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  • Ball Baby
    Ball Baby 19 minutes ago

    When the guard runs outside at 3:10 the "ghost singing" is still goin on once he makes it outside. Lol the ghost follow him? Was scary till he messed up an left the audio still play when he goes outside. Why he didnt edit that out who knows

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate 20 minutes ago

    Isn’t the thumbnail from the movie “VHS”?

  • Crown Clown
    Crown Clown 23 minutes ago

    What happened to the 4chan video

  • cloudLoco
    cloudLoco 30 minutes ago

    Your number countdown sound sounds like that creature from Star Wars Ep III that Obi-Wan rides.

  • Margaret Kennedy
    Margaret Kennedy 42 minutes ago

    Orbs at 5:28

  • rnakaveli
    rnakaveli 51 minute ago

    Lmaooo you can see someone covered in black behind the scarecrow

  • Coos Bay Oregon Wildlife
    Coos Bay Oregon Wildlife 52 minutes ago

    Filmed this freakish cloud anomaly while walking with a friend, I showed it to a few friends who all agreed it's extremely strange

  • TheMalevolentSpoon
    TheMalevolentSpoon 53 minutes ago

    I like how the first one isn't even a creature. When you get the close-up of it running right at them you can see it's just a dude in shorts with glowing red goggles or something. And then the close-up of it on the cliff you can tell it's just a dude and not some creature

  • laptopcommando
    laptopcommando Hour ago

    If any of these are fakes, then they're well done fakes. Creepy either way.

  • PrincessLuigi
    PrincessLuigi Hour ago

    Okay, these are very obviously fake, but cool nevertheless!

  • Jake of All Trades

    There’s a phone on my floor. Must be a ghost.

  • Melissa Braden
    Melissa Braden Hour ago

    Welcome back Sir.

  • fossils fabe
    fossils fabe Hour ago

    That's a seriously big wolf. The dire wolf was not taller or longer than the timber wolf, but it was something like 25% more massive. Just like this black wolf...

  • Rigoberto Leal
    Rigoberto Leal Hour ago

    9:54 He had some white Balenciaga shoes, the perfect outfit for ocultism.

  • A. Bazai
    A. Bazai Hour ago

    Ok now knock 4 times..?? Ghost goes f**k u i dont have time for that shit..!!

  • Wendy Hocker
    Wendy Hocker Hour ago

    Number 5 is pretty scary. Actually spooked this jaded horror fan!

  • David L curry
    David L curry Hour ago

    the CREPPY PUPETT HEAD Takes the CAKE of all of the Videos on this list!!! & First one Spooks Is WORSE eww !!!

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC Hour ago

    Sir Spooks: don't watch alone. Me: precedes to watch alone in the dark, full screen and wearing headphones.

  • Lionel Tsinajinnie

    You do you boo

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 2 hours ago

    The last one could be a pervert/child molester/pedophile in a costume getting a eye full of a shirtless/braless girl. Plus, midgets have that same walk.

  • Jockey
    Jockey 2 hours ago

    number 12, don't worry that's just my girlfriend sneaking out to see her another boyfriend, hehe it hurts :')

  • LadyDutchess
    LadyDutchess 2 hours ago

    #7 not a ghost it's a witch

  • linda godsey
    linda godsey 2 hours ago

    #5 It's a kid with a horrible mother (probably single mother), that needs to feed her kid,.

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 2 hours ago

    The creature at 4:23 is clearly Gollum, folks. ;-)

  • Toysvill TV Studios
    Toysvill TV Studios 2 hours ago

    That last video scared us so much!!! O.O Plus, We had the lights on ans it's STILL SCARY!!!

  • Cal Hood
    Cal Hood 2 hours ago

    Just info, The right way you read c in pocong is not like C for 'Copy' but sounds like C in 'Chop' 😁

  • The Aubé
    The Aubé 2 hours ago

    19 look at the shadow on the wheelchair

  • Armando Nevaez
    Armando Nevaez 2 hours ago

    Wtf that was like 2ft of water how did he Dr own

  • country collapse
    country collapse 3 hours ago

    Sam an dean Winchester will get that lady in white

  • RedRUM 25
    RedRUM 25 3 hours ago


  • Montana Stevens
    Montana Stevens 3 hours ago

    I watch this by my self 😱

  • country collapse
    country collapse 3 hours ago

    Only 2 gay guys would call HEY out to it what couple queers

  • tsuchikagesan
    tsuchikagesan 3 hours ago

    hahahahaha cause ghosts totally have samsung phones laying around 😂😂😂

    MOBILE COLLEGE 3 hours ago

    Where have you been sir?

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 3 hours ago

    I just subscribed. I can't get enough hauntings in my life. If that wheelchair was pushed, it wouldn't be able to miss the column or round the curve so smoothly. It's moving at a steady pace. A push would be fast at 1st, then it would slow down. If it was the wind, why didn't the others wheelchairs move?

  • Izzy Rose
    Izzy Rose 3 hours ago

    Hi! Welcome to the safe room! All it costs is to read this comment :) We have: Food Water Block chargers Free wifi A spa Heat Air conditioning Candy Clothes Blankets Beds And free iPhone 11's! <3 Have a good day!

  • Adam Stepaniuk
    Adam Stepaniuk 3 hours ago

    video 2, that's just the spooky organ man.

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 3 hours ago

    5 Ghost videos I'm now going to watch in the dark, on full screen, wearing my headphones. That way, I'll feel closer to the spookiness. It doesn't look like anyone on Tik Tok is smart enough to create an elaborate hoax.

  • Elizabeth gannet63
    Elizabeth gannet63 3 hours ago

    first and third LOOK absolutely convincing

  • toree williver
    toree williver 4 hours ago

    If you look at the shadow Before the figure is visible I see something that looks like hair bouncing when it takes a step.

  • Levi Mobile
    Levi Mobile 4 hours ago

    The creepy mask in the case.....the orb movement was crazy. The orbs lined up perfectly with the activity. Who would want something like that in their house anyways?!?! 😳

  • Darky
    Darky 4 hours ago

    2:29 if im wrong correct me (politely). isn't that how your body can sense when someone is watching you sleep? that explains why some of us wake up late at night and then go back to sleep again.

  • Jahaira Zavala
    Jahaira Zavala 4 hours ago

    Sounds similar to my name lol.

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell 4 hours ago

    Chills, this amazing channel & Nuke’s too 5’s are my favourite creepy video channels to watch when I’m high AF from that ganja.

  • P Geee
    P Geee 4 hours ago

    Finally man, a video that really gave me a scare

  • Judah Jackson
    Judah Jackson 4 hours ago

    In the Prison one there is a clear as day lady in white standing on the left side THE WHOLE TIME.

  • Brenda Bermea
    Brenda Bermea 4 hours ago

    1:56 you can see his/her hand

  • Steve
    Steve 4 hours ago

    The first dude was just afk cause he went to go eat chips

  • Blazer
    Blazer 4 hours ago

    Number six was a skin walker

  • Emily Caitlynn
    Emily Caitlynn 4 hours ago

    i don’t know. that kid didn’t seem to be bothered by their let being pulled.

    YUNG SHAGGER 4 hours ago

    Nah you're not taking a break a ghost found it's way to haunt you

  • Cine Dave
    Cine Dave 4 hours ago

    #6 is the weakest as it looks like a person with different colored pants and jacket

  • that one emo kid
    that one emo kid 4 hours ago

    When she says am I pretty now Say so-so

  • Grace Quinto
    Grace Quinto 4 hours ago

    No hate but these weren’t as scary as expected..

  • nelle Johnson
    nelle Johnson 4 hours ago

    This shit sucks

  • Ernest Walden
    Ernest Walden 4 hours ago

    The last one was Awsome. Looked very real. The others not so real☺🇺🇸

  • Sheree Hardin
    Sheree Hardin 5 hours ago

    None of this is scarier than my dad yelling at me. #20 Alien: I just want the fire I'm cold. #16 lol no fortnite dancing what kind of kids are these? #15 is a nose monster. #11 is yeeting on LSD. Btw I've had an encounter with a shadow spider. #10 is Doby #9 is screaming cuz it is having a seizure to its flashing light party. #6 Dude the speed of the naked man is not human. A crackhead monster. #5 fake #4 dang she darted like a bullet after it! #3 Oh no it's the butt licker chupa cu.... #2 this dude legit locked himself in a supposedly haunted mansion👍 I have too much fun doin this👆

  • Stephen Haviland
    Stephen Haviland 5 hours ago

    The wheelchair is just tired of fatties sitting on it..rolled out 😀

  • Niamh Baszyl
    Niamh Baszyl 5 hours ago

    My auto speach thing just said sirs boobs hahaha.

  • cali4nia luv
    cali4nia luv 5 hours ago

    the last vid with the baby... creepy hand! and I also notice she is being pulled by someone inside 7:35

  • cali4nia luv
    cali4nia luv 5 hours ago

    the only scary about the first vid is that the girl asked for her video to go viral. ugh...

  • execution17
    execution17 5 hours ago

    On number one you can see that hand grab the kids wrist at 8:33

  • Kenjhee
    Kenjhee 5 hours ago

    I initially thought #3 was just a stealth fighter like the F-117, but then I remembered all the mass sightings of V-shaped UFOs. They are shaped just like the letter V, and always with 5 lights. F-117 has a more complex shape. Also, they don't seem to make any noise. Fighter jets are quite loud.

  • Michael cc
    Michael cc 5 hours ago

    If someone broke into someplace to flush a shit they left that day must have been a hanger that wouldn't flush that day.

  • psychowolf guin
    psychowolf guin 6 hours ago

    If you see a something in white and it is tied in three diffrint places up of the head the wast and the feet and any where you see it do not be afrad of if legends says if you huge it tiet and untie it it will give your famly good luk and it is called the pocong and you will become a filthy rich person and it only comes at night and it will not stop following you if you do not huge it.

  • Adil Parvez
    Adil Parvez 6 hours ago

    Looks like ghost also started robbery so should we call ghost busters or police

    RAY MACHEN 6 hours ago

    When the shadow is walking across behind the girl there is something else that pops up in the right corner just before the shadow reaches that area. So what was that????(AT THE 1:34 MARK)

  • the Thrift store Cowboy

    Mountain Dew. So bad, even ghosts hate it.

  • Two Dog
    Two Dog 6 hours ago

    Everything looks like a ghost if filmed through a used condom

  • Francy Lopez
    Francy Lopez 6 hours ago

    I want ur voice scary

  • John Smitherson
    John Smitherson 6 hours ago

    Who the hell put a ventriloquist in a display?

  • Leangela Zetouna
    Leangela Zetouna 6 hours ago


  • Fernaizha Seymore
    Fernaizha Seymore 6 hours ago

    Love your vids watch you all the time 💯❤

  • M.j. Stos
    M.j. Stos 6 hours ago

    In the Gettysburg video it looks like a young boy crawling along the floor before moving himself into a sitting position to peek around. Then he gets up and runs away towards the trees, almost like he's running for his life.

  • Huge Horsecok
    Huge Horsecok 6 hours ago

    bravo sir

  • Amethyst_Dawn
    Amethyst_Dawn 6 hours ago

    I watch these kinds of videos for fun to see if any of them are actually scary... I was SO not prepared for that last one! That's a lot of NOPE, even if it is from r/NoSleep.

  • William Bourque
    William Bourque 6 hours ago

    Last one was the only one I'd consider "real". The rest were easily fakeable.

  • Clara Explorer
    Clara Explorer 6 hours ago

    There is someone at the back of the scarecrow... Look closely

  • jules wins
    jules wins 6 hours ago

    Chapel - Bad acting. Swing - Monofilament fishing line; it’s invisible from a distance. Guy on road - More bad acting and a mask. Dog - He’s looking at the light, nothing else. Cliff - Maybe ...

  • Tres Harris
    Tres Harris 6 hours ago

    Wheelchairs are kinda like sail boats guys the wind can blow an the backpiece turn to a mast of source and wheels are wheels sooo

  • aron mialen
    aron mialen 6 hours ago

    I watch alone im not scared

  • Flor Alcantar
    Flor Alcantar 6 hours ago

    I very much enjoy this video. I love learning different CULTURES! Keep up good work!!! Thank u.

  • optimus Transformer
    optimus Transformer 6 hours ago

    Lol, I recently had a dream in which wheelchairs were moving own their own on road.

  • Ginger S
    Ginger S 6 hours ago

    Spooks u deserve a break

  • Rachael Oneill
    Rachael Oneill 6 hours ago

    Hi sir spooks I just want to say I love your videos that you comment some of them scare me I look forward to your next videos so thank you

  • Ashton Runte
    Ashton Runte 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else see whenever they Shined the Light on the window you can't see through it it was just all black

  • ZS 15
    ZS 15 6 hours ago

    No 17 - Could those kids have found a creepier fucking forest to play in!! 👻👻👻

  • M G
    M G 7 hours ago

    All garbage

  • Jackson Miles Davis
    Jackson Miles Davis 7 hours ago

    #12 is cute

  • Carl Peters
    Carl Peters 7 hours ago

    It seems that a video is suspect anytime it shows a recording made off of a monitor instead of off the original source. If it was my channel I think I would stop using those whenever possible. There are just far too many ways to hoax them.

  • juwaria tariq
    juwaria tariq 7 hours ago

    This is the best thing to watch after a bad day

  • lul dekaale
    lul dekaale 7 hours ago

    5:35 just a normal door what falls shut at a certain point

  • Renos Kous.
    Renos Kous. 7 hours ago

    *Nr5* Great !!! The guy saw an axe with *real blood* on it and *touched* it !!! What a wanker !!! And *Jeff* said was seen , but i didnt see his ! i tried 3 time , i paused id by the time the cameraman said *SHIT* , i didnt spot Jeff *ANYWHERE* !!! *nr2* Sallys little sister wearing a *jeffmask* scared Sally & her Daddy !!!

  • Cindy Witter
    Cindy Witter 8 hours ago

    Can’t see a thing on the 2nd video.

  • мσσиу ѕєиραι

    15:05 “Nrr”

  • Renos Kous.
    Renos Kous. 8 hours ago

    On video *nr1* you didnt put again in slow motion to see what they thought was *Jeff* ! You do it with other vids !!!!

  • Ventertaining
    Ventertaining 8 hours ago

    The video that starts at 15:39 was part of some viral marketing for some film in Louisiana it’s like a b movie I can’t remember the name but I was obsessed with this video and somehow I tracked down that story never did see the movie

  • Sloth Boi
    Sloth Boi 8 hours ago

    Sir spooks: “Don’t watch alone” Me: watches alone

  • Mats F.
    Mats F. 8 hours ago

    The clown mask part is so made up cmon...and the blurry movie of the so called woman with the open mouth, that looks like a broken tree, and because of the blurry image it looks like a face.

  • weedyscissors 1128
    weedyscissors 1128 8 hours ago

    Thank you for the great videos. Im sorry that RU-clip is making it so hard for good channels to keep making the content we as viewers want .thanks for the hard work you put into making videos.