • Adam Alif
    Adam Alif 11 hours ago

    I’m the bad guy

  • Amber134 Xo
    Amber134 Xo 12 hours ago

    the comedy was worse than dry. It was was horrible. The characters forced their lines. I felt like it was a movie that could've been filmed in the 80's The "jokes", if you can even call them that, were so terrible. They were poorly timed, poorly delivered, and overdone (like material that would have been expected about 15 years ago in a pg-13 B film that went straight to video). Actually pretty much all of the characters and situations in the film were so absolutely asinine and poorly done. Tyler Perry actually needs to stop making things, this was just so left field and obviously no real effort was put into making this film tolerable, let alone funny. This was the worst film I have seen in a while. Insulting, offensive, stupid, tacky... and none of those in a good way The acting was HORRIBLE, the plot was stupid and ridiculously unrealistic, the jokes (if you can call them that) weren't funny. The story was lackluster and the jokes were incredibly forced and not even funny. The humor was a lot cruder than the usual Madea films...not worth it Tyler Perry should stop this franchise... it is REALLY bad now and it is not funny nor interesting. this movie was poorly written, weakly directed, and just overall bad. The jokes the first 15 minutes of the movie, poor writing poor timing and in poor taste Avoid this movie at all cost and Buy White Chicks,Daddy Day Care,Rush Hour Trilogy,Shrek Series,Juno (2007),Accepted (2006),Evolution (2001),She’s the Man,Back to the Future Trilogy,Mean Girls (2004),Freaky Friday,Little Nicky,and Big Momma’s House 1 & 2 if you want a Good Comedy Movie

  • Обними славян

    1:52 that's recorded in my town!!!! I feel so special!!! That building was useless anyways it hasnt been used in a long time. We were thinking of testing it down and then they came and paid us so more money for our town. I'm from marlborough Massachusetts!! Its very small! I'm curious why my town? My edit I passed them filming on my way to school

  • missa
    missa 12 hours ago

    Proud to be a lineman !

  • Omar50
    Omar50 12 hours ago

    I wish I got possessed like that

  • Joseph Shields
    Joseph Shields 13 hours ago

    Ba nana cream pie

  • Nobody No
    Nobody No 13 hours ago

    So stop buy Japanese car. Like Jewish people never buy German make car. Why Americans and Chinese even Korean keep buying Japanese car for so many years. WHY. Now Japan has so many problems. Volcano start to working. Typhoon. And nuclear radioactive waste. ..economic crisis. All happen together I am believe get punishment from history killing so many innocent people all over Asian country. Especially China and Korea.

  • Talapino Records
    Talapino Records 14 hours ago

    I knew him very well. He went to the same church, when I was kid. He was so nice to me.

  • Isabelle Kim
    Isabelle Kim 15 hours ago

    I hope that people stop using the Japanese sunrising flag!! That makes me sick!!

    CHESTNUT CHH 16 hours ago

    Im a Japanese and I watched this movie with my white GF on theater yesterday. I felt so awkward. 😆

  • Artez The Mage
    Artez The Mage 16 hours ago

    Watched it and oh my God no

  • ets He
    ets He 17 hours ago

    Japan : We were attacked by an atomic bomb! America : You shouldn't have fought a war in the first place fuckin dumbass

  • Emmylene
    Emmylene 17 hours ago

    Looks good! I wanna see it!

  • Michelle Ochoa Cuenca
    Michelle Ochoa Cuenca 17 hours ago


  • Peter Ecos
    Peter Ecos 17 hours ago

    Should have watched the trailer before buying tickets......

  • Heimdall1999
    Heimdall1999 17 hours ago

    No Ron Perlman,no money from me.

  • Mike Posner
    Mike Posner 18 hours ago

    This movie looks so bad. The plot is so far from epic I would never even consider wasting my time watching this garbage

  • Bonedyourmaw
    Bonedyourmaw 18 hours ago

    Not one black/brown or female soldier! Racist & sexist movie!! should be banned!!

  • SonDuFilm
    SonDuFilm 18 hours ago

    "You stole her childhood !" Honestly, I would've loved my childhood stolen this way, look how happy she is

  • Mitch Neu
    Mitch Neu 19 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this movie 5 years ago....still enjoy it now. I don't care what the critics say, Adam Frankenstein is BADASS. I mean, that weapon flip at 1:57-1:59? How is that NOT one of the coolest poses EVER?

  • RedRufus
    RedRufus 19 hours ago

    This story is lame. Big boss man makes some sexual advances on a few female employees. They all rebuff his advances. They make it public. They don't have a strong case in court. He resigns to save Fox News' image. The law works in favor of the women who are held as brave feminist heroes. This all happened 3 years ago. Summary: the law works I'd like to see Leftist Hollywood do a movie on the Steven Galloway scandal where the (innocent) university professor got his family, career, and reputation absolutely destroyed forever by a bunch of leftist MeToo staff and students. This all happened 3 years ago as well

  • Timothy M. Nolan
    Timothy M. Nolan 19 hours ago

    People, quit treating Rian Johnson like he's Michael Bay or Uwe Boll! Most of you make it think The Last Jedi wasn't his only movie. Well it's not!!

  • Prxnce Anime
    Prxnce Anime 19 hours ago

    Tick tock

  • Ian Genuine
    Ian Genuine 19 hours ago

    Chris Evan being the same asshole he always was. No wonder he wasn't fit for cap America

  • Kmaire Kylen
    Kmaire Kylen 19 hours ago

    His movies are so good

  • kim pereda reinel
    kim pereda reinel 19 hours ago

    kin 2 espero salga

  • Grev A
    Grev A 20 hours ago

    I’ve always loved the way Big Daddy casually tosses that second grenade

  • chuck Game
    chuck Game 20 hours ago

    crap movie. terrible, Waste of money

  • Hugo Noyola
    Hugo Noyola 21 hour ago

    Que buena peli, la acabo de terminar de ver, veanla

  • C A
    C A 22 hours ago


  • Daniel Rincon
    Daniel Rincon 22 hours ago

    Damn Nicole Kidman is one plastic surgery away from becoming the crimson chin

  • Dragon Soul
    Dragon Soul 23 hours ago

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor Jenkins
    Taylor Jenkins 23 hours ago

    My guess is he faked his death, idk why it’s just the right twist in a movie like this to get everyone shook

  • hhfdxjii Setffch
    hhfdxjii Setffch 23 hours ago

    As a South Korean, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the American soldiers who risked their lives in the Battle of Midway and fought against the fascist Japanese Empire. If the U.S. had not fought, not only South Korea but the whole world would have suffered in the totalitarian world.

  • Bob Black
    Bob Black Day ago

    I'm going to watch this. It'll be phenomenal. My only beef is this. All the despicable things FOX news does, including further destroying Americans minds and promoting fascism. This is the story you choose to tell? Really, this one? Not that it's unworthy, but this one? Open white nationalism, blatant propaganda, violence inducing rhetoric on a daily basis,omission of culpability for aiding in the rise of the far right. But, we want to make a movie about sexual assault. That's never been done. Committed by a member of a political party who believes "boys will be boys". Again, it's worthy. It's filthy. Although not a bit surprising. It is an account of a very rare moment when FOX took an L. It is not even close to the most vile things FOX has participated in. It's also not what will be written about in the history books. Again, I'll watch it. I hope someone makes another film that deals with all that is FOX.

  • Desert King
    Desert King Day ago

    I love the part in the movie where Woody Harrelson finds out he has been put in charge of the Pacific battle......the look on his face is "Oh Sam, you're kidding me right? Diane, he's kidding me right? Norm, Cliff?.....anyone"

  • HIareUmad
    HIareUmad Day ago


  • The Sufi M.D
    The Sufi M.D Day ago

    The prosthetics on Charlize are FREAAAAAKYYY Good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one more accurate!!!

  • مرتضى عبد الباري


  • MaanSter Turk
    MaanSter Turk Day ago


  • Najuma 25
    Najuma 25 Day ago

    last blood teaches us that age is not a limit to show who we are

  • jim doe
    jim doe Day ago

    Was this movie better thsn the recent Terminator?

  • RobloxGGsean
    RobloxGGsean Day ago

    I watched it at the cinema a few weeks ago it was really good, recommend it

  • Yaseen Qadir
    Yaseen Qadir Day ago

    Revealed too much...

  • Leonardo Di Caprio


  • Nicholas Teng
    Nicholas Teng Day ago

    This movie is damn good, watch it if you enjoy war movies

  • Ajit Sarker
    Ajit Sarker Day ago

    Help me get one more

  • nur aina amir
    nur aina amir Day ago

    Just watched at cinema. Brilliant movie. Anyone please recommend me action history movie like this more.

  • Syuhada Hada
    Syuhada Hada Day ago

    Too monotone just copycat pearl harbor

  • Avishkar Desai

    I love The Transporter more than John Wick and Jason Bourne .

  • Бауыржан Сабиров

    Қашан болади?

  • Mark Kuman
    Mark Kuman Day ago

    I cried at the part Winston betrayed John WICK. Their combination gave me something I could relate to. So sad. Otherwise It was a beyond excellent movie. Hello from Papua New Guinea!

    • luke wilson
      luke wilson 13 hours ago

      he didn't actually betray him.

  • Anh kiet Vo cong

    Omg they have James Bond and captain America actor

  • joshoa cuna
    joshoa cuna Day ago


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    Just saw this trailer from an ad at first I thought it was a normal ad but it was showing my country (Philippines) in a newspaper so I continued then suddenly this trailer just came so i searched it and watched again and wow....WOW

  • LKO Prank - Nawabo Ka Channel

    Blockbuster movie ever

  • Phee Panama
    Phee Panama Day ago

    Captain Von Trapp

  • movies & cartoon

    Angel has fallen HD

  • Aleksej Mares
    Aleksej Mares Day ago

    100% prfecte

  • Elizabeth Pinzon

    This movie is good guys. brutal and unpredictable. Funny sometimes too (Gibson and Vaughn are pretty good together). I suppose i know why they call it dragged across concrete. Its painful, but its a mad depiction of the consequences of our choices and actions. Know in your heart what you want to do, but YOU are responsible for the outcome my friends

  • mefmaf2012
    mefmaf2012 Day ago

    Very good movie DON'T listen to the negativity you'll miss out

  • TheFireOf1000Suns

    Whoa that was an intense elevator ride. I like the death stare.

  • L7 Weenie
    L7 Weenie Day ago

    Imagine someone casting Charlize Theron to play you in a movie...the highest honor

  • Fim Infimate Hmar

    Good movie..Gerard Butler is one of my fav actor.

  • Nathan Knipp
    Nathan Knipp Day ago

    Good show!


    If you are looking for a movie with every myth told by BLM this is it. Lol

  • Bonus Baby
    Bonus Baby Day ago

    I don't know why 1:02-1:09 cracks my silly ass up everytime😂😂😂

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 Day ago

    Keep making these movies. We should never forget the sacrifices these Americans made during WWII. This was true heroism.

  • Martín Cortes

    Stop Making 2 Latino Dubbing For Movies

  • S Molotov
    S Molotov Day ago

    Bad Russians ))))

  • Martín Cortes

    Stop Making 2 Latino Dubbing For Movies

  • Martín Cortes

    Stop Making 2 Latino Dubbing For Movies

  • Jake Shin
    Jake Shin Day ago

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics ends August 9th, which is the same day in 1945 when Japan nuked by US. To remind the World that they are the victim but not war criminals. They always tries to revise the pacific constitution legislated by US that they can't go war against other countries.

  • Isma'il Muslim

    Why do did I felt a weird pressure on my right knee when I heard that word

  • Jake Shin
    Jake Shin Day ago

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics ends August 9th, which is the same day in 1945 when Japan nuked by US. To remind the World that they are the victim but not war criminals. They always tries to revise the pacific constitution legislated by US that they can't go war against other countries.

  • Ethan Z.
    Ethan Z. Day ago

    “Intelligence failure” lol FDR knew and provoked the attack

    • Neon
      Neon 7 hours ago

      lol idk but wouldnt to just let it happen be enough? the gamble about all the ships was a bit too big if you ask me. that seem like a german / prussian gamble to me, not like an american one

    • Terri Morrow
      Terri Morrow 16 hours ago

      Stripedbottom p

    • Stripedbottom
      Stripedbottom 17 hours ago

      Exactly. He NEEDED something like Pearl Harbor and by dec 1941 was probably getting impatient. The political climate in Washington did not allow him to declare war without being struck first, and the U-boat attacks were not enough for that, especially as they were pretty clearly directed against the British Commonwealth. By getting in a war with Japan he would automatically get a war against Germany, which is what he really wanted. So it's naive to assume he would just sit on his hands and wait for something to happen. Granted, the Empire of Japan by the late '30s had become a true nationalistic and militaristic monster, but US foreign policy had at the same time also concentrated on slowly and methodically goading that monster towards an all-out war against the Western colonial powers in Asia. The idea that the US was somehow a lily-white virgin terribly and suddenly violated without any warning or provocation by those evil gooks, is simply ridiculous.

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter Day ago

    Come on already. Faking the moon landing? Anyone that believes this is just plain ignorant.

  • DY Saint
    DY Saint Day ago

    like : all of asians hate : just japanese

    • PGLxkarma
      PGLxkarma 2 hours ago

      DY Saint hate Japanese for what ? What you know about history?

  • GeneralGaming7274

    0:36 Are we seeing another movie that Arizona explodes

  • Raff Serrano
    Raff Serrano Day ago


  • 최수진
    최수진 Day ago

    You can see the risaing sun flag clearly in this movie, It's absolutely war flag like hakenkreuzー, so it shouldn't allowed use like Germany. But Japan announced rising sun flag would allow to use at the 2020 Olympics. They don't feel any guilty about ww2 and to America also. They are proud of that period and they think they are just victim of newclear weapon at hirosima. The Abe administration wants to change a constitution and return to a country where war is possible. Ae have to stop that

  • Dead Worm
    Dead Worm Day ago

    I don’t understand what’s this about

  • flameout12345
    flameout12345 Day ago

    This movie is so poorly made its ridiculous. The transition is awkward and rough, its got tailored to Chinese market finger print all over it. It's filled with corny punchlines with strong stereotyping of characters with scenes made with nationalist propaganda agenda behind it to remind the audience the what the Japanese did. It's a total whack job. I never would thought films from the 2010's era would be so poorly made. We're in a era where art of film making are being diluted even lowered the standard to make money and to suit general consensus and demographic, laws and other restrictions. Makes me appreciate those that stand against rather than bending over to consensus people in the film industry.