Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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  • Zaid Abdiel
    Zaid Abdiel Minute ago

    Damn why the foreigners only show one side of the coin that should show the modern side as well man

  • xSyn 240
    xSyn 240 3 minutes ago

    *No animal was hurted on making this Video*

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 6 minutes ago

    i don't understand why they used ovens despite knowing that Gordon Ramsey himself was coming...

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 10 minutes ago

    Wife: we were out of lube Gordon: olive oil in

  • Extreme Jelly
    Extreme Jelly 11 minutes ago

    Someone went there after this and saw how it turned out ... It was back to the original. Gordon wasted good time and money 😰 ru-clip.com/video/lJwtZsfLEik/video.html

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 12 minutes ago

    Gordon: Actually,the buttermilk was my semen Jack: Nice

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 13 minutes ago

    Wife : Eat me baby Gordon : of course Wife : WTF are you doing Gordon : adding salt,garlic,pepper,olive oil and buttermilk

  • Luke Thorpe
    Luke Thorpe 14 minutes ago

    Each time an owner acts fucking stupid or entitled, Gordon gains another wrinkle.

  • Harriet Antrobus
    Harriet Antrobus 14 minutes ago

    One like = 1 prayer for his dog

  • Mathew Akad
    Mathew Akad 15 minutes ago

    What the fuck is honey gar its sounds like a dinosaur

  • Maggie Magpie
    Maggie Magpie 19 minutes ago

    Her boobs are about to fall out of her blouse and she’s trying to be cute. The whole place is filled with nuts

  • morgan b
    morgan b 19 minutes ago

    she said /👁👁\ 👄

  • MJ Partyof7
    MJ Partyof7 23 minutes ago

    Walk out! Stop waisting your time on idiots that don’t give a beep how your gonna pay your mortgage or put food on your family’s table!! 🖕

  • Lieven GalacticTraveler
    Lieven GalacticTraveler 23 minutes ago

    Old lady : it's taste like hospital food

  • Charles Bowman
    Charles Bowman 29 minutes ago

    Obviously this doesn't include set up time.

  • Helmond0492
    Helmond0492 29 minutes ago

    WOW what a nice room! This brings me on many ideas for my room

  • Ryujinmaru
    Ryujinmaru 39 minutes ago

    The thing is, i notice that many of the comment in this section instantly become the judge, while i dont think some of them can't even work even properly on a hotel chef. Pardon my english, is not my mother language.

  • Ingrid Serfaty
    Ingrid Serfaty 40 minutes ago

    excellent Chef Ramsay. Will be my dinner tonight

  • Portez Fapadactyl
    Portez Fapadactyl 40 minutes ago

    This is the same Gordon Ramsey that screamed a waiter to near death over wearing blue plaster(BandAid) on his finger

  • 朱源
    朱源 42 minutes ago

    There are dishes made by pig or cow's penis here in China too. But most of us won't eat them. Especially women don't eat them.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 43 minutes ago

    Her: 100 Her: 50 Him: 60 Her: 70 Ramsey: *803!* Me: 😂

    NUBLAFIED NUBBIE 45 minutes ago

    Gordon's Favorite Movie is "WAITING" staring Ryan Reynolds

  • Shkelethor [ Z A W A R U D O ]

    nobody: literally nobody: John: XD Lmao

  • cosmopolitan
    cosmopolitan 58 minutes ago

    I'm learning to cook and British English language at the same time as well! I love it Gordon accent.

  • Esrat Jahan
    Esrat Jahan Hour ago

    Sushi chef:Don't add spices Gordon:Salt and Pepper? Suchi chef:NO Gordon:It's f****ng RAW!!

  • Shaolin Punk
    Shaolin Punk Hour ago

    It all depends on good timing. Especially when you put the thyme in ;)

  • Woody
    Woody Hour ago

    I like how no ones commented about the front of house guy who demanded potatoes to be put on aswell as he overheard it

  • John Gavin
    John Gavin Hour ago

    The way Gordon says NOTHING when the guy says its legal here we will get some of that later🤣 no can't do that.

  • Alan Hock
    Alan Hock Hour ago

    Chicken definitely didn't look dry there lol

  • Kaushik Kurudi
    Kaushik Kurudi Hour ago

    The rice was too soggy. Wasn't good. You first have to soak the rice then steam.

  • 旅禍Ryoka
    旅禍Ryoka Hour ago

    Are they trying to get it wrong tf

  • saklı sır TV
    saklı sır TV Hour ago

    The Best of honey baklava 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Liberz
    Liberz Hour ago

    Literally a shithole

  • invs ink
    invs ink Hour ago

    3:57 How ur dog looks at u when ur completely off ur face on coke making a Christmas beef wellington at 2am.

  • how bow dat
    how bow dat Hour ago

    Meanwhile, in a parralel universe a boar hunts down a Gordon Ramsay

  • Robby Nines
    Robby Nines Hour ago

    i need a mia in my life

  • PoochMount18
    PoochMount18 Hour ago

    Her red hair is so gorgeous!!

  • Iissy Dunec
    Iissy Dunec Hour ago

    0:27 “6..I wouldn’t give the food to my dog” then it should be like a 1 😂😭

  • The Gold state
    The Gold state Hour ago

    “You don’t hand me raw food in my dinning room” Me watching this: “ahhhhhh fuck you ya cunt”

  • clubgamerstudios

    Bro I live in Australia and that meat pie looks nothing like what we have here down under

  • orbitaldildo
    orbitaldildo Hour ago

    Gordon Ramsay can't cook rice.

  • Chris Ch
    Chris Ch Hour ago

    What did she say after cumin?

  • stephen howard
    stephen howard Hour ago

    im wondering how many of these hot chicks he gets to fuck.............sorry gordon i know ur faithful but oh so tempting ..............less is more

  • Oxen of the Sun
    Oxen of the Sun 2 hours ago

    0:29 somebody tell Joe Rogan to chill...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep 2 hours ago

    One like = A pair of gloves for Gordon.. 😧

  • Reaper - Gaming
    Reaper - Gaming 2 hours ago

    Anyone else thing the outro is satisfying? 👇🏻

  • Ralpheal Gomez
    Ralpheal Gomez 2 hours ago

    she is too loyal

  • DemJem
    DemJem 2 hours ago

    Woah! That last one WAS crazy

  • Ahsan Chaudry
    Ahsan Chaudry 2 hours ago

    Can someone please share the link of full episode, much appreciated. Thanks

  • Liz B
    Liz B 2 hours ago

    Well! I am NOT chef Ramsay's greatest fan as re his general demeanor of abusive and bad language and even in some cases his people skills, BUT!! it DOES have to be said, that he knows how to turn around a dire situation in a hotel, restaurant, and/or kitchen. If he showed just a little more finesse in some of his encounters with admittedly less than perfect other chefs and managers etc, and swore and screamed and shouted just a little less, I would find him far less frightening and sometimes quite objectionable than I do now.

  • Carter Waggoner
    Carter Waggoner 2 hours ago

    You know what would be funny if someone got sick from eating the shrimp at a restaurant and then the owner asks what’s , then tells them they don’t serve shrimp

  • Flarettacha
    Flarettacha 2 hours ago

    "They're fresh..once they no longer frozen.."😂😂😂

  • Shen Wishes
    Shen Wishes 2 hours ago

    8:51 Arnold, is that you?

  • IndySierra
    IndySierra 2 hours ago


  • Nikola Dietmar Krapp

    the last owner got me. the waitress should cut his brakelines for stealing her tips. what a disgusting person.

  • Sam Sparv
    Sam Sparv 2 hours ago


  • Flarettacha
    Flarettacha 2 hours ago

    D..did he just drop the chicken and picked it up and proceeded to cook it..in front of Gordon Ramsey?!😨 Is this guy f@#&%*%$ NUTS!! The nasty audacity!Imagine how many more disgusting things he normally does?!💩😖😵

  • Salad Dressing
    Salad Dressing 2 hours ago

    Thats yum

  • Dion Peeters
    Dion Peeters 2 hours ago

    "You can use it for cooking"

  • Edoardo Rock
    Edoardo Rock 2 hours ago

    Vai a fare uova fritte e filetti in crosta Ramsey, perché ogni volta che tocchi un piatto italiano fai venire un mancamento ai nostri cuochi e alle nostre nonne. Non me ne frega un cazzo che sei il miglior chef del mondo l'Italia non la devi toccare.

  • Suresh Rai
    Suresh Rai 2 hours ago

    You are amazing chef also delicious food

  • Minhazul Alam
    Minhazul Alam 2 hours ago

    they show Gordon more than the process.

  • SirChristian100
    SirChristian100 2 hours ago

    "FUCKING RAW!!!"

  • JerDoesSkits
    JerDoesSkits 2 hours ago

    sam is so cute

  • Forsaken Pumpkin
    Forsaken Pumpkin 2 hours ago

    I approve!

  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana 2 hours ago

    5:17 that dog 😂

  • nAnA
    nAnA 3 hours ago


  • terry fuckwitt
    terry fuckwitt 3 hours ago

    Staff stay at a badly ran place so they can rob it blind.

  • Lulu _
    Lulu _ 3 hours ago

    1:16 to 1:28 dam that women looks terrified

  • Jalen O’Grady
    Jalen O’Grady 3 hours ago

    This meal is more expensive than my life tf

  • Nevermore- Gaming
    Nevermore- Gaming 3 hours ago

    if we dont like the food can we give it back??tf man😂😂its prepared by gordan ramsey u idiot sandwich

  • hoese bijj
    hoese bijj 3 hours ago

    she really is gordon's daughter

  • Daniel sur
    Daniel sur 3 hours ago

    Muy mal usar chorizo , suele ser carne de muy mala calidad , por lo general , carne procesada

  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton 3 hours ago

    The ms. Doubtfire voice lol

  • Nevermore- Gaming
    Nevermore- Gaming 3 hours ago

    Star Anish😂😂

  • AHighlanderAndA Hook

    Awww how special his kids cooking did a beautiful job well done kids

  • Benson Black
    Benson Black 3 hours ago

    Cereal....in......milk.....in.......sit down. 10seconds. Done

  • Estelle A
    Estelle A 3 hours ago

    I promise that these two sisters were the ones who made Gordon excludes his own kids from his inheritance.

  • Bibomisa
    Bibomisa 3 hours ago

    Me at first: it must be hard to find those king cra- 3:40 Me: oh shitttttt

  • paul ankith
    paul ankith 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey 👍 like Mia Castro comment 😁 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • -purerandom-
    -purerandom- 3 hours ago

    jeez i feel sad for the duck!

  • Nick Orr
    Nick Orr 3 hours ago

    28:40 fuck me that's the biggest glass of red wine at a restaurant I've ever seen haha

  • Maia Waive
    Maia Waive 3 hours ago

    I love how motherly and graceful Geri is. I bet she’s an amazing mom

  • Lottie Pug
    Lottie Pug 3 hours ago

    Go Gordon!!! Love this man and he is so spot on!!!

  • Orguy Toko
    Orguy Toko 3 hours ago

    Gordon who does your dishes?

  • SoapProducts
    SoapProducts 4 hours ago

    This dude bold out here touching risky ass stuff

  • Sam Games-Spencer
    Sam Games-Spencer 4 hours ago

    Robert is such a worm. A disgusting human being.

  • AHighlanderAndA Hook

    They look asian not indian prob why no spices

  • karthik armstrong
    karthik armstrong 4 hours ago

    0:07 oof ☹

  • Kade Wesner
    Kade Wesner 4 hours ago

    That bitch is bipolar

  • Shiny mewtwo S.m
    Shiny mewtwo S.m 4 hours ago

    Can I say y do u have to tip waiters when they should get paid with a normal amount of cash

  • potatoes
    potatoes 4 hours ago

    you know this guy has never been constipated in his life,olive oil.

  • Ketch azi
    Ketch azi 4 hours ago

    Felt like i was watching a football highlight.... everything happened so fast

  • The real Scouter
    The real Scouter 4 hours ago

    Gordon’s disguise just looks like him but he is a grandpa and older

  • NAEEM Durrani
    NAEEM Durrani 4 hours ago

    best man in the world

  • TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter

    9:01 That shit leaking outooks nasty af

  • Vikas mane
    Vikas mane 4 hours ago

    SIR ..if you become P.M of USA....no one in the world sleep with out food....respect from India kolhapur Maharashtra.

  • mindhate
    mindhate 4 hours ago

    just put in a tablespoon of olive oil. my new olive oil bottle is empty now

  • Anagram Confirmed
    Anagram Confirmed 4 hours ago

    Forgot the Knorr stock pot.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 4 hours ago

    LOL Bad Boys!