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  • Steve Kek
    Steve Kek 22 minutes ago


  • U E
    U E 38 minutes ago

    I used to wanna troll them but now I keep watching all their videos. I kinda love this channel. lol. Something wrong with me, time to eat medicine.

  • Clara Lim
    Clara Lim Hour ago

    Oi this is not game of thrones

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew 3 hours ago

    I am still playing pokemon go. Lets be friends! My Trainer Code is 9671 7297 2050

  • everbest channel
    everbest channel 5 hours ago

    I went to 9 fen and my last hotel is at xi men ding opposite ah zhong mian xian

  • Farahh Farishasha
    Farahh Farishasha 6 hours ago

    Ben so caring 😍😍 so cute lol

  • Soh Junlong
    Soh Junlong 11 hours ago

    I did drink 4 large bubble tea from koi in 1 day it so easy for me

  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff 11 hours ago

    2:43 " non spicy soup base " * adds chilli oil * wow

  • Hannah Sofea
    Hannah Sofea 12 hours ago

    I would actually generally hang out with u guys Ur fun are quite cute, to be honest and awkward Seems like the type of people I hang out with

  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff 12 hours ago


  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff 12 hours ago

    u realise randy keeps getting the normal bubble tea while ben gets the different kinds 😂

  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff 12 hours ago

    50% frm koi is so damn sweet

  • nurelysha leya
    nurelysha leya 13 hours ago

    i rather drink the cheapest milk tea cause its better

  • U E
    U E 13 hours ago


  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 15 hours ago

    It’s not clickbait it’s $15 per person

    HWEE PING CHOO 17 hours ago

    Randy is not a good brother because he want to be fat

  • hAi._
    hAi._ 18 hours ago

    Mayb you will have diarrhea for 24hours

  • Mohd Faizal
    Mohd Faizal 19 hours ago

    Chill girl

  • sukchen Tan
    sukchen Tan 20 hours ago

    SGD$100.58 OMG

  • Eng En Kai Nathanael Student

    Heart of god church

  • Eng En Kai Nathanael Student

    You’re near hOGC

  • Eng En Kai Nathanael Student

    U guys are at Paya Laba

  • Karin D.
    Karin D. 23 hours ago

    Of course is a bad idea to go to the worst piercing shop, but actually titanium is the best material for a piercing and using a needle is also the best to avoid infections and other issues!

  • Yoongi_SpringsLights_
    Yoongi_SpringsLights_ 23 hours ago

    Omg I was inside also didn’t saw u all sadly 😂

  • Jane Goh
    Jane Goh Day ago

    Better to go with needle than gun - it's a better healing process. Tattoo parlors are surprisingly good places as they know how to handle needles. Goes without saying you should go to best (not worst)) reviewed place.

  • Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV

    That is so adventurous!

  • k
    k Day ago

    I usually order 100% cos its the normal sugar level. Like 70% , 50% etc is all less sugar. So like ...

  • Michelle Wai
    Michelle Wai Day ago

    I went to try the cheapest one u reviewed, I liked it a lot. It’s at ABC hawker centre

  • dinosaur yueyi

    r a n d y is a great brother and so is Ben

  • Brownie Tan
    Brownie Tan Day ago

    ahhh ben kissed randy on the cheek uwu 🥺🤧

  • Hazel hzy
    Hazel hzy Day ago

    Bribery did it wrong ☹️but cute 💗

  • Kashmery Kame
    Kashmery Kame Day ago

    Randy is the good brother

  • Lam Kar Mun
    Lam Kar Mun Day ago

    Paya Lebar Quarter with at least 6 diff bubble tea shops in the mall and in the vicinity!

  • kpopcorn
    kpopcorn Day ago

    Omgg Randy's creepy smile at tammy 8:18

  • jen o
    jen o Day ago

    That kiss at the front was so cute omg

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew Day ago

    Do more! Of this dirty whisper

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew Day ago

    Very funny eh

  • wong venise
    wong venise Day ago

    oh guys u should have went to dintaifung and get like at least 2 plates of their signature fried rice

  • Jenny YY
    Jenny YY Day ago

    well i recommended if u buy bubble tea the sugar level should be 100% it taste better.if level 50% sugar then its like no taste or maybe if u doesnt like too sweet then level 70-80% sugar(sorry my bad english)

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew Day ago

    Can u do a worst hair salon in Singapore show? Pls!

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew Day ago

    Love u! Your vids r so awesome!

  • Ksq
    Ksq Day ago

    Can they even say that they are going to the worst place to pierce but end up they dont?! A total waste of my time wth

  • yellayeah
    yellayeah Day ago

    The gongcha ppl just whack the most expensive drink for yall sia

  • seachen
    seachen Day ago

    1:17 koi only has that one pearl 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Brenden Lee
    Brenden Lee Day ago


  • RickLeowSK
    RickLeowSK Day ago

    You guys should have called me to do this challenge haha

  • Kohana Serinuma

    Do u guys have phobia of bubble tea right after this? 🤣

  • Daniel
    Daniel Day ago

    Warning, ”our stomach is hard to digest so much pearls. ”

  • nana woon
    nana woon Day ago

    This video helped me quit my bubble tea addiction 😨

  • nic lim
    nic lim Day ago

    Randy is a good brother! ( maybe sometimes )

  • Happy Vibes
    Happy Vibes Day ago

    Shld do the whole day !!

  • Grace S
    Grace S Day ago

    What are the name of the bubble tea stores?🤤

  • kkplays gacha
    kkplays gacha Day ago

    r u guys gay just asking?

  • 游戏者绝地求生GG

    I’m a fan of BEN!!! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

  • tania ebys
    tania ebys Day ago

    nobody: me: *drinking a bbt while watching this now* im so full from just a medium size, can’t imagine the large one

  • Mochi oky
    Mochi oky Day ago

    The way ben stare at tammy at 7:41 omg my heart melt loh 😍

  • superman221
    superman221 Day ago

    I was expecting bubble tea for supper :x

  • Rui En Cheow
    Rui En Cheow Day ago

    Saw yall at when yall getting Liho!

  • Miyo Yu Ying Wong

    you went to my cousins school!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri Chew
    Sheri Chew 2 days ago

    I felt in love with randy last time! 😂🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Danneth Neo
    Danneth Neo 2 days ago

    Does raddys love shit cuz he is talking aboutshit no offence

  • star_ strxcckkk
    star_ strxcckkk 2 days ago

    Omg randy snorted out pearls eh 😂😂😂

  • itz_jaydenn
    itz_jaydenn 2 days ago


  • MadBrooklyn
    MadBrooklyn 2 days ago

    Please do Street Food Mukbang... pleaseeeeeee

  • blueoccamy
    blueoccamy 2 days ago

    I wonder how many bubble do they chew in one day 😂

  • Kevin Lee Guan-Mou
    Kevin Lee Guan-Mou 2 days ago

    randy is a good brother

  • Miguel Dapito
    Miguel Dapito 2 days ago

    Gay sia

  • blueoccamy
    blueoccamy 2 days ago

    Can somone, somebody. Explain. Why. People use plastic gloves to eat while the other hand is also touching the food? 😂😂😂🤣 I never understand 🤣🤣in indonesia we just eat with our hands and gave 0 care about how we going to wash our hand when there's no washroom🤣🤣🤣✋🏻

  • It's Geneve
    It's Geneve 2 days ago

    Randy is a gd brother. lol just helping u

  • Happy Raspberry
    Happy Raspberry 2 days ago

    Fun fact: If you order less ice or no ice, there is more liquid inside.

    • Poke Sucks
      Poke Sucks 17 hours ago

      Happy Raspberry ya that’s wat I do

    • Calvin Tan
      Calvin Tan 17 hours ago

      @Happy Raspberry no la siao i not arguing la ahahahah

    • Happy Raspberry
      Happy Raspberry 18 hours ago

      Calvin Tan okok let’s stop arguing over a small matter

    • Calvin Tan
      Calvin Tan 18 hours ago

      @Happy Raspberry yea i know mine is also jst a fun fact lmao

    • Happy Raspberry
      Happy Raspberry 18 hours ago

      Calvin Tan it’s just a fun fact lmaoo

  • lemon.
    lemon. 2 days ago

    I wouldn’t even finish one cup of bubble tea, bubble tea just makes my belly full.

  • Arycia Kok
    Arycia Kok 2 days ago

    I like 0%milk tea plus golden pearl medium KOI

  • Calvin Tan
    Calvin Tan 2 days ago

    knn 35 for 1 piercing? back then only 3 to 4 bucks only

  • Pauline Ong
    Pauline Ong 2 days ago

    The intro was so funny!!!Pls keep doing creative content! I love ur content!

  • Jevin Dragon
    Jevin Dragon 2 days ago

    Omg when I see randy on the floor I thought he pass out I quickly tape to see his ok

  • Aaron Rongkun
    Aaron Rongkun 2 days ago

    Can take photo with you Ben and Randy I love you guy

  • Dxckii
    Dxckii 2 days ago

    I’m a sweet toothed person so I like to order brown sugar pearl fresh milk large sized when I’m in the mood 🤤

  • Sonia Pillay
    Sonia Pillay 2 days ago

    waooo Randy is just- everytime I look at him I keep smiling ,,RANDYYY STOP DOING THIS TO ME!!!!

  • kai xin
    kai xin 2 days ago

    I feel like this video is not much of comparison.Instead its more of a self preference video.No hate though !! Love u guys❤️❤️

  • kai xin
    kai xin 2 days ago

    I laughed SO HARD oh my tian😂❤️

  • amir nawawi
    amir nawawi 2 days ago

    Randy is a good brother, but Ben always bullied him..

    • kpopcorn
      kpopcorn Day ago

      Noo!!! Ben cared for randy in the previous vid!!!

  • skylar sky
    skylar sky 2 days ago


  • Valerie Lim
    Valerie Lim 2 days ago

    worst bubble tea 🤩

  • Jeremy Chase
    Jeremy Chase 2 days ago

    I don't get it are they brothers? Are they couple? Are they friends? Geez.

  • Loke si_qi
    Loke si_qi 2 days ago

    all ur video damn nice sia

  • Chung Ha
    Chung Ha 2 days ago

    here is the comment for randy: you are the good brother! 😁

  • ferfrenz
    ferfrenz 2 days ago

    Idk but Randy damn cute with Ben ! >< #supportthemfromMalaysia❤

  • PeiPei Ong
    PeiPei Ong 2 days ago

    Recommend Rainbow Bubble Tea. Their sakura pearl damn nice 😍👍🌸

  • Ms DinoGirl
    Ms DinoGirl 2 days ago

    Ben: **kisses Randy on cheek** Randy: EHHH! **hits Ben with his elbow** Me:🤣😂I feel so bad for Ben but damn sweet lehhhh😂 my brother doesn’t even do that🥺😂 “ #brotherlove❤️❤️😂 “

  • sim zheng xian
    sim zheng xian 2 days ago

    Are they gay??🧐🤨🤔🤭🤫

  • jolinnn n
    jolinnn n 2 days ago

    Next video ; 24hrs in the gym working out

  • Pei Jun S
    Pei Jun S 2 days ago

    Can you go to the worst reviewed doctor in Singapore? There is this 24 hour clinic at Bukit Panjang that has super bad reviews. That's scarier!

  • cj x
    cj x 2 days ago

    Randy is a good brother!!

  • kai
    kai 2 days ago

    Randy is so cute and derpy😂💟💟💟💟💟

  • Nurin Qistina
    Nurin Qistina 2 days ago

    7:24 the large and the medium for liho is the same amt they just want you to pay more $$$

  • Kuro Hakane
    Kuro Hakane 2 days ago

    Awww..both of you are great brothers..wish i had a strong bond like both of yalls

  • Eliz Ng
    Eliz Ng 2 days ago

    Who’s here at 2019 l l l

  • ashreen fitri
    ashreen fitri 2 days ago

    ben : *kisses randy* randy : eew *hits ben* ben : ouch. randy : *disgusted face*

  • DinoDXZ
    DinoDXZ 2 days ago

    Don't eat too much pearl it cannot digest properly

  • iesha qilla
    iesha qilla 2 days ago

    How many weight that u guys just gain?😂 But the first one truly shock me, Ben are u ok?😂😂