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Memorial Day Parade 1987
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Rope swing - Joe
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Rope Swing Ella high 2
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Rope swing
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Cuba - Flamenco
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Advent Garden 2013
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Winter stream
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Aquatic grass
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Hopkin's Stream
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Smalls Falls June 2013
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Moxie Bald
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Winter stream
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Snake Attack
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Diamond DA-40
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Landing- Fredrick
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MMC - outdoors
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MMC- take 1
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Zip line - Oregon
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Frozen Bass
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Davis Pond Ice Skating
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Davis Pond ice-skating
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Davis pond skating
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4-leaf Clover
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Crab snacking on a fish
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Blue-staining Bolete
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Irene wind
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Flying Pond
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Maine Peepers
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crocus timelapse
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IMG 0435
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Stirling engine
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isu graduation
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Boston or Bust
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Mute Apricot - July 1998
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By Land and by Sea
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Bending trees
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Bolts - Foxy Lady - 1994
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Slave Labor
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Camp Paradox - Mark
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Joe's Adventure-Claymation
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Elizabeth & Ardella - 1969
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CP- Explorers hike
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Sword Fight
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Claymation - Snake
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Paradox 2
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At the Bar
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Mt. Jo - Adirondacks
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  • Taylor Hobbs
    Taylor Hobbs 2 months ago

    I love this video. Ive been fishing cyberts pond and hopkins stream by canoe since late eighties. Very special place. Nothing like getting in a canoe at cyberts and taking Hopkins all the way down to taylor pond.

  • AlexRaymond207
    AlexRaymond207 4 months ago

    Those are not peepers unfortunately...

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 4 months ago


  • jamesabg
    jamesabg Year ago

    I cover a plastic blue batting helmet with a light application of vegetable oil. Black flys are attracted to blue. I’ve found this better than a net as it takes them out of commission rather than swarming around you.

  • Angele Leaptrot
    Angele Leaptrot 2 years ago

    I love, love, love this Jim! Thank you.

  • Hattie M.
    Hattie M. 2 years ago

    I wish I had skated growing up.

  • im matt
    im matt 3 years ago

    wtf did I just watch

  • Joel Castellanos
    Joel Castellanos 3 years ago

    ole y oleeeee.

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 4 years ago

    fantastic. can you pls upload another hour of this!

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 5 years ago

    pure magic! thx for sharing!

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 6 years ago

    whoa, that's a great band in the background. that was live i guess?

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 6 years ago

    how utterly pleasant!

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 6 years ago

    wow, nice falls. i don't recall seeing this fall before? what's with that? isn't it amazing that this most analog of things (cascading water) can be captured in such a 'life-like' way by a digital image sensor and microphone. ah, but i miss the smell of the falls dampened air....

  • captainmurphy52
    captainmurphy52 6 years ago

    Is there something on my face?

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 7 years ago

    Too bad that they have to grow up. Really great insight into the mind of an intuitive naturalist.

  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman1234 8 years ago

    Will this work if you put a bowl of vegetable oil outside? I prefer the zap racket trick.

  • boltman111
    boltman111 9 years ago

    Very creative! Love the ending.