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  • ItzAndii
    ItzAndii Month ago

    I swear i love avatar so much that i wish the world on pandora was real Cuz i wanna be a Na’vi so badd 💙 I literally listen to this song whenever im down and it always cheers me up, excited for the other 4 sequels 💙💙

  • Stum Hasey
    Stum Hasey Month ago

    I'm honored that this video has been featured in this playlist of almost all of the other Disney World soundtracks you will ever hear.

  • MrsDownThereHair333
    MrsDownThereHair333 2 months ago

    Oel Ngati Kameie

  • Becky Banfield
    Becky Banfield 5 months ago

    "Do you know a guy who'd talk to a kangaroo? Who's always ready to learn about something new?" "It's Stanley, it's Stanley!" (Same tune in the first two lines.)

  • Claire Combs
    Claire Combs 5 months ago

    God the level of realism in that animatronic is scary amazing

  • Sabrina McNeil
    Sabrina McNeil 6 months ago

    I just wish that they had done a small (like really small) drop into this scene. Because I just felt like the boats unceremoniously floated into this scene and I feel like it deserved something bigger. Just a small drop, then you start to hear singing as you look at the Na'vi people's village and hear them singing, then you turn that corner and *BAM* ! The best part of the ride, the part that sends chills down your spine, the part you waited two and a half hours to see: The Shaman of Song. Does anybody else agree or am I all alone in this?

  • Chase McNeil
    Chase McNeil 6 months ago

    Try putting the speed at x2 😂

  • MJK k
    MJK k 7 months ago

    What language is this? I don't mean the translation,

    CPT KRUNCH 64 8 months ago

    I went on this ride with a fast pass! It was amazing! She is incredible in real life! This whole ride was so pleasing and so amazing to look at!

  • Burnt potato
    Burnt potato 8 months ago

    I went on this ride and my friends were like o eywa o eywaaaa

  • Allrock123
    Allrock123 8 months ago

    For example when you see Na'vi to English translated wording in the lyrics , woodsprite(s) that's a literal translation ,, "But" what are the woodsprite's ? within the films mythos examples "Seeds of the sacred tree very pure spirits", so the Charter is offering a form of humble recognition to the essence of "these Very pure spirits". the woodsprites are likely looked upon as the children of the great mother. the planet Pandora itself from a Na'vi cosmology perspective is seen as the Child of Eywa , what ever that may be..

  • Mario splatoon Builder

    This honestly is the most beautiful ride I have ever been on, and the the music is just beautiful and catchy

  • Elizabeth Free
    Elizabeth Free 8 months ago

    where do I find the Nauru captions to change the subtitles to Navi?

  • Dillon Rose
    Dillon Rose 9 months ago

    1:06 is the best MA-A-WA and 1:40

  • Pineapple Midori
    Pineapple Midori 9 months ago


  • tgguitarguy
    tgguitarguy 9 months ago

    I love this song! It's so good.

  • Tomecina Escarcega
    Tomecina Escarcega 9 months ago

    I can sing it by meh self rhe Na'vi word

  • Calactic
    Calactic 10 months ago

    Someone please tell me what "Tobacco" means when they're flying

    • Calactic
      Calactic 9 months ago

      Derpyspartan154 aah yes thanks

    • Derpyspartan154
      Derpyspartan154 9 months ago

      I think you’re referring to “Sivako”, which means “rise to the challenge”.

  • Daniel Levine
    Daniel Levine 11 months ago

    I love the Shaman! I wanna see her again in my next visit!

  • Warriorseamonkey16
    Warriorseamonkey16 11 months ago

    The song sounds like super smash bros brawl a little

  • Melissa's World
    Melissa's World Year ago

    awe kea tìkin ma Stum glad I and others on LN where able to help :) I'm starting to improve in Lì'fya lena'vi thanks to a Na'vi class I joined on the LN Discord and I been studying Na'vi culture alittle to learn how the Na'vi themselves would say certain phrases as the Na'vi are the true experts ...if you know what I mean? :)

  • Stum Hasey
    Stum Hasey Year ago

    According to Walt Disney Records, Sandra Benton is the singer. You can buy an album which has the official song on it at

  • Valeria Lerma Oliva

    What is the song??

  • Bamboozaler
    Bamboozaler Year ago

    Surprised no one seems to notice the glaring similarity between this piece and the Yoshi's Story: Theme. Listen to it yourself Another funny similarity is that it's sung by a culturally diverse and different species both native to their lands. The first time I heard it while riding the ride I knew something was familiar about the piece.

  • Lucy animal fun
    Lucy animal fun Year ago

    Im so happy when im nine im going too this ride i only went too the passage of flight and shes so pretty i kind of like this song

  • roberttheslender125

    Real nostalgia.

  • K Levine
    K Levine Year ago

    The Shaman herself is very cool! I would love to get stuck and see her move like that!

  • Miranda Rausch
    Miranda Rausch Year ago

    I hate the movie but the music and the amatronic is amazing.

  • Moving4Motion
    Moving4Motion Year ago

    My friend works for Disney and so we got to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge for a few days. I was having a coffee on the balcony and I could hear this song playing somewhere, really nice moment. Thanks for an amazing holiday Disney!

  • Saul De La Fuente Barrera

    getting a fastpass for Flight of passage in order to getting into rope drope for this ride, and getting the song stuck in your head the entire day... no, the entire vacati... no, it sticks to your head permanently

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H Year ago

    love this song 😊😊

  • skelluhtons
    skelluhtons Year ago

    1:50 so human like 😮

  • skelluhtons
    skelluhtons Year ago

    Lyrics! So beautiful 🥰😭🥰

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton Year ago

    I once was there, the animatronic broke!

  • Amandie
    Amandie Year ago

    Where does the navi language come from ?

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey Year ago

      Dr. Paul Frommer created and is still creating the Na'vi language. He has a blog with updates if you're interested.



  • Army-Kun!
    Army-Kun! Year ago

    I love when it says woodsprites

  • Elizabeth Free
    Elizabeth Free Year ago

    where do I find the Naru captions to change the lyrics to Na'Vi ?

  • Retro Bytee
    Retro Bytee Year ago

    *O Eywa*

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton Year ago

    I once saw a video of this animatronic broken!

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton Year ago

    To see the lyrics in Na’vi, select the Nauru captions.

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton Year ago

    Ooh! I love this song!

  • K Levine
    K Levine Year ago

    The Shaman looks really cool! I've been on the ride and loved the song

  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins Year ago

    The example symbolics of the woodsprites or what the Na'vi people call "Atokirina" and what they represent "They are seeds of the tree of souls" they are respected and "looked upon" as being "very pure spirits.

  • Jose Carlos Ramon

    Thank you so much !!! Awesome job, beautiful song !!!!!

  • Melissa's World
    Melissa's World Year ago

    IRAYO NITXAN <3 this is beautiful is it me or am I one of those sky people that now loves Na'vi tunes? BTW through research I'd come to discover that she is a Tsahik as well (spiritual leader)

  • Panic! At the Black parade

    It’s my favourite animatronic EVER its just so lifelike

  • Will Austerman
    Will Austerman Year ago

    Got stuck right next to her last week for 30 minutes. Gave the entire family headaches and a horrible case of lyrical earworm. It was our first time ever on the ride too lmao

    • Enamie
      Enamie Year ago

      We did too! I enjoyed it, though lol. The ride is so peaceful and pretty. I was sad when our delay started moving again lmao.

  • Liplap Dvs
    Liplap Dvs Year ago

    This was one of my favorite rides because of the music, the visuals and the astoundingly good anamatronics, thanks for remining me of it

  • Josh Kittrell
    Josh Kittrell Year ago

    I wouldn’t mind getting stuck at this part of the ride

    • Elizabeth K
      Elizabeth K 13 days ago

      I got stuck here!! It was awesome ngl!!

    • Daylis Delgado
      Daylis Delgado 2 months ago

      Josh Kittrell I didn’t get stuck at this part! Thus she thanks Ewya and says words

    • Chase McNeil
      Chase McNeil 4 months ago

      @Sabrina McNeil hi

    • Sabrina McNeil
      Sabrina McNeil 4 months ago

      @Chase McNeil Hi Chase 🙂

  • lovemeg5186
    lovemeg5186 Year ago

    The subtitles are too small.

  • Nalla Zetroc
    Nalla Zetroc Year ago

    I wait 2 hours but this is worth it if your a diehard fan

  • きゃべっつー

    I've been looking for this song!!Thank you. Is this song soungtrack of AVATAR or only for this atraction?

  • Allrock123
    Allrock123 Year ago

    "Na'vi singing meaningless syllables" ? sounds like "Vocable" song expression" Vocable's are a form of artistic spiritual sound expression "also" used in many of earths first peoples songs , last phrase ,, "Pandora my home" I think, hard to make out clearly , Irayo (thank you) for sharing

  • Emma Shelley
    Emma Shelley Year ago

    So pretty thanks for posting I had this stuck in my head a few days ago and had to listen to it ❤️

  • Ben S
    Ben S Year ago

    This is my new favorite song.

  • Stum Hasey
    Stum Hasey Year ago

    Wow, this video has been viewed over 40,000 times. I'm absolutely astounded how many people (or Na'vi) have watched this video. I'm also amazed at how positive the over 100 comments have been, a real rarity for RU-clip. Thank you ALL so much for helping me get to this point! Thank you again to the MANY people who made this video possible, mentioned in the description. Without you, this would not even be possible.

    • Dustin Stacy Johnson
      Dustin Stacy Johnson Year ago

      Stum Hasey pretty sure I’ve been good for at least 5,000 views. LOL my daughter is obsessed.

  • ¡Hola! this is me!

    I love the Na'vi language so much.

    • 671JH
      671JH 2 months ago

      Is it a real language??

    • ¡Hola! this is me!
      ¡Hola! this is me! 11 months ago

      Brian Perkins I didn’t know that, however, I am trying to learn the Na’vi language, and it is very beautiful. Avatar is probably my favorite movie.

    • ¡Hola! this is me!
      ¡Hola! this is me! 11 months ago

      x.H0NEY.x Kaltxì. Oel ngati kameie

    • Brian Perkins
      Brian Perkins Year ago

      The constructed Na'vi language "reflects" very deep roots of recognition and expression within its dialog structures, those roots come from the examples of expression contained within many Native (Na'vi is Native minus what two letters) languages , look up the meaning of Zulu word "Sawubona" on youtube. a example.

    • peachyybbee!!
      peachyybbee!! Year ago

      Kaltxì! Eywa ngahu! (Hello! Eywa be with you!)

  • Daniela Arias
    Daniela Arias Year ago

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!

  • Fluffyrain
    Fluffyrain 2 years ago

    I adore the movement quality ASTOUNDING!!!!!

  • Captain Of A Starship

    Good job, not only the whole song, translated lyrics but the full range of the animatronic motion from assembled clips.

  • Fluffyrain
    Fluffyrain 2 years ago

    That is the most amazing Disney tech ever!!!! I thought it was real😓It’s so amazing what people are producing now a days!!!

  • ibetyouthinkimkiddin

    Thank you❤️

  • Daniela Arias
    Daniela Arias 2 years ago

    You, people, are awesome

  • Typical Name
    Typical Name 2 years ago

    there's something v maternal about this and i am getting feelsy

  • 3Davmawey
    3Davmawey 2 years ago

    I like how this video loops perfectly

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      Thank you for your comment! The perfect loop is one of my favorite parts of this video.

  • Tim Stoffel
    Tim Stoffel 2 years ago

    Rolä aylì'uri, irayo nìtxan, ma Stum Hasey

    • DisneyMagicDreamer85
      DisneyMagicDreamer85 Year ago

      Nice! I think I'd like to learn Na'vi!

    • Cory Thomas
      Cory Thomas Year ago

      Ty I'm still learning

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      For the English speaker, this approximately translates to, "The song's words, much thanks, Stum Hasey."

  • David Pera
    David Pera 2 years ago

    Isn't this "The Prophet", by Peter Tosh?

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      According to Walt Disney Records (, Sandra Benton is the singer. However, its chorus and "The Prophet"'s chorus are similar in beat.

  • Mike Hitchcock
    Mike Hitchcock 2 years ago

    If this worked it's way into one of the avatar films, I'd cry. For all we know, this could've been passed on through generations to the shaman.

    • Jazzy _ Boo
      Jazzy _ Boo Year ago

      Mike Hitchcock it is in the movie but only without the words and i think it’s appears once

    • Allrock123
      Allrock123 Year ago

      Songs and story's are root part of the examples of there "reflective" Cultural identity as a people , by symbolic examples in the film the Na'vi people themselves have no known written language they are passed down through the oral tradition in reflection "just like on Earth". the amount of research on the part of the films storywriters runs many layers deep into the heart of authentic reflective expression that many can recognize. A lot of respect for this work in artistic and storytelling community at lightstorm.

    • ᚛ᚐᚅᚐᚔᚏᚐ᚜
      ᚛ᚐᚅᚐᚔᚏᚐ᚜ 2 years ago

      I'd cry if this song was featured in the sequels too. Anyone have James Cameron's email? lol

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      If this song were incorporated into the Na'vi culture by passing along through the shamans, it would be amazing! However, I can't know what will be in the four sequels, but I did find some information that may pique your curiosity. I would recommend carefully reading both of these articles. This ( is a somewhat long article, but I think it effectively sheds light on your hope. The following is a quote from the previously mentioned article: "Landau [the producer] says that kind of creative cross-collaboration has already begun, with ideas from the team at Walt Disney Imagineering making it into the upcoming sequels, and ideas tied to the upcoming films present in the park on opening day." Another article ( lists seven young cast members in the sequels visiting the theme park to draw inspiration before filming. This is another example of how the park and the sequels are collaborating and intermixing. TL;DR Pandora-World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom has a unique opportunity to influence not only the content of sequels and revitalizing a somewhat forgotten brand but also the actors themselves.

  • lovemeg5186
    lovemeg5186 2 years ago

    Does anyone know who is singing the song? The voice actor?

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey Year ago

      According to Walt Disney Records (, Sandra Benton is the singer.

    • anerlys Castro
      anerlys Castro Year ago

      Maybe it’s a machine I think I’m not too sure

    • Mushroom Knight
      Mushroom Knight Year ago

      lovemeg5186 I can't unhear it now I HATE THIS lol

    • lovemeg5186
      lovemeg5186 Year ago

      It sounds like Rupaul to me.

    • Allrock123
      Allrock123 2 years ago

      That would be CCH Pounder

  • Amandie
    Amandie 2 years ago

    I wanted This RIDE to be longer❤️

  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins 2 years ago

    How the symbolic examples expressed as a whole resonate with people across all walks of life is also very interesting

  • jakob
    jakob 2 years ago

    They should make this an official song

    • Chay Blox
      Chay Blox 3 months ago

      Well it is on pandora

    • Angel
      Angel 4 months ago

      It’s now on Spotify yissss

  • Cin be
    Cin be 2 years ago

    i love this song! its so peaceful and for me empowering i wish i was an avatar

  • W B
    W B 2 years ago

    Excellent work! Thanks!

  • Xantron
    Xantron 2 years ago

    this ride wasnt worth a 2 hr wait.

    • Logan The dog
      Logan The dog Year ago


    • Logan The dog
      Logan The dog Year ago

      Merle like 6 hours for the both of them

    • Amandie
      Amandie Year ago

      Then next time the day before u go to animal kingdom again, then try getting a Fastpass on their disney app, i once got a fastpass to space mountain and we only waited like 6 minutes 😂

    • roberttheslender125
      roberttheslender125 Year ago

      Then get a fast pass they are always available.

    • Bak3r _Gam3r
      Bak3r _Gam3r Year ago

      CheeseyDonuts it’s his opinion on this ride not yours

  • MM Explore
    MM Explore 2 years ago

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Martin Norambuena
    Martin Norambuena 2 years ago

    Muy lindo

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      Ahora hay letras en español.

  • lovemeg5186
    lovemeg5186 2 years ago

    Thank you!! I have been wondering what the beautiful words were.My heart is happy!

    • Stum Hasey
      Stum Hasey 2 years ago

      I'm so glad you like it! My goal was to let people discover what the shaman is singing.