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Sovereigns Suffer
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What to Watch Next Week
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  • Dede
    Dede 39 seconds ago

    So gold will be going up ?

  • Marcos De Orleans
    Marcos De Orleans 6 minutes ago

    This WORLD was DAMAGING, DICTATING, DESTROYING continuously by British, Europeans, westerns for century, decades, years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and STILL continuously doing as they sent their Abusers, Bandits, CONVICTS, Criminals, Destroyers, DICTATORS, Fascist, Genocidal, HOMELESS, intruders, INVADERS, Manipulators, Monsters, PIRATES, Vandalism WAR trouble makers around this WORLD with their DIRTY mentality of DISCRIMINATION and RACISM, religion of Christianity to brain wash millions of INNOCENT People to divide themselves, killing each other with those invisible WORDS of: {God. Devil. Heaven, Hell}. TODAY 21st Century ["CHINA"] is RISING in it own way here in Asia EAST Orient, were the SUN is RISING, under ONE Visible LEADER ["ALMIGHTY Xi Jinping President of CPC Government"]. ["Communist: Stand for CARE"]. Party: Stand for PEOPLE, PEACE"]. ["CHINA: Stand for COMMUNITIES, CHILDREN"] to DEVELOP ["CHINA"], Asia Oceania, EAST Orient and the whole entire WORLD for CARE, DISCIPLINE, DESIRE, DESTINY, HELP, INFRASTRUCTURE, JUSTICES, LOVE, MANNERS, PEACE. SAFETY and SECURITY for all. No body or nation around the world will STOP. NEVER EVER. CHINA is GREENER and the whole entire WORLD will be GREEN under CHINA is ONE Leader ONE Government. CPC. One BELT. One ROAD. Thank You CHINA under His Excellency ALMIGHTY Xi Jinping and the CPC Government. LOVE You all FOR EVER and EVER. I will continuously speak out loudly with out any fear, because I was BORN to RIGHT the WRONG and delivering, telling the TRUTH as [" I Am the TRUTH "] and Alive. I hope that all HUMANITY and descent Communities, People around the WORLD will respect and understand each other of the TRUTH. Thank you all.

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 10 minutes ago

    lose of life means loss of trust and money must have trust to gain profit. Short cuts and Shoddy built and hard crashes make it hard to get ahead of the competition. What Boeing needs now is a new aircraft to replace the Dead 737 Max and start a new. it is going to be a hard one but will be better than a dying 737 brand

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 12 minutes ago

    Boeing with their experience should never make this kind of blunder just should not happen, This 737 MAX killed 346 people that just can't be forgiven this plane need to be put down like an animal that has killed someone it is very hard to just get over what has happened, so really I don't care if it is the safest plane in the air after the fix . think that it is my duty to look after the lives lost and not fly and Boeing Aircraft this is very very personal to so Boeing to is dead

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 12 minutes ago

    To tell you the truth guys. I don't know what Boeing and the FAA was thinking when they first certified the Boeing 737 MAX crap aircraft, Those guys Both the FAAand Boeing were Blind and drunk at the same time and those same guys want to go ahead of the EASE to put this Crapy 737 MAX aircraft back in the skies before other world regulators see the problems very bad just can't be trusted with

  • Loafry
    Loafry 14 minutes ago

    And here we see the wumaos, hopping over the wall to post comments on RU-clip videos defending a regime that doesn't even let its people access RU-clip.

  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 23 minutes ago

    USA need back to gold standard now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 24 minutes ago


  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 24 minutes ago


  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 24 minutes ago

    COOL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 26 minutes ago

    HAHAHA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 26 minutes ago


  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 27 minutes ago


  • Atipat12
    Atipat12 27 minutes ago


  • caststone ba
    caststone ba 29 minutes ago

    Boycott turkey! don't buy any thing made or grown in turkey. Don't visit turkey for vacation or business. Also boycott any company that deals with turkey. Like Popeyes Chicken in America. If you have knowledge of other companies who work with turkey please post under reply so people will know and boycott them too.

  • August Lewis
    August Lewis 41 minute ago

    Did he just throw his pops under the bus

  • CaptainGrimes1
    CaptainGrimes1 45 minutes ago

    Oh god, how can anyone be inspired by this? 😂😂

  • George Holloway
    George Holloway 46 minutes ago

    Ohhh no not co2!😧SHUTTUP!!

  • w23857980
    w23857980 47 minutes ago

    Why didn't they ask for free elections when the Brits were in control?

  • George Holloway
    George Holloway 47 minutes ago

    Who cares ur chatting wass

    VIRTUAL FUKTARD 50 minutes ago

    Does this include BAIN CAPITAL ? AND THE SWATTING PRANKS ? Trump needs to AUDIT ZIONS BANK 🖕😈🤘

  • encinobalboa
    encinobalboa 50 minutes ago

    Whatever non-Softbank creditors can get from Softbank is a bonus at this point. If Softbank takes over, they will assume 47BN worth of leases.

  • akev
    akev 51 minute ago

    To all the people who think the protestors have no hope, consider this: 1. China's population is aging. 2. Production and an export driven economy is already leaving China. 3. China has a huge debt and and the Belt and Road was a bad investment paid for with More debt. The CCP increasing expense on weaponry will lead to their economic collapse, just as in the former USSR. 4. Xi has enemies, even if we don't know who they are. Nobody likes an absolute dictator. 5. China as we know it is going to change radically maybe in the next decade or so, that change could result in a collapse of the CCP like what happened in the USSR. Maybe the future will see a Confederation of China or United Provinces of China. I just don't see a stable totalitarian China lasting forever. 6. If HK succeeds it could become a model for reform throughout a fracturing and transforming China. Imagine a strong, democratic China with a robust, technologically advanced economy. Isn't that worth fighting for?

  • Aled Davies
    Aled Davies 52 minutes ago

    Bugatti will design a car to monster the tesla , the Germans still think that combustion engines have potential, so do I

  • 單車不是車
    單車不是車 Hour ago

    Nor did China

    KiTT FOXXE Hour ago

    Load that JET full of Democrat homosexuals and crash it into the ground

  • Ryan Wifi
    Ryan Wifi Hour ago

    This is so angring like wtf they should get shot

  • Dominic Merlo
    Dominic Merlo Hour ago

    Do the opposite of what these twats say and you'll do well.

    • HedgeOwl Invest
      HedgeOwl Invest 52 minutes ago

      i made 20k a mo for the last 3mo trading oil doing the opposite of what these twats say. first thing after i see this video is to look up how much i can sell dec cl 51 put lol.

  • Projectheureka
    Projectheureka Hour ago

    Ha ha ha, Ha! THE self declared "WINNERS", the election Riggers, serial raping, p@ssy-grabbing, treasonous Mafia Don's global Economy's flip-flopping downwards spiraling has never been these entertaining, since the Great Depression. Latter also due to the similar idiotic dynasties of mad RaeberBarons' past-Agendas. How ironic. Faking "growth" by running a fraudulence based pseudo economic system of crash n rise , then crash it-again by denying Climate Change and all your own brain cells. You people are so funny. And most absurd religious, and thus dumb held, people can't even see nor publicly acknowledge the grand comedy of the violent cunning delusion of the religious far right richest greediest fools. And that is pure irony in itself. Godless Best, A.E. Projectheureka LLC

  • Vue Lee
    Vue Lee Hour ago

    These reports are a waste and stupid at best.

  • MR IT409
    MR IT409 Hour ago

  • StarKiller 56
    StarKiller 56 Hour ago

    I wonder what The Crown's version of Brexit will look like.

  • TheMonkini
    TheMonkini Hour ago

    How about wealth concentration? Top 5 US billionaires in aggregate could give each US inhabitant USD1.25 million (it includes children and retired people) and be left with 10 million each after the fact. Poverty is not the problem but the reflection of the situation.

  • RN-01
    RN-01 Hour ago


  • BeeElectric
    BeeElectric Hour ago

    This lady should be burnt at the stake.

  • benjamin beltran

    gold alt curencies WTF you mean real money dumbass

  • John Bauer
    John Bauer Hour ago

    End evil fed Now !

  • John Bauer
    John Bauer Hour ago

    End evil fed Now!

  • w23857980
    w23857980 Hour ago

    Just send in the military, like we did in the Los Angeles Riot.

  • Bam Boo
    Bam Boo Hour ago

    Power hungry much? If men killed babies they'd be charged with murder!

  • Vidal Sanchez
    Vidal Sanchez Hour ago


  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Hour ago

    This is not Justice. Hundreds of lives are lost from their criminal negligence.

  • Victor Otvertchenko

    I am not Chineese. If I was I would definitely have Mao's picture in my house.

    • 一國兩制
      一國兩制 Hour ago

      Mao loves you and dies for you. He has risen from death after three days. Give 1/10 tithe to Mao's house. Believe in Mao and get Vietnamese mail bride on earth and in heaven. Amen

    • 一國兩制
      一國兩制 Hour ago

      Mao's red book: "Mao bless you and keep you; Mao make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; Mao turn his face toward you and give you peace."

  • swag peach
    swag peach Hour ago

    Yes it's freedom of speech but sometimes your opinion isn't needed. Morey should have stuck to pick and rolls, not Hong Kong sovereignty. For example let's say ur in a cab to the hospital to treat an ulcer, the cab driver has the freedom to give you some medical advice, but you'd much rather him just shut up and drive.

  • Sun Pie
    Sun Pie Hour ago

    Boeing has mounted new, powerful engines on a plane that was designed 30 years ago. What happened? The engines were so heavy and powerful that the 737-MAX could only fly with the nose higher than the tail. There was an innate unbalance in the design. So they put a little rudder in the back to lift the tail up. If you did not know better you would say the plane was in perfect balance. BUT THEY NEVER INFORMED THE FAA, CUSTOMERS AND PILOTS THAT THEY HAD MOUNTED THIS SOFTWARE SYSTEM (of course not, because they would not have gotten a flying license for an unbalanced plane) Than in a crisis situation the pilots had to lower the nose. They did and what happened: the more they lowered the nose the more the rudder lifted the tail, so they NEVER MANAGED TO GET THE AIRPLANE TO DO WHAT THEY WANTED. Because Boeing had kept their anti-nose-raiser (mcas) a SECRET for all people involved. It seems like murder in the first degree. But of course judges can not hold one murderer responsible, it’s maybe 50 or 100 engineers, marketeers, designers and executives who were involved in this scam. I think it’s out of the question tot have all these people in electric chairs, it would be a mass murder blood bath in itself. I think the 737-maxes that are now grounded will never fly again. Software may help but that makes the plane unmanageable in a “real” crisis situation. The design is not airworthy. It is a built-in mid-air crisis the moment you start the engines.

  • Calgary Glenmore Greens

    Within reason , I'm all for women having control over their reproductive process while not sacrificing financial stability . To that ends , would Gloria support idea of couples paying no taxes whatsoever while their children are under 12 years old ? That's also cheaper than maintaining population levels with mass immigration .

  • jim nassar
    jim nassar Hour ago

    Bayer monsanto co trolling the science , thousand with other lymphoma casers can’t get justice

  • Sameen Ahmed Khan
    Sameen Ahmed Khan 2 hours ago

    Heartiest Congratulations!!! With warm regards + best wishes Sameen Ahmed KHAN Associate Professor Dhofar University Salalah Sultanate of OMAN

  • jim nassar
    jim nassar 2 hours ago

    There where people used there product bayer monsanto Got different cansers and could not open a claim attornneys only handling non hodsking lymphoma , completely no justice

  • Desmond Powell
    Desmond Powell 2 hours ago

    Fuck the value of the pound.. just leave no deal.. the pound will gain once we leave

  • Jim Long
    Jim Long 2 hours ago

    Rita Fan and Regina Ip are just what Hong Kong people would get if China ran elections. Purely stool pigeons that lay down communist law blindly. They are totally disconnected from true Hong Kong citizens.

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 2 hours ago

    90% of Americans are doing better now than they ever have .We got the most effected industry farming done .thats great who cares if the handful of wealthy investors and corps. Get anything I sure don't. The minute that is for we the people will lose employment and competitive pay. Just let us have a decade before you send out our jobs again.

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk 2 hours ago

    Another drag reporter 🤢🤢

  • Jim Long
    Jim Long 2 hours ago

    This fight for democracy for Hong Kong has been 20 years in the making. Everyone needs to choose their side, and look at themselves in the mirror. This is a battle for the new generation of Chinese.

  • Heidi Yodel
    Heidi Yodel 2 hours ago

    Oh great...more degenerate leftists killing babies 🚼🚼 🚼

  • Jim Long
    Jim Long 2 hours ago

    Hong Kong is fighting for freedom, while China sends troops and violent mainland police.

  • Bartlemy
    Bartlemy 2 hours ago

    OMG - is she even human?

  • Peter Dykes Clairvoyant


  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 2 hours ago

    World's richest families are usually bankers..Since they shove globalization down mankind's throat, they have no rights to their extreme wealth. They much share it with the poor throughout our globe.....

    KAIJU MECHA 2 hours ago

    What’s the difference? They were working together, if he had any contributions that new guy would do, he had done already..

  • Gala
    Gala 2 hours ago

    All the fashion trends have been dictated by phedophiles and gays. That's why the beauty ideals are boy or teenager looking women.

  • jDIE
    jDIE 2 hours ago

    This is more funny than sad

  • David Ahrens
    David Ahrens 2 hours ago

    Does every company fall apart after Alan Mulally saves and then leaves a company?

  • willstoz
    willstoz 2 hours ago

    The Federal Reserve Central Bank is a government monopoly. It destroys the economy, more specifically it destabilizes and destroys market economies through monetary inflation, manipulation of interest rates, and control over banking. In a market economy, there would be no government created monopoly on banking and finance, banks would set their own interest rates and compete for market share like any other business. Money would be a creation of the market, not the government - as it should be. We the people, through our interaction in the market, decide what commodity we consider to be a store of value and a tradeable item for the purchases of goods and services. It was never meant to be decided by government. The articles of confederation never mentioned control of money by the federal government. This came about by replacing the articles of confederation with the US constitution. It gave more power to the federal government, instead of it remaining with individual states or the people.

  • Willy H
    Willy H 3 hours ago

    Son said once his project name is actually Vision Fun, and if the Saudies wanted to have an extra "D", they coukd have it for a 100 billion dollars

  • Tapan Halder
    Tapan Halder 3 hours ago

    Proud to be a Bengali.

  • Adam Enekes
    Adam Enekes 3 hours ago

    F Anson Chan 4 gangs Traitor Treason . This F Anson telling lies. F Jimmy Lai Traitor Treason F Martin " let us be the master of our own house" F U ... he wants to be leader dictatorship wants to take over wants to overthrow the government and be King himself. F ! Fake Democracy.

  • Edward Dawson
    Edward Dawson 3 hours ago


  • Limp Cock
    Limp Cock 3 hours ago

    Both occultist sex traffickers

  • Hidde
    Hidde 3 hours ago

    She needs to stop

  • Ayush kanel
    Ayush kanel 3 hours ago

    hahaha funny!

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 3 hours ago

    China must ban NBA in China as a national security threat. Chinese isn't tall people, that sports isn't good there!! Banned!!

  • Jun Zheng
    Jun Zheng 3 hours ago

    CCP top officers control key businesses such as Alibaba Baidu...These companies wear Mask as private companies. It is why Chinese government refuse audit these "private" companies. wall street got corrupted by Chinese government's white so did U.S. main media

  • Debashish Sarkar
    Debashish Sarkar 3 hours ago

    For 82 days, he was happy reviewing laundry service and room service of ritz, his thesis concluded he can put it in same league as other 5 star hotels ... last day he reached a "confirmed understanding" with his hosts ...

  • Qiantao Shi
    Qiantao Shi 3 hours ago

    Please note that, it is impossible to simply copy the democracy from western countries to China/HK. Think about what happened after those colorful revolutions in Middle East countries. The US people’s motivation might be right, but the method is simply wrong

    • Qiantao Shi
      Qiantao Shi Minute ago

      @akev Let the economic grow to some points, then good thing will happen automatically. The thing in HK is not due to the requirement of democracy, but emotional anti-China.

    • Qiantao Shi
      Qiantao Shi 3 minutes ago

      @akev Even assuming that the democracy in Taiwan is OK. The problem is not "what", is "how". The colorful revolution has been proved to be a total failure. Chinese do not want to become the next bad example.

    • Qiantao Shi
      Qiantao Shi 5 minutes ago

      @akev I have to tell you that: (1) the background of Taiwan is different from that in mainland China; (2) The democracy in Taiwan is not successful at all.

    • akev
      akev 49 minutes ago

      You have a successful model in Taiwan.

  • Philip Sigglekow
    Philip Sigglekow 3 hours ago

    Rothchilds are making billions out of this

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack 3 hours ago

    He wants his son to grow up color blind as long as possible, hmmm...okay 7:22

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe 3 hours ago

    He's not going quitely & give up annual compensation of $27m big one Crooks & they don't go avrats ass till their personal bottom line is affected.

  • grimm reaper
    grimm reaper 3 hours ago

    whether you like it or not, US is due for a recession.

    • Mode Liukas
      Mode Liukas 12 minutes ago

      When US has a recession it brings everyone down with them.

  • Beastmode -
    Beastmode - 3 hours ago

    Maybe they should stop ignoring the advice coming from the mechanics who actually touch the planes. Every time they make changes it only makes things worse. At some point the upper leadership got greedy and turned on the employees. They only look at the worker as a number. Maybe they should actually start listening to us again and things might actually get better. Probably too much to ask though an so Boeing will continue to go downhill

    • Andy Gomez
      Andy Gomez 42 minutes ago

      @Sucker Free Yep. I still blame Boeing for this design flaw, but it would have never happened in the US or Europe. The Ethiopian captain was like 28 years old lol. I feel terrible for the guy and his family, it wasnt his fault. But a captain of an aircraft of that size with that age and experience is unheard of most other places.

    • Sucker Free
      Sucker Free 55 minutes ago

      @Andy Gomez My cousin has been a mechanic for a major airline for over 30 years and he explained it to me and pointed out that none of the accidents happened in the US, which never really crossed my mind. One was Ethiopian and the other Indonesian.

    • Andy Gomez
      Andy Gomez Hour ago

      @Sucker Free Both of those things were true, at least in the Ethiopian accident. Lot of stuff coming out about management abusing ac mechanics too, so the plane itself was likely not maintained properly either.

    • Sucker Free
      Sucker Free Hour ago

      Maybe the pilots that were flying weren't properly trained or simply second rate.

  • No No
    No No 3 hours ago

    China is a demon country. They want to rule everywhere.

  • Philip Gates
    Philip Gates 3 hours ago

    Fly-by-wire is one thing. Letting computers override the feedback to the pilot is another. Huge mistake. The best computer is between your ears.

  • Johny Baker
    Johny Baker 3 hours ago

    Not very good period of time to world economy.

  • jonny jonnyboy1981
    jonny jonnyboy1981 3 hours ago

    I watched this video 11 months ago , since then it has raised many eyebrows around the world.

  • jaden summer
    jaden summer 3 hours ago


  • Ned
    Ned 3 hours ago

    Please also upload Alix Steel and Sonali Basak's Saudi Aramco discussion.

  • inv168 Ok
    inv168 Ok 4 hours ago

    The program doesn't seems to understand what has happened. It begin with the figting against the extradition bill becasue HKers do not trust the mainland has fair legal system. Since mid-June, the police were performing action which were against the law, however there were no prosecution. Later in July, they work together with triads to beat train passengers whom may include some protesters on their way home, and again very few and no reasonable prosecution. It is from that point people see the rule of law has disappeared from HK. It changes from a fair legal system to a tyranny legal system. This make the extradition bill meaningless because what was fear to happens if sending to mainland is actually happening right now in HK. The meaning behind 5 demands are 1. don't send me to place with no rule of law, 2. bring back fair legal system, 3. we don't trust current government's implementation of rule of law, 4. we don't believe protesters will have a fair trial, 5. we believe universal suffrage can fix all these violation of rule of law and bring back a fair system.

  • Miller Theory
    Miller Theory 4 hours ago

    Look at all these white males telling us the news.

  • Michaels Muvuti
    Michaels Muvuti 4 hours ago

    cgtn might become like al jazeera with this new view peddled from London. The news worthy delivery from UK is a bit odd.We do not like the global masses to be mislead by copying slanted and doctored news like BBC.Many people who used to watch cgtn will be confused by the msgs offered on cgtn Europe

  • We're all mad here
    We're all mad here 4 hours ago

    How would Europe have reacted to this 100 years ago? Let's just do that.

  • Jingni Wang
    Jingni Wang 4 hours ago

    Those who blame Bloomberg for being biased, do you really believe in democracy and “freedom of press”? Most of press have already been reporting the things you wanna see, what’s wrong with Bloomberg for showing another perspective? Btw, as long as the footages are real, it’s their freedom/rights to give the news to the public. Don’t be blind. If you truly believe in democracy, be more open minded and don’t choose to only see the things you want to see.

  • Adult Dating
    Adult Dating 4 hours ago

    (╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\🤑

  • Adult Dating
    Adult Dating 4 hours ago


  • Arfa Job
    Arfa Job 4 hours ago

    Last time I checked all constituencies in Northern Ireland have elected a parliamentary representative.

  • HoldMyBeerPls
    HoldMyBeerPls 4 hours ago

    cauz China buys Airbus now.

    I AM NAGA THIRTEEN 4 hours ago

    She owns Every Birth Certificate in America...... Courtesy of the United States Corporation..........While wearing the wealth of the Aboriginal Indigenous North American Natives......... Truth

    • Pro Lapses
      Pro Lapses 4 hours ago

      The fuck does that even mean?

  • carocarochan
    carocarochan 4 hours ago

    Boeing is run by criminals! They should be prosecuted for manslaughter! SCRAP THE MAX!

    • G7130
      G7130 2 hours ago

      Yep. Instead of designing a NEW plane for those engines like other Aerospace companies Boeing thought they could be cheap and retrofit them on bodies that really could not handle it therefore requiring software to counter it.

  • W Y
    W Y 5 hours ago


    I AM NAGA THIRTEEN 5 hours ago

    House joint resolution 192......... Know it.......

  • jaden summer
    jaden summer 5 hours ago

    that nobel prize winner are fake