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  • Pray Yo
    Pray Yo 46 seconds ago

    Firing Don is just ridiculous. But for all the people that are complaining about his firing - do you wear the poppies or have a support the troops plate? I bet you don’t cause I live in Alberta and I see hardly anyone with a support the troop plate.

  • Tom Shultz
    Tom Shultz Minute ago

    I think Sessions is a traitor. He was part of the cabal that tried to conduct a coupe against the President.

  • Aegis of the Republic

    The future of journalism is not dead in America… If the students are any indication - the future of America is dead (brain-dead and fully indoctrinated in critical theory post modern world view crap). The replacement generation is ill-equipped to handle the real world. #OkaySnowflake

  • Rick Gross
    Rick Gross 2 minutes ago

    the black lady at the end AGREED with the white boy label. I mean that lady likes the RAPTORS and basketball. I WONDER WHY?

  • Joey Pereira
    Joey Pereira 2 minutes ago

    Dont apologize don. Transgendered, radical leftists priests, run the world. Complete opposite to the way of The Most High, The Fathers ways. The elite control these people. Screw politically correct words and nouns.

  • Carson Morton
    Carson Morton 2 minutes ago

    This ugly old cow needs her head kicked in

  • Dáibhí Ó Braonáin
    Dáibhí Ó Braonáin 3 minutes ago

    She needs to lay off the crap food to much gas emissions coming from her mouth

  • TheSherahprincess
    TheSherahprincess 4 minutes ago

    Rogers stocks are down.

  • Pete in canada #
    Pete in canada # 6 minutes ago

    Instead of interviewing down town citiots who put blackface back in parliament .why not interview real canadians.? Hit the small towns....the west ect

  • Derek Cooper
    Derek Cooper 7 minutes ago

    She gets a ride on expensive boats and everyone else should stay at home.

  • m l
    m l 7 minutes ago

    Give them a break, Ezra. It's just a school newspaper; these kids are just learning to be journalists! Oh, wait... never mind. I guess the point is that they aren't learning journalism at all, hence we have so many veteran "journalists" today who don't know what the *** journalism even means.

  • Zonker Harris
    Zonker Harris 7 minutes ago

    snowflakes complained. Happens everywhere you go nowadays. I call them social-justice warriors. Thats our culture today.

  • Dr. Edward Morbius
    Dr. Edward Morbius 7 minutes ago

    The Chi-coms could literally roll right in here and twenty somethings would be welcoming.

  • Amie Circe
    Amie Circe 7 minutes ago

    I am an immigrant. I came to this country because it's free! Don Cherry is free to voice his opinion! Support Cherry! Support Free Speech!

  • ducebigalow
    ducebigalow 8 minutes ago

    stuff like this will continue and maybe get worse...taking a sign? it's ridiculous. Make the same sign (size) but just put the poppie on it, see what happens. you watch, all arenas will now ban signs of all types.

  • LomaLicious
    LomaLicious 8 minutes ago

    Well this woman is correct! and boo to your station!!!!

  • homebrandrules
    homebrandrules 9 minutes ago

    I wonder if someone in blighty is gonna fix the red hair problem !? prolly won't occur due to testosterone deficiencies !

  • david3907
    david3907 10 minutes ago

    British justice is dead and buried.

  • Dan Martin
    Dan Martin 10 minutes ago

    Keep up the good journalism, Menzoid!

  • Dr. Edward Morbius
    Dr. Edward Morbius 11 minutes ago

    If you've ever had to hire or work with anyone in their early to mid twenties you'll understand what the problem is and where we're headed. Hint: right down the shitter

    WILLIAM CLYNES 13 minutes ago

    The KKK was started by Democrats and disbanded in 1868. Democrats are the biggest Racist in this county

  • Wise n' Frosty
    Wise n' Frosty 13 minutes ago

    fact is the kryptonite to the left.

  • jay rollingson
    jay rollingson 14 minutes ago

    The BBC guy is a spook 😅🤔

  • Tassos Platis
    Tassos Platis 16 minutes ago

    Some of the nicest people I met in my life were white Canadians who played hockey

  • Terry 18
    Terry 18 16 minutes ago

    That was a boy with long hair and lipstick. It can have their own opinions good to see it got it off the chest exercising freedom of speech hench so should Cherry be afforded his. Not to mention the producers allowing him free "wire" to say what is on his mind. Oh and he/she has never been a TV commentator for 38yrs.... srm chair critics telling sports players how to think. After all the males are kicking womens asses on track, yes women who have trained for years

  • Sparka
    Sparka 17 minutes ago

    Our "privilege" of working like dogs for 50 years? Just so that once we got everything built for women like her, they turn around and import millions of outsiders who hate us and our way of life, who then filled every city and voted en masse for liberals. We had travel bans on them for years for good reason. So now we have to pay for them, 30000 more of then in London now, most on welfare. Entire city is now liberal run.....Funny how that works, that's NOT democracy. That's war. You are trying to STEAL something we worked for, to leave to our kids. Now our kids will be ruled by them, and spend theyre lives in debt and wage slavery. Thats socialism. Making them pay for people who offer nothing back but hate. Expunge women like her from Canada, or there will be a war or at least a separation. No more being ruled by israels bankers. No more globalism. End liberalism.

  • Endicott
    Endicott 17 minutes ago

    I used to be progressive. Feel free to make fun, it's an easy target these days. I identified with making a level playing field, where how much money your parents had, or what race you are didn't matter at all. One reason I stopped being progressive is that it become clear to me that for most people who take on that kind of ideology its about taking down people, and groups of people, who have already succeeded, rather than doing better themselves. This woman is an overflowing example of that. It's not about justice. It's about revenge for how they feel.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 18 minutes ago

    Mansbridge you F&@# cherry made no reference to minorities in service to our country . What a putts! Maybe Its alzheimers .

  • Jacob Mauro
    Jacob Mauro 18 minutes ago

    You’re not from Canada if you don’t like hockey. You can’t change culture and tradition, you can only change yourselves.

  • Sharon Justinen
    Sharon Justinen 20 minutes ago

    - more from the left *

  • Rosemary Schaefer
    Rosemary Schaefer 20 minutes ago

    You don’t have any rights unless you can pay for the laws. Why doesn’t the law courts hold the MSM to the same standards of truth in reporting?

  • Sharon Justinen
    Sharon Justinen 20 minutes ago

    rogers should be Sued for this , no ?

    TIM KAUFHOLD 21 minute ago

    The womens Hockey won many Olympic gold and world cup .they bought pride to Canada.unlike our blackface PM. Anything that brings joy or pride to Canada is under attack.

  • T T
    T T 21 minute ago

    As a minority and a PROUD Canadian, this whole thing is ridiculous. Don Cherry is a Canadian icon. He was simply speaking the truth - more Canadians and those that enjoy the benefits of Canada should wear the poppy to commemorate our heroes. It's literally 1 day out of the whole year! Quite simply, this whole racial identity agenda is so prevalent in Canadian's so damn tiring! Most minorities enjoy living in Canada and are forever grateful to live in such a wonderful country. Race, and all this other bullshit is not top of mind at all. Ironically, it's the left wing white population that care so much about race relations! There, I said it!

  • Jo Kapsalis
    Jo Kapsalis 21 minute ago

    Turns out Bailey was afraid for his life, Jamal telling his mates at canteen he was going to stab Bailey. So Bailey threw him on the ground in the field. Tipped water on him. That was it. Bailey got expelled, not able to reach his final exams. He and his family had to move house as they received tons of death threats. Jamal received £157,000 in donations after UK media spun the hell out of it, making it seem like a race attack. Anyone remember school... a student gets punched, only suspension is given. UK has fallen. I will donate Tommy.

  • Peaky_Blinder
    Peaky_Blinder 21 minute ago

    2:27 is a classic example of the bullshit honest people face. We was refused a passport because my Mrs was born on a British military base in Germany. And that was stated on her birth certificate but the refused her a British passport even though her family have over 400 years of ancestry in the UK. Yet cu NTS turn up can't speak English and get a Fu kin passport. This country sux.

  • mike cas
    mike cas 21 minute ago

    People are such pussy's. Over 35 years on tv and one of the best hockey minds in the business. Nobody can explain thing better then don. The way he said things and how he said them where as good as gold. They are going to regret firing him. There are to many wimps in this world.

  • Tina
    Tina 22 minutes ago

    Would Don Cherry go into into one of his restaurants and say to the patrons "wear poppies"? I think not! GOOD RIDDANCE !

  • keyup2626
    keyup2626 23 minutes ago

    God help these little worms who go to university and hand over their intellect to leftist professors. In turn they get to pay thousands of dollars a year to walk away with brain full of marxist ideologies. ( not all of them of course) They then go into the real world where rainbows and unicorns don’t exist, the shock begins. Then deprogramming starts trying to bring them out of their safe spaces into reality. These universities do the kids a real disservice by bending their impressionable minds.

  • LomaLicious
    LomaLicious 23 minutes ago

    The comments here are disgusting - i hope your channel goes down!

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 23 minutes ago

    Ezra explain how cherry would know if some one who is wearing or not wearing a poppy their immigration status . Probably skin color. Unless cherry went to each person not wearing a puppy and asked . Not sure of the weather in missasaga but I waer my poppy on my shirt then for the short trips out inadvertently cover it with a coat . Did cherry consider that ? Question you have avoided !

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 24 minutes ago

    Pakistan’s are bad news , end of

  • Dean Parsons
    Dean Parsons 24 minutes ago

    I think she’s mad because she couldn’t get a white boy when she was young .so now she hates them all LOL what a ridiculous human being. The social sucks, let’s see if she gets fired for what she has said is a lot worse than Don Cherry ever said and I’m not a big fan of Don Cherry. But he’s a better man than she is.

  • L KS
    L KS 24 minutes ago

    Any white who has the nerve to squeak about ‘white privilege’ needs to be told firmly they are talking for themselves only. No doubt they will go about their merry way completely oblivious to the thousands of white men women and children around them who are by no means privileged! They are stuck in their own little progressive bubble world and need to get out and about more and open their eyes. They are soooo stupid!

  • Peaky_Blinder
    Peaky_Blinder 25 minutes ago

    That's just for white folks with lots of money. You couldn't emigrate to Australia without a huge CV and a fat bank account. Now millions are in the country without even identity let alone legal documents. White folks are banned. But by the looks of things I wouldn't want to be there anyway.

  • Skyosh
    Skyosh 25 minutes ago

    Deport all of the Muslims out of the West. It's simple.

  • anne darling
    anne darling 26 minutes ago

    OMG - if somebody said black boy grrrrr

  • xxdarkslayer lord
    xxdarkslayer lord 26 minutes ago

    Don't those protestors know Sessions has freedom of speech whether they like it or not?

  • Alan Amarok
    Alan Amarok 27 minutes ago

    Bell Media and CTV, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! I will never, EVER do business with them again.

  • enginekid88
    enginekid88 27 minutes ago

    Just now Roger Stone was found guilty on all charges by a jury. I find it so astounding him and Manafort go to jail but not a single Democrat even gets investigated, nevermind indicted, despite all their obvious lies and corruption.

  • Is402831
    Is402831 27 minutes ago

    good job David...that lady at the end she has just been steeped in Marxist 'Social Justice'

  • Oliver Wade
    Oliver Wade 28 minutes ago

    The UK establishment protect Islam and Muslims from all criticism and scrutiny and enforce de facto sharia blasphemy laws, it’s becoming more and more obvious to anyone paying attention every day.

  • rose swan
    rose swan 28 minutes ago

    White privilege omg! She os crazy

  • Hawkco B
    Hawkco B 28 minutes ago

    Fak the CBC and Sportsnet! Support Don 100%. He said nothing wrong but the leftist Libtard snowflakes are making their point by making something out of nothing. Libs are destroying freedom of speech.

  • Aly C
    Aly C 29 minutes ago

    This is appalling especially after the humboldt broncos bus crash. This is so racist and stereotypical

  • Jonathan Monkman
    Jonathan Monkman 29 minutes ago

    This is the 8th video in my RU-clip search results when I specifically search it's title "Greta Thunberg and her handlers run from questions in Edmonton! | Keean Bexte"

  • Can Trait
    Can Trait 30 minutes ago

    It's incredible how White Canadian women have lost their white identity. Homeschool your girls or they will end up like these was minded. self hating white women. It's also incredible how the non white girls have not accepted hating their race. Good on them, they are Canada's futute

  • Ruby Tat
    Ruby Tat 30 minutes ago

    Woke cult

  • R4nd0mN0b0dy
    R4nd0mN0b0dy 32 minutes ago

    Who ever let him into this country should be on trial with him.

  • CanadianLoveKnot
    CanadianLoveKnot 32 minutes ago

    7:15 and here she comes...7:50

  • flat eman
    flat eman 32 minutes ago

    Well these privileged white woman who got the audience tickets entered via the main door so it take it all those of colour where queuing around the back

  • Independence In Mind
    Independence In Mind 33 minutes ago

    Socialism will always fail.

  • Cool Explorations
    Cool Explorations 33 minutes ago

    I am a blogger and RU-clipr. I have also been a Canucks fan since I was little. I shall be writing them a letter about this, I have brought it up in my blog as well as my channel, not as a dedicated focus, but about censorship in general. This is a clear case of censorship.

  • surpraga
    surpraga 34 minutes ago

    #ZEROFANSINTHESTANDS, vote with your wallets folks.

  • forfar4fife5
    forfar4fife5 35 minutes ago

    Imagine if the bbc and the MSM outlets had to prove everything they said!!!

  • Pal VB
    Pal VB 36 minutes ago

    The govt loves "diversity", it gives license to oppress YOU more, even though the fault lies with THEIR policies on unbridled immigration.

  • Zesty Comps
    Zesty Comps 36 minutes ago

    How off-putting that voice alone? Good thing she's a lesbian. Imagine being married to that...

  • DmaxHd
    DmaxHd 36 minutes ago

    As soon as she said University , I knew where this was going .

    DEUS VULT 37 minutes ago

    A bunch of far left lunatics trying to make some jokes

  • bimmjim
    bimmjim 37 minutes ago

    *STOP GOING TO HOCKEY GAMES* .. FFS Get woke, go broke. Send this message.

  • Canadian Civilian
    Canadian Civilian 37 minutes ago

    Everyone knows the democrats were the founders of the KKK, and it was the democrats who fought for segregation through the whole civil rights movement.

  • mvaranda1000
    mvaranda1000 37 minutes ago

    Journalism = Leftwing Political Activism

  • D DLedge
    D DLedge 39 minutes ago

    The old lady at the end is completely racist. She truly believes its her job to speak up/protect them lowly blacks that are sooo helpless....The hard bigotry of low exceptions shines with every fiber of her....

  • Flambo One
    Flambo One 39 minutes ago

    What age do we live in??? I think it directly related to the “tolerance” of “soft” drug use. I just can not come up with another reason.

  • Frosttouched
    Frosttouched 40 minutes ago

    Rogers and Sportsnet are left-wing bullies. Everyone take your signs to any and every game.

  • Pal VB
    Pal VB 40 minutes ago

    The pendulum swings to one side, then first slowly, and then violently, in the opposite direction. Europe in for troubled times, and sadly, self-inflicted

  • bimmjim
    bimmjim 40 minutes ago

    Simplify your sign. *Don Cherry 👍*

  • Odin
    Odin 40 minutes ago

    What an idiot rant ! All these losers in the crowd clapping to this?! what if you replaced white hockey players with black basketball PLAYERS?! there would be riots in the streets. Ugly Disgusting lesbian !

  • quik604silver
    quik604silver 40 minutes ago

    No wonder the NCAA is going to start paying athletes to go to school.

  • julius ceasar
    julius ceasar 41 minute ago

    Thanks for the 7.11 of reality your show gets me motivated for the day.

  • Stephen .Wells
    Stephen .Wells 41 minute ago

    Taqqiya in full swing there. Lying bastards. Well done Tommy Robinson.

  • Patricia Sarto
    Patricia Sarto 41 minute ago

    Pathetic girl😩

  • miro y
    miro y 41 minute ago

    rockfellers are paying her, there is video " over a barrel " where there is shown that rockfellers are main sponsors of fight against alberta's oil

  • James Pawson
    James Pawson 41 minute ago

    I didn't know Canada has it's own pathetic version of a pathetic american show, The View-- and our own wannabe Joy Behar, I guess.

  • Jinzo195
    Jinzo195 42 minutes ago

    My god Robinson is a freaking hero. Seriously.

  • Rick S
    Rick S 42 minutes ago

    Snowflakes University keeps producing globalist left-wing political correctness snowflakes. Time to dismantle our educational system and start over. Time to get back to basics, reading, writing and arithmetic.

    DANNY LAWSON 43 minutes ago

    I applaud your commentary. Keep it up.

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka Cola 43 minutes ago

    The police charge people not the government, if they wanted to charge the guy with terrorism the police decide not trudeau, you people arnt really dumb enough to believe this stuff are you?

  • matsranch
    matsranch 44 minutes ago

    Right on Ezra!

  • Mikero
    Mikero 44 minutes ago

    Wait... PEOPLE LIKE ME!?

  • Vivien Bailey
    Vivien Bailey 44 minutes ago

    What a load of BS. Poor Tommy. The justice system just want to wreck him mentally and financially. It's like a rottweiler with a bone. They just won't let it go. God Bless you all for helping Tommy. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍💕💕

  • Mr. Pearl
    Mr. Pearl 45 minutes ago

    Poppies are a symbol of hate, his sign was hatespeech and he should apologize for ever making it, and should lose his job!! Is what they're going to say!!

  • miro y
    miro y 45 minutes ago

    I LOVE GRETA!!! i want to see her in saudi arabia !!! tell saudis in the FACE !!!

  • Alan Amarok
    Alan Amarok 45 minutes ago

    Look at some of these women! They haven't been laid in decades.

  • Alan Amarok
    Alan Amarok 47 minutes ago

    White male privilege= another Cultural Marxist term meant to divide Canadians.

  • Livin Gunk
    Livin Gunk 47 minutes ago

    All environmentalists will burn in hell forever. Praise Jesus😃

  • Amanda Hudson
    Amanda Hudson 47 minutes ago

    Rogers ... hypocrisy? Never! lol The group that owns the Leafs and pushes them onto all of Canada, showing total disregard for all other Canadian teams? And when they do show the other teams, don't blink because you'll miss the coverage. Or they'll show go on and on about an incident or (non-Leaf) game if it can be shown in a negative light. What is Hockey Night In Canada really? Hockey Night In Toronto. Hockey isn't supposed to mix with politics but in this case, it's purely political and Cherry's views don't align with theirs, or their Liberal agenda, so they put him under the microscope and the second they see something they can pounce on, out he goes. Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was a set-up to oust him. I'm one of those who signed the petition and I think everyone should. If not for the love of our country's hockey icon, then for our own freedoms, which are slowly but surely being taken away, as politics takes over sports.

  • thetribber
    thetribber 48 minutes ago

    So, "you people" = bad, but "

  • Dennis Bell
    Dennis Bell 48 minutes ago

    So she is a nobody.

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 49 minutes ago

    Only Fascists want to take away Freedom of Speech.