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  • MiiM X
    MiiM X 6 hours ago

    it's not like you guys did a crime URGHH

  • Caroline Gray
    Caroline Gray 6 hours ago

    it probably should just be put back where it was, but i just think it’s kinda weird that the whole box was dumped in there and also isn’t there some law about putting remains in super public areas like that.

  • calebboldlion
    calebboldlion 6 hours ago

    Thankyou for being the difference! Most people would not care. But its people like you that change the world.

  • Monas Adventures
    Monas Adventures 6 hours ago

    Asome find guys keep up the great work thank you for sharing

  • MiiM X
    MiiM X 6 hours ago

    When he asks the police about the TV Police : *speechless*

  • Joshua Pequeno
    Joshua Pequeno 6 hours ago

    Great video!!! My top 4 RU-cliprs in 1 video....greatness!!!!

  • FR34X
    FR34X 6 hours ago

    When i created my youtube channel you are the first 1 That i subscrice cuase i love your vids♥️

  • Syd Central
    Syd Central 6 hours ago

    What's awesome is when he finds rubbish he doesn't just leave it he takes it then puts it in a bag and then I assume puts it in the bin after

  • Michael Belcher
    Michael Belcher 6 hours ago

    7:35 dead frog

  • Dee Scott
    Dee Scott 6 hours ago

    Yes, love watching you all digging

  • rachel blacklow
    rachel blacklow 6 hours ago

    The one with the five is the Australian five sent coin

  • •Milky•Tea• Gacha

    *Hail* Jake: LETS GO RUN IN THE HAIL!

  • Tulip 564
    Tulip 564 6 hours ago

    Im indonesia

  • Mate MtheG
    Mate MtheG 6 hours ago

    დალაიქეთ ეს კომენტარი რომ ეგონოთ რამე ჭკვიანური დავწერე :დდ

  • crypto_ 187
    crypto_ 187 6 hours ago

    14:14 :O

  • Dj Marshmello Paul
    Dj Marshmello Paul 6 hours ago

    That from Steven universe

  • MiiM X
    MiiM X 6 hours ago

    SOO Iconic > O ^

  • oomaar 19
    oomaar 19 7 hours ago

    I havet +905523161795

  • OllyStar
    OllyStar 7 hours ago

    So cool jake

  • Andrea Rodríguez
    Andrea Rodríguez 7 hours ago

    Looking for the Infinity Stones ✨

  • Obsidian Breaker
    Obsidian Breaker 7 hours ago

    search my house u will find atleast 10

  • James Whaley
    James Whaley 7 hours ago


  • Praisy Momin
    Praisy Momin 7 hours ago

    😯 wow


    Wow a HUGE NICE ONE!!!

  • Олег Рубик
    Олег Рубик 7 hours ago

    Сколько стоит такой металлоискатель?





  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 7 hours ago

    The foreign coins are Euros I think

  • Laura Kraft
    Laura Kraft 7 hours ago


  • carol a. sherban
    carol a. sherban 7 hours ago

    Love videos what happened to you and scuba diving? Congrats on 1 billion on youtube. Gr8 vids Jake tc

    • •Milky•Tea• Gacha
      •Milky•Tea• Gacha 6 hours ago

      carol a. sherban most likely too cold to scuba dive during winter. He will probably continue during summer

  • Garage Confessions
    Garage Confessions 7 hours ago

    Amazing, reminds me of my trip to Idaho but I didn’t find anything as large as that.

  • Patrick Beaton
    Patrick Beaton 7 hours ago

    Some sweet finds as always Jacob, love the crystal💎hunts as much as Matrix loves Joseph's leg ! 🤣👊

  • Facu Conde9
    Facu Conde9 7 hours ago

    Me gustan muchos sus videos pero lo unico que no me gusta es que entiendo nada de lo que dice estaria bueno que dege en la descripcion un link a donde lleve el mismo video solo que traduccido en español

  • Brad Schneider
    Brad Schneider 7 hours ago

    What happened to snorkeling

  • Carlos Barrios
    Carlos Barrios 7 hours ago

    que valor tienen.?

  • Gangster Beaver1
    Gangster Beaver1 7 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure you need a diamond pic to mine amethyst

  • Federico Gelpi
    Federico Gelpi 7 hours ago


  • Fiona Hawking
    Fiona Hawking 7 hours ago

    Smartphone lost by stupid people

  • Madilyn Manear
    Madilyn Manear 7 hours ago

    Jake's friend:HEY I FOUND A SNAKE MAN Jake:YOU DID WH- OMG I'M OUT OF HERE FRICK THAT but I'm pretty sure that snake was a python

  • waylon flowers
    waylon flowers 7 hours ago

    I love crystals n would love to go do that

  • crypto_ 187
    crypto_ 187 7 hours ago


  • Cath Cath
    Cath Cath 7 hours ago

    In my country, many crystal pearl like this called "BATU BACAN".. After so many people digging for the pearl, now the crystal is meaning less... :/

  • Brandy Rasmussen
    Brandy Rasmussen 7 hours ago

    They're so pretty

  • crazy turtle
    crazy turtle 8 hours ago

    Its crazy seeing this cause i live like a couple miles away from it lmao

  • Orin Dent
    Orin Dent 8 hours ago

    I have that bb gun.

  • ReFeatured
    ReFeatured 8 hours ago

    The police probably have him on speed dial.

  • Christopher Southard

    You need a booey attached to your metal detector that has a flag so your buddy can find you in the deep... or... a shark fin.

  • Θοδωρής Δανηλοπουλος

    ,Where is the place which you find diamonds

    HEIDI#COOL HINDMAN 8 hours ago

    Hey big boy lol hahah😄😄😅😅

  • Elias 0074
    Elias 0074 8 hours ago


  • Brooklyn Ware
    Brooklyn Ware 8 hours ago

    Y'all was in Charlotte too I live in albemarle

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 8 hours ago

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing!! 😍❤😊

  • RevolutionaryJAY
    RevolutionaryJAY 8 hours ago

    Good shit bro! 🔥👍🏽

  • RamblinroseDigger Winton

    Ive heard there is also emeralds out that way. Have you found any??

  • RamblinroseDigger Winton

    Whoa! Thats all i have!! Whoa!!!

  • Tu anh Nguyen
    Tu anh Nguyen 8 hours ago


  • Crue Wignall
    Crue Wignall 8 hours ago

    First, At 51 seconds jake has a flock on him. Second, *jake sees a spoon* Jake: drugs

  • Jackson Phillips
    Jackson Phillips 8 hours ago

    This looks like an amazing job tbh

  • Brock Buhagiar
    Brock Buhagiar 8 hours ago

    I love you doing mining

  • Susan Barnett-Kiengsiri

    Amethyst is my birthstone, I'd love to be able to dig for some one day.

  • Дамира Едиге


  • Stacey Way
    Stacey Way 8 hours ago

    I I were swimming in that and I saw a snake. I wouldn't be able to run faster enough.

  • the Xbox kid
    the Xbox kid 8 hours ago

    <3<3<3 much love an

  • Hot Pockets
    Hot Pockets 8 hours ago

    Does he even look through rivers anymore for treasure? It’s all about Crystals now. He got that “Gold Fever”...

  • SAE_SkinnyDipper TEAM SAE

    I want a crystal so bad... 😿 but probably not gonna get one...

  • the Xbox kid
    the Xbox kid 8 hours ago

    you are my fav youtuberan love vids

  • Gacha_she Wolf
    Gacha_she Wolf 8 hours ago


    ABEL LOPEZ 8 hours ago

    You picked a Beautiful place to make this video , Not to Mention the Beauty of the Rare Amethyst you found ! WOW ! It Doesn't Get Better than this Right ? Until your next video when you find Something else ! 🤞 GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS BUDDY 🙏💙😇

  • littlered1403
    littlered1403 8 hours ago

    soooo.. anyone have the update?

  • Bonnie Wulff
    Bonnie Wulff 8 hours ago

    It makes me nervous to see y’all in that ditch. Y’all be careful love your videos as always.

    • Bonnie Wulff
      Bonnie Wulff 7 hours ago

      Larry Zevon I totally agree. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw them in that ditch with no bracing

    • Larry Zevon
      Larry Zevon 8 hours ago

      Friends father-in-law died this way. Walls should be braced with trench shields.

  • aiden marriott
    aiden marriott 8 hours ago

    oh hell no i will just leave and not go in the water

  • Emma Alford
    Emma Alford 8 hours ago


  • Beth A.
    Beth A. 8 hours ago

    I wish i could come dig with you again! Especially at that mine! Things look great there! 💖👍

  • Melissa Tremillo
    Melissa Tremillo 8 hours ago

    When he started crying my heart melted 🥺

  • Raging Salmon
    Raging Salmon 8 hours ago


  • FC Pewdiepie
    FC Pewdiepie 8 hours ago


  • Hayden Hawes
    Hayden Hawes 8 hours ago

    Hay dallmyd i would love some pls a love you vids

  • Waddy Bear
    Waddy Bear 8 hours ago

    The thing that bothers me most is the fact that he said have you ever seen the movie holes, when the book is way more famous

  • Geesmack Joeypads
    Geesmack Joeypads 8 hours ago

    Hey that's awesome dude. Stand up kind of guy Tried to get a good look at the engine. Looked like a straight 6, I only saw one valve cover. I think there's a pollution pump which would put it in the 70's I think.

  • Harshita Bali
    Harshita Bali 8 hours ago

    It was also hailing at Lumeah a lot though so much rain so much hail when it stopped us decided to go collect some hail and those really big ones

  • ToxicHD
    ToxicHD 8 hours ago

    You can find them on the side of the road in WA Australia where I live

  • Darkwingzark
    Darkwingzark 8 hours ago

    That's my birth stone love amethyst crystal s

  • randomness gaming
    randomness gaming 8 hours ago

    i love your vids

  • Yusuf Khatri
    Yusuf Khatri 8 hours ago

    put the phone in rice

  • Frankie Flores
    Frankie Flores 8 hours ago

    Rip dallmyd... was ate whole by a Florida man (savage)

  • Emily Mary Jane
    Emily Mary Jane 8 hours ago


  • Stephano Buddle
    Stephano Buddle 8 hours ago

    Great video!!!!!!!!!!! those are excellent geological specimens

  • Anne Bernier
    Anne Bernier 8 hours ago

    Why are all the comments so recent? This video was posted a year ago

  • MC series
    MC series 8 hours ago

    Hello thanos Minecraft if you get the joke

  • guud fishhyy
    guud fishhyy 8 hours ago

    All of you guys deserved this :D

    MARKY MORONES 8 hours ago


  • Daphne Rodriguez
    Daphne Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Named your dog Ocean

  • Dallin Johnson
    Dallin Johnson 9 hours ago

    You don’t know much about guns... 😂

  • sitiey an
    sitiey an 9 hours ago

    You good i love diamon

  • Raziel Ryuki
    Raziel Ryuki 9 hours ago

    EDIT: Watched the rest of the video, awesome you got that ring back to the university student! Much love and respect! ♥ EDIT2: Did the owner of that ring comment here? Shout out to him, post here dude! Pin that comment! :D

  • Heart&Sole *
    Heart&Sole * 9 hours ago

    That is a dab pen

  • Lil gamer Girl
    Lil gamer Girl 9 hours ago

    I love how nobody realize that his face unlocked the first phone that he found

  • Keep Your Day Job
    Keep Your Day Job 9 hours ago

    Is this like catch and release fishing? You catch a nice fantastic looking fish but you have to return back into the water. So sense this is a sport I expect all of the amethyst to go right back into the ground. LOL Seriously I have done my share of being a rock hound and I have a system on one of my trailers that carries water for my power washer. I have found this is one of the best ways once I find my rocks to separate them with very little damage. Keep those nice rocks coming.

  • Kobe Old-Orchard
    Kobe Old-Orchard 9 hours ago

    Plz crystal

  • Allie tela
    Allie tela 9 hours ago

    Okay but like....jake and tristen are so fricken cute.