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let's C H I L L
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a C H I L L update
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  • Lexy Shade
    Lexy Shade 7 hours ago

    Daiya is trash and so is follow your heart

  • mimi미미
    mimi미미 13 hours ago

    waiting for my parents to tell me go vegan ...

  • Isabella Fornataro
    Isabella Fornataro 23 hours ago

    Am I a vegan, no Am I planning on becoming one, no Do I still spend my entire life watching these videos, yes

  • Rocket Garcia
    Rocket Garcia 2 days ago

    she’s busy

  • Rocket Garcia
    Rocket Garcia 2 days ago

    I am the exact same way when it comes to last minute school projects/ presentations

  • Molly LaBranche
    Molly LaBranche 2 days ago

    Cuff me boys 😂

  • Rocket Garcia
    Rocket Garcia 6 days ago

    Today I made a soyrizo & tofu scramble for breakfast & it was off the hook. I know it was basically double soy but listen the flavors were all there

  • A-подсолнечник

    10:00 sounds good but thats a C U R S E D M E A L

  • Imapov Soru
    Imapov Soru 8 days ago

    u r so sweet

  • becca summer
    becca summer 8 days ago

    yo fam and all I want you to know that if you get a Starbucks reusable cup they are all wrapped in plastic... the straw the cup and the lids are all wrapped in different boxes wrapped in plastic and then put in a plastic sleeve and then put in a cardboard box and if you get any other size then a venti they have to use a cup to measure your drink....... when I go to work I have to turn off my environmental brain when I go to work.... don't go to Starbucks if you really want lower your waste... its so bad

  • Rocket Garcia
    Rocket Garcia 8 days ago

    This is the perfect video

  • Wonda payne
    Wonda payne 8 days ago

    You pay just the app or is it a subscription?

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian 10 days ago

    Your vids are so good Emily😊😊😊😊

  • kc42291
    kc42291 10 days ago

    I’ve had a very troubled relationship with food for the past ten years... I recently started watching your videos because I’ve been slowly adapting to a plant based diet, and I don’t know what happened, but after watching a few, something clicked and I’ve been feeling so, SO much more at ease with food and my body... THANK YOU for being a rare example of someone with healthy eating habits and thank u for listening to my TED talk.

  • Arielle Zimmerman
    Arielle Zimmerman 11 days ago

    Be careful bc rice prepared at Mexican restaurants often contains lard or chicken broth!

  • blahblahmrjoe
    blahblahmrjoe 11 days ago

    8:53 cracks me up 😂😂 I’m primed for your kombucha tutorial

  • Cheyenne Hickey
    Cheyenne Hickey 14 days ago

    Your videos make me so happy dude!!! 🥺

  • Maryanna Mae Botto
    Maryanna Mae Botto 15 days ago

    i thought the loving hut cult was just in my town i had no idea it was a chain... im also scared but i want to try it

  • Andria Kirk
    Andria Kirk 17 days ago

    You have to put more sauce on the noodles and they turn into regular noodles !!

  • Ava Westerling
    Ava Westerling 18 days ago

    Wait you’re from around the Fresno area??? (Not to sound creepy) Same!

  • Molly LaBranche
    Molly LaBranche 18 days ago

    No oil? Dollar store/budget? I love your what I ate today’s!

  • Elizabeth Ford
    Elizabeth Ford 18 days ago

    thank u for existing

    • Elizabeth Ford
      Elizabeth Ford 18 days ago

      to clarify this comment, I am especially thankful that you are showing us ur journey because it is very relatable and inspiring 😊

  • Cheyenne Hickey
    Cheyenne Hickey 19 days ago

    EMILY. I LOVE YOUR DRY WONDERFUL HUMOR why isn’t your channel more popular you’re so amazing. I constantly binge watch your videos when I want to get happy. Ugh you’re 20/10 girl

  • Betsy only Right
    Betsy only Right 19 days ago

    I have a channel I want to be come vegan me and my family so we can be healthier you no I just don’t no how to do it or go about it Nd I want my kids to enjoy it

  • Bella
    Bella 19 days ago

    I’m loving these frequent uploads! Love your videos Emily! ❤️👍

  • Hunter
    Hunter 19 days ago

    Learning to make your own version of the prepackaged stuff you eat in a week is such a good idea, imma start doing that

  • Bam allama
    Bam allama 20 days ago

    You sound like you’re from the Bay Area lol

    MEGA NZ 21 day ago

    great ty

    MEGA NZ 21 day ago

    Excellent video emaily

  • Tayler Chertos
    Tayler Chertos 21 day ago

    I watched a video that said if you add more almonds to your almond milk, that you could make it thicker that way (???) I’ve never tried it but maybe it’ll help?? :)

  • Alina Egolf
    Alina Egolf 21 day ago

    your videos are the funniest ones in my sub box also I love your take on zero waste and just doing ur best u r great

  • spacey
    spacey 22 days ago

    That Reese's puff commercial was my favorite

  • Genesis Morgan
    Genesis Morgan 22 days ago

    Your sarcasm is unmatched love it lol.

  • MistakenMystery
    MistakenMystery 22 days ago

    How to ruin your health and always be hungry and tired on a vegan diet....

  • uploadingjess
    uploadingjess 22 days ago

    Love your videos and woo for trying to be more zero waste! But maybe selling stickers is not the best idea when talking about reducing waste?

  • Lizbeth Gonzalez
    Lizbeth Gonzalez 22 days ago

    This is amazing thank you💜

  • Warriorsfan293
    Warriorsfan293 23 days ago

    bliss balls should be a good snack !!

  • Eve
    Eve 23 days ago

    ""that cult be doin it guuud" lmao

  • Jamie Hurley
    Jamie Hurley 23 days ago

    Then God said: “Here I have given to you every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for you And to every wild animal of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving on the earth in which there is life, I have given all green vegetation for food.” And it was so

  • Adelaide Ross
    Adelaide Ross 23 days ago

    your videos are always so funny but for some reason this one had me dying laughing

  • Kylie Lip Clit
    Kylie Lip Clit 23 days ago

    the sodium in that sandwich whew chileeeee

  • Susan Melero-Tripp
    Susan Melero-Tripp 23 days ago

    I do love to see thought tops too.

  • Susan Melero-Tripp
    Susan Melero-Tripp 23 days ago

    I do love bright colors in plus sizes.

  • liz
    liz 23 days ago

    i’m LIVING for your ENERGY

  • Anna Blanchard
    Anna Blanchard 23 days ago

    omg I remember that reese's puffs commercial all too well

  • Charlotte Suszynski
    Charlotte Suszynski 24 days ago

    why does this whole commentary sound like an episode of interdimensional cable lol

  • TheSpacevilles
    TheSpacevilles 24 days ago

    You know Emily? You make me laugh, so I'm subscribing.

  • Lacey
    Lacey 24 days ago

    I love your videos so much! Never change!

  • Emma Senn
    Emma Senn 24 days ago

    love u queen

  • Charlotte Suszynski
    Charlotte Suszynski 24 days ago

    "I was gonna say dank and then i was like dont say dank and then i was like whatever i love myself" your commentary literally kills me

  • Isabelle Thompson
    Isabelle Thompson 24 days ago

    When you read out the peanut butter chocolate fudge I automatically thought of the ad, *then you said it and I felt our souls literally connect on a spiritual level* magical experience 10/10 would do again

  • Karina Visser
    Karina Visser 24 days ago

    If possible do you think you can try a vegan diabetic or low carb diet? I've been meaning to go full vegan but I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS/Insulin resistance and I'm feeling pretty defeated...

  • Karina Visser
    Karina Visser 24 days ago

    Great action plan! Very inspiring

  • just a lentil
    just a lentil 24 days ago

    Snazzy shirt

  • Nick H
    Nick H 24 days ago


  • Inès Cornet
    Inès Cornet 24 days ago

    The new haircut looks really really reaaaaally nice!!

  • Sofia Sofia
    Sofia Sofia 24 days ago


  • MoontyCrabNebula
    MoontyCrabNebula 24 days ago

    yo emily what do use to shave? I recently bought one of those safety razors like the type my nonno used to use. You know the ones where you just replace the blades. Saves on plastic because you don't have to buy those replaceable plastic heads or disposable razors. Also shaves my stubble better and it's cheaper too.

  • juliette zavala
    juliette zavala 24 days ago

    you were at que pasa at the end!! love that :p

  • Tiffany Gonzalez
    Tiffany Gonzalez 24 days ago

    For the Hippeas you can make roasted chickpeas and try to flavor them like the Hippeas!

  • jamiejars
    jamiejars 24 days ago

    Hey dude! I’ve been trying to do zero waste for a while now and the biggest thing for me is being prepared! So just kinda knowing what ur day looks like and being prepared with whatever zero waste gadgets u need. Also, using up whatever food I had and then restocking with more sustainable options so it wasn’t spending a ton of money all at once. Good luck!!!! (Ps had NO idea loving hut is owned by a cult I’m SHOOK. their food is incredible)

  • savannah addison
    savannah addison 24 days ago

    ok but why do restaurants run by cult owners taste better🥺 there’s a jehovah’s witness organic restaurant that slaps but everyone that works there is scary

    • emily ewing
      emily ewing 24 days ago

      i can feel the restaurant’s discomforting vibe from just reading this comment

  • Aaliyah Tillman
    Aaliyah Tillman 24 days ago

    Your videos make me so happy.. they’re just so chill 💛

  • Brieana Weybright
    Brieana Weybright 24 days ago

    HNNNGGGG I dream about Vegetarian House for like a month solid whenever I come home from a trip to San Jose!

  • Quinn Warrens
    Quinn Warrens 25 days ago

    Anyone else that there was 96% of your salt in that sandwich

  • The Vegan Wallflower

    *puts spices around the rim* *gives straw* :|

  • Lia F
    Lia F 25 days ago

    More tiktok content!!

  • Natalie Pillion
    Natalie Pillion 25 days ago

    i was just binging your vids yesterday love u

  • Madeline Lovdahl
    Madeline Lovdahl 25 days ago

    Bro u didn’t do it at all. U used hella single use plastic & didn’t do ANY “general” eco stuff come on at least stick to what u say ur gunna so! No single use plastics man!

  • Jumaana A
    Jumaana A 25 days ago

    Feminism is sitting thru all kinds of ironic ads for Emily cos we love women supporting women

  • Éloïse Chartrand
    Éloïse Chartrand 25 days ago

    Yo love the "in the jar" rap song :')

  • AJ S
    AJ S 25 days ago

    omg I hear you singing tierra whack

  • rebeca
    rebeca 25 days ago

    where is the place you got the mocha from?

  • Annaliese D
    Annaliese D 25 days ago

    That cult be doin it GOOD lol I agree loving hut is super tasty but like a lil creepy. And dude I've been having a bad couple of weeks but your videos always cheer me up THANK U

  • Gerolyn Matos
    Gerolyn Matos 25 days ago

    mad money girl 💰

  • Pi V
    Pi V 25 days ago

    my fave low waste snack idea IS homemade flatbread (litto just mix water, salt and flour until dough-y) and homemade guac/hummus <3

  • Liz Damouny
    Liz Damouny 25 days ago

    weird question...did you go to the paramore concert in mountain view last year?

  • tyler scott barnes
    tyler scott barnes 25 days ago

    THESE ARE THE BEST WHAT I EAT VIDEOS :') LOVE YOUR CHANNEL <3 im not crazy, just hyped :))

  • Rachel Hintze
    Rachel Hintze 25 days ago

    fuck i love your videos so much

  • Bianca Jingles
    Bianca Jingles 25 days ago

    Where did you get that reusable boba cup?! I’ve just been using a big mason jar and a glass boba straw 😌

  • Sierra Choyce
    Sierra Choyce 25 days ago

    next time you’re in san jose you HAVE TO GO to Golden Bamboo literally I used to live down the street from it and i would go literally multiple times a week it’s the best vegan place ever

  • Bella Macias
    Bella Macias 25 days ago

    Lol I like how cool and awkward u are

  • intoxicatedweeb
    intoxicatedweeb 25 days ago

    July 31 is my birthday👌🏻✨

  • Didi T.
    Didi T. 25 days ago

    The sodium in that avocado sandwich omg

  • Cleveraintit
    Cleveraintit 25 days ago

    But a good low waste snacc could be homemade kale chips popped into a reusable resealable bag or container

  • Savannah Youngberg
    Savannah Youngberg 25 days ago

    What chickpea salad recipe do you use?? It always sounds so good to me but I haven’t found a recipe that I like yet.

  • Cleveraintit
    Cleveraintit 25 days ago

    Lol at Emily thinking 8:30 is the “morning, morning” as someone that wakes up at 6:30 every morning I cackle 🥵

  • Fortuna
    Fortuna 25 days ago

    I need more content ahh

  • Joven Cueto
    Joven Cueto 25 days ago

    You're my favorite vsco girl

  • tany panda
    tany panda 25 days ago

    probably not, but that chinese restaurant reminded me of mama woks. :0

  • Johanna D
    Johanna D 25 days ago

    what do u use to line ur rubbish bins when u don’t get the bags from ur veggies?? this is a dilemma in my life

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 25 days ago

    I got 165 grams of protein today. Making all kinds of gains!

  • Megan Bondurant
    Megan Bondurant 25 days ago

    I live in SJ!! Vegetarian House is my fave! I treat myself pretty much every time I get paid.

  • Aimee Coleman
    Aimee Coleman 25 days ago

    It's strange that she beats herself up over the straw in the restaurant, when the food in the restaurant will doubtless have produced way more unrecyclable waste, and that she's happy about the cardboard containers, but they're plastic lined, and you can't recycle them. It's a shame cause she's clearly putting in a lot of effort, even making her own amlond milk, but she kinda doesn't know what produces more waste or what you have to do to reduce it -like packing travel-able snacks for the road instead of buying the chips and homous and other chips and sandwich. I don't wanna be harsh on her cause she did make an effort and did reduce her waste somewhat, but she should be aware of the basics, like eating out often causes a lot of waste that you just don't have to see, or that to reduce waste it's always a good idea to have plenty of food on you if you're traveling, or that one single straw isn't that much of a big deal, especially if you then take it home and cut it in two lengthwise before recycling it if it's recyclable. I'm so glad she's getting into this, so I hope she thinks about/looks up these things and keeps up the good effort :)

  • Lexi DeLorme
    Lexi DeLorme 25 days ago

    a good low waste snack is apple

  • Isabel Santos
    Isabel Santos 25 days ago

    I need to try Boba tea i've never had it before lol

  • Hanna Debora
    Hanna Debora 25 days ago

    Loving hut is a cult?! There's one near my house and I go there all the time

    • Little Otter
      Little Otter 21 day ago

      I had no clue either. Bout to be down a rabbit hole tonight

  • Zou !
    Zou ! 25 days ago

    As always, I just love your editing !!!!

  • Angel Davey
    Angel Davey 25 days ago

    I got a little nervous when I thought you were about to put croutons in your smoothie but then it was hemp seeds 😅

  • claire svoyant
    claire svoyant 25 days ago

    good content thank u