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  • Widukind von Teutoburg


  • snehashis brahma
    snehashis brahma 3 hours ago

    Please do make a video on other cities of Canada and New Zealand

  • juan alberto lopez leon

    Expedia hagan si o si de la ciudad blanca de Arequipa uff tiene mucho que ofrecer Saludos

  • Dunny2k
    Dunny2k 4 hours ago

    Video already got more views than your recent lame American destinations. This is the kind of content we want Expedia.

  • Shelly Leit
    Shelly Leit 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know what ruins those are at the 0:07 point?

  • Jeremy Ksor
    Jeremy Ksor 6 hours ago

    I’m Montagnard live in USA I will visit Mexico City soon.

  • Mr. Perfectionist
    Mr. Perfectionist 6 hours ago

    Mark this date 2026 Feb 1. I will be in Iceland.

  • Emma Mohring
    Emma Mohring 6 hours ago

    1:17 is that a nazi symbol??

  • Mèrry Em
    Mèrry Em 6 hours ago

    I'm coming to you from Morroco to SF

  • Bahia Chaaibi
    Bahia Chaaibi 7 hours ago

    First of it great video and nice narration. And would you please stop arguing about the narrator s accent. It is more important to visit boston on youtube than give silly comments about the accent. Anyway he is an american like everybody here. Thx

  • Stew L
    Stew L 7 hours ago

    OJ Sim. Simpson's ex wife did not die in vain!!

  • Stew L
    Stew L 7 hours ago

    The G. I

  • Maria Quendal
    Maria Quendal 8 hours ago

    Rio is very Nice place,I love the beaches ❤️🤩

  • Ben Luecken
    Ben Luecken 8 hours ago

    I'm going there this summer and I couldn't be more excited!

  • BusyBeeRika
    BusyBeeRika 8 hours ago


  • Pratik Chaudhari
    Pratik Chaudhari 13 hours ago

    Truly, last statement won my heart. Canada has everything from lush green forest to snow clad mountains. In short, Canada has nature in it's pristine form. Love Canada from India ❤🙂

  • Prince Sai
    Prince Sai 13 hours ago

    I love Auckland😍

    SHQIPTAR GOTA 15 hours ago


  • Stu Revelle
    Stu Revelle 15 hours ago

    As a one-time uk based yachtie, I have sailed many times to Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney. I think Guernsey and Jersey have very different atmospheres from each other and both are equally delightful. Alderney, on the other hand is where I'd go to find peace and solitude to recharge the batteries. Nice video ... btw, at 6.03 "... all the *MORE* sweeter"??

  • Tagreed Yaseen
    Tagreed Yaseen 16 hours ago

    l love you yosemite ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • goauld88
    goauld88 17 hours ago

    I want to go to there.

  • ManuAlvarado22
    ManuAlvarado22 17 hours ago

    Holy meow, I'm literally crying. Why am I crying?

  • Doha Mosa
    Doha Mosa 18 hours ago

    أكو عرب هنا

  • Tom
    Tom 19 hours ago

    Does anyone have experience with traveling in Jordan during Ramadan? Are there enough restaurants open during the day? Are the tourist attractions just open?

  • فىمي موسى
    فىمي موسى 20 hours ago


  • Yip Lay Choo
    Yip Lay Choo 21 hour ago

    It looks so peaceful.

  • Shahnewaz Md. Sunvee

    People who are saying its their dream to live there or they envy living there, truth is living in New York is actually not fun and ofcourse not easy, and definitely not enjoyable. It is one of the most expensive city on earth, and life is harsh if are not a millionaire. renting a small apartment is as costly as buying a big house elsewhere. plus the lifestyle is very busy, unlike many cities, u practically will not get any time for relax or for ur family if u are working-class people. If you can make it to new york, u can make it anywhere else. Leading a decent life in New York is very difficult compared to other advanced cities or countries. Cities in other states and cities in Canada is far better than New York. But its nice to visit there. thats it. New York is over-rated because its home to some of the world's largest financial institutes. I dont think starting a new life in New York is a good idea. Europe and Canada is wayy better.

  • vikash kumar
    vikash kumar 22 hours ago

    Singapore is very beautiful place for traveling I love Singapore but most like India

  • nury chavez
    nury chavez 23 hours ago

    Please make an rhode island video

  • Elena Angelini

    San Francisco is a wonderfull city!I have San Francisco in my Heart,since I was a little baby and I lived here.Greetings light to all

  • Arthur Rubiera

    Please do a video on New Zealand.

    • Expedia
      Expedia 8 hours ago

      Hi Arthur! We love the Kiwis too, and have made several videos on New Zealand cities. We certainly plan to go back and cover more of the Land of the Long White Cloud, so stay tuned! For now please enjoy these: Auckland - ru-clip.com/video/LMyyu1bydFI/video.html Dunedin - ru-clip.com/video/bQz5RmKFdeE/video.html Queenstown - ru-clip.com/video/rGKf1NhtJ1o/video.html Rotorua - ru-clip.com/video/uv8mfsCZXRw/video.html Taranaki - ru-clip.com/video/NXK2AwfE3-0/video.html Wellington - ru-clip.com/video/IVZSbrSX-Do/video.html

  • Frederick Lim
    Frederick Lim Day ago

    The hotels shown are good, very good. But when I was at the four seasons and look at this. I am so glad I bite the bullet and went with four seasons over water bungalow.

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu Day ago

    Have travelled the world and think Bora Bora is the best. St Regis and Four Seasons are awesome! But mosquitos are issues in Papeete...highly recommend Tahiti in general though!

  • Anthony Roderick

    Very informative!

  • crayton2004
    crayton2004 Day ago

    These videos are nice.What do you use for editing? Hehe

    GK WINNER Day ago

    when are you covering nepal?

  • Karma Lepcha
    Karma Lepcha Day ago

    Please make video of switzerland cities also

  • John Holst
    John Holst Day ago

    It's an hour from my house. There really is a lot to do in Busan!

  • Kumar Krishnam

    Please please please make a travel guide for INDIA ( Asia )

  • Rob Buglass
    Rob Buglass Day ago

    Great content , thanks

  • TheJonGlasses3245

    Anyone know the background music?

  • soilwack
    soilwack Day ago

    im from here very great ciry

  • Your food addiction

    I loved Fiji when I visited 😍

  • Apostle David Dzege

    I like travelling there for missionary purpose, but funds had been the hindrance and barriers but wishing an open door

  • Hasan ayyad
    Hasan ayyad Day ago

    it is a really really bad experience to use expedia

  • Querencia.tv
    Querencia.tv Day ago

    Whats up! we just stumbled over your channel and really like your videos. 👍 We are traveling very much, maybe you'd also like to explore our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well 🌴 So lets inspire one another. Enjoy your amazing day, and keep up the awesome work! 😊

  • De U
    De U Day ago


  • Springview2011

    I just came back from a holiday on Madeira and I'm already missing it.

  • Timotai Natural Travels TV

    Good 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷👍☺️🤗

  • Vikki G
    Vikki G Day ago

    I please request to everyone round the globe...Subscribe to this channel and watch its extraordinary videos...they are so relaxing and peaceful to our mind...Expedia people are really working hard to show us the whole world and we could see the world by sitting at one place...their picturization and music for each and every video is something extraordinary, beautiful, excellent, amazing and awesome.

  • tally xh
    tally xh Day ago

    I love this soundtrack! What's the title?

  • Brittany Hope
    Brittany Hope Day ago

    Think you mean CAT-LINS coast, not Caitlin. Love a Dunedinite x

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago

    One day ill own a house on the sunshine coast when i become famous with my acting career

  • Shekhar Biswas


  • David Earley
    David Earley 2 days ago

    Dublin makes me want to enjoy beer again heeell yeah

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh 2 days ago

    Sydney is indeed one of most beautiful place in the world

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 2 days ago

    You won't be boreda boreda in Bora Bora!!!! 🤩

  • Dinga Zidanga
    Dinga Zidanga 2 days ago

    I like all very mch

    RAHARIMALALA Tinah 2 days ago


  • ohlalajeckostar
    ohlalajeckostar 2 days ago

    I spent 5 full days in Macau just walking around the historic center and only rode the bus when I went to Taipa and Coloane. I didn't even explore the casinos but I never got bored with all the historic buildings, unique museums and of course the Sino-Portuguese creole food. 🤗 Dear Expedia I think you should make a full video travel guide for Macau.

  • Dev Hajare
    Dev Hajare 2 days ago

    I love there peoples happy face

  • Howi Howard
    Howi Howard 2 days ago

    God created such an amazing world.

  • Stevon MC
    Stevon MC 2 days ago

    Macao>>>>>>>>>>>>Hongkong 😄

  • Luisita M
    Luisita M 2 days ago

    Proud to live in New York👍

  • PhamTrongLuong
    PhamTrongLuong 2 days ago

    Let's make travel guide

  • Aloha Traveler
    Aloha Traveler 2 days ago

    Amazing video aloha from kauai

  • Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen 2 days ago

    It's fun to be there my friend is going there with his family is going too there

  • Juan silva
    Juan silva 2 days ago

    I live in Oslo and I can honestly say that I have been in Berlin at least 60 times. Safe to say I love Berlin.

  • CB Bikes UK
    CB Bikes UK 2 days ago

    Its bloody windy though

  • Mike Brindle
    Mike Brindle 2 days ago

    0:00 - 0:02 I'm disconnected

  • MrCantstandliberals

    i love these expedia videos

  • MrAnderson3123
    MrAnderson3123 2 days ago

    Anyone know where I can find this music

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 2 days ago

    Short and sweet. I like it

  • Ross Guo
    Ross Guo 2 days ago

    After unification, Macao is developing fast while HK is gradually descending to madness

    • Man文叔
      Man文叔 Day ago

      And How does 99% come out? Or have you been cheated by the media again?Show the evidence , thank you

    • Man文叔
      Man文叔 Day ago

      EnnesX Have you even read the law of China ? or just believe what The media told you without thinking ? Show me The Chinese law : RU-clip is not for Chinese people , plz

    • EnnesX
      EnnesX 2 days ago

      No, HK is waking up to the fact that you guys never had sincere intentions towards them, that a billion people really have fallen for a propaganda machine, and that an entire summer of peaceful protest falls on deaf ears. Macau is also not 'developing fast'. For 99% of foreigners it will basically resemble a gambling version of HK. Second of all, you shouldn't even be here. If you support the mainland Chinese government then why are you not respecting their law? RU-clip is not for Chinese people, and this is not according to us, it is according to you.

    • Delta United
      Delta United 2 days ago

      It’s ok, Winnie the Pooh can’t hurt you

  • jx mohin
    jx mohin 2 days ago


  • Yuri Esmeralda Gonzalez Ovando

    . 🌸🌸 🌸🌸 🌸🌺🌺🌸🌺🌺🌸 🌸🌺💖💖💖🌺🌸 🌸🌺💖💏💖🌺🌸 🌸🌺💖💖🌺🌸 🌸🌺🌺🌺🌸 🌸🌺🌸 🌸

  • Setu Tv
    Setu Tv 2 days ago

    *Nice সুন্দর একটি ভিডিও*

  • Setu Tv
    Setu Tv 2 days ago

    *সুন্দর একটি ভিডিও Nice*

  • 슈퍼신Supershins

    서울사람보다 더 잘안다 ㅋㅋ

  • AnSonn xtv
    AnSonn xtv 2 days ago

    Great coverage of a lovely city .Thanks Expedia .

  • Rafael de laPuente
    Rafael de laPuente 2 days ago

    Es un auténtico paraíso....!!!!!!!

  • Play GT
    Play GT 2 days ago

    The Alaska from South America

  • Sarah Widodo :D
    Sarah Widodo :D 2 days ago

    I went there on the June holidays it was really cool

  • Rajesh Sharma
    Rajesh Sharma 2 days ago

    i have always dreamt to live in the big apple

  • Riris Sinaga
    Riris Sinaga 2 days ago

    I just went back from stockholm and because I keep thinking how beautiful and wonderful stockholm there is way I watch this video. Anyway I stayed 1 day at Raddison Blu Viking hotel and Raddison Blu Waterfront for couple days. Hopefully one day I can come back again to this country.

  • Lidia Están
    Lidia Están 2 days ago

    For Spanish students of English: withstood = resistió sieges = asedios staunchly stands = resiste incondicionalmente looms high = se cierne en lo alto limestone ridge = risco de piedra caliza light fingered = de "dedo fácil" (mangante) treats = golosinas thwarted = frustrado, desbaratado (plan) gunpowder = pólvora hold off = mantener a raya ever since = desde entonces backdrop = escenario de fondo

    AMIT KUMAR 3 days ago


  • Binkey Morales
    Binkey Morales 3 days ago

    I search this because our ship is going yo Nagasaki and then I saw our ship in the video COSTA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle 3 days ago

    what's the background music?

  • Sirchi Medina
    Sirchi Medina 3 days ago

    I’m always deep sea fishing in Monterrey

  • The Ultra Boy
    The Ultra Boy 3 days ago

    Fiji is a top 1 happy countries

  • Toni A.
    Toni A. 3 days ago

    Going there next week! Looking forward to 7 days of paradise.

  • Peter Freeman
    Peter Freeman 3 days ago

    I wish I had'nt seen this video. I need to get back to Vancouver and Whistler tomorrow. Anybody know how to rob a Bank and not get caught????

  • Samuel Wyner
    Samuel Wyner 3 days ago

    One day!!

  • Angie y Antonio
    Angie y Antonio 3 days ago

    We love Expedia travel guide videos. Great Video! We created a 7 video playlist about French Polynesia in our Spanish channel. We explained how we booked all hotels with credit card points and all the activities we did! We love Expedia mobile App too!

  • Michael
    Michael 3 days ago


  • Michael
    Michael 3 days ago

    Я люблю Saint Petersburg, I really really want to go to❤️❤️❤️😍 Я Chinese from California

  • Taylor Woods
    Taylor Woods 3 days ago

    proud to be a resident of this beautiful place!

  • M F
    M F 3 days ago

    Budapest has such beautiful architecture! I would love to visit in person someday!

  • Dulcemujer Sousa
    Dulcemujer Sousa 3 days ago

    He sounds so Arabic lol but video is interesting