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What happened in 2019
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Live painting a ukulele!
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Live with Timmy
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  • margee gaeddert
    margee gaeddert 10 minutes ago

    Thank you thank you so much! I am a beginner and your training is wonderful!!

  • Grayson_Shepherd_ 22

    The last one sounds more like a guitar

  • AmethystWoman
    AmethystWoman Hour ago

    Ok. So I've owned my uke for 3 years. Tuned it a few times. Heard playing uke was easier if you played guitar before but I've been afraid to try to learn new fingerings for chords. Bit played thru this with all 20 chords, night one. NOW, I get it. Barred chords pretty easy when you've played guitar - even if I wasn't good at barred chords. Now, to get calluses back? Thanks. Will print out the chords and out them everywhere so k can start going to the free group at the library I now live near. 😁 The library group sent me the link to this vid btw. Happy!

  • J S
    J S 2 hours ago

    I love my Ohana Uke! One day I would like to get this one. I have a concert pineapple right now and I love the sound! When friends saw it, they thought it looked rather plain, then they heard it! Wow! <3

  • Michelle Bui
    Michelle Bui 2 hours ago

    Damn that E chord... 😫😂

  • amanda breinberg
    amanda breinberg 2 hours ago

    this hurt my hand lmao

  • Jeff Jensen
    Jeff Jensen 4 hours ago

    These play alongs are best confidence builders . 🤗

  • Adam Greenstein
    Adam Greenstein 4 hours ago

    Bernadette, I love these scale tutorials!! Do you have a tutorial video for G maj?

  • Charmaine Pelt
    Charmaine Pelt 4 hours ago


  • Charmaine Pelt
    Charmaine Pelt 4 hours ago


  • Charmaine Pelt
    Charmaine Pelt 5 hours ago

    we live in okinawa do you still

  • dead dream
    dead dream 5 hours ago

    It's so uncomfortable

  • Adrian Pulido
    Adrian Pulido 6 hours ago

    Am Dm E7 E7

  • Kim Shapka
    Kim Shapka 7 hours ago

    I absolutely love these tutorials! However right now I am so incredibly frustrated with myself!! Any time I try to do any strum pattern, other than just down strums, and I try to sing at the same time, my hand forgets that it’s attached and it starts flailing about as if independent of my body. 😡🤬

  • Steve Paz
    Steve Paz 8 hours ago

    Great video! Really helps . Thank you

  • good me
    good me 9 hours ago

    How can I read numbers on the string like letters ?You said that letter a means the number 0, right? And the rest of the numbers I want to know? thank u my lovley teacher :)

  • TheRealDrJSquared
    TheRealDrJSquared 9 hours ago

    I don't understand why the D scale has an F# and a C# instead of just a F and a C

  • Bryan Kowacich
    Bryan Kowacich 10 hours ago

    Hi im Eva and I think you are too fast

  • Juuzou
    Juuzou 10 hours ago

    Awesome!!! Now with the super uke could you please teach us how to play R&B all night by knowknow , one of higher brothers. Please I really wanna Learn<3 i would really appreciate it:)

  • The Cat And The Uke
    The Cat And The Uke 14 hours ago

    This tutorial helped me to play more easily the Twinkle Twinkle song of your 13th video (30dayUKEchallenge)! Thank you!

  • Ideges_Csillag
    Ideges_Csillag 14 hours ago

    I just officially started the challenge playlist last night! So excited and grateful for you posted lessons like this. Its great. I love how you stop and say "look look look at me" literally the moment I start looking at my uke to strum it a little. I feel like I'm actually in a one on one lesson with you 🥰

  • Chrisy Kemp
    Chrisy Kemp 15 hours ago

    The best teacher by far that I have found on you tube.Thank you

  • Yasmin Tanvir
    Yasmin Tanvir 15 hours ago

    I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Julia Dahn
    Julia Dahn 16 hours ago

    How is it powered? by battery that you have to change out or by a cable/rechargeable battery?

  • Emy Pantoja
    Emy Pantoja 17 hours ago

    So cute! Thanks for teach us! Kisses from Brazil. 💜🌻🇧🇷☺️🙏🏽

  • Kervyn Ducker
    Kervyn Ducker 21 hour ago

    I’ve just ordered one from music shop!, I too would like a concert size but can’t wait to see!. Great clip loved the sound.

  • luc coppens
    luc coppens 21 hour ago

    Goodmorning Bernadette,i wish you a happy new year with less worry's and hope you find a new lover to make your life complete again...Greetings from Belgium...

  • jasneskis
    jasneskis 23 hours ago

    I am going back over this and picking up things I was not ready for. What does 0/1/0 mean in tabs. I thought the slash meant slide. Problem ...I can’t slide 0 to 1. Does it mean hammer? There is than no way to hammer the 0 after hammering the 1. Can you make since of it. I found it in Cantina Band tabs. (Star Wars).

  • Santiago Leon
    Santiago Leon Day ago

    Hey ms.B, I thought maybe you could do a tutorial on stay stay stay by Taylor swift since your tutorials a re always soo great.

  • Slushy Phantom

    Hello Bernadette! Thanks for making this helpful video. Something happened two times with my ukulele now, and I’m not sure what it was? So when I was tuning my ukulele, I noticed that my g cord was too low. So, I turned the peg cautiously to make it go higher. It suddenly made a very loud sound, and I thought that the string snapped or something. When I checked, the sting was fine. But when I strummed the g cord, it was suddenly tuned all the way down. Is this supposed to happen? This also happened with my C cord, and that ended up being okay.

  • Shannon Duarte

    Wow, just wow!

  • Maurianne Montes

    Great tutorial! Hi I'm new to learning stringed instruments and have been playing a concert ukulele for a few months now. I recently acquired a 4 string Cigarbox Guitar tuned DGBE. Could I apply what you've taught in this video to my cigarbox?

  • Ldylei 08
    Ldylei 08 Day ago

    A A A D A A A D A A E A D A E D A

  • poohtunia77
    poohtunia77 Day ago

    Just found your channel. I'm a true beginner. Excited to have found your lessons. You're an amazing teacher! Love all your content. Thank you so much! Peace and Blessings from Dallas,TX ~Catalina

  • Bruno Bucci
    Bruno Bucci Day ago

    great tutorial, tyvm

  • The Cat And The Uke

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial, this sound is soooo perfect! Hope that I will manage to get the hang of it :)

  • Madeline Reaves

    Thanks! I got a uklele for Christmas and this is the only song I really know right now. :) Edit: I learned like three others today

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer Day ago

    Hi Guys , First off , you guys sounded so great , thanks. Second to get those effects , you needed to be plugged into to some sort of amp , right ? Timmy , have you ever played guitar ? , I mean you are very good. The hammers & pull offs along with the harmonics , I mean geez :) How can we hear the rest of 'Over The Rainbow' ? Also , how and where can we use the code to buy one if we live in the states ? Sometimes Hal Lenard`s website is a bit hard to navigate ?????? U know , thanks , Dreamer

  • Melissa C
    Melissa C Day ago


  • Mindee Olliff
    Mindee Olliff Day ago

    Is there a way to download/buy the sheet music used in this video to practice with as well?

  • Colette Budge
    Colette Budge Day ago

    I was given a Mango wood Prono Soprano for 2019 Christmas after my sister began playing and challenged me to learn as well. so am VERY new to this (and just instruments in general). It is so much fun to play and the wood is very pretty. I was taken by your pale one with the very strong wood grain. Beautiful! Both my sister and Love all your videos and completely appreciate how much time you take to play at a beginner's speed. Thank you so much.

  • albert sautner

    I like Bernadette SPICE....!

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    Great tool to gain hand and figure strength is a PLANET WAVES Vari-Grip Hand Fitness ToolModel: PW-VG-01 & a sweeze ball. They give you strength quickly if you exercise your hand at least 2x daily. To make it so your figure tips harden faster, rap the ends of your figure tips on a hard surface like a table for 3 to 4 days and it will get you the callus that you need to press the strings with no pain.

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    I played guitar first and then picked up the Ukulele 2 and a half years ago at the Nashville Summer North American Music Merchant (NAMM)Show during musician day when they had a Ukulele Circle. After the show closed that day, I went to a local Nashville music store and purchased a Cordoba Protegé Concert Uke and a Saprano Kala for my adult daughter who has really thin figures. A month later we were with our ukes in High Park playing Jesus Loves Me (me doing a mix of chords and notes & my daughter who also is a guitar player playing lead) when Shawn Mendes came walking by liking what he heard (he had to convince us that he really was himself because we didn't believe Shawn at 1st) and asked us to play "Stitches". We had to say sorry we just began playing uke this week. I also didn't have a pro subscription to the Ultimate Guitar App yet either, so we couldn't easily look up the chords. I do know "Senorita" now though. Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is that if you really want to stretch your chord library, try learning 5th, 2nds, sus., aug. and dim. chords. Add in a capo to be able to play in Ab, Db, Eb, Gb(F#) and so on. I play lots of weird chords while playing with my 2 praise teams in church. The learning of new chords never ends.

  • Donovan Robison

    What are the base measurements? I would really like to get one for my channel. Thank you all so very much.

  • Isabella Guillermo


  • l55centaur
    l55centaur Day ago

    I WANT ONE!! Great review! Where is the least expensive place to purchase one please?? I'm in the USA! Thank you! Cheers!

  • Bruce Birr
    Bruce Birr Day ago

    This one really sounds great. I will watch for it

  • Siyatshaheb
    Siyatshaheb Day ago

    My fingers dont wanna fit

  • Sabine und Christian Schreier #2outside

    Impressive! This DIANA sound is so great, so fantastic and incredible. This ukulele, type Diana, is worth considering. We actually have enough instruments around 30 guitars, 5 ukuleles ... accordions. I actually wanted to buy a new keyboard now, but now it says DIANA on my birthday wish list.

  • stephen bouchelle

    I think you are both great and fun teachers. I watch you both to increase my repertoire. Thanks to you both.

  • Oonagh Morham
    Oonagh Morham Day ago

    Thank you so much.. your lessons are also good therapy for helping with my stroke recovery.. its good that i can do this.. slowly but i can do it xx

  • Jo H.
    Jo H. Day ago

    Beautiful! The song AND you😍

  • Meimei Huang
    Meimei Huang Day ago

    Tq, next💖

  • Flora Kay
    Flora Kay Day ago

    I was thinking if I should buy this or the Sophia. Then I saw this video and literally cried. Omg. 😍

  • Tamer Hamouda
    Tamer Hamouda 2 days ago

    A clear message; Only fools rush in. That's why I will go back and work on day 2 and the crazy E chord till I am able to do it with the picking pattern and then come back. But a big thank you to you for these tutorials in all occasions.

  • Sarah Ng
    Sarah Ng 2 days ago


  • Jeff Jensen
    Jeff Jensen 2 days ago

    Your tutorial on chucking is the best on RU-clip Bernadette. It helped me nail this song, albeit it’s coming together slowly for me. And this song seems to suit your voice, sounds wonderful! 💓

  • Sasha
    Sasha 2 days ago

    i love how you teach omg

  • Smash Hit Productions

    Bernadette, does this only come as a tenor? I'm wondering how different a tenor is from a soprano (which I have)...

  • Maya Pan-Miller
    Maya Pan-Miller 2 days ago

    Oh my gosh I want this so bad, I just wish there was a cutaway since I tend to play pretty low on the fretboard

  • Kasia Ferenc
    Kasia Ferenc 2 days ago

    Tlenkiem you Wery much 💓

  • Gary Niblock
    Gary Niblock 2 days ago

    Good stuff! An excellent and essential chord voacabulary for beginners and a wonderful review for more experienced players. Thank you!

  • James J. Donatelli
    James J. Donatelli 2 days ago

    Timmy is wonderful and the Flight Uke sounds amazing!!! The percussive demo brought a smile to my face... it was beautiful and looked so fun to play! Will now have to learn that technique.

  • James J. Donatelli
    James J. Donatelli 2 days ago

    Hi Bernadette, thank you for sharing what is going on in your personal life. You are a wonderful ukulele teacher but not just any ukulele teacher. You bring a beautiful energy to your lessons that allows your students to experience even more joy and happiness as they learn how to play the ukulele. Everyone has ups and downs and it is important to know that both you and Jose will be far better off in the long run. It is best to follow what your heart says, even when it hurts in the short term. So good on you and Jose for being honest with one another and strong enough to honor what you both want for your lives. Remember, neither of you has to be right or wrong, like different chord fingerings, lifestyle choices are simply a preference. And sometimes those preferences change. To stay together would have been be much worse. Now you are both free to follow your true paths. I love your on line classes. I recently purchased my first ukulele and started watching and I am amazed at how quickly I am learning. I am an emotional learner, more than a sight reader or technical learner, so I find it easy to connect with your positive energy and love for the ukulele. Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to experiencing how 2020 becomes a year of growth and learning... for us all !!!

  • James V
    James V 2 days ago

    What chords is she playing? I think I saw, not in any order F, G7, Am, C7, D7... any others?

    • James V
      James V Day ago

      @Bernadette Teaches Music The "Isn't She Lovely" shuffle. Started practicing Uke about a month ago. Am I close with the chords? Would love the order.

    • Bernadette Teaches Music
  • Mark Callaghan
    Mark Callaghan 2 days ago

    Thank you sooo much for the baritone uke portion!

  • Naya Nass
    Naya Nass 2 days ago

    Every time I play a chord for too long my finger slips on to another chord

  • Michael Animations
    Michael Animations 2 days ago

    that's too cute, we saw the sanshin master from 2030, or maybe comedy star 2030. talent exists for both careers

  • Winter to Spring
    Winter to Spring 2 days ago

    Thank you Bernadette for sharing this great idea! Luckily I have a lot of yarn in my house. Now I can save my money xD

  • Melissa Alexander
    Melissa Alexander 2 days ago

    I guess I'll have 7 ukes now bc I want this!!

  • Mike Strimbu
    Mike Strimbu 2 days ago

    I think I have ukulele envy...

  • Jessie Star
    Jessie Star 2 days ago

    I play guitar left handed and I plan to play ukulele left handed. Since there are so few left handed ukes I asked a music shop if they would restring a right handed uke to be a left handed uke. They said they would, but that it would cause damage to the uke over time because of it putting tension on the wrong places. I'm wondering if you know how long it would take to damage the uke? There's no left handed ones that I really want, but I'm worried I will have to buy one because I don't want to cause damage to a right handed one.

  • Anirtak Mabajen
    Anirtak Mabajen 2 days ago

    Nice teacher

  • rhondalyn134
    rhondalyn134 2 days ago

    Okay...I watched this vid again and *definitely* want one!!! PLEASE, Bernadette, let us know how to order with your discount code when it becomes available. I am getting this doubt! SO excited! :-)

  • Christine Garachico

    I thought other people dont know that song can you do grace vanderwall hide away your a good teacher

  • EDcreative
    EDcreative 2 days ago

    I remember (not that long ago) thinking that D chord was beyond my grasp, it and a lot of other chords are now second nature to me, In a few months or less I'll be wondering what all the fuss was with E. Chucks away...

  • GaylordFocker
    GaylordFocker 2 days ago

    Youre so pretty Bernadette, you make me wish I was straight!

  • Anthony Tam
    Anthony Tam 2 days ago

    WOW😳. That ukulele sounds fantastic and made your duet sound so professional😃

  • Justine Asuncion
    Justine Asuncion 2 days ago

    Sorry for this comment but no lyrics so i not love it

  • i dont have a name i dont have a name

    Hey Bernadette ! When I see Feng e play I wanna quit playing the uke! What should I do ?

  • rolando Gapac
    rolando Gapac 2 days ago

    make it with you tutorial please

  • carantgarmac
    carantgarmac 2 days ago

    He is so cute! Why doesn't he appear on more videos?

  • Amal Al-Mukhtar
    Amal Al-Mukhtar 3 days ago

    I'm still a beginner. We have the ukulele for about 10 days. I memorized the whole song. I can play the whole song with you or by myself, but I can't sing and play the ukulele at the same time. Why 😭😭😭💔

  • my opinion
    my opinion 3 days ago

    Not easy at all.. ugh im feelin super frustrated.. i feel like i cant learn this instrument. You’re a great teacher.. im just not getting it 😔

  • Shari Rydman
    Shari Rydman 3 days ago

    fun playing Ode to joy. BTW...On the 3rd line, the last note (middle C) should be posted as the "0" on the 3rd line down when using the TAB method! It is posted as "0" in your video on the 2nd line down! I love learning with this 30 Day uke challenge...and I'm helping teach ukulele at Lewis and Clark Grade School in Astoria, OR!!!! The music teacher that I am helping directed me to YOU!!!

  • Smash Hit Productions

    You guys are amazing! This uke is so awesome - I want it!

  • Pam Martin
    Pam Martin 3 days ago

    I want one!!!!!!

  • Paul Cornum
    Paul Cornum 3 days ago


  • Gemini
    Gemini 3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. We all have personal issues and sometime it's good to express our feelings and know that this Ukulele community supporting you and your channel is a great way to mental healing. I love your videos! I play a lot of trumpets and guitars and after watching some of your videos this past year, I purchased a Ukelele. Thank you and happy 2020!

  • Sher Lynn
    Sher Lynn 3 days ago

    xo Love it !!! you rock ! :)

  • Koji K
    Koji K 3 days ago

    even though these are basics and i knew them, looking at your wrist help keep mine from being in a bad thumb position. I had my wrist contorted but made the right sounds from notes. watch the wrists!

  • Thunderkor
    Thunderkor 3 days ago

    That's very cool! Even without the FX it's a great sounding ukelele. Sounds like it could really fill a room up with sound, too.

  • jaravez
    jaravez 3 days ago

    This uke is nuts! Love it.

  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson 3 days ago

    Do you know when it be come out on the market in the US?

  • Bad Girl
    Bad Girl 3 days ago

    On the EM it was a little hard

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry 3 days ago

    That's amazing for a uke that cost only a little over 300 USD. If only I really could sound as good as Timmy, I'd pay 10 times that amount.

  • Ros Warncken
    Ros Warncken 3 days ago

    Where do the batteries go?

    • Flight Ukulele
      Flight Ukulele 2 days ago

      the battery is built-in and you charge it with a USB cable, same as any smartphone :)

    • Bernadette Teaches Music
      Bernadette Teaches Music 2 days ago

      Ros Warncken let me get back to you! This game with a cable to charge it