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What's in my Tech Bag 2019
Views 37K4 months ago
What's on my iPhone XS Max!
Views 48K10 months ago
Bose Sleepbuds: Do They Work?
Views 575K11 months ago
LG V40: YouTubers REACT!
Views 29K11 months ago


  • Zahangir Munshi
    Zahangir Munshi 46 minutes ago

    Oh is it?

  • White Star Productions

    Now I look *aesthetic*

  • K I 3 L T
    K I 3 L T Hour ago

    Watching this on my note 9...not that big difference

  • Damion Sean
    Damion Sean 6 hours ago

    Why did you say that shouldn't but it?

  • Robbie Fazle
    Robbie Fazle 8 hours ago

    Urbane is still the best LG Smartwatch.

  • Cerebella
    Cerebella 10 hours ago

    Somewhat strange that a kpop group just sponsored this phone, yep, that's an actual thing.

  • Maaz Patel
    Maaz Patel 12 hours ago

    I just heard matt display and thought fuck that

  • Celeste Johnson
    Celeste Johnson 13 hours ago

    Why would anyone buy a Galaxy Note 10 over a note 9? The only reason I can think of is an obsession with cellphones. The Note 10 has been downgraded; it doesn't have all that the Note 9 has. It's really not worth buying a Note 10+ over a Note 9. Real talk!!!

  • TheDigitalcrack
    TheDigitalcrack 14 hours ago

    I just brought this watch today thanks to this video. I know I’m late to the party but I got mine for $280 total. This was a great deal in my opinion for such a great looking watch. Love the steel versions of the g shocks.

  • Ruslan Kirienko
    Ruslan Kirienko 15 hours ago


  • Johnny Bartz
    Johnny Bartz 16 hours ago

    FallBrook, California

  • No
    No 17 hours ago

    RU-clip video is too compressed to show off the difference..

  • Thales Braga
    Thales Braga 17 hours ago

    Outdated video already... We need comparison with iPhone 11 now ;-)

  • IQ's RedGlasses
    IQ's RedGlasses 17 hours ago

    Great insight 👍🏽 Yeah, Note 11 with a "different" camera sensor should bring the needed improvements

    ZAHIDA KHATTAK 18 hours ago


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 18 hours ago

    Wooow note 10 win

  • B33N N00R
    B33N N00R 19 hours ago

    The fact that it was sponsored by Qualcomm, I knew it was gonna hype up the S9 for no absolutely reason.

  • Giovanni Pacanza
    Giovanni Pacanza 20 hours ago

    thanks, Danny! It inspires me.. check my newly uploaded video and don't laugh haha... I need more practice.

  • Romie Evangelista
    Romie Evangelista 21 hour ago

    Wow Galaxy Note 9 did ALL of these?😱

  • ydneht alamuk
    ydneht alamuk 21 hour ago

    Of course Note 9...bec most of features of Note 10+ can find in Note 9...with half of prices too

  • Joshua Ng Xuan
    Joshua Ng Xuan 23 hours ago

    sick video bro

  • wiwastudios
    wiwastudios 23 hours ago

    do you know if its possible to play your own gif or mp4 on the spot device? Thx for any help.

  • Ron Aday
    Ron Aday Day ago

    My two hobbies; PC builds and aquariums. Now I can do both! :)

  • pierce yu
    pierce yu Day ago

    After having both phones on hand, I could say that in low light, the S10e is shit compared to XR. But nonetheless, I prefer the S10e overall

  • Jordan Fischer

    Note 10 looks better

  • Fosso Farelle
    Fosso Farelle Day ago

    I think i will go for the note 9.i love the features n size

  • ankit kumar
    ankit kumar Day ago

    Watching on Note 9. Using for 1 year Perfect phone ever used. No any lag or heat.

  • Melisza J
    Melisza J Day ago

    Ur review is da best!!!!!!

  • 『Alt-F4』
    『Alt-F4』 Day ago

    This phone is seriously tempting now that the Note 10 line is out there and its confirmed Samsung have now fully abandoned the headphone jack.

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar Day ago

    Danny Winget do you need a samsung smartthing hub for all your smart devices or no

  • Renee MacD
    Renee MacD Day ago

    Love the trash can 😍. Can you tell us about the Delta Voiceiq faucet? Thanks!

  • Mehdi Berrekkal

    Hello can someone tell me about the thermal performance i know it runs hot but does it affect performance ? Thanks

  • Sungho Park
    Sungho Park Day ago

    Samsung produces.. smartphone, Electronics, semiconductor, Automobile, ships, LNG ships also, Tank, and even they Built highest buildings in the world (burj Dubai, Taiei 101, Petronas twin tower)

  • Coafura De Prinţesa

    whats with the eyebrows? something happen ,some experiment perhaps...hmmmm

  • Noé Osvaldo Razo Hernández

    keepin my note 9

  • Ricerous
    Ricerous Day ago

    Note 9 and S9 family have all gain a lot of software updates from Samsung and big improvements in terms of the camera and system UI smoothness.

  • mrflipmode
    mrflipmode Day ago

    Could someone please advise me if this phone is good for recording live concerts and handling noise well - thanks

  • TheSSHR
    TheSSHR Day ago

    My note9 have very good battery life, i use my phone heavy thru day and i think that battery life is one of best pluses on note 9.I turned off many background processes of aplications that i dont use often, and i switch off gps because i realy dont need it for every day phone using.I was thinking to replace it with note 10+ but decide not to, because i will miss headphones 3.5mm plug.

  • Atanu Biswas
    Atanu Biswas Day ago

    Samsung always . For all 😍

  • Atanu Biswas
    Atanu Biswas Day ago

    Awesome video man really appreciate 😍

  • Dominic Hill
    Dominic Hill Day ago

    Battery life has definitely taken a hit over time with aging and the one ui pie update. But still a pretty good battery. Much cheaper to buy a power pack than a new phone

  • A.
    A. Day ago

    Sony's trademark Acoustic Surface Audio™ has been thankfully highlighted in your great video presentation at 4:00 time. Being an eternal Sony TV's owner, that exclusive "built in" audio upgrade is the deal breaker for all competition out there. Thumbs up for the review, and will let you know the results when my Sony A8F arrives home...

  • ammar zuhdi
    ammar zuhdi Day ago

    I upgrade from note5 to note9, for me Note9 is already a Beast, I will wait until Note 12 and see is it worth to upgrade, my note 9 just dont have wide view camera..that all.. yeahh im jelous, but for me it still note worth to upgrade note10 plus 😁

  • Love Production


  • M7Kk
    M7Kk Day ago

    Why are people saying the cameras on oneplus 7 pro are mediocre when this footage looking epic?

    • Usmc B15
      Usmc B15 16 hours ago

      iphone owners I guess

  • Ciana James
    Ciana James Day ago

    yes i concur with battery life and i am sick of the s pens breaking.

  • Samiul Sajjad
    Samiul Sajjad Day ago

    Harambe at 3:35

  • Juliette Niner

    4-5 sec delay for Nest Doorbell? You have to be kidding, the delay is ungodly long. By the time someone drives in my driveway, gets out of the car, walks to the door and they are inside I get an indication. I have have 5 other cameras and 75Mbps Internet. Great video though good job, wish Noon had Ceiling fan control, I might purchase then.

  • Nam3less
    Nam3less Day ago

    Gosh I did have a OnePlus device back in the days when their SW team was really bad. Now I am torn between the S10 and this. If the S10 in our country came with SD, I would go for that but since the SD version crushes the Exynos version in everything I am not sure what to do lol.

  • Tom & Jerry
    Tom & Jerry 2 days ago

    Watching from a50🙂🙂🙂

  • Crypto Jihadi
    Crypto Jihadi 2 days ago

    Absolute shit advice. Got the note 10 plus. And absolutely love it. So much better than my Note 9. Note 10 has the same screen size as the 9 but form size of the S10. Was going to get the note 10 but realized I'm so used to the massive phone size of the note 9 I might as well get the larger screen and bigger battery

  • Kerwin
    Kerwin 2 days ago

    Who remembers the Note 9 video test from Danny?

  • Vincent Salamone
    Vincent Salamone 2 days ago

    You install a $50,000 Control4 system and put in some bullshit Simplisafe alarm system....hahaha

  • blacksonne19
    blacksonne19 2 days ago

    The 9 wowed me same as the S10 5g , but the note 10 is just blah. Where's the 48mp shooter? The 5500mah battery? Nothing to wow. I'll keep my N9 n wait fo the Galaxy s115g.

  • M.
    M. 2 days ago

    The V40 is better to me.

  • DigitalRanger
    DigitalRanger 2 days ago

    What the hell is the 7th hole for? FIve cameras plus one flash equals six holes. It has seven.

    • DigitalRanger
      DigitalRanger Day ago

      @TheJman I thought I had read that one of the cameras was used for a depth sensor.

    • TheJman
      TheJman 2 days ago

      Depth sensor. Strange how Nokia have missed out a telephoto lens. That's pretty much standard for most phones nowadays

  • jacintomauricio
    jacintomauricio 2 days ago

    Great video👍, Does the phone comes with the white girl😎

  • saC Shrestha
    saC Shrestha 2 days ago

    Nokia got bad support in nepal. Please consult me before buying. Its crazy. I wish they had taken it seriously.

  • Gunawan Wi
    Gunawan Wi 2 days ago

    Does it have equalizer setting in the music player?

  • Ix_Simo_xI
    Ix_Simo_xI 2 days ago

    iPhone XS Max is better with the mic audio quality. In the photos and videos, it seems to me very similar. And don't forget... iPhone XS Max = 2018 phone. Samsung Note 10+ = 2019 phone. I want to see the difference between the Note 10+ and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Mohnish Govind
    Mohnish Govind 2 days ago

    I 200% Agree.. Picked up the note 9- 512GB Variant with a 8GB RAM spec - FANTASTIC phone, kills NOTE 10 by all means + i get to keep the headphone jack... From the price point - NOTE 9 512GB was a win win by all means. Got literally everything + the neverending storage space. thx

  • Rameen Jamshed
    Rameen Jamshed 3 days ago

    Is it good for programmers and security analyst?

  • marcus reynolds
    marcus reynolds 3 days ago

    Lol wired charging u can get full charge in an hour with a factory charger on the note 9

  • Raffi Allamsyah
    Raffi Allamsyah 3 days ago

    Asliiii mulus bgt samsung s10e 😍

  • junior akintola
    junior akintola 3 days ago

    Am Skipping the Note 10, keeping the Note 9!

  • Ace Zamora
    Ace Zamora 3 days ago

    for example I do have my note 9 blue one. and had a replacement w/c is purple can i still use the stylus from my note 9 (blue) stylus? or there will be some changes? w/ the funtionality and usage?

  • w r
    w r 3 days ago

    Theyd be great if they had a motion detector in them to detect quality and time of sleep. Also the sounds should be customizable by the user.

  • Medstar1
    Medstar1 3 days ago

    I actually have both phones and they are beasts. Software and Pie updates have made the V40 cameras top of their game and the 5 cameras, video and audio capabilities are second to none. My T-mobile Note 9 finally made the transition to Pie with the addition of a night mode that really improves those low light and night shots. These are the best phones I've had the pleasure to own since the launch of the LG V20 which still performs well. I love trading between the Note and V40 for daily driver duties, As I do a lot of mobile photography, I enjoy the many options these devices offer when snapping pics or taking video. To even boost the photography game higher, both phones has the latest version of the Google Pixal 3 camera ported to them. Great phones, all.

  • necondaa
    necondaa 3 days ago

    I upgraded from the Note 9 to the Note 10+ simply because of the design & camera. No headphone jack doesn't bother me since I use the Galaxy Buds

  • Arslan Ahmed
    Arslan Ahmed 3 days ago

    there is no such thing as "too cool"

  • Keyitta Dawsey
    Keyitta Dawsey 3 days ago

    Watching on my Note 9

  • Kevin Aranas
    Kevin Aranas 3 days ago

    How about taking videos? Any advantage disadvantage?

  • Oscar Quezada
    Oscar Quezada 3 days ago

    Name of the first song?

  • cybertec69
    cybertec69 3 days ago

    Samlag and stutter, that's why I left "and those idiotic looking curved screens" them after the S7, the Note 4 was the best Note they ever made.

  • Pippin Nutkins
    Pippin Nutkins 3 days ago

    I'm so glad I saw your video. I've just won a Nokia PureView 9 and my initial elation turned bitter sweet when I saw how many negative reviews there were out there, but your balanced evaluation has given me hope. I won the phone through a Nokia photography competition, so photography is what I will be doing with it - most apps are just distractions for me, but the RAW photos on the Pureview look amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm currently on a Nokia 8, which suffered from similar negative reviews (it's not as good as the Lumia, they said), but if you know how to take a good photo, it will do wonders, and if you know how to use photo editing software with any degree of competence, photos can look amazing - when I see other reviewers complaining about the photos while snapping photos of their cats or shots out the window of their apartment....well, sure the photo doesn't look amazing....the subject matter stinks. Your review addresses most of these issues perfectly - thanks again.

  • Saket Shandilya
    Saket Shandilya 3 days ago

    Watching on my new note 9

  • David Izquierdo Gomez

    Nice video, thanks for it. How do you connect your macbook pro to your imac via the thunderbolt 2 dock?

  • Seba Pro Ledezma
    Seba Pro Ledezma 3 days ago

    Wich is the model or exactly name of the ram memory? And where should I buy it?

  • pim de Jager
    pim de Jager 3 days ago

    I love my s9, sadly i have anger issues : the back is destroyed, it's crooked (tried to break it..) and the screen cracked during the 2nd time I tried to break it, but it still works😄 🖖🏻

  • Sydical
    Sydical 3 days ago

    So you're saying we *shouldn't* buy this just because the camera isn't similar quality to a $4000 camera, the fingerprint sensor being "unreliable", and the flip camera being loud. Dontcha think you're being a little *too* picky?

    • Sydical
      Sydical 3 days ago

      @Danny Winget I mean, I spent about $200 on my A20 and am happy with all the features

    • Danny Winget
      Danny Winget 3 days ago

      $4000 or $400? 🤔

  • spartan2498
    spartan2498 3 days ago

    It's a fingerprint reader , it's not that responsive because you are using your thumb moron.

  • KodredCud
    KodredCud 3 days ago

    Got a Note 9 (upgraded from my S8+) last year and I think I'm happy with it.. lol Might not upgrade again until this one goes to shit

  • Chhen veha
    Chhen veha 3 days ago

    I'm watching this video on my note 10+ ,but i want to see someone else show the video about pro mode.

  • gray marmot
    gray marmot 3 days ago

    your boy is rockin jay dilla and bumpin gang starr ... all class. nice setup.

  • Syntax Error
    Syntax Error 3 days ago

    Great man, but please cut out that background noise crap! (Why are you PURPOSELY making your own video worse?). Distracting, tiring. I want to hear YOU, not some f-ng bells and random noise.

  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore 4 days ago

    Hey danny can i make software with this laptop ?

  • Maurice Ross
    Maurice Ross 4 days ago

    Note 9 512gb 🔥🔥🔥. Still running the same way. All day 🔋. Headphone jack and I have my whole screen. Lol.

  • DeVante Hudson
    DeVante Hudson 4 days ago

    The Amazon links don't seem to work anymore, any updated link?

  • musicluv80
    musicluv80 4 days ago

    Question, I just got an iphone 7 and it only has one dot in the front of the phone but other iphone 7 have two dots. Why is that? Just wondering if you knew?

  • tsimmons1974ts
    tsimmons1974ts 4 days ago

    J.DILLA in effect Bro !!!!

  • Micael Angeles
    Micael Angeles 4 days ago

    hhmmm, the camera tech is pretty solid but not as flexible as other camera systems on a phone. I think nokia should work on it a bit more, but what they did with nokia 9 seems a bit ahead of its time.

  • Jesus Alaniz
    Jesus Alaniz 4 days ago

    Note 10+ wins easy 😎😎

  • Matt Cali
    Matt Cali 4 days ago

    Thank You! Got my S9 3 days ago and I upgraded from my S8... I Love It!

  • jurrell hudson
    jurrell hudson 4 days ago

    can you do 4k 60fps without a time limit? because on the note 9 theres a five minute limit

    HARENDRA SINGH 4 days ago

    Note 10+

    TRYHARD HUNTER 4 days ago

    the camera is good but ruined by horrible compression. you need to use open camera for 100 to 200mbps to get the best benefit. idk why Samsung camera app does not even have high bit rate option. looks garbage

  • Cristi Cajal
    Cristi Cajal 4 days ago

    Los llaveros ya no tendran llaves pero tendran dispositivos

  • Samir Jhingran
    Samir Jhingran 4 days ago

    Most of the pics looked better on the Note 9. Thanks for the review now I can buy the Note 9 😍😍

  • Golan lavi
    Golan lavi 4 days ago

    Pretty pretty good 👌