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  • ItachixSire
    ItachixSire 4 hours ago

    Okay so I don't know if you take requests from RU-clip comments, but~, would you like to do a video on whether or not sheep/goats got nerfed in the future? Like the idea is basically Andrewsarchus was the closest cousin of sheep and goats, and seeing how different they are. (Andrewsarchus is one of the largest mammal carnivores in the world; the sheep being fluffy & domesticated) It's just a thought.

  • Kajtek Z
    Kajtek Z 4 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Maned Wolf mains: Some random noob snek: *what if i spec roar*

  • Aries G. Raymundo
    Aries G. Raymundo 4 hours ago

    But puffer fishes are scared of sopnges. 😂😂 especially on driving.

  • CaveGame
    CaveGame 5 hours ago

    Just about to ddos the earth server.. any last words?

  • The Administrator
    The Administrator 5 hours ago

    Our body HP and Armor is so fucking weak we get hurt by paper

  • Porkchop Lerbrek
    Porkchop Lerbrek 5 hours ago

    Learn a lot about dogs in CuriosityStream (not sponsored)

  • Pisces
    Pisces 5 hours ago

    I argue the horse is better S class support than the cat. Horses function as moral support, aid in hunting, can defend, assist human in battles, and can even assist in healing injuries. It's said that human history was written by horses.

  • marichumadaje
    marichumadaje 5 hours ago

    How about dog breeds tier list

  • YoobiPlays 01
    YoobiPlays 01 5 hours ago


  • Adhi Nugroho
    Adhi Nugroho 5 hours ago

    Saitama animal version

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown 5 hours ago

    Are there any sea turtle characters in Spongebob?

  • The Abrupt
    The Abrupt 5 hours ago

    6:21 “spawn kill”

  • Juniper Rockhopper
    Juniper Rockhopper 5 hours ago

    *Broke* the game? They're still breaking it! There are humans *living* in *UNPLAYABLE SERVERS* ! They've crafted weapons capable of almost instantly destroying anything in a *22 mile* radius and making even larger areas around them completely unplayable for years. Hell, in the [Plausible Upgrades] menu ( [Far off section], so not *too* plausible) they have a {Coordinated Project} that literally collects all the sun's energy for an infinite fuel source. They're still breaking everything and if they get their act together, they likely will never stop. They'll become the permanent, immortal top tier of the game.

  • AphidKirby
    AphidKirby 6 hours ago

    I think an invasive megafaunal mammal would be nice to see in south america, there's not enough megafauna in there

  • Geoff F.
    Geoff F. 6 hours ago

    Yeah, I'm a human main and I can tell, I'm only JUST STARTING to dig myself out of the hole I made for myself by prestiging into Humanities for my Higher Education Class. Hoo-boy.

  • Raging Randomness
    Raging Randomness 6 hours ago

    Bruh nice video. I just made one but instead of most powerful i made it what dogs k can brat in a fight.

  • maxd678_YT #BETAHYPE

    Hey uses the term “they” implying that he is not human

  • Covan B
    Covan B 6 hours ago

    4:33 I got that reference. Harvey birdman intensifies

  • Geoff F.
    Geoff F. 7 hours ago

    Proof that all life is a video game and men and women merely its players!

  • James Scribner
    James Scribner 7 hours ago

    Rapper mains wya

  • Confused person With a cat profile picture.

    They are and diseases are just nerfs. Suicide is just removing themselves from the game. However that works how do you get yourself removed from the game....

  • CircusWolf
    CircusWolf 7 hours ago

    Thresher sharks are my favorite sharks, followed closely by the hammerhead. Wonder where the goblin shark would rank

  • Aaron Loos
    Aaron Loos 7 hours ago

    No dingos?

  • Aidan Colwell
    Aidan Colwell 7 hours ago

    I’m confused are you talking about a game or speaking the gamer language

  • LobsterRoast
    LobsterRoast 7 hours ago

    ''Humans have max intelligence'' *Haha, as if.*

    • Geoff F.
      Geoff F. 6 hours ago

      Max potential intelligence. Though we can get bodied by Dolphins, Orcas, and Elephant mains on that some days.

  • Yoshikage Arbuckle
    Yoshikage Arbuckle 7 hours ago

    Dude, of course they are. They have the single best offense in the entire game: *La Chancla*

  • KronosUber
    KronosUber 7 hours ago

    They tried to nerf my grandpa by giving him cancer.

  • Nigerian Prince 219
    Nigerian Prince 219 7 hours ago

    Humans are so op they managed to download malware onto the game to change the environment rapidly to their favor while indirectly nerfing other builds

  • Miss Jackson
    Miss Jackson 7 hours ago

    Could you do a video how op is the elephant seal???????

  • Kohga Mole
    Kohga Mole 8 hours ago

    Awwww yeah runescape music!

  • Kelsyer's Cluster
    Kelsyer's Cluster 8 hours ago

    Skipping legal eagle.

  • Lego Lax
    Lego Lax 8 hours ago

    I love that this game is like a mashup of any game TierZoo can think of but with animals.

  • Suzuki Moto
    Suzuki Moto 8 hours ago

    6:09 - 6:15 Me when someone comes in my room to see if I'm asleep

  • ThreeAlpacaz09
    ThreeAlpacaz09 8 hours ago

    My character is nerfed with the constipation debuff and has to take laxatives every day. Is there anything I can do.

  • BankerPaul
    BankerPaul 8 hours ago

    Had to rewatch the opening a couple times to figure out what happened. Can't believe it actually stung itself. What a bullshit way to die. XD

  • Deltacatts GD
    Deltacatts GD 8 hours ago

    Jaguar gang where we at

  • Nigsui
    Nigsui 8 hours ago

    Im waiting for the Water Fountain Tiers

  • otis onyme
    otis onyme 8 hours ago

    You did research on Pubmed for a Spongebob video? That's dedication.

  • No One
    No One 8 hours ago

    You explaining wildlife while treating life as a game and for me that makes it a lot less boring to listen to.

  • Bobby Rossy
    Bobby Rossy 8 hours ago


  • Cool Day
    Cool Day 8 hours ago

    Will God Nerf us

  • Albino_Snowman
    Albino_Snowman 9 hours ago

    You should do a Virus and Bacteria Tier ranking.

  • Raddish
    Raddish 9 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me how to get “Mothman” in the human play through?

  • Isaac Webber
    Isaac Webber 9 hours ago

    Can you make an S Tier compilation?

  • Cooper Team mystic
    Cooper Team mystic 9 hours ago

    You’ve heard of an air strike But now with the eagle and rats we have a rat strike Just one payment of 2/3 of Europe today

  • Cooper Team mystic
    Cooper Team mystic 9 hours ago

    With those 10 thousand rats I can take down all of Europe A couple hundred years ago Good thing I still am playing 1.8 instead of the new updates

  • David Kinman
    David Kinman 9 hours ago

    *DoNt TaLk To Me Or My SoN eVeR aGaIn*

  • Melanie Conway
    Melanie Conway 9 hours ago

    I'd choose the birds and the person. Of course, terrain matters, but having one defender able to shoot down all the larger targets and then having the birds take down the many rats (approximately 20 each, which is feasible, plus they're the only flying option + they have a large group size), I think I could make it given that it wasn't suddenly head to head battle with all at once. Of course, I'd never want to hurt any of these animals and would probably just sacrifice myself, but if I _were_ to try and live, I'd go with this option. Though I understand your choice of having the rats on your side, I personally can just imagine them getting trampled and torn to shreds easy-peasy.

  • Kack Jelly
    Kack Jelly 9 hours ago

    Ah, you neglect the fact that most owl builds hunt primarily by hearing instead of vision, and can catch prey in zero-light environments. I can forgive your bias as a vision-focused human, but come on pal.

  • Mike Yao
    Mike Yao 9 hours ago

    Also who on Earth calls Tardigrades “Water Bears”?

  • Mike Yao
    Mike Yao 9 hours ago

    But but but but SPACE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gradual Pull
    Gradual Pull 9 hours ago

    Squidward dabbing is top tier.

  • Kack Jelly
    Kack Jelly 9 hours ago

    No hog is immune to squeezing

  • Bern Potato
    Bern Potato 10 hours ago

    Where my fellow Wolf mains at?

  • Diego Zarco
    Diego Zarco 10 hours ago

    When squidward is a squid

  • matthew1995king
    matthew1995king 10 hours ago

    You forget the black momba and puff adler as well as a few more toxic snakes. Edit: where would andacondas place on the meta?

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips 10 hours ago

    Masahiro Sakurai, Jeff Kaplan, and someone else are the devs of the animal kingdom.

  • Pleeplee Plee414
    Pleeplee Plee414 10 hours ago

    Only true fans remember the day they patched dinosaurs 🦕 😥😓

  • Bacon Guy041
    Bacon Guy041 10 hours ago

    im a whale and i think humans are too op… they killed my whole family, god really needs to nerf them.

  • Jason Zee
    Jason Zee 10 hours ago

    President Trump must be part honey badger because he dont back up.

  • Raul Israel
    Raul Israel 10 hours ago

    Bees try to get nectar not pollen

  • Lotus Kryptic
    Lotus Kryptic 10 hours ago

    This is really a power list

  • Urban Owen
    Urban Owen 10 hours ago

    What a confidence boost

  • BT -7274
    BT -7274 10 hours ago

    I wish I could play this game.

  • Doot doot Man
    Doot doot Man 11 hours ago

    I love the intro

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 11 hours ago


  • FrukiLukiGaming
    FrukiLukiGaming 11 hours ago

    Humans are basically the Opressor MK2 of GTA 5

  • demonix
    demonix 11 hours ago

    Extra credits are full of shit

  • Joe Krafft
    Joe Krafft 11 hours ago

    remember the cave bear and other bear types of that time was the one thing human players couldn’t survive against in fact the short face beat hunted early human players

  • AveragePerson
    AveragePerson 11 hours ago

    Teaching by using terms I know. This is one of the greatest channels I've ever found

  • McQ
    McQ 11 hours ago

    Poor analysis. Sandy is way higher tier. Strongest character in the game

  • Connor Rhodes
    Connor Rhodes 11 hours ago

    What's the outro music?

  • roy
    roy 11 hours ago

    "Sheeps have such low intelligence that they can even be defeated by bramble bushes"

  • RoomTempuratureHotpocket 05

    I love how he actually proves alot of cryptids are fake while doing the game thing.

  • Brazzier :3
    Brazzier :3 11 hours ago

    What is the animal at 3:48 ?

  • Daveon Crowder
    Daveon Crowder 11 hours ago

    Earth season 0 OG's

  • Lukas
    Lukas 11 hours ago

    nerf mrs puff. she's too OP

  • SpikeTheController
    SpikeTheController 11 hours ago

    Ah yes, Spinosaurus, also known as the Knuckledragging Manlet Build. I miss the old Superior Terrestrial Predator Build before it got nerfed like five years ago.

  • Season 9 Shaco
    Season 9 Shaco 12 hours ago

    You’re dumb if Gary isn’t SS Tier

  • PandazCanDunk
    PandazCanDunk 12 hours ago

    Goliath bird eating spider? Brown reclusive?

  • Noah B
    Noah B 12 hours ago

    Next time you want to take a piece of the ocean meta, maybe try out finding nemo for source builds.

  • Daveon Crowder
    Daveon Crowder 12 hours ago

    players try to use DNA to exploit woolly mammoths back in the game

  • GabTheReaper
    GabTheReaper 12 hours ago

    Imagine this really happend

  • Track7 Elegy
    Track7 Elegy 12 hours ago

    I think owls got shafted with that B-Tier. I would also like to see an owl standalone Tier list

  • Eoghan Jones
    Eoghan Jones 12 hours ago

    What scares me the most T-Rex’s small arms are able to hold a double decker bus

  • Hmmnm Yes
    Hmmnm Yes 12 hours ago

    There are a lot of furries here

  • Necron Lord
    Necron Lord 12 hours ago

    yeeah i am op!!

  • ThatKidEvanHasTourettes

    I swear Larry The Lobster is using some serious exploits not even the devs know how to use to get those muscles.

  • ColonelWaffle
    ColonelWaffle 12 hours ago

    I know I’m missing the joke but what game idc if I get r/whoooshed

    NOBLE 12 hours ago


  • Nezzygamer123
    Nezzygamer123 12 hours ago

    your'e actully running out of ideas

  • loco man doko
    loco man doko 12 hours ago

    You really need a video on this? Of course moms are great

  • AmblesJambles
    AmblesJambles 13 hours ago

    That's not your real credit card details I hope

  • Nightmenace
    Nightmenace 13 hours ago

    Ayyy he put Scishow in there! Another incredible channel that people here should check out.

  • Three Spirits Trio
    Three Spirits Trio 13 hours ago

    Maybe you can try a Tier list in the Fictional Server of the Pokemon world or the Digital world or Something like that.

  • Nihlm
    Nihlm 13 hours ago

    This is the most elaborate joke channel I've ever seen

  • potato torpedo
    potato torpedo 13 hours ago

    I know this doesnt have much to do with the video but who would win. A tiger salamander or a leopard gecko?

  • Ten Ten
    Ten Ten 13 hours ago

    Could you analyse the platypus and other Australian builds

  • Fredrick Landslot
    Fredrick Landslot 13 hours ago

    Love love love the avatar start😂😂

  • Nathanael Truax
    Nathanael Truax 13 hours ago

    Could you do a crocodilian tier list? Thanks!