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The Magic Baton
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DR Big Band // Ny sæson
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DR Koncerthuset fylder 10 år
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River // DR PigeKoret
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  • István Veres
    István Veres 59 minutes ago

    4:45 my raid leader after ten wipe in the fist phase

  • Aussie Jed
    Aussie Jed Hour ago

    That opening... someone knows the story of House Reyne.

  • kourtourafi
    kourtourafi Hour ago

    You see, in this world, there's two kinds of people, my friend; those with loaded guns and those who dig... you dig.

  • michel rougier
    michel rougier Hour ago

    Bravo à ce magnifique orchestre symphonique pour cette prestation exceptionnelle...un vrai régal pour les oreilles et pour les yeux...👍💕👍💕

  • serkan gulal
    serkan gulal 2 hours ago

    4:30 Enter MetallicA!!!!

  • LG ferreira
    LG ferreira 3 hours ago


  • Damián games5447
    Damián games5447 4 hours ago


  • Akhil parmar
    Akhil parmar 4 hours ago

    Dont stare at me yokel.

  • Alessandro Vincitore

    Это просто супер!!! Ахуительно!!!

  • Klaus Brinck
    Klaus Brinck 5 hours ago

    From a time when it was hard work to make a soundtrack, even for the small budget films... Her voice is so strong, she fills the whole opera with ease! The world is full of exceptional singers, but the least have also a strong voice... WE listen just to the recording, but everybody in there could hear her clear and loud without amplification.

  • John C
    John C 5 hours ago

    Why add so much vibrato ! I couldn't listen to half this mess :'(

  • manster587
    manster587 5 hours ago

    dam she is good

  • Anderson Antônio
    Anderson Antônio 6 hours ago

    This is a great Song

  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong 6 hours ago

    Ahh, the days when I would walk to my friends house. We’d hop into co-op on Legendary difficulty. Seems like yesterday that we were climbing into scarab crabs then elegantly jumping out as it exploded in the background. To many memories...

  • it just doesn't matter jp


  • it just doesn't matter jp


  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong 7 hours ago

    *GOD DAM*

  • Sam Milbauer
    Sam Milbauer 7 hours ago


  • Marina Ívina :3
    Marina Ívina :3 7 hours ago

    played this to my dog it is now a horse.

  • Emilson Carlos
    Emilson Carlos 7 hours ago


  • Barry Schlesinger
    Barry Schlesinger 8 hours ago

    VERY COOL The Danish got it!

  • BlueSharkBoy434
    BlueSharkBoy434 8 hours ago

    Since the actors are much older now, they should definitely remake the scenes where DeNiro and a certain someone are mature men

  • Jim Acheson
    Jim Acheson 8 hours ago

    Wonderful. Thanks for posting

  • FranzvAssissi
    FranzvAssissi 8 hours ago

    I' ve never haerd better than this. It' s nearly te same like the orign

  • TheCellistAuthor
    TheCellistAuthor 9 hours ago

    this is the best GOT music I ever heard :)

  • Richie
    Richie 9 hours ago

    I would have loved to be there when they did the original recording of this music. But this is still absolutely awesome and beautiful and angelic. All the superlatives in the world.And more

  • Charlotte Zetapus Eng

    OMG i get the chillls

  • ApplesPapples
    ApplesPapples 10 hours ago

    Dear god, this video has a lot of views

  • Percy Prune MHDOIF and bars

    Is it just me or does that conductor look like one of Jim Benson's creations? (In the good sense that is.) This is what real music should be. FUN!

  • Treasure Cleare
    Treasure Cleare 10 hours ago

    I just love the Wild West way of life

  • Thomas Teinakore
    Thomas Teinakore 11 hours ago

    If the Lord of the rings heard this fella, mortal men would've got the whole bag.

  • Lonnie Ransom
    Lonnie Ransom 11 hours ago

    Outstanding group at it very best

  • Mohammad Matoori
    Mohammad Matoori 11 hours ago


  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid 12 hours ago

    01:41 What instrument do you play? You know, a metal chain.

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid 12 hours ago

    01:23 This guy has a cool desk job

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid 12 hours ago

    I hope each member of said orchestra knows how epic s/he is!

  • AJ Hubbell
    AJ Hubbell 12 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • Birry Sund
    Birry Sund 12 hours ago

    I could imagine myself playing Clint Eastwood in this movie ...

  • Uomo Zucca
    Uomo Zucca 12 hours ago

    "Giovanni Rota Rinaldi" (Alias: "Nino Rota") was the composer (Milan, 3 december 1911 - Rome, 10 april 1979) - it is very very sad that no mention is made of this!

  • rază de soare
    rază de soare 12 hours ago

    My adorable Sicily ...Amazing song,amazing accord s, amazing everything! I close my eyes and I found myself in a wonderful steps of Argentinian tango. Bravo ,million bravo... Love from Romania 🇷🇴

  • L'Ère Mythe
    L'Ère Mythe 12 hours ago

    My beard grew a beard listening to this

  • Smil3yJok3r
    Smil3yJok3r 12 hours ago

    God bless this masterpiece

  • Roberto RS Repres
    Roberto RS Repres 12 hours ago

    Great..... congratulations from brazil

  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 2 12 hours ago

    Am not a client Eastwood But I can feel this deep from my heart cuz I owned a lovely creature now she left me and I buried my hat into her grave Yes that was a horse

  • Apolo Cristian
    Apolo Cristian 13 hours ago

    Maravilhoso concerto. Imagino como os músicos conseguem não chorar enquanto tocam

  • Brahim DZ
    Brahim DZ 13 hours ago

    أحسن موسيقى وأحسن فيلم رأيته في حياتي.... هذا من جهة نظري الخاص

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid 13 hours ago

    02:32 the conductor smirks

  • Vishal Chauhan
    Vishal Chauhan 13 hours ago

    U all r amazing guys... You make a best music, voices u all did great job my heart will go on this music💕💕💞💘

  • Alyssa Testa
    Alyssa Testa 13 hours ago

    Is no one concerned at 8:38, there is a human being who hung himself right in front of camera? Anyone have answers!?

  • Tim Zimmert
    Tim Zimmert 13 hours ago

    SO scary.

  • BartiBike
    BartiBike 13 hours ago

    Fredo. You're my older brother and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever."

  • 2-BiG
    2-BiG 13 hours ago

    It's an old sicilian messege, it means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes..

  • mustangpauli
    mustangpauli 14 hours ago

    The guy playing the drum with his left hand and the melodica with his right at the same time really makes me feel like a lazy bum.

  • fstorky
    fstorky 14 hours ago

    very good version ,but not as good as Susana Rigacci and the maestero himself.

  • Sencer Bey
    Sencer Bey 14 hours ago

    OMG That is what ı want on movie soundtracks

  • Венера Господинова

    Pure perfection!

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano 14 hours ago

    this made me cry. I love Assassin's Creed so much, I can't explain all that it's done for me

  • Ritwik Chakraborty
    Ritwik Chakraborty 14 hours ago

    I ate a whole roasted pig while listing to this voice.

  • Zeynep Duragan
    Zeynep Duragan 14 hours ago

    Its amazing

  • Jimmy Baond
    Jimmy Baond 14 hours ago

    I have the sudden urge to play red dead redemption 2 right now

  • Soapy Soap
    Soapy Soap 15 hours ago

    "Father...Is it over?" "No, just press the replay button, my son"

  • Trent Simpson
    Trent Simpson 15 hours ago

    “The Auditore are not dead. I’m still here. ME! Ezio! Ezio Auditore.”

  • Marumama Myumei
    Marumama Myumei 15 hours ago

    Why the thumbnail gave me spongebob vibes?

  • Wizardino1
    Wizardino1 15 hours ago

    ебаные бесы. все.

  • Alfredo Urrabieta
    Alfredo Urrabieta 15 hours ago

    Me encantaaa!!

  • José Miguel Gutiérrez

    por que un tio ahorcado ? no tiene sentido,

  • ยุวเรศ ผาสุข

    Don’t forget Lee Van Cleef, he was also a legend. Love the movie and the song.

  • ยุวเรศ ผาสุข

    We can fight, we can fight, love the movie and the song.

  • ยุวเรศ ผาสุข

    I’ve watched the movie at least three times even it’s quite long.

  • Robert Wong
    Robert Wong 16 hours ago

    she is a multi talented lady, she can sing, she can whistle, she can wa.wa. Wow! Just amazing.

  • Sydvestjyden
    Sydvestjyden 18 hours ago

    Hvor er pigekorets egen version - uden denne amatør, som ikke engang kan synge rent ?

  • ابو محمد
    ابو محمد 18 hours ago

    جميلة 👍

  • PetronelkaXD
    PetronelkaXD 18 hours ago

    3:11 Some of the choir singers have house Stark's direwolf necklace. :)

  • Naseef Bin Salim
    Naseef Bin Salim 18 hours ago

    7:51 : MIND BLOWN

  • AmericanIdiot
    AmericanIdiot 18 hours ago

    This is still giving me hardcore nostalgia even though I play Halo almost every day.

  • B Zoramthara
    B Zoramthara 18 hours ago


  • InvisibleMan95
    InvisibleMan95 18 hours ago

    I'll never forget the time I played this game for the first time. The intro ends and this beautiful theme starts playing, simply perfect.

  • Arisdana Sutardhi
    Arisdana Sutardhi 19 hours ago

    almost all METALLICA fans know this song... METALLICA always use this song as the opening song for their live concert from 1980 until now... the exact part is minute 2:40 until 4:30..... yes, that GREAT METALLICA... the One and the Only...

  • Dwiyan
    Dwiyan 19 hours ago

    I didn't notice that tywin lannister can sing

  • Tui Là Moni
    Tui Là Moni 19 hours ago

    there is a guy in creative mode at 1:59?

  • Birdy
    Birdy 19 hours ago

    This music could be more enjoyable if they're not clapping

  • Birry Sund
    Birry Sund 20 hours ago

    This orchestra band is awesome it makes my hair stand at the back of my neck....! And the film good bad and the ugly flashing through my mind... awesome !

  • Mary Luzille Mirabiles

    Am I the only one who is not that angry with game of thrones ending. I mean it's not what you wanted and what you expected but I understand it. Wrong is wrong even if it looks really good. And in this life there is no certainty it is a happy ending. So is the GOT. Everything is nice and etc. But afterall it'll be life.

  • MultiMusicfan99
    MultiMusicfan99 20 hours ago

    The tendency to drag on some pieces is difficult to overcome. Thank you, Sarah, for resisting this as much as possible! Wonderful rendition from an accomplished professional!

  • 가람
    가람 20 hours ago

    So amazing. Hope LOTR and Hobbit fans find this video.

  • David Fjellman
    David Fjellman 20 hours ago

    You seriously thought that a hobbit could contented with the will of Sauron? There is none who can.

  • recardo diaz
    recardo diaz 21 hour ago

    x 1.25 you re welcome.

  • Daniel Gavet
    Daniel Gavet 21 hour ago

    The Stark theme will never die. Thank you Ramin 🙌🏾

    MOHD NOR 21 hour ago

    Too much instruments played in one song.

  • Daniel Gavet
    Daniel Gavet 21 hour ago


  • Miguel Felipe Calo
    Miguel Felipe Calo 21 hour ago

    This man's voice is where Adele is rolling in.

  • Birdy
    Birdy 21 hour ago

    I played this to may cat. What did you expect? Change to horse?

  • BigBullfrog77
    BigBullfrog77 21 hour ago

    I was clean shaven when I started to play this.

  • Joosep Christensen
    Joosep Christensen 22 hours ago

    The most beautiful melody ever, and at this point, am I happy to be from Denmark.

  • heinzbruno1
    heinzbruno1 22 hours ago

    There are 586 thumb-downs of people without a heart!

  • Joppe
    Joppe 22 hours ago

    Am i the only one getting cold shivers?


    Belle caucasienne.

  • MsMondbluemchen月の花

    i am fascinating of this brilliant work. You can see how the conductress put her heart and soul into it.

  • Cliente Promedio

    Can some Mod RED DEAD REDEMPTION on PC when it comes out... to play this song when you ride far!?