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  • dawn richter
    dawn richter 3 hours ago

    I love SF9 so much this album and song are awesome!

  • Dhyana C B
    Dhyana C B 4 hours ago

    React to stay up lyrics in this album you will be shooketh😂🔥

  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez 4 hours ago

    “ ohh talking about thicc ~ “ Me : yasssssssssss!!!!

  • Chylissa Henry
    Chylissa Henry 9 hours ago

    Yoooo I love y’all a reactions 😂😂 Y’all are literally me it’s hilarious. But y’all should react to their music video “Closer to you” MV !! Pleaseeeee!!!

  • Nashwa Khalid
    Nashwa Khalid 14 hours ago

    This the reaction to which I can relate the most especially baekhyun

  • Dream Angel
    Dream Angel 18 hours ago

    Yo you guys should do a full album listen the whole thing is a bop

  • robyn browne
    robyn browne 18 hours ago

    That spongebob reference 😂😂😂 and someone actually made a compliation video of Disney songs dubbed with the song 😭

  • Jaehyun Technology
    Jaehyun Technology 20 hours ago

    *Seungwoo (from Victon) is the leader and the oldest (24yo) of X1* *Seungyoun is a rapper and hes 23.* *Wooseok is a vocalist hes 22.* *Hangyul is a vocal hes 19.* *Yohan is a rapper/vocal hes 19.* *Minhee is a vocal hes 17.* *Dongpyo is vocal hes 16.* *Junho is vocal hes 16.* *Hyeongjun is a vocal hes 16.* *Eunsang is a vocal hes 16.* *Dohyun is a rapper and the Maknae (hes 14yo)*

  • Hela Lamiri
    Hela Lamiri 22 hours ago

    Wow I love your reactions 💖💖 Please react to D&E Danger MV . I'm waiting for it

  • Nctzen King
    Nctzen King Day ago

    Just subcribe and liked you're video btw you're reaction are gooodddddd Do have wattpad?

  • saffron
    saffron Day ago

    Yo what really got me with this one is knowing that Mark, Johnny and Taeil were out there hyping them the f up during the backyard scene

  • Heooudone Yotsavath


  • zahrah
    zahrah Day ago

    chenle is the second tallest now

  • xFlowerChildx
    xFlowerChildx Day ago

    It does sound like a High School Musical song💀💀💀I-

  • Foreign Swagger

    “Yo they fucking it up!” LMAOOOOOOOOOO I died

  • EKS511
    EKS511 Day ago

    I failed during Shine. THE SECOND SONG!

  • Courtney Wells

    Ahhhhh I love you guys so much 💞, I was wondering if you could react to Target - Baby Come Back Home? There is a MV and a Dance performance video. I hope you guys like it 😊💕

  • lela vigo
    lela vigo Day ago

    when you mentioned Dorian, I felt THAT

  • Skylar Shea
    Skylar Shea Day ago

    Please react to CIX’s debut song MOVIE STAR and the live stage “what you wanted”

  • M P
    M P Day ago

    On the other hand i need y'all reactions to superm's member trailers rn is ten, taeyong, Lucas, and baekhyun 💜💜💜💜

  • M P
    M P Day ago

    Korean high school musical where we at??

  • CA 2026Pangelinan

    Hwiyoung be snatchin people’s wigs, I mean he snatched mine!

  • februaryroses
    februaryroses Day ago

    Finally, I've been waiting for this! I loved Umpah Umpah so much. Such a fun song. And it does sound like that HSM ending credit song lol I can't wait for the Finale. I hope we finally get our Horror Velvet comeback. Joy would kill it as a slasher heroine.

  • Da Monster Reaction

    Red Velvet always brings the same enthusiasm and excitement for all their music videos

  • onghwang
    onghwang Day ago

    Pls react to cix, ab6ix and izone :(

  • Cherry Not by Itzy

    Joy got the horses in the back I’M DEAD SISHSBS

  • Lowkey Loki
    Lowkey Loki Day ago


  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist Day ago

    Red velvet-chella

  • fatima cabral
    fatima cabral Day ago

    Can you react to Onewe´s Regulus and IZ´s Eden Mv, they are so talented and have amazing vocals and rap, you will like them. Also Please react to the debut of Movie Star by CIX, one of the members are from Wanna One, he´s name is Bae Jinyoung and they have two that were on YG Treasure Box (BX and Seunghun) and you should watch the live performance of What You Want, you'll die.

  • Army&monbebe &igot7&revel up


  • Maria Hurtado
    Maria Hurtado Day ago

    OMG YESSS QUEENNSSSSS P.S ur my 24 kmreacts

    KMREACTS Day ago

    JUST to let yall know I actually made a tiktok and it's oi_kass HEHE

  • Tals Archives
    Tals Archives Day ago

    I really felt this on a DEEP level

  • Shailene -.-
    Shailene -.- Day ago

    I love the way you guys say through... sorry it’s so random hdjdjxjsj 😂😂

  • Daniela Gomez
    Daniela Gomez Day ago

    Plleeeeeaseeee react to icyyyyy😩😩😩😩😩🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Laynie McGrail

    I'd be your biggest tik tok fam omg

      KMREACTS Day ago

      LMAO!!! I actually made one it's oi_kass

  • Leonor Santos
    Leonor Santos Day ago

    React to X1 helpful guide

  • hana kino
    hana kino Day ago

    Jeno is my ult and I want to die By the way YES WE WANT YALL TO MAKE A TIK TOK

      KMREACTS Day ago

      I made one for myself hehe it's oi_kass

  • Buffaylo
    Buffaylo 2 days ago


  • Isra Hasnain
    Isra Hasnain 2 days ago

    Haechan!! Same , girls! same!!!

  • Lea Freeman
    Lea Freeman 2 days ago

    i want a friendship like this y'all too fucking cute

    • Lea Freeman
      Lea Freeman Day ago

      are y’all going to react to SUPERM debut??? also love y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      KMREACTS Day ago


  • Nur Aisyah
    Nur Aisyah 2 days ago

    Can you guys please react to the dance practices? There are two versions which are normal dance practice but with 3D audio and also a school uniforms version 😊😊😊 thanks for reacting to the mv 😄😄😄

  • jelly jam
    jelly jam 2 days ago


  • Leslie Sandoval
    Leslie Sandoval 2 days ago

    you guys need to watch stronger too! stronger by nct dream, the song is from the same mini album as boom and its sooooo good you guys gotta see it!!!

  • Lil
    Lil 2 days ago

    *sees title * crackles cause i know y'all not ready for this 💀

  • justkpopshittt
    justkpopshittt 2 days ago

    React to long flight by taeyong

  • M P
    M P 2 days ago

    Jisung and haechan came to make everyone their hoe and thats it thats the tweet i had the same reaction as y'all to haechan I NEED OXYGEN 🥵🥵cant wait for whats next

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago

    yall need to react to dont need your love by nct dream ft. HRVY bro Jisung"s voice is DEEP DEEP

  • Samantha Vilar
    Samantha Vilar 2 days ago

    Okay but have you seen Renjun’s hair post mullet??????

  • robyn browne
    robyn browne 2 days ago

    my dumb self didn't even realize haechan was not dancing with them!! p.s jeno thiccc it had to be said

  • Jaz G.
    Jaz G. 2 days ago

    He really came out to attack me😭

  • Jaz G.
    Jaz G. 2 days ago

    Who gave Jisung and Haechan the right? Like?? Jaemin really tried to come for Jeno’s spot

  • Karen Teixeira
    Karen Teixeira 2 days ago

    React to IN2IT - Run Away.

  • _simleb jung_
    _simleb jung_ 2 days ago

    Omg este hombre _me too

  • Dohnuuts
    Dohnuuts 2 days ago

    React to the whole album please

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago

    4:42 i felt that couldnt nobody else

  • Angel Sahota
    Angel Sahota 2 days ago

    omg yay! You finally reacted to Boom!!!!! Honestly, ya'll inspire me to make videos too, love u!!

  • hao hao
    hao hao 2 days ago


  • changkyun's eyebrow piercing

    jisung’s voice has legit become my favorite in nct

    • Alex B.
      Alex B. 2 days ago

      I really like the tone of his voice. It still catches me off guard how deep is voice now is lol. I'm interested to hear how his voice will continue to grow.

  • Luna
    Luna 2 days ago

    Can you guys please react to The Boyz recent comeback, D.D.D!

  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist 2 days ago


  • Stephanie Cooney
    Stephanie Cooney 2 days ago

    I love seeing your reactions so glad your back! Also love this song so dang much! Also I really want you all to react to CIX-Movie Star it took me by a very very pleasant surprise! :)

  • Mayara Freitas
    Mayara Freitas 2 days ago

    when y'all said "OH MY GOD" after Haechan showed up I felt that

  • soft haechan
    soft haechan 2 days ago

    0:22 made me laugh way to hard go off sis😂💓

  • Gloria Emmanuella
    Gloria Emmanuella 2 days ago

    I have been WAITING for this 😭😭 Literally went to get snacks to watch this

  • Alliyah Loves kpop
    Alliyah Loves kpop 2 days ago

    Adios by EVERGLOW plz

  • Alliyah Loves kpop
    Alliyah Loves kpop 2 days ago

    Movie star by cix reaction plz

  • 줄리엣
    줄리엣 2 days ago

    Yeeees girls, I was waiting for this reaction for so long hahaha I really love you, your reactions are amazing 😂😂💚

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean 2 days ago

    They were so adorable during their recent vlive chat with Jeno, Haechan, Renjun and Jaemin. I think Chenle & Jisung were resting during that time because they weren’t present in the chat video and theyre growing up so fast!

  • kanqiel
    kanqiel 2 days ago

    0:05 I WHEEZED, THAT WAS THE CUTEST “i like it” EVER-

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean 2 days ago

    The meaning behind their title track “BOOM” is that it really compliments the on-going message of chasing dreams with overflowing charisma & confidence. This is their first comeback after ten months, they’ve released their ‘We Boom’ album of the youth based subunit NCT DREAM: Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. Their MV was released on July 26th followed by digital release the same day while the album itself which released on July 29th. Haechan had just wrapped up activities & world tour with NCT 127 and he wasn’t able to fully practice the choreography & present in the beginning until the last half of the music video and I don’t know why they thought it was good idea to corn-braid chenle’s hair adding red on top of his orange/pink dyed hair. I’m so happy i came across them 2 years ago but i wish had gotten to know them during their predebut. OMG Jisung’s voice got so deep since 2 years ago, hes growing up fast i can’t believe it. I swear if his voice goes any deeper he’ll be like Stray Kids Felix! I’m sure allot of people have noticed the concept is abit mature for their ages but knowing they are getting older and a few of them are preparing to move to next level. If i’m not mistaken I believe It is moving closer to Renjun, Jeno, and Haechan time to soon graduate from NCT DREAM at the end of the year (its not yet confirmed when renjun & jeno will graduate) but Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung will become the remaining members!

  • Da Monster Reaction

    I was looking forward to seeing you react to NCT Dream Boom because of Renjun part

  • BTSUSAmom 1
    BTSUSAmom 1 2 days ago

    Such a bop!

  • IzYoGurl_Keeks
    IzYoGurl_Keeks 2 days ago

    They got da boom everywhere they go, even in their sleep 😂👌

  • Milena Sendon
    Milena Sendon 2 days ago

    3:38 "que lindo" aaa you spoke portuguese? 💗

  • samar ahmed
    samar ahmed 2 days ago

    Guys u really need to see more content of jaemin during boom erase especially he fancams. .. thanks to sm bitch this might be their last comeback together 😧😧😵😱

  • Ellie
    Ellie 2 days ago

    1:37 bro if that weren’t me first time reacting to BOOM when Haechan decided to spring outta no where with that beat drop 3:03 “yo imma smack this bitch” if that isn’t a fat mood I don’t know what is BC TELL ME ABOUT IT

  • Dark Demon
    Dark Demon 2 days ago


  • Lexi Lynn
    Lexi Lynn 2 days ago

    Yessss I’ve been waiting for this!!!!👏👏👏👏👏. Plzzzzz react to Movie Star by CIX

  • Monbebesaurus X
    Monbebesaurus X 2 days ago

    I didn't even notice haechan was missing from the dance until you mentioned it. I'm so blind. Y'all have so much good content to catch up on.

  • Jasmine Begum
    Jasmine Begum 2 days ago

    I was just getting over Renjun's mullet then this had to pop up in my notifications WITH HIM IN THE THUMBNAIL?! WHYYYY

  • Jaslyn Anaya
    Jaslyn Anaya 2 days ago

    I love you guys so much and yesssss

  • Maria Hurtado
    Maria Hurtado 2 days ago


  • angelica Vaughn Harris

    puberty has hit nct dream so hard

  • fatima cabral
    fatima cabral 2 days ago

    Please react to the debut of Movie Star by CIX, one of the members are from Wanna One, he´s name is Bae Jinyoung and they have two that were on YG Treasure Box (BX and Seunghun) and you should watch the live performance of What You Want, you'll die.

  • crazygerman sanders

    U guys have no idea that u guys got the best timing for me now! I just woke up from a nightmare so this is much needed! LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Mark's Unknown Bae
    Mark's Unknown Bae 2 days ago

    Lol este hombre I feel that on a whole past spiritual level!!! Dios mío

  • Milena Sendon
    Milena Sendon 2 days ago

    will you react to nct boom?

  • vanessa ilagan
    vanessa ilagan 2 days ago

    haha you need to watch the love stage for un village... 😄👌🔥

  • Skylar Shea
    Skylar Shea 2 days ago

    please react to cix “movie star” and the live performance for “what you wanted” PLEASEE

  • hana licorne
    hana licorne 2 days ago

    "they're gonna be big" SIS IKRRRR 🥺

  • Michael Why
    Michael Why 3 days ago

    Love Baekhyun exo

  • Thessa Pepito
    Thessa Pepito 3 days ago


  • Carolina Beleño
    Carolina Beleño 3 days ago

    They didn’t notice that uno, dos, Tres latino gang sad

      KMREACTS 2 days ago

      I did! I just didn't say anything hehe

  • Stan loonA
    Stan loonA 3 days ago

    The girl on the left looks sooo familiar idk why cause idk their channel

  • anirai1516
    anirai1516 3 days ago

    Yes we definitely deserve an EXO World Tour.

  • NOLIMIT_KC33 _
    NOLIMIT_KC33 _ 3 days ago

    Not dream boom and cix movie star

  • mimadzer
    mimadzer 3 days ago

    React to their The Show live stage

  • Felyeri osh
    Felyeri osh 3 days ago

    Moreee EXO

  • Aryl Arta
    Aryl Arta 3 days ago

    You better react to concert version of un village