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  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 2 hours ago

    Ya Da. Ya Da Ya Da

  • Low Definition
    Low Definition 5 hours ago

    Why does that woman look like Pam from the office

  • Brandi Bigelow
    Brandi Bigelow 6 hours ago

    Not clear to me how I ended up here watching this, but I'm so glad I did I truly love Dax Shepard and he has an amazing podcast called Arm Chair Expert!

  • George Kam
    George Kam 6 hours ago

    This is really bad advice

  • whatever
    whatever 7 hours ago

    Did she just say 'pedal stool' instead of pedestal (2:12)? Reminds of a scene in IT crowd haha

  • H Potre
    H Potre 9 hours ago

    Wow, he had a great dad. My dad just gave me 'the odds are against you' speech (I played baseball) with no encouragement to do anything, really.

  • R J
    R J 11 hours ago

    All good till she says it happens in America which is only going to woke a million more liberals - truth is it happens all over the world in all societies. Doesn't justify it. But perspective is important, it doesn't just happen in America. Saying this as an non-American and an immigrant.

  • Olivia McNeil
    Olivia McNeil 11 hours ago

    I love her.

  • Fillin Chillin
    Fillin Chillin 13 hours ago

    You need lessons cause you suck

  • Gbomb31
    Gbomb31 13 hours ago

    This guy is too good-looking to be a stand-up comedian.

  • Gbomb31
    Gbomb31 14 hours ago

    The reason why I love Hasan Minhaj is that he defied parental expectations and he proved every immigrant parent wrong. He is living proof that you can be Indian and an artist. This is why he is my hero. I love him because he is the man that I want to be.

  • Dark Wizard
    Dark Wizard 15 hours ago

    I have this to say. People hate the new Terminator coming out. It may flop or not, I don't know. But I will go to see it just because Mackenzie is in it. She is the whole package. She is talented and beautiful. She made Halt and Catch Fire the series it was. And I hope to see her working in more projects shortly.

  • sefire chaves
    sefire chaves 15 hours ago 1.46 you're welcome

    AWE SUM 16 hours ago

    God this guy’s a fucking idiot no one would give a fuck about him he wasn’t the Nirvana drummer Reminds me of a 13 -year-old girl from LA Who believes her own B.S LMAO

  • Eliza The Rabbit
    Eliza The Rabbit 16 hours ago


  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith 16 hours ago

    I really like her impulsive side..... esp. if it get her in the sack! I'd like her MORE though if she put her hair up in chopsticks. THAT'S really hot! 😉 The only problem with making out with Connie? An hour after you're done, you're hungry for more! 😄😆😃😂😅🤣

  • Senka Đorđević
    Senka Đorđević 19 hours ago

    Dan just explained how famous actors feel like at some point. Their human beings as well as us, we should respect their free time and let them enjoy a night out or any activity they do. I*m pleased to hear how down to earth he is. Stay like this Dan. All the best to you. :)

  • William Vasquez
    William Vasquez 19 hours ago

    Suit Offcameraman. Hey Nong Man!

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson 22 hours ago

    Please take lessons to expand your music from 4 chord songs

  • Claudia Urueta
    Claudia Urueta 22 hours ago

    Latinos have lived her story. I too was told I was not smart, yet took AP, college classes and was the first latina to speak at graduation. Gone to college and have over exceed.

  • K. PacificNW
    K. PacificNW 23 hours ago

    What movies did Scottrick write and get paid hundos of thousands of dollars for??

  • Arifa Ristiana
    Arifa Ristiana 23 hours ago

    a guy just harrassed me a couple of days ago and she's so right. my initial reaction was a numbing shock followed by shame and self hatred. he became very aggressive when i didn't react positively so i felt... bad? so i made jokes to lighten the mood

  • Arifa Ristiana
    Arifa Ristiana 23 hours ago

    fuck thats so true

  • guezcisco
    guezcisco Day ago

    He is awful on the Ranch

  • SlyDoll7
    SlyDoll7 Day ago

    She's very charming and it's a testament to her acting skills that I'm surprised I like her! Sally's so bloody neurotic and unlikable!

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen Day ago

    To be Consistent enough for someone else to rely on. This is an awesome phrase to live by

  • Lynn Lai
    Lynn Lai Day ago

    Shame on that teacher. It's one thing to be suspicious of a student's academic integrity and something completely different to parade that student around and humiliate them in front of all their other teachers. She may have even planted seeds of distrust in the minds of Constances' other teachers.



  • Nikki
    Nikki Day ago

    Love this

  • Aisara Zhuman
    Aisara Zhuman Day ago

    Wow .....You spoken out an amazing facts. 👏👏👏

  • Ivan Brown
    Ivan Brown Day ago

    She would have been the SEXIEST NUN!

  • InSomnia DrEvil

    i dont like her role tbh

  • 邓红红
    邓红红 Day ago

    This is a good case of why you should never suck up to teachers, lecturers and whatnot solely to impress them because you’re going to be very let down. Think for yourself, know that just because they have a job, it doesn’t mean they know how to handle everything and everyone well. If there is no proof of plagiarism, then that’s that - that “teacher” obviously has a severely irrational and personal issue with her and it says a lot more negative things about her than it does Constance. That excuse of a teacher should be fired.

  • Gro Soulie Tipie

    Be happy with yoiur calling wherever it leads you.

  • john connolly
    john connolly Day ago

    Duggy,let me tell you never ever take a dick in your ass,if you do just keep bending over and you will be very successful in Hollywood.

  • Dan Engler
    Dan Engler Day ago

    0:48 The…Hollywood facts?

    • Jenn
      Jenn 5 hours ago

      Going to Inglewood now.

    • droid
      droid Day ago

      And we're goin' downtown

  • baberina1
    baberina1 Day ago

    He's still really hot!! Geez!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍



  • Q V
    Q V Day ago

    Hey Constance, the world is laughing with you now. That's all that matters.

  • LaurenLee
    LaurenLee Day ago

    Thank you for this amazing perspective of Constance Wu. This show is incredibly intelligent and ground breaking. It truly breaks the ice between people in the film industry who are in big features with huge budgets and smaller, independent filmmakers. The knowledge I’ve received from this perspective will stay with me forever. I am taking note and plan to implement what I’ve learned into my independent filmmaking hustle!!!!

  • ApocalypseSometime

    Been a while

  • Pär Strandberg

    Scott. You we're greeeeat on the TV show!

  • mrsprincesslily

    I'm a Netflix customer, and I found your show - Daniels' episode is not listed though. They only have seasons 1-3...still waiting on the release of the remaining 8 seasons.

  • Nikunj Dixit
    Nikunj Dixit Day ago

    I do think Potter fans are generally less viciously crazy than some other fandoms. I mean the Star Wars fandom can just be viciously toxic, and Marvel vs DC is always its own crazy thing. I guess it really does help that Potter became famous and the books and movies came out before the social media boom. Regardless, whoever boos a kid is scum. The fact that Dan, Rupert, and Emma were hit with immediate stardom and have somehow made it out relatively ok so far is good to see. It had almost become a pattern that famous child stars lose their shit after they grow up.

  • mel-y-luna
    mel-y-luna Day ago

    I had the school nurse call the police on me over a misunderstanding of a bus pass. My mother thought I would ride the school bus for free if I just showed my I.D. turns out I did have to pay. I didn't know I was 12 I apologized over and over, but the nurse called me a liar, a thief it was traumatizing, I thought I was gonna go to jail. I think most children of color go through something like that. "You didn't write this" "you stole this" "you aren't capable of this". They question our capacity, its hurtful. It needs to stop.

  • OnyxFirefly 1
    OnyxFirefly 1 Day ago

    What a psycho. Some of these people teachers are emotionally unstable...I'm so glad Constance is speaking out on this!

  • Interdimensional Steve

    but there is shame in disappointing others in your life BECAUSE of anxiety or depression.

  • Brenda H
    Brenda H Day ago

    This is a very smart and mature answer

  • Clancy Coburn
    Clancy Coburn Day ago

    Yeah, we kinda figured that, will.

  • Maria Zahedi
    Maria Zahedi Day ago

    Elijah Wood should be the next president of the United States.

  • NEntv58
    NEntv58 Day ago

    Always liked this guy. Band had some good moments...

  • Jake Hodder
    Jake Hodder Day ago

    Scott looks so distinguished in black and white. My beautiful baby boy!

  • Mudar gamer
    Mudar gamer Day ago

    I'm in session 2 and i already love her more than myself

  • thewinterizzy
    thewinterizzy Day ago

    I am blown away at RDJ’s self awareness. It takes *a lot* to get to that. I hope I’m there someday. 💕

  • thewinterizzy
    thewinterizzy Day ago

    Damn, this is so good. I love RDJ. 💕

  • Senka Đorđević

    I love how Dan is so normal and down to earth. :D

  • mike odonnell
    mike odonnell Day ago


  • It'sAnna
    It'sAnna Day ago

    This is so relevant. So many people think that others are not allowed to experience depression/anxiety or saying they struggled just because there's someone else who struggled more than them. Even now, here, I'm 100% sure there is someone who's thinking "damn, she're crying about things that didn't even affect her personally, what an attention seeker drama queen" and THAT is the problem for many people. That you treat struggles like a fucking competition and you feel entitled to decide whether that person deserves to ask for help and get help or not based on society's judgment. That's sick.

  • It'sAnna
    It'sAnna Day ago

    I'd never say that celebrities' problems are more important than "normal" people's problems, but sometimes it feels like the majority of us thinks exactly the opposite of that. People are imperfect and we have weaknesses and we make mistakes and we fuck up real bad and we feel ashamed and completely powerless about it... and it applies to EVERYONE. When celebrities bring up their personal stories and struggles a good part of the social medias community likes to jump on the hate bandwagon or the they-just-want-attention bandwagon and that's sick. Imagine thinking people who have money and popularity are not allowed to experience depression or anxiety or addiction, like fame and economic stability had anything to do with your mental state. Some people think celebrities shouldn't talk about these issues because it sounds fake coming from someone who has everything, I think it's important for them to talk about these issues because it sounds so much MORE REAL BECAUSE it's coming from someone who has everything. It proves that we're all human, we are all imperfect and we all deserve to not feel ashamed about it.

  • hoonaynay
    hoonaynay Day ago


  • Bryon Bougie
    Bryon Bougie Day ago

    Skip Balkerpan is so funny. Love Comedy Bang Bang! I would watch anything he is involved in.

  • Bryon Bougie
    Bryon Bougie Day ago

    The great Got Milkerman. I love Comedy Band Bang!

  • Ykhraam
    Ykhraam Day ago

    Wow, it happened to me too. But didn't really impact me beyond that day, and it went a bit differently (I'm a poc/immigrant too btw, but not sure if that matters in my case). I wrote "meh" essays for a class at first, then found my groove and started writing better ones, using better vocabulary, deeper thoughts, etc. The teacher put me aside and told me she's gonna "google entire sentences" from my paper because the jump in quality was too big and she didnt believe I wrote that. I said it was weird that she was reacting angrily because of a better job, and told her to go ahead. Next day she didnt find anything and gave me a high grade which she said was "probably well deserved". Then I kept the quality consistent until the end of the year, whoops. Even when writing essays in class in front of her, and with no ways to cheat. whooops :D

  • Seidenschnabel Federflügel

    Wow. She's so beautiful. Her teeth. She's a vampire. 😍

  • Llort Ong
    Llort Ong Day ago

    Hey, lemme ask you something. Have you ever tossed a prostitute off a bridge?

  • D
    D Day ago

    i expect that in uni not in fuckimg middle school LOL

  • Stuti Doshi
    Stuti Doshi Day ago

    OMG!!! I can't believe someone put my thoughts about telling my parents about my hardships in life, and wanting to protect them into words!!! That is so true!! When I faced bullying and betrayal from people I trusted, I never told my parents, even though the only thing they have ever done is support me, and I guess thats the reason I want to protect them, because all they have ever done is support and love me and me telling them that I am not having a great life is somehow a disservice to them and their hard-work!! I still can't tell my parents about hardships and I don't think I will ever be able to

  • Jessica Stevens

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!! It fuelled my soul to see that she is that passionate about acting. Why aren’t more people like this?!?!?

  • Jessica Stevens

    Oh my god. That was horrible. I’m glad that you talked to that teacher years afterwards. She had a preconception about you that showed the ugliness of her true nature

  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay Day ago

    Carey is awesome and a fantastic actress.

  • Alana Day
    Alana Day Day ago

    she is soo intelligent. i have so much admiration for her mind and the way she articulates herself. i hope she knows how special she is.. rock on Constance 🤙🏼💕

  • Katie Woolery
    Katie Woolery Day ago

    He's high here

  • Jalebi Milk
    Jalebi Milk Day ago

    I really am loving these interviews , i want to applaud the interviewer for asking such good questions and being respectable at the same time

  • Guest
    Guest Day ago

    Hacksmith needs to contact him, after all hes building an industry inspired by him

  • pbbside
    pbbside 2 days ago

    Scotty Auks! Much too humble, he is absolutely hilarious all the time every time.

  • LOL Cool J
    LOL Cool J 2 days ago

    What's up, Hot Dog?

  • E'raan Lue
    E'raan Lue 2 days ago

    I just realized she is Pam

  • Brittany Osborn
    Brittany Osborn 2 days ago

    You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Laila N Leo
    Laila N Leo 2 days ago

    i love her. i have never seen an interview with her. i love her more than i did before. very beautiful woman and smart and sensitive and just a complete sweetheart.

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special 2 days ago


  • Space Ship
    Space Ship 2 days ago

    In high school, my regular english teacher recommended that I be placed in honors english. No one looked like me in honors english. When I showed up to join the honors class, the teacher took one look at me and said someone made a mistake because I did not belong in his class. He made me leave and refused to add me. I was so embarrassed. In retrospect, I did nothing wrong.

  • Jana Meehan
    Jana Meehan 2 days ago

    My great regret is that this beautiful man is happily married to the right woman. What an incredible man. What a mentor.

  • Donnie Francis
    Donnie Francis 2 days ago

    Never knew he was the lead singer for Nickelback.

  • Lena Lo
    Lena Lo 2 days ago

    My third-grade teacher literally made me feel like I didn't know how to do math and I was put in all these sorts of learning test to see if I needed IEP. Growing up I was terrified of asking help from my teachers because I was afraid that my teachers may think that I am dumb for asking help until I reached high school.

  • Bitcoin Master
    Bitcoin Master 2 days ago

    Some teachers are f'ed up. Be very vigilant on who teaches are kids people.

  • Bitcoin Master
    Bitcoin Master 2 days ago

    I just came to say that she is cute.

  • Vijay Thakur
    Vijay Thakur 2 days ago

    16 people with fat fingers???

  • Arthur Schmon
    Arthur Schmon 2 days ago

    Another weirdo scientologist

  • CeeCe Yang
    CeeCe Yang 2 days ago

    Omg! This happened to me too! Back in high school, my Junior year, we had to write a report about my heritage. Since there weren’t much information jotted in the internet back in 2005, I decided to interview my parents n my grandma because hey it made sense that I asked someone who experienced immigrating over to America. I wrote about the secret war, how they were traumatized, how they survived, how they even helped the Americans during the war, and finally how that led them to America. Now at that time I thought I did a fantastic job but guess what heck no. My teacher criticized me n told me that I made up some fake shit. So she gave me a “C” for trying. I felt so hurt n sad. Hurt bc she doesn’t know how bad it impacted my parents my grandma and my people. Every night they go to sleep they see blood n their love ones being left behind to die. And every morning they wake up wishing they weren’t alive so we don’t have to bear their burden. Because not everyones story is not written in history they are forgotten or bc someone wants to cover up the real stories people like my teacher does not believe it’s real. Every time I pick up a pencil no I have to write something about my family this always brings me back to that day. What she said in this video really hit home for me.

  • Marsef Garsef
    Marsef Garsef 2 days ago

    The OA is a breathtaking work of art that breaks out of the matrix and inspires us to spread our light

  • Mary Wimmer
    Mary Wimmer 2 days ago

    Constance, if you read this... what happened after, what was the teachr's response when you told her how she affected you? I need closure on this!

  • Owen Harris
    Owen Harris 2 days ago

    No you need to be born a Quantico Kid.

  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith 2 days ago

    this story would be better if she put her hair up in chopsticks. A LOT better! 😉

  • 1siddynickhead
    1siddynickhead 2 days ago

    this sorta thing happens even if you're not living in a country other than your home country. most teachers I've encountered in my life had undiagnosed serious mental health issues. it's apparent in the way they derive pleasure or satisfaction from demeaning and humiliating innocent children.

  • Outta Box
    Outta Box 2 days ago

    He's is great as an actor, I wish MCU movies had given him more screen time as more meaningful character.

  • Adagio Breeze
    Adagio Breeze 2 days ago

    I’ve never realized how real she is

  • Lee Almonte
    Lee Almonte 2 days ago

    I had an experience growing up that was sort of similar (if less traumatizing) where I had a favorite uncle who collected comic books and got me into reading them. We really bonded over this, and he often shared his collection with me during the summer when I visited my dad. He even let me have a few issues that he had multiple copies of so I could start my own collection. I considered us very close. One summer, I came to visit and brought a few comics with me that I had bought over the course of the school year. I added them to my little tiny collection. When it came time to go back to Mom's, I accidentally left them there. It wasn't a big deal since I figured I'd just get them next summer, but my family had a huge falling out and I wasn't able to go back for a few years. Fast-forward and I go back for a visit, only to find that my cousin had taken all of the comics, and when I got upset about it, my uncle just told me he never gave them to me. When I pointed out that there were a few I bought myself, he straight-up called me a liar. Because if I bought them, I wouldn't have left them there, or something... My relationship with my father's side of the family fell apart that year for many reasons, but that incident sticks out in my memory because I loved comics and my uncle so much, and I remember this conversation just really shitting all over my childhood... The worst part is that any time I tell anyone about this story, I always get reactions like "You really got that upset about something so stupid? Lol." Maybe I just don't tell it very well, or maybe I did just overreact.

  • Aksangel _
    Aksangel _ 2 days ago

    Her experience as an immigrant resonated with my so much, I don’t know why this video was in my recommended or why I clicked on it but it just made me realise somethings and dropped truth bombs I wasn’t ready for. People making fun of your terminology, teachers underestimating you especially with English. And protecting your parents from things they don’t understand. Just everything. Listening to this was so freaking overwhelming.

  • Presque vu
    Presque vu 2 days ago

    So his wish came true.

  • rushmore IV
    rushmore IV 2 days ago

    I wonder if the Dust Bowl experience has lasting collective effects in Oklahoma. An entire state's hopes and aspirations brushed aside in a torrent of failure and crippling debt. The fruited plain turned into a moonscape.