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Death: talk to us!
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Hope is Power
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Orbán, my dad and me
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Fighting Shame
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  • ‌
     2 hours ago

    Eventually bionics won’t be needed when we research genetics to have regeneration / growth of actual limbs to grow in the body. This will be useful first for people in military and for people born with limbs missing. This is the end of the era of prosthetics we will end up with genetic modification obviously not all people will use it. As genetics to some may be against their beliefs etc

    TELL THE TRUTH 2 hours ago

    Ireland's never belonged to white people in the first place.

  • The Traveling Pedicurist

    Total spa

  • ‌
     2 hours ago

    *Deus Ex*

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 2 hours ago

    *I'm beginning to think that 300/person is cheap for all the things that these people are doing.*

  • Joseph C
    Joseph C 2 hours ago

    After all bad things that happened to young American soldiers, some of your leaders would want immigrants to enter your country and be fed and sheltered by your government with the help of American taxes. And still Ilhan Omar isn't in jail yet. The woman who hates American people, just like this young American soldier who lost all limbs for the service of his country , all to go in vain.

  • iqbal mohammad
    iqbal mohammad 3 hours ago

    One of the darkest day of Pakistan history

  • Abdul salam
    Abdul salam 3 hours ago

    you killed 10 lacs Syrians civilians you are accused of that genocide killing

  • DG ISPR Asif Gafoor
    DG ISPR Asif Gafoor 3 hours ago

    She deserved a much more brutal death for bringing dishonor to her family.

    MR BACKHAND 3 hours ago

    once upon a time she was maweed and then she bacum a singaw muva......

  • Maxon Mendel
    Maxon Mendel 3 hours ago

    Richard Spencer has like zero conviction.

  • V BBB
    V BBB 3 hours ago

    I'm getting really tired of seeing titles for misleading stories about girls ir man or women who are straight A, "high achievers". Then the truth comes out that they're drug addicts. 🙄 I think is time we stop giving so much focus to drug addicts and start focusing on children and people who didn't do badd things to themself and who truly need help.

  • Eliyah Ban Lawya
    Eliyah Ban Lawya 3 hours ago

    Rastafarianisme is not ours, beca we aren't Ethiopians, we are Israelites.....! See Deu28:1-68

  • O. Henry
    O. Henry 3 hours ago

    ja ja ja miss classifying why do that always happened to people from 3rd would country's

  • Eliyah Ban Lawya
    Eliyah Ban Lawya 3 hours ago

    Sister, if you don't know who you are, Read Deuteronomy 28, it talks about our ancestors. And ask the so-called brittish : who ruled Engeland in the 1093 to 1617, your forfathers......!!!! It is time you children of Israël, to turnback to God's laws. Get out of the Christian churches, they have lied to you . So does the whole world. Miss paullete you are a daughter of Benyahmin......APTTMH !!!

  • Jeriyah Mackey
    Jeriyah Mackey 3 hours ago


  • Tayyab Zain
    Tayyab Zain 3 hours ago

    Look at all those Indians desperately trying to justify their crime against humanity to the world

  • Dalton O'Green
    Dalton O'Green 4 hours ago


  • Baseemah Bandele
    Baseemah Bandele 4 hours ago

    Pure tears! 😢😢 wow! Caucasians will never surprise ME! And I will NEVER FORGET what they did to MY ANCESTORS!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I might need security

    Why do people always want to compare their problems to being black. Dwarfs were not killed due to their height nor were they ostracized because of it. Yes I agree people look and are intrigued but to compare to being black is offensive

    LiNCOLN SPiRACY 4 hours ago

    You can Come live on my secret island of 'super villians.' We need a disclosure and information minister. You know what julian Assange upto these days?? Lol

  • kayo do santos bueno

    Israel WTF

  • my Kirk
    my Kirk 4 hours ago

    Lol stfu

  • Independent
    Independent 4 hours ago

    This treatmen is a shame for humanity...😱😣

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 4 hours ago

    *Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister from Game Of Thrones, is the first dwarf person to get a top role in any media work which isn't focused on using his size to entertain others. And he earned more money than 99% of the cast.*

  • Xarl VIII Legion
    Xarl VIII Legion 4 hours ago

    I prefer the Spartan method.

  • dalast knight
    dalast knight 4 hours ago

    If the earth is flat, and the moon is following the sun, how does the solar or lunar eclipse happens? The sun and the moon collides?

  • Rose McEwan
    Rose McEwan 4 hours ago

    I went to an academy where teachers had to buy their own glue sticks for students. Dont tell me that is fair.

  • Grace Njuguna
    Grace Njuguna 4 hours ago

    I felt it . living in Germany for 21 yrs..never fit fot it. I am from Afrika✌👍👍👍

  • Grace Bowers
    Grace Bowers 4 hours ago

    Paulette when you gathered the mango I saw you as a girl.. Brought a happy tear to my eye.. The government are disgusting for everything they serve.. Blessing to you Paulette & the wonderful Windrush people.

  • Please INDIA STOP Terrorism

    Curse on America and curse on India who promotes terrorism in other countries. Love You Iraq

  • Desmond Chin
    Desmond Chin 4 hours ago

    The moon is flat and the sun is flat also

  • Dr Uzma Ali
    Dr Uzma Ali 4 hours ago

    Best Chanel of you tube

  • Nompumelelo Mdluli
    Nompumelelo Mdluli 5 hours ago

    Yoh yoh yoh muhle lona 😭😭😭😭

  • axley foley
    axley foley 5 hours ago

    Jamaica is the most beautiful place in the whole world..its paradise..

  • zengreen7
    zengreen7 5 hours ago

    Reparations are around the corner, she is trying to get a bag. This is just another Rachel Dolezal scam.

  • jossandman
    jossandman 5 hours ago

    ''That's like learning to become a midget.'' Woody Allen.

  • Fouzia Talat
    Fouzia Talat 5 hours ago

    Kashmir Banega Pakistan

  • Elaine Bines
    Elaine Bines 5 hours ago

    The love and support of your family, is everything. That's all you need, to be the wonderful person you are 💝

  • dewa khmer
    dewa khmer 5 hours ago

    poor dog

  • Archi
    Archi 5 hours ago

    huh, had never heard of the word handicapable before this

  • Crystal Rose King
    Crystal Rose King 5 hours ago

    Shame on England Elites, after all the EVIL, THEY HAVE DONE TO DARK SKIN PEOPLE. STOLE US FROM THE MOTHER LAND, THEN ENSLAVED US BY FORCED. THESE RACIST DEMONS CANNOT, REPAY US. Thanks for sharing, this. Dark skin people we, have worked so hard more than most, to look after ourselves and our people and we are treated the worst.

  • Aris Georgopoulos
    Aris Georgopoulos 5 hours ago

    And then the Brexit referendum happened

  • 🍯 blood honey
    🍯 blood honey 5 hours ago

    0:38 Why does it have to be compared to Blackness?? I can't believe she said that to an African American woman!!

    • Matthewdoig
      Matthewdoig 3 hours ago

      Because they have both been used for entertainment at the expense of the black person or midget they are actually quite similar

    • I might need security
      I might need security 4 hours ago

      Exactly, that was very offensive

    • kiymo
      kiymo 5 hours ago

      🍯 blood honey I know right. Every struggle is compared to blackness. Two very different struggles

  • Simple Simon Speaks
    Simple Simon Speaks 5 hours ago

    i guess equality is measured by one's mans mass, height, sex, race, culture, religion wealth... oh wait that's life...says more about society than whatever anyone person is dealing with...perhaps it's time to change our economic structure? it's obvious that our legal tender practices are the cause.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 6 hours ago

    This is sad 😔

  • J D
    J D 6 hours ago

    If it doesn’t matter why talk about it??

  • Sed Muy
    Sed Muy 6 hours ago

    He literally deserved it: eloquence and brilliant political mind!

  • Pneumocystis carinii

    There was already a white ethnostate. It's called caucasus mountains.

  • Moonglow
    Moonglow 6 hours ago

    They don't understand what they're actually protesting's global SLAVERY not a "climate" bs. Please wake up. Government PARASITES have to go, to prison.

  • Stevin Douglas
    Stevin Douglas 6 hours ago

    Who is funding these people to organise these protest

    • Ceut
      Ceut 2 hours ago

      The mob by the looks of police activity.

    RPG FLAMEZ 6 hours ago

    great she fully supports the on drop rule which she was trained to believe all those years ago, that your not biracial your black

  • J H
    J H 7 hours ago


  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard 7 hours ago


  • Clara Maria
    Clara Maria 7 hours ago

    This is heartbraking, how dare the British government treat this lady like that! How dare they, they should be ashamed and appalled of their Colonial history that they should be doing everything they can to ensure the Windrush community are living comfortably. Instead they segregate and cause immense pain to beautiful families who volunteer and pay taxes for 36 years. When are the British government going to stop causing suffering to former colonies.

  • Abir Khan
    Abir Khan 7 hours ago

    I need a kinner

  • Mother Mary
    Mother Mary 7 hours ago

    So these marchers, think they know better than those who voted for Brexit and those who voted for Trump. These votes were Democratic. Their marches are rabble rousing, vile placard carrying, mobs.

  • 80530
    80530 7 hours ago

    powerful stuff

  • Yepeto Aye
    Yepeto Aye 8 hours ago

    4:18 thank you granny. I was curious to know the temperature level of that hot spring water.

  • MAGA!! Morons Are Governing America

    LOL The security of their building is in jeopardy because of a camera? Goodness, can't imagine what they feel when women with pushchairs or prams comes into the building. What do they do then, go straight to Threat Level Critical and call the military in?

  • collapsingquantumwav

    Very informative, however, one of the major problems in The U.S is that very rich people own the country and don't care about solving problems of poverty. People are not dumb, they just put faith in A holes.

  • Kathryn Barnes
    Kathryn Barnes 8 hours ago

    My great grandchildren are mixed.

  • Dlenny Lenny
    Dlenny Lenny 8 hours ago

    1:04 that labour guy is a smarmy tw%t

  • Bee Black
    Bee Black 8 hours ago

    This was emotional.

  • Mhj 76
    Mhj 76 8 hours ago

    I wonder who's watching who lol

  • Dina Jacquetta Kindred

    Eve gene baby 🤷‍♀️🏽💯❤️ I like yourself period 🙌🏽

  • Neo Virz
    Neo Virz 9 hours ago

    RU-clip is a platform where you post thousands of videos to only gain 1 subscribers

  • David Williams
    David Williams 9 hours ago

    My first time hearing about this remarkable brother "Corey P"

  • Bodybuilder900ml
    Bodybuilder900ml 9 hours ago

    I’m really thankful I wasn’t raised in a place like this.

  • shak
    shak 9 hours ago

    If this diamond of a man, EVER dies...we will know who did it.

  • AREA 51 Presidential Muzik


  • Erika Franco
    Erika Franco 9 hours ago

    I understand you are not racist. But your not black, you got 0.5 in you. You will never go through the things a REAL black person will go through and experience the prejudice attacks as a real black person. You and your daughter talk about these little experiences like the if that was actually something you had to endure, in my eyes you and your “black family “ making a mockery of a REAL BACK FAMILY🤷🏻‍♀️

  • sheri malik
    sheri malik 10 hours ago

    India thinks they can crush Kashmiri people by force. Its been 70+ years they still were not able to do it. They only show how brave they are on the weak and defenseless youth of Kashmir. They should show their bravery against Pakistan. Their "mighty air force" got humiliated by Pakistan. Two jets one mig 21 and one su 30 mki were shot down by JF-17 thunder of Pakistan Air Force. Mig 21 bison wreckage fell in Pakistan along with its pilot and su 30 fell in IOK. People of Kashmir were shouting PAKISTAN ZINDABAD on wreckage of su 30 mki in IOK. Video is available on RU-clip. Its proof of love of Kahmiri people for Pakistan. India can kill kahmiris but it will never be able to conquer their hearts. Kashmiri brother and sisters Pakistan stands with you always. You are in our hearts. ❤️

  • Msfruity44
    Msfruity44 10 hours ago


  • life is fun
    life is fun 10 hours ago

    What about improving your public schools

  • Narala Krishna
    Narala Krishna 10 hours ago


  • Milly Branch
    Milly Branch 10 hours ago

    All that meat 🤮

  • Justyna Jakacki
    Justyna Jakacki 10 hours ago

    Yes. Black does flow in your blood, but it is also in your hair and things like that. She is just a PERCENTAGE of black, mixed is 1 black parent, and 1 white parent (I should know, I am mixed)

  • Rama Nana
    Rama Nana 10 hours ago

    That same Erdogan who is sheltering 3 million Syrians (Anti Syrian government).

  • sunny
    sunny 10 hours ago


  • basant vimal sharma
    basant vimal sharma 10 hours ago

    Money making at the expense of these poor animals

  • Toastoftown E
    Toastoftown E 10 hours ago

    They do now

  • Former K.G.B.
    Former K.G.B. 11 hours ago

    Now you all wanted to fight the Russians but it's going to be worse because it's going be a nuclear war!!!!world war 3!!!!

  • NorthTexasDrone
    NorthTexasDrone 11 hours ago

    Not true we would know instantly if the sun disappeared. Gravity is instantaneous

  • Laura Larrett
    Laura Larrett 11 hours ago


  • Paul Buttersworth
    Paul Buttersworth 11 hours ago

    For people who dont know, us arabs and these people are not related racially, religiously or geographically. Different language different genes different hablo groups. We are more closely related to hebrews through isacc. I hate when people confuse us lol

  • kaya bennett
    kaya bennett 12 hours ago

    This is just such a touching story. What our black people went through to make British what it is todays. The sweat, tears, hardwork and racism is still alive today. So happy you got the chance to visit your country of birth.

  • Achol Machkuorwel
    Achol Machkuorwel 12 hours ago

    I think this film has poorly edited to fit certain point . Some people hate truths , and Richard becomes a victim of this period.

  • JOEX3
    JOEX3 12 hours ago

    If people are taught gun safety, this problem in America would not be a problem.

  • Robert Cleft
    Robert Cleft 12 hours ago

    I'm so confused......

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson 12 hours ago

    Ummmm... wtf?

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 12 hours ago

    I have a light skin and my features are black. I went to the US for a year and I was told my skin was too light for me to be black. It’s crazy

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson 12 hours ago

    I think dave chappelle did a skit about this.

  • Makedon
    Makedon 12 hours ago

    A WINNER :) :) :)

  • jay johnson
    jay johnson 13 hours ago

    The robot on the thumbnail looks like the cash mi ousside girl.

  • Janet Rojas
    Janet Rojas 13 hours ago

    The pressure for the sprinter to keep training and running is so much they keep getting injured

    RIXETHEM 13 hours ago

    Wow the one drop rule is showing all through this video.

  • rhino G
    rhino G 13 hours ago

    Im a Spaniard born Mexican An i love my north African Spanish American blood

  • Bobby Rodriguez
    Bobby Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Use protection. Check your status. You are responsible for yourself.

  • chauncei leigh
    chauncei leigh 13 hours ago