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Ravpower Filehub Review
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  • ana solis
    ana solis 3 minutes ago

    You can get 3 codes with one account

  • Big O
    Big O 6 minutes ago

    The spoofing method does in fact work.

  • Deep Sleep Blow
    Deep Sleep Blow 6 minutes ago

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa I’m gonna stick to my 30 master sword 😂

  • Alejandro Téllez C.
    Alejandro Téllez C. 10 minutes ago

    Latrine America is not getting this bloody app so I guess we are out.

  • LegendaryQuartz Gaming
    LegendaryQuartz Gaming 11 minutes ago

    Why is the Double Pack the same price as buying both Sword and Shield together?

  • Helena TheUnicorn
    Helena TheUnicorn 16 minutes ago

    I used this app a few months ago when you could get a shiny Pikachu or Eevee for Lets Go if you scanned a code at Target. I understand that it's free and shiny and I shouldn't complain, but since its only one per game, i wish it gives you the option to pick. I have Lets Go Eevee and got a shiny Pikachu from the app. But i really just wanted an Eevee. ((Tho getting a shiny anything really isnt that hard in game tbh))

  • Grant Clarke
    Grant Clarke 18 minutes ago

    Not in the UK 😭

  • Darxskio
    Darxskio 22 minutes ago

    Just recently moved to the UAE and the app isn’t available here, really sucks cause if it is the same for all the sword and shield event we’re gonna get nothing

  • worgdam21
    worgdam21 25 minutes ago

    My application won't event says that there is an error and to try later...

  • Street 482
    Street 482 25 minutes ago

    I love how i live close enough to a gamestop that i can check in, and apparently scan that QR code, from my office. Didn't even need to put pants on

  • Duncan Tsao
    Duncan Tsao 37 minutes ago

    When you realize that wind fish from links awakening is basically dynamaxed wailord

  • Ventus Tenebris
    Ventus Tenebris 39 minutes ago

    I am going to GameStop tomorrow for my first day of working there and I am going to scan it

  • Duncan Tsao
    Duncan Tsao 40 minutes ago

    Any newer viewers realize that wind fish from links awakening is dynamax wailord

  • I want to die
    I want to die 40 minutes ago

    Aww it’s not in the UK ;-;

  • Jimmy Ashforde
    Jimmy Ashforde 41 minute ago

    Anything for Oceanic players?

  • Luke Church
    Luke Church 44 minutes ago

    I would say that it is possible, but that it shouldn’t be taken as true

  • wicked06i
    wicked06i 44 minutes ago

    Hi! Can anyone spare me two codes? I live in the Philippines and too bad that the event is only in the US. :(

  • JMW Greenbank
    JMW Greenbank 53 minutes ago

    So Pokémon pass isn’t an app in the Australian app store

  • UltimateQmazing
    UltimateQmazing 55 minutes ago

    Well when I boil I large amount of hot dogs I leave them in the package. Locks in flavor. Speeds it up. And I can just pull it right out when they’re ready.

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall 56 minutes ago

    Sucks there actually isn't 18 gyms, and still only 8.

  • KelvinCc2
    KelvinCc2 Hour ago

    back in the days? pokemon go spoofing still works xD

  • Lugnutz 101
    Lugnutz 101 Hour ago

    thanks for the tip on new pokemon at gamestop i hardly ever catch the news until after event is over ....much appreciated Austin

  • Steven R.
    Steven R. Hour ago

    I've had shiny Lunala & Solgaleo and Necrozma thanks to Power Saves!

  • Kalin Gonçalves

    yay, fuc us who don't leave in USA!

  • PUBG- IceBear
    PUBG- IceBear Hour ago

    1 of em gonna be noibat

  • AeroQC
    AeroQC Hour ago

    Aaaaaand the app is not available for Canada. Thanks Pokémon Company. 😑

  • Cameron Loven
    Cameron Loven Hour ago

    I really hope their mouths move in time when the speech appears this time. That wasn’t present in Sun & Moon and the sequels and looked just ugly

  • DwagonPon3
    DwagonPon3 Hour ago

    EH?!!!! I've not heard ANYONE ask "Hey is safari zone a thing?" but at the start I see the guy throwing the zigzagoon and it's in a safari ball. Is this something EVERYONE missed? XD

  • Saaci Necrozma
    Saaci Necrozma Hour ago

    I'm gonna miss the little cards... I have a whole collection of them next to my 3DS from all the events I've done so far. They're pretty nostalgic.

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo Hour ago

    Rivali! He is ..... But... Still a champion

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall Hour ago

    there's a saying my dad says, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but you don't wanna see it." And I agree, I don't care about people's opinions. I don't care whether or not the national dex is in the game, I'm still gonna play it.

  • CaptinAnime #5
    CaptinAnime #5 Hour ago

    R.I.P for my fellow Canadians

  • nuggets
    nuggets Hour ago

    Description says POkemon

  • April Underhill
    April Underhill Hour ago

    Me, who lives out in the middle of nowhere, miles away from any form of gamestop: big sad

  • Jordan Schick
    Jordan Schick Hour ago

    Could someone in America get a ton of codes for people in other countries like me? I know it’s a long shot but please, help a brother out

  • TGT 101
    TGT 101 Hour ago

    I can confirm that gps spoofing works

  • Random Variance
    Random Variance Hour ago

    6:38 omg SAME. Some of these cracked walls really blend. Thanks!!

  • piperacing
    piperacing Hour ago

    Well I live in Puerto Rico and here is no gamestop, they all are gone in here :,(

  • pikachu gamer2003

    For anyone that lives in Canada just go to EB Games they give out cards just like past events

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall Hour ago

    You and Adrive are two people I watch the most for Pokemon news.

  • Chris Farmer
    Chris Farmer Hour ago

    Thanks for the video! Also, I liked how you weren't annoyingly excited about your merch.

  • Addox OverKamp
    Addox OverKamp Hour ago

    There is one in the mines of hyrule castlethat you get by completely melting a huge piece of ice

    • Addox OverKamp
      Addox OverKamp Hour ago

      *Me knowing that this is on RU-clip for ever now cus I don’t want to delete them* 🤔😐 🤣

    • Addox OverKamp
      Addox OverKamp Hour ago

      Me#2* cool I also did that

    • Addox OverKamp
      Addox OverKamp Hour ago

      Me* wow I had that problem to

    • Addox OverKamp
      Addox OverKamp Hour ago

      Me seeing my comment and then thinking I know what to do

  • Joseph D. Schultz

    How do you get this randomizes??

  • The Gotty birb
    The Gotty birb Hour ago

    *M E M E R E V I E W*

  • TheEeveegirl
    TheEeveegirl Hour ago

    Pokemon pass wasn't working for me when I was at GS. I spent a good hour trying to get the app to work and nothing. :(

  • The Art of Mask
    The Art of Mask Hour ago

    If they reveal anymore more information, I hope that they give only regional variants and any pre-evolutions. I really like how Game Freak has been all hush-hush about the games and I kinda like it this way (plus the Grookey I’m choosing for my starter is getting called “Chimp” for the time being so I don’t want that to change)

  • david tapia
    david tapia Hour ago

    Hola como estas Austin

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall Hour ago

    I wouldn't consider Pichu a "Pikaclone" seeing as that's it's pre-evolution.

  • boopernoodle
    boopernoodle 2 hours ago

    The app isn't new????it's been around for months????

  • Arlo Mates
    Arlo Mates 2 hours ago

    Wait Austin John and Nintendolife guy are different people? :o

    UMBREYEON ok 2 hours ago

    I don't have GameStop in my country

  • Ben Rennie
    Ben Rennie 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know how it works in Canada because the app is not available. Are they just giving out the codes like before on the sheet?

    • Ben Rennie
      Ben Rennie 7 minutes ago

      Thanks. I was planning on going soon but wanted to make sure I could get it.

    • pikachu gamer2003
      pikachu gamer2003 Hour ago

      Is there a EB games where you live go there and they'll give you a card like past events before Pokemon pass

  • EpicFaCe TK
    EpicFaCe TK 2 hours ago

    Just released a whole Pokédex already I want to build and plan my team😤

  • DL Jas
    DL Jas 2 hours ago

    Ugh now they’ve decided to COMPLETELY forget about Australia.

  • Marco Dayao
    Marco Dayao 2 hours ago

    it work even on non root .

  • 땡이샤랑
    땡이샤랑 2 hours ago

    You can get 3 codes with one account (one scan)

  • Nihal Nijai
    Nihal Nijai 2 hours ago

    Can anyone help in getting the code ? I leave in India....... and there is no gamestop in India 😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😐

  • Yuhan Gamerelm
    Yuhan Gamerelm 2 hours ago

    Well i got mine today.....feels great

  • Collin Hannagan
    Collin Hannagan 2 hours ago


  • Sicboi 16
    Sicboi 16 2 hours ago

    Its VPN time boys!

  • Wayne'sWackyPlushVids

    Uh is it random or can choose which one you get

  • My Pet Moose
    My Pet Moose 2 hours ago

    So basically, the only way to get larvitar is to buy both games? Or will there be another way to get larvitar?

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall 2 hours ago

    But my area code is 666, I dont want that.

  • Lavender Daydream
    Lavender Daydream 2 hours ago

    I think maybe they could have done the boxes in bag thing like pokemon go, but not have the pokemon healed instantly once they are put in. Maybe they could have it so you have to go to a pokemon center to heal if you put your pokemon in the boxes outside of a pokemon center.

  • Bryce Meade
    Bryce Meade 2 hours ago

    Supposedly each account can get three codes so you may not need to make a new one

  • starter cuber
    starter cuber 2 hours ago

    I cant find a single rattata in the route and in wonder trade UGGGG

  • ardit berisha
    ardit berisha 2 hours ago

    I love all pokemon, they’re all my favorite.

  • Matthew Crews
    Matthew Crews 2 hours ago

    Hey guys I have 2 extra codes if anyone needs it

    • Matthew Crews
      Matthew Crews Hour ago

      @deckblackwing no problem, glad I could help you out

    • deckblackwing
      deckblackwing Hour ago

      Matthew Crews I got it, Matthew!! Thank you so much! You are the best, made my Day!

    • Matthew Crews
      Matthew Crews Hour ago

      @deckblackwing I have the other one too if someone gets it first, godspeed brother

    • Matthew Crews
      Matthew Crews Hour ago

      @deckblackwing A8994FH3SP24MXS4

    • deckblackwing
      deckblackwing Hour ago

      Matthew Crews can you send here? Im currently available and paying really attention. If you dont mind, of course.

  • michael nguyen
    michael nguyen 2 hours ago

    If there shiny a Lunala & solgaleo event. Where my damn shiny nebby at? Lol

  • Fishfan 2
    Fishfan 2 2 hours ago

    No one would be worried if they had the whole national dex

  • coltdee
    coltdee 2 hours ago

    I want his hoodie anyone know where I can cop one of those!? Also great as always Austin John!

  • plumbingprune98
    plumbingprune98 2 hours ago

    1:56 that works i tried it on android and it works very well since in Latin America there is the solgaleo and lunala shiny event that is the way they can get them 3:44 the app gives you three codes so there is no need to make a second account to get both pokes

  • GiroCalcio TV
    GiroCalcio TV 2 hours ago

    Just Beat the Face Shrine.....blew him to hell with bombs, no sweat.....Should I keep going???

  • ziggy2metal 0517
    ziggy2metal 0517 2 hours ago

    Is there a way to get a fourth code of Pokémon pass. A few people are saying up to three but I have each game so I would like 2 of each shiny.

  • Harttman
    Harttman 2 hours ago

    I don't know about getting the app, but I am about to give Sword and Shield a hard pass 🤣😂

  • Landon James
    Landon James 3 hours ago


  • Chellie bellie
    Chellie bellie 3 hours ago

    But they have to make sure that it work all over the world EG: at EB GAMES as well

  • sub to me for no reason

    1:46 you can see the gigantamax meowth shown a few days ago

  • DeepFried Oreo
    DeepFried Oreo 3 hours ago

    "Nintendo could be watching you. They do that." Cue outro with 8-bit Every Breath I Take music... Subtle... lol.

  • Dummy THICCTM
    Dummy THICCTM 3 hours ago


  • Silver1989
    Silver1989 3 hours ago

    The lack of detail is both frustrating and terrific. There is definitely handholding and you honestly can’t tell me forced Exp. Share isn’t exactly that. But that’s ok, because this game is starting to look better and better after the “graphics in exchange for literally nothing” issues

  • dark hero
    dark hero 3 hours ago

    I know this video is old but the 2ds has always been that price and ive litteraly never seen one without s game and the mario maker one came out months before black Friday

  • Link Trade
    Link Trade 3 hours ago

    I think they did an excellent job of dripping little bits of info enough to keep me excited, but also keeping surprises which I appreciate

  • bolillothoo
    bolillothoo 3 hours ago

    You can spoof your location and get the QR code online from someone who posts it

  • Penguin Army
    Penguin Army 3 hours ago

    I could nt play after ganon

  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi 3 hours ago

    This is the only dungeon i needed a walkthrough for...

  • Lee Andrew
    Lee Andrew 3 hours ago

    Was waiting for this app...only to realize it's not for the Asian market..yet

  • David Kirkbride
    David Kirkbride 3 hours ago

    You think swiper with darkest larriat See WAILORD!!😂😂

  • FrancoBits
    FrancoBits 3 hours ago

    This sucks because it excludes who knows how much players around the world

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall 3 hours ago

    Like what a lot of people are saying, you CAN get a second consecutive if you have both games. But, I was having issues with it at GameStop, the employee helping me got a code and he just gave his code to me so I could get both without requesting another one :)

  • Forbush Abdon
    Forbush Abdon 3 hours ago

    Can someone pm me a code, i dont have gamestop and p pass at my place

  • J C
    J C 3 hours ago

    This for Canada ( ebgames)?

  • WackiestStorm
    WackiestStorm 3 hours ago

    Jeleasy 100

  • Haruko Hoshiko
    Haruko Hoshiko 3 hours ago

    I got the Solgaleo and not the Lunala and it makes me sad... also my Game Stop didn't have the kiosk, so I sent them to your video to get the QR code. ~<3

  • Shawn Boley
    Shawn Boley 3 hours ago

    Do you need to bring your 3ds/switch with you. Or does it save it until you can get it later

  • fish man
    fish man 3 hours ago

    Austin john hat, grookey gang shirt, iphone 8 plus witta austin john pop socket

  • Felipe Azevedo
    Felipe Azevedo 3 hours ago

    Well, Brazil doesn't have the app, so... Yeah...

  • Sentinel Gaming
    Sentinel Gaming 3 hours ago

    My gamestop did not care how many of those old codes they gave out, I remember I went to get marshadow and they gave me like 5 or 6 codes.

  • Jon Krake
    Jon Krake 3 hours ago

    Not saying the gps spoofing works.... But it totally works

  • DreVexed
    DreVexed 3 hours ago

    “There is an event in North America or maybe just the US” man they both the same thing lol.