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  • Tebogo Dawe
    Tebogo Dawe 49 minutes ago

    Awesome video

  • 100 subs please
    100 subs please 49 minutes ago

    3:15 apple ??

  • Niem Nguyen
    Niem Nguyen 53 minutes ago

    Wow, iPhone's stabilization is so much better.

  • Keith Cheng
    Keith Cheng 54 minutes ago

    Hail S10+

  • sunny beniwal
    sunny beniwal 59 minutes ago

    Please do the battery drain test between iphone & pro max

  • Charles Mallory
    Charles Mallory Hour ago

    I love how steady the iPhone is at 4k 60. And I'm a Note fan.

  • Charles Mallory
    Charles Mallory Hour ago

    Please look at the noise in the sky over the gate. None of your night shots were better on iPhone.

  • Echo Hikes
    Echo Hikes Hour ago

    where is everything apple pro

  • Pargat Singh
    Pargat Singh Hour ago

    Note 10+ is very good

  • Anish Shrestha
    Anish Shrestha Hour ago

    why is the asudio quality in note poor??

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight Hour ago

    This helped a lot. Been looking for a new desk and was actually looking at this exact one with the same colors except mine is gonna be the 47 inch version but this helped me get a better look at it. Thank you!

  • Jonathan Funes
    Jonathan Funes Hour ago

    Phfff the only reason I’m watching this is because it is the product red version so good job get it

  • Irmaida Rodriguez

    I think the same thing about stickers

  • Jom Man
    Jom Man Hour ago

    For me Iphone win the camera. Very natural color. No exaggeration. Very vibrant color

  • Andrew Hoffman
    Andrew Hoffman Hour ago

    Samsung looks more over exposed.

    JORDAN Hour ago

    If you are using apple then you are using 80% samsung

  • My Father
    My Father Hour ago

    Finally apple is back📲

  • Faraz Pathan
    Faraz Pathan Hour ago

    I love Your content alot.But I'mma STOP WATCHING IF YOU DON'T QUIT YOUR WEIRD ABSURD CREEPY thumbnails!

  • buthGBMeister
    buthGBMeister 2 hours ago

    Wait why are you at the National Space Centre

  • Rigoberto Toscano
    Rigoberto Toscano 2 hours ago

    To me the clear winner is Samsung, better color, way sharper frame by frame, it doesn't flick at all, like iPhone does during light transition

  • Ouattara Aboubakar
    Ouattara Aboubakar 2 hours ago

    Note 10

  • Djon Leming
    Djon Leming 2 hours ago

    Такой молодой, а уже седой

  • HAZEL Lam
    HAZEL Lam 2 hours ago

    Amazing comparison video. I want the colour to be natural and true. So prefer iPhone camera more. 😉

    FOR JAKARTA 2 hours ago

    *N O T E 10 +*

  • sdbeagle10
    sdbeagle10 2 hours ago

    The iphone is giving me a headache..

  • Ehsan Siam
    Ehsan Siam 2 hours ago

    On 2019 iPhone still has 2015's shitty audio recording.

    RadDEADPOOP 2 hours ago

    hey friend how did you put the camera on your head? 😰👌

  • Daniel Justin Santillan

    The body of the iPad Pro reminds me of the iPhone 5.

    VICKB 2 hours ago

    Only set to auto to make fair lol... if it was other way around having manual controls would be a big deal and probably not see the only auto to be fair crap

  • krishtelicious
    krishtelicious 2 hours ago

    So is it aluminium or aluminum

  • Kougeru
    Kougeru 3 hours ago

    90hz comes with the downside of worse colors. That's why Samsung is spending more time to refine it

    MAFIA MONSTER 3 hours ago

    Ya no iPhones Samsung throws apple out the window with no problem

  • Yigit Par
    Yigit Par 3 hours ago

    Amazing review. Lots of effort, very detailed. Well done, sir. Thanks

    SIAN TECHNOLOGY 3 hours ago

    When I watched this video My sister said that ' Thay are 2 brothers, one man black face & one man white face" 😂😂😂😂 That time I am laughed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chelsey Park
    Chelsey Park 3 hours ago

    I've used both iPhone and Galaxy. I just switched my phone to Galaxy s10+ from iPhone8. Before iPhone8, I had galaxy edge, and I have been regretting my decision of getting an iPhone. I missed using galaxy, and I am glad I'm back with it. For laptops, I do like Macbooks. I do feel that the lightness and the lasting-ness of macbooks are much better than just window laptops. For desktop, I like window pcs.

  • Andri Gustiawan
    Andri Gustiawan 3 hours ago

    i think if you complain about its of those specs you're a spoiled brat!! both are good phones... you could complain about the price though

  • Andri Gustiawan
    Andri Gustiawan 3 hours ago

    Do you prefer Ferrari or Lamborghini?

  • Sarshee Alam
    Sarshee Alam 3 hours ago

    Note 10

  • 7KD Guy
    7KD Guy 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the good effort of making this finest comparison video!! Subbed!!

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird 4 hours ago


  • kaa sii
    kaa sii 4 hours ago

    Very good and fair comparison good job Two watches tho!!!!!!!!

  • saroj chhetri
    saroj chhetri 4 hours ago

    Note 10+

  • reknas78
    reknas78 4 hours ago

    Looks like the iphone is better at stablelization.

  • Sandeep Satapathy
    Sandeep Satapathy 4 hours ago

    Probably the best comparison video i have ever seen

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch 4 hours ago

    All two are brilliant phones but I were to choose I would go for the iPhone

  • Vasanth Rajan
    Vasanth Rajan 4 hours ago


  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 4 hours ago

    Mate 30rpo please sir

  • Ken K
    Ken K 4 hours ago

    @4:06 'fak u led' - saf. hahahahaha

  • Stogieman29
    Stogieman29 5 hours ago

    iPhone is killing it...

  • Stil Stel
    Stil Stel 5 hours ago

    After many years of using iPhone, its time to value my money i pay! I moved on S10 plus but the 1 terabite version

  • Jeremy Wei
    Jeremy Wei 5 hours ago

    15:22The reflective problem is serious.

  • FlikM
    FlikM 5 hours ago

    Front Cam: Samsung Mic Quality: Iphone 11 4K and 1080p stabilization: Iphone 11 Color: Iphone 11 LowLight: Samsung by a mile a away lol Ultra wide lens: Iphone 11 Slow mo: Samsung In conclusion: Iphone 11 Pro Max wins

  • jaga desha
    jaga desha 5 hours ago

    In all situations i phone is better than note 10 except ultra wide.u r only giving Samsung a scope ..this time i phone nailed it in camera..but my wallet doesn't want neither of them

  • Paul Cotton
    Paul Cotton 5 hours ago

    I have a note 10 plus and Xs max, but in this video the 11 pro max looks better. To me my note 10 looks better than my xs max.

  • Eshu Lade
    Eshu Lade 5 hours ago

    The note 10+ is a beast

  • M I C H
    M I C H 5 hours ago

    The note camera is a joke, video at 60fps isn't even that good. Oversaturated colors, night mode isn't that great. No clue why Samsung fanboys like it so much. P30 pro is better not to mention the mate 30 pro.

  • Allan Castro
    Allan Castro 5 hours ago

    I am tired off Apple they always said it's the best thing up there it is always the same fucking thing let's battery life less memory same fucking design Vegas add a few details and they said is the best shit up at fuck Apple going with Samsung

  • Y-Sady Nie
    Y-Sady Nie 5 hours ago

    Note 10+ hands down.

  • halehydra
    halehydra 5 hours ago

    No sir, I’m coming from iPhone 6

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 6 hours ago

    iPhone for the win! Apple really stepped it up this year.

  • cryptoman01
    cryptoman01 6 hours ago

    video is much better on iphone 11

  • Cryppablezx
    Cryppablezx 6 hours ago

    I'm a Samsung fan. But Samsung has got to step up quite a bit next year. iPhone 11 definitely ahead.

  • Wavy Winsday
    Wavy Winsday 6 hours ago

    I phone’s....Still can’t zoom in enough to see the Galaxy. But at least it has a 3rd eye! #wavywinsday

  • peniel tiba
    peniel tiba 6 hours ago

    About coulor on note10+ you can add colour in settings

  • Connor playz fnaf
    Connor playz fnaf 6 hours ago

    Idk about who is truly better but my god the fuck is wrong with that bitch ass update system with the s10 my opinion not yours 🤪😎😇👹🌚

  • Ilocano Gaming
    Ilocano Gaming 6 hours ago

    why i am watching this .I can't even afford to buy mcburger

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 6 hours ago

    iPhone definitely has better zoom audio. On the Note you can here a hissing sound when zoomed in that isn’t present with the iPhone.

  • sheridanbucket
    sheridanbucket 6 hours ago

    If 5G coverage is present in the overwhelming majority of places you currently frequent, then upgrade to the Note 10+ ; otherwise, keep your Note 9 for a few more years until the Note 12 or 13 comes out. The average user doesn't use their device to its fullest extent, doesn't need all the bells, tricks and whistles which manufacturers are trying to hype. For example, we just want a good point-and-shoot camera that doesn't gobble battery, or video playback which doesn't have us searching for a charge-up after the show is over. What we DO WANT... is accurate Caller ID, with Hang-up & No Voicemail, that gives us the NAME (not just the number) without having to pay some greedy middleman! Can I get an AMEN?

  • Srinivas Emani
    Srinivas Emani 6 hours ago

    In india note 10 plus 512 gb costs 90k and iphone 11 pro max 512 gb variant costs 1.41 Lack which is 51 k (716 dollars) more than the watching the video and seeing the prices i will go with the redmi k20 pro :P

  • KaWi Reloaded
    KaWi Reloaded 7 hours ago

    I love that green color!!!

  • Bruno Leite
    Bruno Leite 7 hours ago

    Sensational video comparison! Congratulations!

  • Ankit Anand Tiwari
    Ankit Anand Tiwari 7 hours ago

    Who here also thinks that Samsung camera has an edge over iPhone camera...

  • G Gnu
    G Gnu 7 hours ago

    I'm an IPhone owner of several years, but I'm tired of being jacked around, so I'm upgrading to the S-10 Plus in a few days.

  • Yves J
    Yves J 7 hours ago

    I wonder when Samsung will eliminate the camera over-sharpening so that I can upgrade again.

  • Ahmet Kills
    Ahmet Kills 7 hours ago

    Samsung 🎤 is the best

  • Tabish Sheikh
    Tabish Sheikh 7 hours ago

    Must remember you are comparing 10 vs 11 note 11 is coming bro just wait and watch👊

  • Aw Au
    Aw Au 7 hours ago

    So samsung made the iphone cameras😑😑

  • Talbi Tec
    Talbi Tec 7 hours ago

    5:35 Saf... is that the best you can come up with? 😂

  • Gerald Mallari
    Gerald Mallari 7 hours ago

    note 10 is the king!! iphone 11 is the queen! mate 30 is... nah never mind! no google, its history!!!

  • Carlos breno do Nascimento Silva Nascimento

    Cara,com o iPhone vc está laranja

  • 2Souls ontheRoad
    2Souls ontheRoad 7 hours ago

    I've been an iphone guy but it seems that in all the videos done with stabilization, the Iphone is unable to properly color balance the sky and you have a weird off putting flickering that is going on with the sky. Thats a huge downside. The note maintained consistency through out each video. That flickering basically makes the iphone unsuable in them conditions for any type of semi-professional shots.

  • Cesarr Fernandez
    Cesarr Fernandez 8 hours ago

    Comparación note 10 vs iPhone xs. 2020 Samsung 11 va iPhone 11 pro max

  • kishona69
    kishona69 8 hours ago

    The image stabilization on the iPhone is crazy. The mic quality on the Note 10 is better though.

  • Jeremy Kuyah
    Jeremy Kuyah 8 hours ago

    Awesome comparison here Saf! You can't really go wrong with both of these phones. Just a matter of personal preferences. Both are generally on the same league, camera-wise.

  • 1996 taixb
    1996 taixb 8 hours ago


  • RickiRhino
    RickiRhino 8 hours ago

    Yall need to calm tf down.... i have been android for 6 7 years. but im switching to 11 pro max. and ive had androids and iphones. its all abt preference

  • Kerns3y
    Kerns3y 8 hours ago

    Can you do s10 range vs iphone 11 range

  • MrAsmakam Hedadja
    MrAsmakam Hedadja 8 hours ago

    Wait, how much is the OnePlus 7pro??? 😁

  • Frank Shook
    Frank Shook 8 hours ago

    Note trying to make you white lol

  • lop3z2055
    lop3z2055 8 hours ago

    They go back and forth but that low light video on the iPhone was garbage, especially considering how good the photos were.

  • Jerick Show
    Jerick Show 8 hours ago

    pro max won the stabilization but note10+ won the night and low light shots

  • Tai Oliveira
    Tai Oliveira 8 hours ago

    Like the audio and the details more on samsung... color correction and stabilization on iphone is amazing though

  • Baha Uras başaran
    Baha Uras başaran 8 hours ago

    Red looks kinda gay(ironic right?) so i think green is better

  • xxoxochlow big head
    xxoxochlow big head 8 hours ago

    How much does the the iPhone 6s plus cost

  • King Brett Gmaing
    King Brett Gmaing 9 hours ago

    samsung is better 💯

  • Cameron Rose
    Cameron Rose 9 hours ago

    Live focus on the front facing was actually good but terrible on the rear facing

  • N3rDY
    N3rDY 9 hours ago

    Was it just me or the low light video on iphone was stattering ??

  • Mpatz99
    Mpatz99 9 hours ago

    Cant wait till the mate 30 pro comes to market (hopefully), gonna blow these 2 out the water!