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  • Gioia Peraz
    Gioia Peraz Hour ago

    I can't stop thinking about this moovie. It's so good that it's driving me insane

  • Thoros
    Thoros Hour ago

    Clickbait is Bruno Mars

  • Pasqui-YoYo FeRRigno

    “In bocca al lupo”, literally “in the mouth of the wolf” is referring to the story of Romolo e Remo, founder of Rome that were abandoned and saved by this female wolf that gave them her milk and protected ... so that’s why is a symbol of “Goodluck”

  • tam amin
    tam amin 2 hours ago

    he said “good ol’ friend louis” not “little”?? what are y’all on abt

  • Sapna Gopinathan
    Sapna Gopinathan 2 hours ago

    Reveal the secret behind it!!!

  • GiulioLOL
    GiulioLOL 2 hours ago

    It's "guastafeste", not guastafesta

  • Sofia Olivier
    Sofia Olivier 2 hours ago

    It's 'guAstafeste' not 'gustafeste' but ok😂😂

  • Nizam bin faizy
    Nizam bin faizy 2 hours ago

    Imagine a mallu heroine here😂

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 2 hours ago

    i think its another form of natural selection that he died.. he was leagues ahead of everyone else

  • Rickson Saito
    Rickson Saito 2 hours ago


  • kojo tutu
    kojo tutu 2 hours ago

    If I were famous and living in the USA this dear lady will be my wife forever

  • Femin-IST
    Femin-IST 2 hours ago

    Can't wait to watch what he's come up with «The Batman».

  • Kiara Buckley
    Kiara Buckley 2 hours ago

    Ok I have tricalaphobia too and I was so surprised when she said The movie holes didnt scare her. Because it was SO terrifying for me. It's my earliest memory of a trigger for it

  • al9011
    al9011 2 hours ago

    should've gotten Andrew Rannells to do this. I mean... OMAHA, NEBRASKA.

  • spidermandy310
    spidermandy310 2 hours ago

    Lincoln and Omaha must have different vernacular.

  • James Remington
    James Remington 2 hours ago

    Its really cute how she gets progressively more southern as the bit goes on.

  • fat_monkey2004
    fat_monkey2004 2 hours ago

    She says she is 15 but looks like 17

  • Cameron Hibbs
    Cameron Hibbs 2 hours ago

    Wiz Khalifa has the same first name as me

  • Shan Wild
    Shan Wild 2 hours ago

    This is very much the definition of "The guy I want to drool over vs the guy I want to marry." Love these two awesome men.

  • TaD D
    TaD D 2 hours ago

    That's not all she eating...ah ha!

  • Maya King
    Maya King 2 hours ago

    Why is nobody Acknowledging that Mädchen only said one thing the entire video? 😔

  • theartistmusician
    theartistmusician 2 hours ago

    what happens you make the best film of the year, you get what you deserve.

  • Steven SteveO
    Steven SteveO 2 hours ago

    8:55 thats a complement. They are very engrossed in what your are saying and agreeing with your humor.

  • Samuel Erik Colombo
    Samuel Erik Colombo 2 hours ago

    Flula is so cringe, I can't bear to watch him for longer than a minute

  • Mackenzie Howard
    Mackenzie Howard 2 hours ago

    Kronk is his best role don’t @ me

  • goldenkisses ツ
    goldenkisses ツ 3 hours ago

    Uncle Drew made me hate this man lol.

  • Ben Tunison
    Ben Tunison 3 hours ago

    “When Santa found me I was sucking d*ck down by the I’m top elf” Jesus Kroll you’re a genius

  • Torsten Eisenberg
    Torsten Eisenberg 3 hours ago

    meine Lieblingsschauspielerin

  • Francois Martin
    Francois Martin 3 hours ago

    I Am Canadian, wtf is this aboot?

  • Bandile Nyawuza
    Bandile Nyawuza 3 hours ago

    😹😹😹"not the most elegant tone"

  • Felicia Mays
    Felicia Mays 3 hours ago


  • Jane Ross
    Jane Ross 3 hours ago

    I think the message in that "the Wrestler" film I'd rate the most informative is a juxtaposition between two moments in it. The first, where he's backstage with a lot of hungry up-and-comers who are all planning out every intricate detail of their matches, move-for-move. Next to the second, where he's asking his old veteran pal what he wants to do and he's just like "you're face, I'm heel, let's go". The difference between having your craft in your calculative head, and having your craft in your muscle memory. I'm still a beginner and mine is still very much a deliberate thought process, but I know where I'm eventually looking to get to.

  • Addie The Gymnast
    Addie The Gymnast 3 hours ago

    Oct 17 2019 coming uppppppp!

  • Anthony plays
    Anthony plays 3 hours ago


  • Merenna Miller
    Merenna Miller 3 hours ago

    3:37 - 4:08 my favorite part

  • The Adam and Bethan Show

    His best role was The Pilot Instruction Guy in Soarin’

  • Tasha
    Tasha 3 hours ago

    ok that is definitely a beaver not a cat

  • Noname Garofano
    Noname Garofano 3 hours ago

    Bitches we're literally connected up here N o r t h I t a l y

  • #JosephAndTheIndianTechS

    if there was a similar fuckface who’s 15 in my class I’d bully her non stop

  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 3 hours ago

    When be broke out the tremor for the old lady omg 😂😂😂😂

  • Maryam M.
    Maryam M. 3 hours ago

    I swear there is no way to hate Sarah Paulsen 🔥♥️

  • FanOfBillyHargrove 145

    If he's gone, world will end

  • XadowMonzter
    XadowMonzter 3 hours ago

    Every single thing Crews does, I do the opposite. Wake up late, eat bad, no workout, check the phone all the time, eat all the time, go to sleep late, and I don't go the bathroom multiple times at night..yet.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 3 hours ago

    Wow you finally look grown up lol😂🤗

  • pomu
    pomu 4 hours ago

    really hope we get a 2019 one too

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 4 hours ago

    Where's tim curry and Bill Skarsgard?

  • Sulu
    Sulu 4 hours ago

    Big Joe is really articulate, and considered. Enjoyed this piece. Thank you.

  • Sarah Wickman
    Sarah Wickman 4 hours ago

    Did she forget Helena Bonham Carter? :(

  • AC Jordan
    AC Jordan 4 hours ago

    amazing movie

  • Poodle ForYou
    Poodle ForYou 4 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Nick: wOuLd u LikE tO sEe mY sKeLeTon SkAnDinaViaN SkIn bAbY?

  • DerTeemeister
    DerTeemeister 4 hours ago

    SFFE and PL are even the starting songs / statements for the whole idea to make the whole SPLHCB album as a tribute to the boy's Liverpool time, so both songs can either be considered as even the main songs of the album idea. Or you can say, that they would have been off, and off is off; but was is the idea behind a single to an album then? They jsut didn't wish to let you pay twice for the same song, so both songs weren't again on the album. On the other hand, MMT wasn't a album originally, it was a double-EP without SFFE and PL.

  • Zactan
    Zactan 4 hours ago


  • Issy to Bizzy
    Issy to Bizzy 4 hours ago

    Omg I tried to guess what it would sound like before he would do it I got a few right

  • Lumiie Monrales
    Lumiie Monrales 4 hours ago


  • JlabCreation
    JlabCreation 4 hours ago

    The movie did not feel like a movie, It felt normal.

  • Sienna Ellis
    Sienna Ellis 4 hours ago

    now someone please animate these with his voice ..

  • Joey Cochran
    Joey Cochran 4 hours ago

    those sucked

  • Carissa Rochon
    Carissa Rochon 4 hours ago

    The cheek and jaw definition is amazing on these two 😍

  • Roula70s
    Roula70s 4 hours ago

    This is the best film in film history

  • M CJ
    M CJ 4 hours ago

    Standing there in Keanu Reeves stance

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath 4 hours ago

    Longer version of mj line....he heee

  • Furry Hunter69
    Furry Hunter69 4 hours ago

    I like how he negotiates with the polygraph machine

  • MR. ICE
    MR. ICE 4 hours ago

    Now I understand why the rest of the world confuse the English with Australians. Like 80% of these the English use.

  • Kyrssybel
    Kyrssybel 4 hours ago

    Was he in borderlands??

  • A&J Empire
    A&J Empire 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Nick: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII just had a baby

  • Shannen Granger
    Shannen Granger 4 hours ago

    im a 3rd semester university student and currently im majoring in theatre&film; basically stuffs that are involving in the creative industry, it has always been my dream to be an actress and im trying so hard to find ways how to achieve it to the top. its my passion and i enjoy doing it so much like nothing else ugH idk its very hard to explain, but im still struggling A LOT on where to start especially after i graduate uni. ive been stressing sm thinking abt my future 😞

  • Lulu Stylez
    Lulu Stylez 5 hours ago

    Gah! I know why I instant crushed with him. He kinda looks like Jeff Buckley 😭😭😭😭

  • Daeyang Studios
    Daeyang Studios 5 hours ago

    2019 and still no Helga version

  • K- Easy
    K- Easy 5 hours ago

    hoho I already laughed before even watched the video 😆😂

  • Pinni
    Pinni 5 hours ago

    Should have got him to review My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler 😆

  • Johnny Soriano
    Johnny Soriano 5 hours ago

    He is uncle drew guy

  • hulking292wax hulking292wax

    0:43 what is it??

  • Даниил Миловидов

    Honestly, I thought that when water runs out of flower it was a symbol that his heart is bleeding and he is so much painful inside and he is so depressed that he can't show all his sorrow and pain.

  • H W
    H W 5 hours ago

    This movie will go down in history of cinematography for sure. Plus it sets some new standards and raises the bar really high in the era of movies that go blockbuster but only because of some clout and popularity, not necessarily for what we find in the Joker. Chapeu bas.

  • Asoh Oby
    Asoh Oby 5 hours ago

    I love love Tyler Perry

  • Tracy Naomi
    Tracy Naomi 5 hours ago

    anyone realized it's out on a mental awareness month... this is just incredible

  • Cat Bellamy
    Cat Bellamy 5 hours ago

    I want to sit with her and listen to her stories over a cup of tea

  • totally not affiliated with big kev

    I might be a bit late but i needed to point this out. You see how there are actors? It's a subtle reference to the fact that this is a movie. Weird, i know.

  • walter
    walter 5 hours ago

    3 day until the next one :o

  • chin then hee
    chin then hee 5 hours ago

    why is this suddenly in my recommendations after 3 years later???

  • walter
    walter 5 hours ago

    We live in a Society...

  • samira fayzullaeva
    samira fayzullaeva 5 hours ago

    Im russian and I understand what the letters mean because i also understand russian and Bulgarian Kind of The same of russian like “ брат is Brother

  • Monique C.H.
    Monique C.H. 5 hours ago

    The 1st one (monster guy) sounded like a younger Ricky (Coach Steve's Horomone Monster)

  • Monique C.H.
    Monique C.H. 5 hours ago

    6:10 Me when its somehow Monday again

  • Beau Fonville
    Beau Fonville 5 hours ago


  • Giovanni Loddo
    Giovanni Loddo 5 hours ago

    most of the italian words are wrong! hahaha. Loving the chemistry between the two, though

  • Davide [D]
    Davide [D] 5 hours ago

    Why is in a power stance?

  • Quinten Pena
    Quinten Pena 5 hours ago

    “Would you like to meet my organ victim baby” is going to play a prominent role in my nightmares tonight

  • Just Beyond The Corner Productions

    I can't believe George Maharis isn't a made up name...

  • Tiana Matson
    Tiana Matson 5 hours ago

    Ohmygosh I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you for this beautiful video!

  • nini nana
    nini nana 6 hours ago

    im sorry i only hear nick birch lmao

  • Swagata Chakraborty
    Swagata Chakraborty 6 hours ago

    The concept of this video is kinda weird 😂

  • Ruqaiyah khan
    Ruqaiyah khan 6 hours ago

    Love this guy!

  • Tebby
    Tebby 6 hours ago

    That face

  • RANDOM æð
    RANDOM æð 6 hours ago

    I love this man

  • Hippopotamus VEVO
    Hippopotamus VEVO 6 hours ago

    I love that 15 years old Billie more than 16. Girl you'll still look pretty even without those chains around your neck. We hope you won't become a heck like Miley Cyrus.

  • Eli Nettlebeck
    Eli Nettlebeck 6 hours ago

    1:46 That smirk he made shows that he really liked the fact that her husband died in bed with another man.

  • andrea
    andrea 6 hours ago

    jack and james are basically the same person that play the same person and i love it so much

  • mokka herrman
    mokka herrman 6 hours ago

    I thought Leo was a great actor, but obviously he can't hide how tired he is of tarantinos cocaine addiction.

  • Sally Vee
    Sally Vee 6 hours ago

    How can someone find that scrawny twink and his receding hairline, Shawn Mendes, hot while not seeing what makes Antoni hot?!! Antoni is hotness personified.