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  • Anthony DiDomenico
    Anthony DiDomenico 12 minutes ago

    Next time on self cheerleader tries to keep up with football player

  • Nyzia Moha
    Nyzia Moha 26 minutes ago

    Iam sweating tooo much nd ididnt finish ithaught it was easy lol bt am dying

  • Natali Grgic
    Natali Grgic 33 minutes ago

    Selena has always been acting like she's the one who got bertrayed, hurt and so on. But in fact she's just a good actor to get attention and does stuff like this.

  • o k a y
    o k a y Hour ago

    i guess my type for guys is parkour instructors. good to know.

  • Light
    Light Hour ago

    ice hokey player tries to keep up with *speed skater* ...

  • Rodney Earnest
    Rodney Earnest 2 hours ago

    Go to

  • Yoanna Marinova
    Yoanna Marinova 2 hours ago

    When you don’t know what to comment but you finally know what🤣🤣🤣

  • lorien0
    lorien0 2 hours ago

    I'd love to see those kind of celebrations in hockey games 😄😄

  • AdmiralOddSock
    AdmiralOddSock 2 hours ago

    The fabulous Severus Snape!

  • Sebastian Gregory
    Sebastian Gregory 3 hours ago

    Now I want to watch the Riveters!

  • Trashh
    Trashh 3 hours ago

    I wanna punch that elliot in the face so much dude

  • J Z
    J Z 3 hours ago

    6:12 so gracefully said 😂😂😂

  • Pavlin Stanchev
    Pavlin Stanchev 3 hours ago

    Ivan can't leave his comfort zone........

  • Sebastian Gregory
    Sebastian Gregory 3 hours ago

    I enjoyed that way more than I thought I would. I can't skate to save my life, so... yeah.

  • JRD DoubleU
    JRD DoubleU 4 hours ago

    Wall incoming.

  • Alexis Porras
    Alexis Porras 4 hours ago

    12:58 that was smooth

  • v.gaven
    v.gaven 4 hours ago

    they put a break after the London bridges as if they can see me lying on the floor comatose after i do them hahaha

  • It's Probably the feds, but

    Now have them all do RB crushed ice track

    MAX ONE 4 hours ago


  • chill74
    chill74 5 hours ago

    I wonder if goalies would fair better as their skates are more like figure skates than "skater" skates

  • dunkl123
    dunkl123 5 hours ago

    Круть!!! Шапка Торпедо!!!

  • QuEsT X. BoXiNg
    QuEsT X. BoXiNg 5 hours ago

    This the racist who said that horrible stuff about about kobe huh ok well enjoy one less viewer of westworld

  • Buster475
    Buster475 5 hours ago

    I missed Ivo's F-bombs.

  • Jj Lloyd
    Jj Lloyd 6 hours ago

    I didn't know Brandon Rogers was a figure skater!

  • Jason Ass
    Jason Ass 7 hours ago

    Jessica Alba tips on how to stay the most beautiful and the most sexist women in the world

  • Csabi H
    Csabi H 7 hours ago

    This is my second day of eating clean.. Cravings are insane, sugar withdrawals are horrible, but i look down now at my belly and i hate it so it motivates me to keep pushing. I used to have a 6pack couple of years ago. I will get it back now, i would really appreciate your support. Keep hustling people! Give up the short term pleasures for the long term ones!

  • Bay Bee
    Bay Bee 8 hours ago

    Wow, God bless her! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • JF W
    JF W 8 hours ago

    I barely finished the warm up and I am on the floor reading comments while they go ahead. I need more determination and inspiration to continue this

  • Stratan T.
    Stratan T. 8 hours ago

    Ugly land whale🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Khiara Faith
    Khiara Faith 9 hours ago

    this is similar to what we call "Taebo"

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog 9 hours ago

    She needs to be sent to a camp to lose some weight

  • Mariana Saragi
    Mariana Saragi 10 hours ago

    They look having fun..

  • theCharlotte23
    theCharlotte23 10 hours ago

    Any other anaemics feeling faintish after almost every workout they do?? What can I do to stop that? I don’t workout on an empty stomach, and I drink a lot of water before, during and after each workout.

  • The Creole King
    The Creole King 10 hours ago

    Alright, Here we go!!! Round 2!! I hope I can make it past 10 minutes this time...

  • Vanlal Jayant
    Vanlal Jayant 10 hours ago

    When the coaches prepare to catch the girls 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jack Farrell
    Jack Farrell 11 hours ago

    Rock on girl

  • Givin Natanlie
    Givin Natanlie 12 hours ago

    9:39 Their form is a little different.. Naruto runs

  • Madeleine MIGNÉ
    Madeleine MIGNÉ 13 hours ago

    Cute and funny

  • Prosto Kekus
    Prosto Kekus 15 hours ago

    Опа,шапка Торпедо,уважительно уважаю

  • freedom
    freedom 15 hours ago

    love your workout it is heavy and makes me sweat please do more💚 thank you💜💜💜

  • Keallei
    Keallei 15 hours ago

    11:50 thanks for the laugh!

  • Örlogskapten
    Örlogskapten 16 hours ago

    Nichelle is so humble and I felt the most impressed by her performance no doubt

  • Rahul kumar
    Rahul kumar 17 hours ago

    I tried & I am Resting In Pieces RIP

  • Horse Power05
    Horse Power05 17 hours ago

    Francie don't worry Karma Works in many ways she keeps drinking and drugs the way she is her body will rejects the kidney I feel sorry for you giving it to someone that don't care

  • Korvus
    Korvus 17 hours ago

    My mom needs a new kidney 😭

  • big boy shrimp
    big boy shrimp 18 hours ago

    the marvel 2 in the back doe pogu

  • GingerWho9
    GingerWho9 18 hours ago

    6:29 best horror movie scream ever! haha.

  • Valeria Leon
    Valeria Leon 18 hours ago

    I have friends that go to Rutgers

  • Luiza Sampaio
    Luiza Sampaio 18 hours ago

    they were so graceful and sweet

  • Aurora Savage
    Aurora Savage 19 hours ago

    Me: wow I like how there all so skiny I wish I was like that Also me:eats tuffles hot wing flavor

  • GoldieSkies
    GoldieSkies 19 hours ago


  • Sol Paz
    Sol Paz 19 hours ago

    This workout almost made my heart pop out, great workout and going to keep doing this twice a week

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 20 hours ago

    15:08 Still better then Tom Wilson p.s Angela & Jen are adorable :)

  • Genecy Salas
    Genecy Salas 20 hours ago

    Yasssss. The girls did amazing ❤ They were so humble is cute.

  • garfield the cat
    garfield the cat 20 hours ago

    kk i’m dead

  • batner
    batner 20 hours ago

    the girly man is funny, all the women speak normally and he is over-acting like a drag queen.

  • TopClass Becca
    TopClass Becca 20 hours ago

    Amazing .. watching in 2020🙏🙌🏽

  • Jayc
    Jayc 20 hours ago

    6 minutes in and I’m already drenched in sweat great video highly recommend 💯👍🏼

  • danito1981
    danito1981 21 hour ago

    "It's really intimidating, it really is" yes! And wait until you start practicing inversions where you only have your legs holding you to the pole.

  • Xurai
    Xurai 21 hour ago

    1:44 i think one of them know about sticks

  • Ellua
    Ellua 22 hours ago

    Is no one talking about how they look like benders like srsly no hate tho but they have the lace around the skate and everything

  • Grimlock
    Grimlock 22 hours ago

    She’s a warrior...

  • Tyler
    Tyler 22 hours ago

    I could listen to Bulbul all day, so cute.

  • lalanders
    lalanders 22 hours ago

    I’m crying with her watching this. We ❤️ u Sarah

  • Music
    Music 22 hours ago

    Gymnastics: Classical music Parkour: Jazz

  • ElSnowman
    ElSnowman 22 hours ago

    Angela is actually really good for a first time player

  • ciara enright
    ciara enright 22 hours ago

    tell me why elliot looks like brandon rogers

    NOTaVEGAN 23 hours ago

    I love how everyone has so much to say about their relationship when they only know so little.

  • Kim ._.
    Kim ._. 23 hours ago

    Why am I seeing footage of me, on my first year of hockey?

  • Aloisio Teixeira
    Aloisio Teixeira 23 hours ago


  • Gianni Conti
    Gianni Conti 23 hours ago

    This is the best beginners workout, love it!

  • Real Estt
    Real Estt 23 hours ago

    crossover sports are great because it shows the similarity and differences enlightening anyone interested!

  • Jason S
    Jason S Day ago

    They definitely got nice crossovers

  • Joe McCullough

    My wife is a talented figure skater who is curious how those hockey players would do with toe picks. Any chance we could see a reverse crossover?

    • Thomas Paglione
      Thomas Paglione 5 hours ago

      Joe McCullough the toepick is a major advantage of figure skates not a hinderance.

  • maddie_ ida
    maddie_ ida Day ago

    They should do Hockey players try and keep up with Ringette players

  • Erik Markus
    Erik Markus Day ago

    the figure skater guy (trying hard to be a lady even more than the ladies) was faking his skating so much! he flips and flops about without ever actually falling... he got way, way more control than the goofery he puts on....

  • Jazzling Pie
    Jazzling Pie Day ago

    This is just too adorable I can’t-

  • Andrew Royer
    Andrew Royer Day ago

    Hi Amy! Can I ask what kind of stretches I should do before this workout? Should I do the warmup, stretch, then the workout? Also, I love this workout!

  • EnterGaming
    EnterGaming Day ago

    חברי הישראלים שצופים בזה, קוראים לה בולבול😂😂😂 לייק מי שהצליח לקרוא

  • Ryder Mastin
    Ryder Mastin Day ago

    I love the devils logo on the boards Let's go devils

    • Aston martin
      Aston martin 10 hours ago

      I dont like the devils but Scott Steven's was a legend

  • xxx ooo
    xxx ooo Day ago

    what if her future child she talks about needs a kidney? or her mom she loves so much?

  • c. isabelle
    c. isabelle Day ago

    Elliot was really sweet, just you’re go lucky ray of sunshine person ❤️

  • Shaheen Farman

    Very motivating thx

  • Veronica V
    Veronica V Day ago

    She has a really big heart. But living with one kidney is not a joke and I bet Selena could get a kidney with all her money on black market or smth

  • Duncan lance oliver

    everyone misses a big failing of this in no area of life other then in a world of gym is gymnastics skill ever in any need parkour more so other then for a form of excerise gymnastic is a useless job if your getting paid to do it and you doing it isnt in any way helping other i honestly find you to be a boring waste of space infact most everything to do with sports isnt improving as we get along in time its just the gear used is getting better but the skills not at all we know most everything gymnastics can teach mankind i feel money could be spent in other areas of life

  • Zoe Meier
    Zoe Meier Day ago

    Someone needs to do this with dancers...people are way too quick to call it easy

  • Amirul Amin
    Amirul Amin Day ago

    Wow.. how greatest parkour crew vs gymnastics. And also honored between 2 different kind of sport. But as we know. Gymnastics is about precise,perfect,pain. While parkour is comfort,raw,effort,will(crew) hehehehe.. best of all

  • Stony
    Stony Day ago

    The girls look so stiff and unbalanced doing parkour

  • Lusya xx
    Lusya xx Day ago

    the instructor sounds exactly like that blind girl

  • Sid Zee
    Sid Zee Day ago

    She Is so beautiful I kept watching her through out this video

  • Kami 1
    Kami 1 Day ago

    Ivo, you are soo czech, haha :) :)

  • James Rundzieher

    You’ll notice how the dude/girl thing beat all the girls at everything. Which just goes to show this is why sports should not be co-Ed

  • Andrew Knutson

    Hey, I know Nichelle! Played with her for years down here in Huntsville, AL.

  • Edgar Kusasira

    Worked for me

  • Gulshat Turyszhan

    Bulbul is so cute

  • christopher gillig

    She's so sweet, I wish the best for her..

  • KukA
    KukA Day ago

    Оппа. Азиатка

  • Burn With Fire

    *Damien Walters would like to know your location*

  • razor10 :P
    razor10 :P Day ago

    Try football players try to do soccer player runs! In soccer you run a lot!

  • Extraterrestrial Horse

    Anyone here after her Kobe Bryant tweet?