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Bakke! Bah Kkea!
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  • Albert jill STARS
    Albert jill STARS 7 hours ago

    9:27 S.T.A.R.S!!!

  • Padster
    Padster Day ago

    this is easily one of the best fangames ever, constant and quick progress with lots of videos and updates and accuracy to the original

  • yohanes triatmanto
    yohanes triatmanto 2 days ago

    wow really great.. i know that most people would want mega digivolution.. but i think for now it should be enough with ultimate digivolution to keep the gameplay the same as the original game.. but if you can add other rookie/champions/ultimate digivolutions, that would be awesome...

  • squared
    squared 2 days ago

    This just made me realized that Centaurmon wasnt in Cyber Sleuth or HM lol

  • squared
    squared 2 days ago

    Oh god omg this is so cool, why isnt anyone talking about this???

  • squared
    squared 2 days ago

    Oh...My...Gosshh. Omg omg omg omg

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    Friend. I want you to do me a favor. When I played Digimon World, I was disappointed because I was not all digimon of the protagonists of Digimon Adventure with their Digivolutions. An example is that Palmon does not digivolve Togemon, but Ninjamon or Vegiemon. I stopped playing after recruiting all available Digimon and defeating Machinedramon. So I want that in this remake, add the missing Digimon and that these correspond to that of its Digimon Adventure counterparts. Change the necessary parameters to digivolve a Digimon and change the digivolutions to be the same as those seen in Digimon Adventure. This would be like this: Agumon (Tai's partner): Botamon -> Koromon -> Agumon -> Greymon -> MetalGreymon -> WarGreymon Gabumon (Matt's partner): Punimon -> Tsunomon -> Gabumon -> Garurumon -> WereGarurumon -> MetalGarurumon Biyomon (Sora's partner): Nyokimon -> Yokomon -> Biyomon -> Birdramon -> Garudamon -> Phoenixmon Tentomon (Izzy's partner): Pabumon -> Motimon -> Tentomon -> Kabuterimon -> MegaKabuterimon -> HerculesKabuterimon Palmon (Mimi's partner): Yuramon -> Tanemon -> Palmon -> Togemon -> Lillymon -> Rosemon Gomamon (Joe's partner): Pitchmon -> Bukamon -> Gomamon -> Ikkakumon -> Zudomon -> Vikemon Patamon (TK's partner): Poyomon -> Tokomon -> Patamon -> Angemon/Manbomon/Pegasusmon -> MagnaAngemon -> Seraphimon Gatomon (Kari's partner): SnowBotamon -> Nyaromon -> Salamon -> Gatomon -> Angewomon/Butterflymon/Nefertimon -> Magnadramon Veemon (Davis's partner) (This will serve as a preview to a possible remake of Digimon World 2): Chibomon -> DemiVeemon -> Veemon -> Veedramon/ExVeemon/Flamedramon/Sagittarimon -> Raidramon/Magnamon/AeroVeedramon -> Imperialdramon/UlforceVeedramon

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    Why are there 2 MetalGreymon, one orange and the other dark?

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    When are you going to release a playable demo?

  • Picohan
    Picohan 2 days ago

    wait.... did you add weregarururmon ? :D

    • Picohan
      Picohan Day ago

      @Digicore if you continue like this i'mma spend the rest of my life in this game x')

    • Digicore
      Digicore 2 days ago

      yup :)

  • emanuel avila
    emanuel avila 2 days ago

    Español latino :'( ?

  • overheated frost
    overheated frost 2 days ago

    Beautiful art man.

  • Crash pazzo
    Crash pazzo 2 days ago

    Sounds Cool!!!😎👍

  • John Demeter Janzso

    Going to point out an obvious one or two; Meramon and Airdramon lack flame animation. Sure that'll be sorted out. XD

  • GreenSnot
    GreenSnot 2 days ago

    cuantas ganas de probar este juegaso

  • the void
    the void 2 days ago

    The winning poses of Digimon story cyber sleuth! How did u insert these?? Programming is such a beautiful art!

  • Team Sims
    Team Sims 2 days ago

    I thought gabumon was gonna be in the whole vid

  • kristoffer jensen
    kristoffer jensen 2 days ago

    Cool i guess

    COFFEE 2 days ago

    sad I don't have a pc

    COFFEE 2 days ago

    so are you still alive?

  • Wesley Valk
    Wesley Valk 3 days ago

    Big memories of Yoshi's Island, Lufia II, Donkey Kong 2 and Mortal Kombat 3.

  • Andross' Dungeon
    Andross' Dungeon 4 days ago

    You saved me men, thanks!!!!

  • Ant Q
    Ant Q 4 days ago

    The original is easy to install on your Android phone with an emulator. Runs perfect for me and I can even connect my PlayStation 4 controller so I don't need to use the touch screen.

  • Crash pazzo
    Crash pazzo 4 days ago

    Subcribed!Good luck for the Digimon world 1 project.😎👍

  • Mr333a222
    Mr333a222 5 days ago


  • Mr333a222
    Mr333a222 6 days ago

    This is it!

  • Triduo
    Triduo 7 days ago

    ... Anyone finds it strange that a WEAPON has the name PEACE KEEPER ? Because I do...

  • Triduo
    Triduo 7 days ago

    Keramon's laughter is... Half-Funny, Half-Creepy... I don't know if I like it or if I shouldn't...

  • Triduo
    Triduo 7 days ago

    While the separations are Heartbreaking. The epilogue is Heartwarming in his own way... I like that ! ^^

  • Irmin Beilicke
    Irmin Beilicke 9 days ago

    Te amo <3 <3

  • Sham Stalin
    Sham Stalin 9 days ago

    SkullGreymon needs to be bigger xD

  • Subster
    Subster 11 days ago


  • Cadmelema Karen
    Cadmelema Karen 12 days ago

    Hola, ¿cuál es el nombre del juego 1.14 ? Gracias.

    • Digicore
      Digicore 12 days ago

      Crush Roller (Arcade)

  • Chethan Kumar .g
    Chethan Kumar .g 14 days ago

    7:01 game name

  • ZZ Wong
    ZZ Wong 15 days ago

    MORE!!!! WE NEED MORE!!!! Btw I do think that the digimon sizing can be worked on further as well. Totally support your project. Make our dream comes true! :)

  • Evident Leo2975
    Evident Leo2975 15 days ago

    Where a link download?

  • FranksGamingEpisodes

    me to i would totally want to buy this keep up the awesome work!

  • Ardidigital
    Ardidigital 17 days ago

    This is insane. Hope for the best :)

  • MoonFusion
    MoonFusion 17 days ago

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I'm so glad I found this!!! This certainly will keep me occupied for a while.

  • OswaldShotFirst
    OswaldShotFirst 17 days ago

    Happy Halloween

  • Rubster Reviews
    Rubster Reviews 17 days ago

    You're awesome dude

  • overheated frost
    overheated frost 17 days ago

    it's powerful but you've got to make them bigger, the right size

  • Eugenio Federico Gallego

    Wonderfull!! but i think Skullgreymon needs heigh.

  • Antonio Gradanti
    Antonio Gradanti 17 days ago

    Hey Digicore do you know an anime named Keroro frog?

  • the void
    the void 17 days ago

    Oh my!!!! Good job! One note tho! The sounds are incredible but the only thing i noticed a little bad is the size of the Digimon! I think they should be a little bigger! I support your project since the start pls continue! ☺

  • Seraph Xiao
    Seraph Xiao 17 days ago

    It is Good, the land is quite big as expected but O just hope the champion digiom or above will be alightly bigger than the player.

  • Mark Wesly Cuneta
    Mark Wesly Cuneta 18 days ago

    It becomes a digimemory

  • CrazyVikingGamer
    CrazyVikingGamer 18 days ago

    This is awesome! Keep it up.

  • Anderson Kennedy
    Anderson Kennedy 19 days ago

    I don't like the play style of Digimon World series (the evolution system and taking the digimon to poop is ...argh) I like the cyber sleuth style, but should have more action not just turn-based fights. Anyway, this is really beautiful, great work.

  • Rune -
    Rune - 19 days ago

    Amazing. really,

  • Vincent Foronda
    Vincent Foronda 20 days ago

    the 16bit era

  • Eugenio Federico Gallego

    Nice!! Amazing!

  • D'zagamer
    D'zagamer 20 days ago

    Really like this vid! Keep up the awesome work! Love your channel as well. Your channel will definitely grow tremendously. I’ll be supporting you for sure :)

  • Rubster Reviews
    Rubster Reviews 21 day ago

    Awesome dude I'll spread the word of this game, are you planning to add more digimons/more evolution lines?

  • C J
    C J 22 days ago

    Hi, will you be able to add more digimons in the game? Thank you so much for your effort.

  • Darc /Gros trolleur
    Darc /Gros trolleur 22 days ago

    How long do you think this wonderful game will be playable? :) ♥

    • Digicore
      Digicore 21 day ago

      @Darc /Gros trolleur discord.gg/72AdpDx

    • Darc /Gros trolleur
      Darc /Gros trolleur 22 days ago

      @Digicore What is your discord Group? :) And you want to put it on sale once finished? I need to buy your version and play the whole version of the game ! :D

    • Digicore
      Digicore 22 days ago

      There is a playable demo in my discord group! :)

  • KyroAuditore Gaming
    KyroAuditore Gaming 22 days ago

    This is wonderful but my only complaint is that your character should be younger/more of a child

  • Xavier Reinoso
    Xavier Reinoso 22 days ago

    un avance estupendo! felicitaciones!

  • Ben Mader
    Ben Mader 22 days ago

    Subscribed!! Amazing!! This game was my childhood and it's amazing to see a proper remaster of the game. I doubt the digimon company realizes how strong their fanbase feels about this game. If you haven't already made a GoFundMe page I think you should, I think a whole lot of people would support the development of this project including me. If you do see this and happen to be willing to share with us the overall progress of the game e.g 10% done? based of what I see here all the digimon have joined the city and areas near file city are unlocked. Can't wait to see more and good luck!!

  • Gian Gian
    Gian Gian 23 days ago

    Brings back memories... tried the next order but it is not even close to my nostalgia to digimon world 1.. please make it happen

  • emanuel avila
    emanuel avila 23 days ago

    No te olvides en hacer ESPAÑOL LATINO xD

  • Darc /Gros trolleur
    Darc /Gros trolleur 23 days ago

    Keep up Digicore ! I really want to buy this game :D What will there be as language?

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    1:48 Care Mistake?

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    0:43 Can you change your partner?

    • Digicore
      Digicore 23 days ago

      Its just for debugging tasks :)

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    I would like to add several Digimon that did not appear in the original game. Among them Tentomon (it was already in original game but it was not possible to have it as a partner), Gomamon, Gatomon and Veemon. And that these Digimon have their Digivolutions and their PreDigievolutions corresponding to that of their Animes counterparts. Although in the case of Veemon, it can be done, or that Digievolve Veedramon as in Digimon World 2 or Digievolve Exveemon. Another thing I want is the Armors. To access them, you need a specific Digimon and take it to a certain place where Digivolve into an Armor. An example is that if your Digimon is a Veemon you can take it to X place so that it Digivolves into an Armor, being Flamedramon or Magnamon.

  • Felipe Yanez
    Felipe Yanez 23 days ago

    Looks really amazing man, cant wait to play my favorite game of all time

  • ViniBR-NextWorld
    ViniBR-NextWorld 23 days ago

    👏👏👏👏💓 i love it, like from Brazil.

  • Mr I
    Mr I 23 days ago


  • Son of Nimrod
    Son of Nimrod 23 days ago

    It's not buggy enough to be a true Digimon World remake.

  • Zee Hoe Wong
    Zee Hoe Wong 23 days ago

    Very amazing !!! Keep it up !!!

  • Nau Dorta
    Nau Dorta 23 days ago


  • Ikki Son
    Ikki Son 23 days ago

    Wow! This is so cool that I get emotional! If I can give you a tip it's: Although I am a purist guy, I think you could turn the Native Forest ground sign into an commun electronic traffic sign as it's on the ground in the original game due to the isometric view of that part of map. But doesn't make much difference either. It's very amazing anyway. I'm not the type who expects a lot from fan projects, I always think that at some point the creator might abandon it, but this one is so amazing that I really want it done.

  • Digital Dream
    Digital Dream 23 days ago

    This looks sooo amazing! Keep up the hard work! Can’t wait to play it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tomdigimonfan for life

    I love it the next digimon game they should make is a game just like this one.I love the scenery and love the camera view its beautiful and it makes me so happy and i love digimon.

  • the void
    the void 23 days ago

    Wow i wish i knew programming! How did you make all these prompts look so alike with the original game?? Thanks for keeping alive such a nice project! I hope to see it on steam! I will totally buy it!

  • yohanes triatmanto
    yohanes triatmanto 23 days ago

    OMG love this😍

  • GlobaGlobemon
    GlobaGlobemon 23 days ago

    Excelente! Ojalá les vaya excelente en este proyecto

  • Gaze
    Gaze 23 days ago

    ohh excellent excellent job, but some digimon need some size

  • GreenSnot
    GreenSnot 23 days ago

    esto es demasiado hermoso, es perfecto!!

  • GreenSnot
    GreenSnot 23 days ago

    por favor no olvides a tus seguidores de habla ispana, cuando el juego este listo, por favor una traduccion al español

  • BlakeehPly
    BlakeehPly 23 days ago

    I’M SOOO KEEEEEN! Man I love the original music coming into file city, i love how you’ve done a ‘remaster’ perfectly right, kept all the original sounds, music everything just upgraded the graphics, keep it up I’ll buy this when it’s finished for sure and help spread the word!!

  • ZZ Z
    ZZ Z 23 days ago

    Amazing works there! So happy to know there are some other true DW1 hardcore fan there! Keep it up the good work

  • R S1105
    R S1105 23 days ago

    Good i like this video it's make me nostalgic this games when i played young Keep up digicore

  • Jeremiah Vernon
    Jeremiah Vernon 23 days ago

    Interesting... good work digicore san.

  • Valentina Rudic
    Valentina Rudic 23 days ago

    This is amazing. Sincerely, it looks as a better remake than the official Digimon World Re:Digitize remake. Do you have any estimation about when the game will be finished and available for playing? :) Keep up the good work!!!

    • Digicore
      Digicore 23 days ago

      hey thanks!! :D, well dunno, i try to do my best, it's a big project for one person, I also count on the help of other partners in my discord group, hope next year we can release a beta :)

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez 25 days ago

    Perfect for switch

  • Juan Pablo Caraballo Ruiz

    I would like to add several Digimon that did not appear in the original game. Among them Tentomon (it was already in original game but it was not possible to have it as a partner), Gomamon, Gatomon and Veemon. And that these Digimon have their Digivolutions and their PreDigievolutions corresponding to that of their Animes counterparts. Although in the case of Veemon, it can be done, or that Digievolve Veedramon as in Digimon World 2 or Digievolve Exveemon. Another thing I want is the Armors. To access them, you need a specific Digimon and take it to a certain place where Digivolve into an Armor. An example is that if your Digimon is a Veemon you can take it to X place so that it Digivolves into an Armor, being Flamedramon or Magnamon.

  • BlakeehPly
    BlakeehPly 26 days ago

    This looks amazing, don't give up please man! You can do this! I will buy 1000 copies just to support you once it's finished!

  • BlakeehPly
    BlakeehPly 26 days ago

    please please please yes let this happen! I still till this day play the original on ps1 i've been dieing for a remake just like the original! Don't give up man please!!

    • BlakeehPly
      BlakeehPly 6 days ago

      Lauren Covarrubias yeah not a fan

    • Lozzie K
      Lozzie K 6 days ago

      You can get digimon world- next order it's very similar to the original digimon

  • ZZ Wong
    ZZ Wong 27 days ago

    Holy! Nice work!!! Looking forward for more updates!

  • MikeDaKnight 91
    MikeDaKnight 91 27 days ago

    is there a build we can play would love to give it a spin and provide feedback?

    • Digicore
      Digicore 27 days ago

      In digimon world community discord :)

  • Randy Jaramillo
    Randy Jaramillo 29 days ago

    Mimi didn’t get turn into dolls by Piedmon in the anime version she showed up later with a lot of Digimons after the Digidestined return to their normal self from dolls

  • Madelyn Gonzalez
    Madelyn Gonzalez Month ago

    5:27 Koromon Tells Kari Still Has A Digivice Does Tai Has.

  • emanuel avila
    emanuel avila Month ago

    Soy de ARGENTINA, se podrria hacer en español ?

  • Eugenio Federico Gallego

    is perfect!!

  • Gt Sukma
    Gt Sukma Month ago

    Man, this is awesome!

  • Aestus11
    Aestus11 Month ago

    Que bien se ve todo lo que estas haciendo en este remake, saludos desde Argentina !

  • FranksGamingEpisodes

    WoW excellent work so far:)

  • Darc /Gros trolleur

    Nice work ! I follow your job, i look forward to play this remake ! Keep going, i wait a new vidéo from u :)

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    Is it possible for this remake to have a more or new digimon on the game? Thank you so so much for your effort. ^_^