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Halo 4 // Ambient Mix
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Cry Of Fear - Now Released!
Views 4.6K8 years ago


  • Moises Villavicencio

    quiero un half life 3 ]:V

  • Maximus 9298
    Maximus 9298 Hour ago

    Borealis... Hmmm....... Half-life 3?

  • Krowtastic
    Krowtastic Hour ago

    1.25 speed makes it sound like sector sweep

  • Jozinek
    Jozinek 2 hours ago

    Honestly, this theme gave me some chills while fighting the rampaging Gonarch, it fit the scenario so perfectly.

  • GamerzDailyFix
    GamerzDailyFix 4 hours ago


  • thatsamywamy MC
    thatsamywamy MC 4 hours ago

    the best bit in all of Half-Life

  • Kpot Je
    Kpot Je 5 hours ago

    I like that

  • Bad Cover
    Bad Cover 5 hours ago

    Kilroy was Here

  • The England Night
    The England Night 7 hours ago

    Half life 2 Beta...

  • Zeryk26
    Zeryk26 8 hours ago

    They are back...

  • miloslavsky
    miloslavsky 9 hours ago

    dr breen put dislike

  • Wubbaduckx
    Wubbaduckx 16 hours ago

    That synth ,oooh 🔥

  • Marisa Nya
    Marisa Nya 17 hours ago

    A dark interval that has yet to lift to the next chapter

  • thunder blitz
    thunder blitz 17 hours ago

    Back when I was a kid, I actually didn't like the music from this. It's taken a few years, but the Riven soundtrack has easily become my top fave out of the games.

  • Theoretical Physics
    Theoretical Physics 17 hours ago

    Yeah, the HEV is cool and all, but do you know who ate all the donuts?

  • Valentino Cesar
    Valentino Cesar 19 hours ago

    opposing force intro

  • Krowtastic
    Krowtastic 21 hour ago

    when your math teacher makes you mad

  • Радослав Иванов

    Half life is fathers of cs go?!

  • Aymanjan
    Aymanjan 23 hours ago

    I got... TEN!

  • So ein Spast
    So ein Spast Day ago

    there is a attack on titan soundtrack which has a similar vibe

  • Ryuki
    Ryuki Day ago

    I recently played this game for the first time and I had to laugh so hard when I fought while this music went on. I really enjoyed this moment but found it hilarious at the same time XD

  • Toaster my Boaster

    Ever have that moment when the gnome falls out the car so you hide under a train, grab the gnome but then that *FUCKING HELICOPTER* Shoots at the gnome

  • CalaveraTM
    CalaveraTM Day ago

    Yo cree un mod para mi left 4 dead con esta musica la verdad le pega bien cuando sale el tank :P

  • Dylan Sangwanpanich - Maker of some videos

    I usually have my music shut off during the game, but this sounds like an awesome dance song.

  • Marcin Łentek / Ningen Black

    I wonder if he was prepered for "unforseen cosequences"

  • Hunk's Animations

    Aliens disliked video

  • Aleksa Kovacevic

    When does this song play?

  • Cami Floyd
    Cami Floyd Day ago

    *- *

  • Scott the pot
    Scott the pot Day ago

    Kinda sounds like godsmack generation days

  • nuʞuoʍu ƃɥosʇ
    nuʞuoʍu ƃɥosʇ 2 days ago

    d r a f t e d t o I r a n

  • Exbelion
    Exbelion 2 days ago

    The Orange Box

  • Nikolai Ludovik
    Nikolai Ludovik 2 days ago

    Bae: Come over Me: Can't right now, I am busy Bae: I just got the entire Half-Life bundle. Me: 0:25

  • Prateek srivastava
    Prateek srivastava 2 days ago

    They were all dead , the final gunshot was an exclamation mark to what all it led to happen ! , I released my finger from the trigger ,..... NYC ( New York City ) ., Present day ........ 2 nights ago ...

  • UmbreonPS3 Player.
    UmbreonPS3 Player. 2 days ago

    Love It.

  • JooseMunkee
    JooseMunkee 2 days ago

    I remember me and a buddy snuck out one night till like 3:30 AM. We got back and immediately went to sleep, I listened to this right before though. Good days.

  • Tristan Morrow
    Tristan Morrow 2 days ago

    That bass though

  • Abram Little
    Abram Little 2 days ago

    Game had heart

  • 2 M
    2 M 2 days ago

    time flies insanely fast... i'm here with you still. still alive.

  • Red Axolotl
    Red Axolotl 2 days ago


  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 2 days ago

    Hard Panned

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez 3 days ago

    Operation: Black Mesa

  • liquicitizen farron

    Makes me wanna play this game in a summer afternoon

  • Adam Cari
    Adam Cari 3 days ago

    Me over here who grew up with the Orange Box

  • superz777
    superz777 3 days ago

    This music is also in lost coast

  • Bora Berkil
    Bora Berkil 3 days ago

    One dislike? That must be that one Strider.

    ERROR 3 days ago

    "Фоновый шум" ©Куплинов

  • pablo giustiniani
    pablo giustiniani 3 days ago

    OST Name = "What kind of Hospital is this?' The OST Name in my head = *loads SPAS 12 with malicious intent*

  • zane krystyan
    zane krystyan 3 days ago

    This track should have been called "unforeseen consequences" I mean think about it, this track usually plays when something bad happens, it played in hl1 after the resonance cascade, in hl2 after black mesa east is raided, also in hl2 when Gordon gets captured by Breen, it makes sense to me anyway

  • NOTmal NoobLY
    NOTmal NoobLY 3 days ago

    *_I'm Sorry, Eli_*

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago

    2x speed

  • Monika Monikute
    Monika Monikute 4 days ago


  • Waheed Elhayeek
    Waheed Elhayeek 4 days ago

    The trap ! One of the strongest clashes in a world half life 🖤💥

  • Ebrahim Aljofi
    Ebrahim Aljofi 4 days ago



    62 antlions disliked this video

  • Antenna2heaven
    Antenna2heaven 4 days ago

    if youve ever wondered what the 90s felt like...its this

  • JooseMunkee
    JooseMunkee 4 days ago

    Gives me Deus Ex GOTY vibes, weirdly enough

  • JooseMunkee
    JooseMunkee 4 days ago

    Middle schoolers when the slightest inconvenience occurs.

  • Ali Güven
    Ali Güven 4 days ago

    no beging no bribes she knew better..

  • PaladinPower
    PaladinPower 5 days ago

    Anticitizen one engaged, Vance subprime engaged, expunge

  • Samuels Alien Horror

    My second favorite game in the Alien franchise (after Alien Isolation hehe), just amazing the atmosphere similar to the movies! To this day I still catch myself in the scares HaHaHa!

  • Jeongwoo Lee
    Jeongwoo Lee 5 days ago

    wow i only played hl2 so i never realised until now that this song originated from hl1

  • ArigatoDBD
    ArigatoDBD 5 days ago

    imagine if they went back and remastered this game

  • Lukandrate
    Lukandrate 5 days ago


  • droll window
    droll window 5 days ago

    Reminds me of the lost beta

  • Angel Phoenyx
    Angel Phoenyx 5 days ago

    Sound like the perfect mix between The Terminator theme and the Metroid Prime ost, at least with the sound font. And I love it

  • nigge r
    nigge r 5 days ago

    black ops are the most annoying shits in the game, maybe they dont have a passion with grenades as much as HECU but it takes lots of ammo to kill them even shoting in head

  • Kaiden
    Kaiden 6 days ago

    this is on the same level as aphex twin's saw vol 2

  • Memeguppy
    Memeguppy 6 days ago

    Cant wait for the music of half life alyx

  • Gloria Romæ!
    Gloria Romæ! 6 days ago

    *Theme song of the video game industry. circa. 2020.*

  • Theodore Turnquest II

    The music kind of reminds of Basic Instinct.

  • Little Tony
    Little Tony 6 days ago

    2020 and this song is stuck in my head. I havent played this game for years. Legends never die tho.

  • Midnight Mechanic
    Midnight Mechanic 7 days ago

    Thanks for making this a playlist, I'm gonna use it for my livestreams!

  • Baran Sevim
    Baran Sevim 7 days ago

    Definitely the most underrated track in the series.

  • сталкер хан

    норм музон зделаещ ё ааааа

  • Señor Peñor
    Señor Peñor 7 days ago

    If this isnt in HL: Alyx anywhere ima riot

  • Jiorno Jiovanna
    Jiorno Jiovanna 7 days ago


  • The Amazing Spider Man

    New sub

  • Wolfram Harms
    Wolfram Harms 7 days ago

    The music for STALKER "Shadow of Chernobyl" was a very valuable part of the overall great dark atmosphere of the game. I will never forget playing it! The score was composed by Russian musician Moose-E. For the sequels, they did not ask him again, and his great feeling for this surrounding was sorely missed by me.

  • Spazterr
    Spazterr 8 days ago

    “What do you mean overcha-“

  • Irena Simplinska
    Irena Simplinska 8 days ago

    sorry coll

  • Irena Simplinska
    Irena Simplinska 8 days ago

    oe this muisic me play this zombis in half life 2 an is so hard in dark

  • PyroBlox AndStuff
    PyroBlox AndStuff 8 days ago

    Mission impossible - Half Life Edition

  • The Peanut
    The Peanut 8 days ago

    Gman: *doing his stuff* Gordon: aight imma head out *starts to bhop*

  • [XxSniperxX ]
    [XxSniperxX ] 8 days ago

    Hey Gordon look the train. Robot camare:Flash Gordon: ouh Shi+

  • Pat Hayes
    Pat Hayes 8 days ago

    Brings back memories of fighting through the Combine in the tunnels when they’re repelling down on ropes. But I always liked how this song sounds almost like wind in a tunnel

  • DOM
    DOM 8 days ago

    I miss this series so much. I played through this amazing masterpiece so many times.

  • Cristian Everly
    Cristian Everly 9 days ago

    *OH SH*T* -Gordon freeman

  • Troiks21
    Troiks21 9 days ago

    this ost just tells you "You have to stop alien invasion by launching rocket into sky you dont need to know more just get job done!"

  • Troiks21
    Troiks21 9 days ago

    *Music starts* Artiliery fire V-22 Osprey and 5 Squads of HECU Marines in 1km area:*have other misso-SQUAD WE GOT FREEMAN!*

  • Troiks21
    Troiks21 9 days ago

    Grunt-1"Grenade!" Grunt with m249"LETS GO MARINES!" Ahh good old Marines time

  • Priora Brat
    Priora Brat 9 days ago

    Боже какая настольгия выскочила <3 месиво в больничке уфф.

  • Michel Jackson
    Michel Jackson 9 days ago

    foda que vendi meu ps2 pprt

  • Sudhir Sharma
    Sudhir Sharma 9 days ago

    I love this theme very much

  • Unidentified item in the bagging area

    There's a bunch of toddlers talking about Roblox down here. Beware.

  • Prateek srivastava
    Prateek srivastava 9 days ago

    The ghosts of my loved ones grew restless , but I was too tired to go on , then I had to carry on ...., a beautiful wife and a baby girl , a perfect American dream come true

  • Prateek srivastava
    Prateek srivastava 9 days ago

    the NYC ( New York City ) watched me through her sharp neon eyes , but I was too tired to go on , then I had to carry on .....

  • FascistHeadCrab32
    FascistHeadCrab32 9 days ago

    “I’ve never seen the vorts so pissed before!”

  • Very Noice Roxx
    Very Noice Roxx 9 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's the pain in the butt!

  • Juan Agustin
    Juan Agustin 9 days ago

    finishing half life is just the beggining!

  • RandomPlayer
    RandomPlayer 10 days ago

    Recuerdo llorar al terminar esta obra maestra