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  • Natasha37
    Natasha37 2 hours ago

    I think she’s pregnant🥰

  • jmakrosa
    jmakrosa 10 hours ago

    What type of salmon do you get? I want to make sure to get the right kind?

    ASMR MAY 12 hours ago

    i like this setup but somehow i prefer the kitchen as the background haha maybe this setup for the casual mukbangs and the kitchen for more of a cooking mukbang 🙂🙂

  • His Booboo
    His Booboo 13 hours ago

    8am is early???? Not even close. I've already finished my errands for the day by then.

  • His Booboo
    His Booboo 13 hours ago

    21:55 you are a grown woman, what is funny about you littering???? I've heard you say some immature things in the past hoping at some point you'd grow up but you seem to be regressing jeezus 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Yazni B
    Yazni B 15 hours ago

    You eat like a dude! It’s so impressive 😃

  • shannon de wit
    shannon de wit 20 hours ago

    I really did not expect this from keemi.. Makes me sad and mad

  • Leina Vlogs Hawaii
    Leina Vlogs Hawaii 21 hour ago

    If it's too salty, I suggest not adding extra salt only because theres already a lot from the parmesan cheese and the bacon! 👌🥰

  • Curls& Culture
    Curls& Culture 21 hour ago

    Love your convo! You always make me want noodles!!!!!

  • Chyna’s life Island

    Pumpkin pie Carmel apples um pumpkin cream cheese roll

  • magali benitez
    magali benitez 23 hours ago

    love the greenery in the background Keemi!! keep doing you love it :)

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    While I’m watching this I’m eating the exact Cheesy Noodles my mouth is burninggggggggggggg

  • Rne Nut
    Rne Nut Day ago


  • ikhwan abdianur


  • Allies Dbg
    Allies Dbg Day ago

    Those look like they were made to perfection 😍 I love a sweeter sloppy joe as well. My mouth watered the entire video!!! Thanksgiving mukbang please do dressing with cranberry sauce!! I am subscribed now😀😀😀😀

  • ssssarah
    ssssarah Day ago

    lol i'm watching this in 2019 but this has gotta be my favourite Keemi video. You and Dong's interactions make me laugh so hard.

  • Cassandra Garcia

    I don’t know who I dislike more you or Veronica wang

  • jessica sanders

    You have so many plant babies😍

  • Nora Zee
    Nora Zee Day ago

    Always she ate pasta 🤮🤮

  • Valerie Bolton

    Where has Dong been? He hasn’t posted a new video in months.

  • jay c
    jay c Day ago

    Do you make your own Kimchi?

  • j shep
    j shep Day ago

    Hypothesis: Keemi is pregnant. She was gone for a month (morning sickness), Dong stopped RU-clip uploads because he's a dedicated pre-father (he often mentioned how he would love to start a family) and wants to work a real job where he can contribute an income to support the child on the way. Keemi's video stage always is the same, no full body views. And no more vlogs. Anyone disagree?

  • OksaNaStyle
    OksaNaStyle Day ago

    You look kind of sad in this video.. :( I hope everything is okay! Also, It's a bit awkward to watch you when you're watching TV lol

  • Kiara Antoinette

    I love your hair cut!!

  • Kaye Lanuza
    Kaye Lanuza 2 days ago

    Made me hungry 🤤

  • Sophea You
    Sophea You 2 days ago

    Keemi Is like one of OG mukbangers/asmrs but her subscribers aren't huge like OTHER S THAT JUST JOIN THE COMMUNITY AND THEY HAVE LIKE 1M SUBS, I wish people would subscribe to keemi ;(

  • Kindra Jayne
    Kindra Jayne 2 days ago


  • Adri B
    Adri B 2 days ago

    Love the setup! 😊

  • Follygreen Momo
    Follygreen Momo 2 days ago

    Eh i dont think you should watch tv while filming mukbang. It's lacks sincerity and seems kind of unprofessional.

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 2 days ago

    I’d love dinner with Erykah Badu

  • troii cvan
    troii cvan 2 days ago

    I would suggest that you do also other cuisine. Not just noodles. It gets boring. Or maybe youre just short and saving money.

  • Safoora
    Safoora 2 days ago

    why are the chopsticks so huge ? it's amazing how she can use them 🤩.

  • River Queen Frequency

    My favourite ingredients for ramyun is well first of all the Shin Ramen 🍜 must add table spoon of brown sugar & two eggs 😍💛

    • River Queen Frequency
      River Queen Frequency 2 days ago

      Looks like a hot mess when I make it but it’s soooooo damn gooooooooooood 💯. Sweet & spicy 👌🏽

  • Aditty Stebbins
    Aditty Stebbins 2 days ago

    I think it’s the type you used. The truffle oil is lighter in flavor vs the chunks of preserved pieces you used. Even that oil in those pieces is way concentrated than regular truffle oil.

  • Santosh Subba atd
    Santosh Subba atd 2 days ago

    Keemi it's been 3 years. U never tried Indian food. Can you please follow a RU-clip reciepie and eat Indian food once? 😌

  • Lila Davis
    Lila Davis 3 days ago

    That haircut looks amazing on you 😘

  • Sonia Kate
    Sonia Kate 3 days ago

    background is 🔥

  • snacking with cindy

    “The reason why I moved to the city is becoming the reason why I want to leave the city.” That was so deep.

  • FoodyBone
    FoodyBone 3 days ago

    look soo good. mmmmmm . keep up the good work. good video. just sub to your channel hope to get a sub back

  • Jordan Rowan
    Jordan Rowan 3 days ago


  • LadyCake ASMR Mukbang

    i love your background 😍 the plants makes me feel at home 😁

  • AqsaShawlena Music Lyrics

    Love it❤

  • MrRomantiko30
    MrRomantiko30 3 days ago

    Hey keemi, can i ask a question?

  • Radulescu Madalina
    Radulescu Madalina 3 days ago

    What ingredients is ?

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 days ago

    Hey Keemi, I'm fairly new to your channel and was just wondering why you decided not to chat as much about random stuff as in your videos from a couple of years ago? Just curious!

  • Joyce Jones
    Joyce Jones 3 days ago

    Keemi, why aren’t you wearing your wedding ring?! I noticed that you didn’t have it on the other day but didn’t say anything. Just curious

  • A Mei
    A Mei 3 days ago

    I prefer this set up!!!!♥️

  • laila
    laila 3 days ago

    Your view count is going down, your content for the past months are just bleh. Your not a mukbang content creator anymore your just make cooking video and eat your cooked food... You were the first mukbanger in america i think, but now your content lately is bleh.

  • geminikitty 143
    geminikitty 143 3 days ago

    Ur lucky your mcDs even has bagel sandwich they took bagel sandwiches off the menu in nor Cal 😭😭😭

  • Rei.foodie
    Rei.foodie 3 days ago

    I love love the background. Not a fan of you watching TV while doing mukbang or speeding up the footage.

  • Katrina Soriano
    Katrina Soriano 3 days ago

    Is it family guy?

  • Sucre Fleischer
    Sucre Fleischer 3 days ago

    Keemi you’re always fresh of ideas. I love them 🌸💕

  • li yuan
    li yuan 3 days ago

    Day 2: keemi please share your makeup tutorial 😘

  • PockyyAddiction
    PockyyAddiction 3 days ago

    Loveeeeeee the new set up but maybe just not the camera angle? Idk, it seems too awkwardly...low? Lol just a bit tho. P.S. Your plants looks so nice and healthy!

  • Irena-Talita
    Irena-Talita 3 days ago

    I love your mukbangs and when you cook thank you for a great video Keemi....💖🤗

  • Joy Smothers
    Joy Smothers 3 days ago

    Chicken noodle soup and my mom's gumbo 💞

  • FeliciaRudy Mendoza

    Love your plants🌿🌿🌱🌱🌱 in the background!!!!

  • Emma Donaldson
    Emma Donaldson 3 days ago

    Keemi are you not doing those gorgeous cooking videos any more? I so enjoyed those....💗

  • Mariko Theisen
    Mariko Theisen 3 days ago

    I like scrambled eggs but thats with the regular chicken or beef or udon ramen.. But I also use mixed veggies. Ive have used onions, ham..

  • Ms. Cooking Darling

    I'm loving your plants!🧡

  • Ms. Cooking Darling


  • Krishia Mae Gonzales

    i always watch you’re vlog 😍

  • S. L.
    S. L. 3 days ago

    Love your background 😘

  • Kay Dot
    Kay Dot 3 days ago

    Love this set up .. looks so peaceful 🥰 btw i put lettuce in my ramen and i love it 😝

  • Kaitlyn Mitchell
    Kaitlyn Mitchell 3 days ago

    Love seeing the plant babies in the back! I’ve feeling under the weather lately and made some soft chicken/pho rice soup with homemade chicken meatballs and it’s so good 😤

  • الورده البيضاء ا

    مين عربي يجق لايك

  • prenisha sonar
    prenisha sonar 3 days ago

    When keemi makes vlogs for a whole week u all be saying "oh we miss your mukbang please make them, wanna see you cook and eat and talk to us" when she finally does that u all be saying her to "make vlogs y'all miss that" Geez people don't know what they want yas🙄

  • ayu malaysian
    ayu malaysian 3 days ago

    Your plants grow up so well

  • DeepMoon
    DeepMoon 3 days ago

    Where Is your ring?

    • Roxanne L.
      Roxanne L. Day ago

      Says she doesn't want them to get dirty , cuz she does a lot around the house . Kinda crazy I think , I wear mine all the time 🤷‍♀️

    • Kendra Lou
      Kendra Lou 2 days ago

      Jordan Rowan :( I really hope not. I’m hoping she just chose not to wear it for other reasons.

    • DeepMoon
      DeepMoon 3 days ago

      @Jordan Rowan wut? O.O

    • destiny rodriguez
      destiny rodriguez 3 days ago

      Jordan Rowan where did you hear that? And some people don’t like to wear their rings at home

    • Jordan Rowan
      Jordan Rowan 3 days ago

      @Kendra Lou I heard she cheated on him and that's why she had to take a break

  • Gloria Santos
    Gloria Santos 3 days ago

    I love that you eat your food so hot I do the same if Im not burning my mouth it isn’t good 😂

  • Elizabeth Saccoh
    Elizabeth Saccoh 3 days ago

    This setup seems very Cozy and peaceful. I miss you mukbang vlogs especially the long ones because I could watch them while studying or getting ready. But I know like your regular mukbangs also 🤍

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P 3 days ago

    I'd love to see a day in the life type of vlog♥️

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P 3 days ago

    Loveee the background, and really enjoyed today's video♥️ I really love ur simple mukbangs the most..they’re rlly peaceful

  • Jessi Lenox
    Jessi Lenox 3 days ago

    I love all your little plants in the background 💕

  • Zeynep Gündüz
    Zeynep Gündüz 3 days ago

    I really like her I mean she does good videos but why people getting money when they just eat I mean she literally watche TV and eats (no hate ) I mean everyone can do what they want but yea was just a question

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 3 days ago

      Yeah, you're here for a reason aren't you? I like listening to her talk and hearing her thoughts on things. I think mukbangs took off in Korea because more people are eating alone and watching someone else eat while you eat is companionable. The same is happening elsewhere (or definitely in the UK, anyway), so maybe that's why it's popular overseas now too. Although I don't actually watch mukbangs when I eat; usually when I'm hungry of just want to hear a certain person chat.

    • Sucre Fleischer
      Sucre Fleischer 3 days ago

      You’ll be surprised on how much it takes and works to produce good videos, even if it’s “just eat” kinda type

    • Rachael
      Rachael 3 days ago

      Zeynep Gündüz editing and uploading a video to RU-clip gives anyone the potential to earn money from it. she is getting paid because you choose to watch her.

  • Something Different

    Thought it was going to b non-spicy, like Sapporo Ichiban, but it looks like it still has some mild spicy ?

  • Ramsha and Anaas
    Ramsha and Anaas 3 days ago

    Hey keemi. The new set up is so good. Loving your plants, so fresh. Missing your mukbang vlogs so much. Please start making them again. Loads of love xoxoxo

    • j shep
      j shep 3 days ago

      More vlogs would be nice.

  • Chelsea Goodall
    Chelsea Goodall 3 days ago

    so many plants! love ittttttttt

  • Shewchuck Jacqueline

    You can boil the pork after add to the sauce xoxoxox

    TWINKLE SAHI 3 days ago

    Just saw u eating.......made India ramyun...MAGGIE.... ❤️❤️❤️

  • زهوره صفا
    زهوره صفا 3 days ago


  • mary s
    mary s 3 days ago

    The microphone is too distant

  • Lucky Girl
    Lucky Girl 3 days ago

    I liked when you did good vlogs and your husband vlogs to be in them!!

    • Ms H
      Ms H 3 days ago

      j shep I don’t think he has time for mukbang since he got a new job. Keemi mentioned in a previous video that he works 40-60+ hours a week as a restaurant manager now. :(

    • j shep
      j shep 3 days ago

      @Nicole P Maybe it's the only way anyone can note that he hasn't posted in over 3 months and never signed off. He has plenty of posts on instagram without any sight of his new wife, only his bros...hmmm

    • Nicole P
      Nicole P 3 days ago

      I don't get why everyone always wants her to show her husband... Like this is her channel not his and dong has his own channel.

    • j shep
      j shep 3 days ago

      Agreed. The vlogs offered more interesting content (AND she's watching tv while doing this?). I miss Dong, too.

  • El Bl
    El Bl 3 days ago

    Youre so pretty

  • Remake It
    Remake It 3 days ago

    Lets subscribe to each other by liking this post♥

  • delaney barden
    delaney barden 3 days ago

    This set up is way more chill. 😎 I actually like it better.

  • VanessaHBIC
    VanessaHBIC 3 days ago

    I knew I had to wait til my lunch to watch this. I was craving a spicy ramyun with mozzarella cheese 🥰 felt like I was having lu ch with a friend lol

  • Little Princess
    Little Princess 3 days ago

    Which ramen she used?

  • Destiny Noel
    Destiny Noel 3 days ago

    I really enjoy this setup. Makes it feel homey. 😊❤

  • creationist3
    creationist3 3 days ago

    You should try some American ramen noodles

  • Jess Wanigasekara
    Jess Wanigasekara 3 days ago

    I love the background it's so cuteee😍

  • Khadija Syeda
    Khadija Syeda 3 days ago

    loving all the plants!

  • Samantha K
    Samantha K 3 days ago

    The plants as the background give it good and homey vibes going on 🥰

  • Luisa _18
    Luisa _18 4 days ago

    Do spicy race cakes with ramen 😛😛😭

  • fudgecake76
    fudgecake76 4 days ago

    I love your background 🌿

  • Justme247
    Justme247 4 days ago

    Isn't pork belly just fat?

    • j shep
      j shep 3 days ago

      No. It's a cross between uncured bacon and pork roast it seems.

  • alphabrenna
    alphabrenna 4 days ago

    I like the background. Sunny and the plants 🌱

  • Elvira G Martinez
    Elvira G Martinez 4 days ago

    I am early to see my mukbang queen!

  • diana
    diana 4 days ago

    Love ur plant babies 😍😍

  • Emily Stanhope
    Emily Stanhope 4 days ago

    Very nice setup